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Top 5 Must-Known Creative Writing Courses in Germany

Creative writing is a form of writing that is focused on expressing feelings, thoughts, and emotions instead of just presenting facts. Any writing that deviates from standard professional, journalistic, academic, or technical genres of literature is considered creative writing. In creative writing, imagination, inventiveness, and other literary devices are used to achieve the work’s primary goals. Academically, creative writing can be vaguely divided into fiction, poetry, and scriptwriting sessions. In general, any form of writing that is original and self-expressive can be termed creative writing, despite the definition’s sometimes hazy nature. Check here for the best creative writing courses in Germany.

List of best creative writing courses in Germany

It is typically distinguished by a concentration on narrative craft, which emphasizes components like character development, narrative, and storyline while also infusing its framework with creativity, originality, and tale. Fiction writing, in which the author constructs events, situations, characters, and occasionally even a whole world, is a common definition of creative writing. Some people are gifted to be creative by nature whereas for some it would be an acquired skill. The majority of creative writing classes will offer tips on how to produce poetry, nonfiction, and fiction. So, before picking a creative writing course, you should learn what the course’s objectives are.

The principles of writing, such as choosing where and when to write, should be included in all creative writing classes. There are many options for online and offline modes to study creative writing courses in Germany. We will read more about it in the upcoming topics.

Types of Creative Writing

There are several ways to express our thoughts and ideas. Hence, creative writing can be distinguished into many different topics though not in a precise manner. Let’s read about the categories in creative writing.

  • Essays are often related to academic writing with subcategories as personal essays, descriptive essays, and argumentative essays
  • Letters, Memoirs, Diaries, Journals
  • Journalism could be reported on facts, events, proceedings, and the latest news.
  • Poetry
  • Scripts are mainly written for theatre, films, television, etc.
  • Storytelling is the most preferred form of creative writing which can be either fiction or nonfiction.
  • Speeches

Creative Writing Courses in Germany

There are courses accessible for everyone who wants to explore creative writing, both online and offline. Many prestigious colleges provide brief creative writing courses in Germany that encourage unique content. Whether you are a new writer, a seasoned writer, or a freelancer, it will be a benefit to your portfolio. Major qualifications are not necessary to enroll in these programs. You can develop a profession at your speed with these courses, which is the best feature. To begin with, you can easily become a freelance writer once you have completed a course.

Careers in Creative Writing in Germany

Every obstacle presents the potential for an opportunity. Writing or other creative endeavors may be imaginative endeavors where we can admire the work of many creative writers, poets, lyricists, novelists, etc. and aspire to be like one, but in most cases, we give up or are pressured by society or our parents to leave our aspirations behind and settle for the typical nine-to-five job, which offers stability and security in life. There are a lot of people who enjoy creative writing as a hobby, and there is already a rising need for high-quality content creation given the popularity of social media and digital platforms. And you need good writing for the content to be of the highest caliber. As for authors with creativity, there are many work opportunities available.

The development and expansion of all kinds of inventive works, including those in a wide variety of genres like fiction, memoirs, nonfiction, science fiction, romance, travelogues, and more, involves specialized creative authors. All of these can be incorporated into the writing of TV and film scripts. Feature news writing, food blogging and reviewing, working for online magazines, and other chances are also available as a career once you study any of the creative writing courses in Germany. Additionally, in addition to other types of freelancing, creative writers might work as consultants to produce material for business websites and portfolios.

What is the Eligibility for Creative Writing?

A certain set of formal education is not necessary for the field of creative writing. A creative writer can achieve great success if they can see and observe the world with a determined pair of inventive eyes. A background in journalism and/or English literature will undoubtedly be advantageous for pursuing a successful career in the field of creative writing. Any graduate, working professional or part-time worker can try out creative writing courses in Germany if they have a flair for English.

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Remuneration in Creative Writing in Germany

A person receives anywhere between 1100-4000 EUR per month in Germany depending on experience level. The average pay for a creative writer is 1,300 EUR per month if he/she has less than two years of experience. However, if the candidate has 3-5 years of experience in creative writing, he could get 1,800 EUR as the salary monthly. If the person comes with experience between 5-10 years, he/she can get up to 2660 EUR per month. As in any field, the salary of an individual depends on the years of experience obviously in creative writing as well. 

Let Us Now Read About Some of the Top Universities and Institutes for Studying Creative Courses in Germany:


IIM SKILLS is a renowned institution that provides the topmost quality programs. They have experienced trainers who give exposure to the latest developments in their respective programs. It is a content writing master’s course (CWMC) that is highly recommended for people looking for creative writing training.

It is an exhaustive program best suited for people who want to study creative writing courses in Germany. The students gradually hone their creative writing abilities and exhibit the appropriate writing conventions. You will also learn how to publish a book, how to use WordPress, and all advanced technical aspects of writing.


Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)Module 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing

Some of the Writing Skills That Are Discussed in This Course Are as Follows

  • Blogging
  • E-book, Article Writing
  • Book Review, Brochures, Brochures, Flyers, Business Listing
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Writing
  • Social Media Posting, Instructional Booklet, Resume
  • Email Writing
  • Keyword Research
  • Technical Writing
  • Legal Writing

Download Detailed Course Brochure 

What Does Content Writing Course give you:

  • Lifetime support (Consulting and Technical)
  • Flexible learning experience (online and offline)
  • Publish your first eBook on Kindle, Google books
  • Help in Job Search
  • Develop your portfolio to advance in your career
  • Launch your content writing agency
  • 3-month guaranteed internship (optional)
  • Real-life Industry Case Studies 
  • IIM SKILLS Certification
  • Prep for HubSpot Content Marketing Certification (USA) and the (TOLES) test of Legal English Center Cambridge Preparation (UK)
  • Hands-On Assignments
  • Access to different tools that help in content creation

If you manage a website and want to turn your website traffic into leads, sales, or people who buy products online, then content writing training is for you. Powerful Content is the most important. How to create and execute effective content marketing initiatives will also be covered. The overall goal of creative writing instruction is to stir up emotions in pupils to elicit a writer’s reaction, rather than simply familiarising them with the material.

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Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS:

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

2. The University of Hildesheim

The University of Hildesheim is one of the best universities to kickstart your passion for writing. It is equipped with world-class facilities and well-trained faculty. They offer a Bachelor’s degree in creative writing and cultural journalism. Unlike other creative writing courses in Germany, this university emphasizes both one’s writing practice and literary and cultural journalistic writing. Dealing with various arts is also incorporated into the curriculum, for instance as a different method of writing using different media. Students pursuing a bachelor of creative writing and journalism engage with literary, cultural, and journalistic manifestations creatively and practically as part of the course.

The idea is to foster a dialogue between literary and cultural studies as theory and the writing process as practice. Practical outcomes should enter the theoretical discourse, and theoretical ideas should be applied to one’s writing. This course’s fundamental starting point is the observation and analysis of the present, which is regarded to be today’s culture. On the one hand, questions are raised regarding the circumstances under which this culture creates anything novel or distinctive.

On the other hand, questions are also raised regarding the circumstances in which one can innovate or change their practice. