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Top 9 Creative Writing Courses In Vancouver WIth Live Training

Do you love to write? Do you love to express yourselves creatively and imaginatively? Do you want to discover more ways to make your writing compelling and attractive enough? If yes is your answer, this article is going to be helpful. In this article, I am going to make you informed of how to write tempting stories, and articles, how to make your piece tempting to read, and, also how to grow as a writer. If you are someone who loves to read and write, then this article is for you. Here, I will also list down the institutes that are offering creative writing courses in Vancouver. Pursuing comprehensive creative writing courses in Vancouver is going to help you in lots of ways. If you do so, you will not only enhance your writing skills, in the context of essays and other kinds of writing but you will also grow as a writer. I will state the benefits of enrolling in comprehensive creative writing courses in Vancouver later on. First, I will make you aware of the definition of creative writing.

Top Creative Writing Courses in Vancouver

The goal of creative writing is to communicate ideas and thoughts in a way that is unique to you by applying your imagination and creativity. Simply put, it’s about putting your unique twist on writing and deviating from the conventional lines of academic as well as other technical types of literature.

Creative Writing – As its term indicates, creative writing is a type of writing that deviates from more conventional genres like technical, conventional, academic, or professional writing. Instead, it comprises a variety of diverse genres and approaches in both the fiction and non-fiction writing fields, as well as prose, storytelling, essays, reports, poetry, playwriting, journalistic, and much more. Creative writing can generally be regarded as any form of writing that is unique and expressive of the writer.

However, the term can be extremely ambiguous. It is typically distinguished by a focus on narrative construction, which emphasizes components like character development, narrative, and storyline while also injecting its structure with originality, story, and creativity. In this perspective, creative writing is technically any writing that is a modern, original, and unique composition, since it is not constrained by rules and uses a wide variety of components in its craft. With stress on writing in an authentic manner that is not limited by pre-existing forms and genres, creative writing programs in academic contexts are often grouped into scriptwriting, poetry, non-fiction, or fiction classes.

Benefits of Comprehensive Creative Writing Courses in Vancouver


As you construct new worlds, situations, and characters for your writing, you enhance your image. You’ll be more capable of coming up with innovative ideas and viewing challenges from many perspectives when you’re training your brain to “come up with new ideas.” Your ability to push limits to solve problems will improve, as will your way of thinking.


As you invent new characters, you not only build personalities and emotions but also begin to perceive the world in a way that you have not explored previously. By doing this, you gain skills like empathy and acquire insight into the perspectives of others who live quite different lives than you. Empathy is a wonderful quality to have in both the universe and the workplace. Understanding and empathizing with the issues that your co-workers or classmates are facing will provide them with a sense of value and support as they work to overcome those issues. You’ll be fostering a more collaborative environment, which will eventually result in enhanced relationships and the achievement of your goals and the goals of your teammates.

Enhanced Thinking Clarity:

Establishing outlines in your creative writing allows you to organize both your thoughts and your emotions into a logical procedure. You’ll be able to identify clear routes to solve challenges in the future by having a clear perspective on scenarios in the workplace and for the remainder of your life.

Gain Knowledge of Making Your Piece Compelling:

As you try out different ways to express yourself through creative writing, you are encouraged to increase your vocabulary. You will find that as your writing improves over time, so does your variety of language and use, which will be helpful in every social environment and career track in the long run.

Critical Assessment:

As you enroll in the advanced creative writing courses in Vancouver, you will learn how to assess others’ pieces of writing as well as get yours evaluated by them simultaneously. No matter whatever career track you choose, if you learn to receive feedback and execute constructive criticism is an essential skill that will help you later on as well. 

Having learned the various advantage of pursuing a creative writing program, you will now be fully aware of the institutes that are offering the best creative writing courses in Vancouver

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Top 9 Creative Writing Courses in Vancouver


IIM SKILLS is one of the top trusted educational platforms that provide online professional programs. The institute is well known for its content writing and digital marketing courses. IIM SKILLS’ courses are for everyone – from students to professionals. Its programs are well-thought-out and, were designed, and, launched after catering to the requirements of the students and professionals. If you want to improve your writing skills, choose IIM SKILLS’ content writing course, wherein you get to learn how to craft a mind-blowing piece of writing.

Whoever took this program has gained a lot. Apart from learning how to write an attractive piece, you will also learn how to sell yourselves, i.e – how to earn money from your writing, why reading and writing go hand-in-hand, expand your knowledge of words, how to grow and retain your loyal fan base, launch yourself, and many more. Besides exposing you to the professional world, this advanced creative writing course will also make you acquire some valuable practical experience by making you work on real-life assignments during the internship program.  

While you are on your assignments, you can always ask the trainers who are not only qualified but also possess years of experience. Starting right from the program commencement to the internship, they will act as a guide. Once you submit the given assignments, your work will be assessed by them, following which you will receive brief feedback that will help you identify the areas where you need to improve. The main objectives of this program are to help you transition into a professional writer from an amateur writer and make you feel what it is like to work as an expert writer and that too in a professional environment.

As you complete the course, you are then advised to enroll in the three-month internship program that will provide you with the ultimate experience of working as a writer. Moreover, when the internship ends, you are provided with a career counseling session which will help you to decide your career path – be it a journalist, scriptwriter, content writer, or any other role. The above-mentioned points prove why IIM SKILLS’ exceptional creative writing courses in Vancouver are pursued by many students and professionals.

More Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

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2. Simon Fraser University

Founded in 1965, SFU, or Simon Fraser University is a public research university that offers graduate and undergraduate courses. The university was established so students across Canada can avail of or access higher education. The institute has maintained its status of being the country’s top comprehensive university.

When it comes to providing creative writing programs, SFU’s certification in advanced creative writing courses in Vancouver is one of the best. The main aim of this program is to provide you with the necessary assistance, strategies, and, tools that will ultimately help you grow as a writer. For any assistance and support, there is a live active online community of established writers who will not provide you with ample practice exercise sessions but will also make you stay abreast of the various forms of writing. 

Since this complete creative writing course in Vancouver resembles the facilities and features that come along with other full-time programs offered by other institutes, and, as its fee is also less, this program is highly valued by several learners. This course can be completed within one year and is available in both online and offline modes. The course lasts between 10 and 11 months.

3. University of British Columbia

Founded in 1908, the University of British Columbia (UBC) is a public research university that offers graduate and undergraduate courses pan Canada. When it comes to providing top-quality creative writing courses in Vancouver, this institute comes closer to IIM SKILLS. To equip the students with the necessary skills and knowledge, UBC’s creative writing program covers everything so that you, the student, can transform into a successful writer seamlessly. Track records prove that students who registered in this program have gone on to achieve success in their careers.

Since UBC’s faculty holds seminars, and workshops, and provides assignments that are based on real-life, you will have no problem establishing yourself as an expert writer. The institute’s trainers deliver lectures on its campus ground and provide you with the opportunity to work with local or global companies so that you get some essential experience before entering the professional world. You will have no problem completing the two-year program even when you are on a full-time job. During the course, you will be taught different creative writing beats and genres.

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4. Langara College

Founded in 1994, Langara is a public degree certificate providing college. The institute provides courses in several fields like Arts, Humanities and Social Science, Health, Science and Technology, and, Business. The most popular programs in the arts field are journalism and creative writing. With the help of Langara’s rigorous creative writing courses in Vancouver, you will learn how to express yourselves in writing, various methods, kinds, and voices. The two-year course is delivered on its campus ground. When it comes to training students and providing top-notch learning experiences, the institute’s faculty is highly qualified and experienced. At the end of an annual year, there is an event arranged for you so that you can exhibit your skills and identify the areas where you need to improve.

5. Vancouver Community College

Established in 1965, the Vancouver Community College (VCC) is a public community institute that offers many courses in areas like Business, Hospitality, Academic upgrading, English, etc. One among these courses is the advanced creative writing courses in Vancouver which is offered under the name – Continuing Studies. The main objectives of this course are to provide expert studies that can be applied immediately while you are on a job and to make easy access top-caliber, flexible, adaptable and practically pertinent studies for working individuals from relevant fields. VCC delivers all of its lectures and lessons on its main campus. The institute offers more than nine programs that will help you enhance your writing career and take it up as your profession. With the help of these programs, you will build masterclass writing skills and grow your hobby or career in dialogue writing, script writing, poetry, mystery, crime, narrative, and many more. All of these courses were designed to help you establish a concrete grasp of various writing genres.

6. Capilano University

Based in North Vancouver, Capilano University is a teaching-oriented university. The 1968-founded institution offers several high-standard educational programs across Canada and all over the world. Although Capilano has no individual program, it has comprehensive creative writing courses in Vancouver that includes some aspects of creative writing. The name of this course is Associate of Arts Degree Certification in Writing.

As the trainers are writers themselves, who are experts in teaching different creative writing genres, you will acquire some essential real-world practical experience before getting onto a job. In the first year, you will learn how to produce compelling writing and the various writing genres. In the second year, you will be taught various genres like fiction, drama, non-fiction, poetry, etc. After you complete the program, you are advised to take the bachelor’s program so that you can upskill yourselves.

7. Vancouver Island University

Founded in 1969, Vancouver Island University is a public university that provides one of the best programs on writing. One of them is the advanced creative writing courses in Vancouver offered by its department of journalism and creative writing. 

The department offers detailed degree certificate courses (Bachelor of Arts, Major as well as Minor). To build professional-level skills in a variety of literary genres, including news articles, short fiction, plays, poetry, feature stories, and, screenplays, students enrolling in the program will get the opportunity to collaborate with published and acclaimed, and successful writers. 

They could also decide to learn about the publishing as well as entertainment industries and how those industries link to the careers of established writers. The batch size is intentionally kept small to provide personal attention to the students concerned. This degree certification is entirely focused on enhancing your literary skills and making you confront real-world writing issues. 

8. Emily Carr University of Arts and Design

Founded in 1925, the Emily Carr University of Arts and Design, or ECU is a public art university based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The institute offers one of the best courses in the field of arts and design. And one among them is the inspiring creative writing courses in Vancouver. Over 1800 students have pursued its graduate and undergraduate courses, with more than thousands taking part in its unique, certificate programs and workshops. 

According to ECU, writing itself is a form of creativity. A writing practice involves sketches, works of art, ultimate realizations, and everything else in between. You will learn about important topics like fiction, group writing, and art writing along with reviewing, creative nonfiction, poetry, drama, script writing, project-oriented writing, editing, publishing, and many more throughout the program. Whatever may be your level of fluency, you can explore the potential of language by writing creatively in a variety of languages. 

The university, which puts a strong emphasis on experimentation, provides you with the opportunity to establish a writing practice in a multidisciplinary society and to combine it with your practices in design and art. This can mean working on particular writing assignments while being guided by experienced, successful, and well-published writers.

Its faculty, staff, and alumni are well-known throughout the world as award-winning innovators and creative thinkers whose work consistently increases the resiliency and capacity of the economy and cultural sector.


9. Douglas College

The largest public university in British Columbia, Canada that awards degree certificate is Douglas College. Douglas provides educational experiences that are demanding and informative and offer opportunities for lives of aspiration and dedication. It urges its students to accomplish what they enjoy and be great at it. You can choose from a selection of first, second-, and third-year university transfer curricula in composing the personal narrative, fiction, screenwriting, songwriting, memoir, stage plays, poetry, speculative fiction, and children’s literature through Douglas’ advanced creative writing courses in Vancouver.

In addition to writing and analyzing your creative pieces, Douglas College’s Creative Writing programs also involve lessons on crafting and discussions of published writing. All of its classes are organized using a typical face-to-face workshop model which encourages and promotes student participation. For more information on the course duration, you can visit Douglas’ website and contact the persons concerned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What qualities does an excellent creative writing piece have?

It’s crucial to remember that there isn’t any universal definition of what it entails to write a “fine” piece of writing. Creative writing is indeed an imaginative method that is created by an individual with all of their idiosyncrasies and personalities, as the term suggests. There can never be a general description to define the “ideal” piece of writing because it doesn’t fit into any particular genre. Take a short Gothic story and then draw a comparison of its features with those of famous Romantic poetry, the two are so drastically different that comparing them would not be unfair. To keep your creative writing as powerful as it can be, however, by keeping it as original and genuine to yourself as possible, there are a few broad guidelines that you may adhere to.

Consider the Following Points:

  • Learn more about your audience (readers)
  • Try to write whatever you know or whatever is in your mind
  • Showcase your imagination or creativity
  • Expand your imagination
  • Compose a brief plotline

Q2. Can I learn creative writing?

Yes, of course, you can. To discover more about the various writing genres that fall under the umbrella of creative writing, those who explore the field often read a wide range of texts from various historical periods. They will learn about some of the most notable creative writers throughout history as well as some unknown and upcoming or future writers in this industry.

Q3. How do I start creative writing as a hobby or career?

Read some of our suggestions mentioned below on how to begin creative writing if you’re interested in improving your writing skills and igniting your imagination.

  • Read more and more 
  • Start and maintain a diary or journal
  • Begin writing practice by applying literary devices and writing more and more 

Q4. Is compulsory to enroll in a creative writing program?

No, there isn’t a firm regulation stating that enrolling in a creative writing course is necessary. However, enrolling in a creative writing program can help you discover a lot more about writing techniques and tools simply by writing practice using different innovative assignments, letting others go through your piece of work, and receiving constructive criticism.


Creative writing demands you to utilize your own story, imagination, and creativity to convey a certain idea, emotion, or storyline. It is an expressive type of literature. It transcends the limitations imposed by conventional writing styles and is wholly based on our individual preferences as well as experiences. If you are thinking about when and how to start creative writing, you must get ready to take a plunge into the universe of literature. Read and write as frequently as you can, wherever and whenever you can perform a dramatic piece of writing. A terrific method to network with like-minded people, exchange, share feedback and knowledge and enhance writing skills are provided via creative writing training programs and classes.

Arka Roy Chowdhury has done his post-graduate diploma course from Asian College of Journalism. Previously, he has worked at a few publications. Currently, he is an intern at IIM skills. Arka is an avid reader of sports and entertainment news.

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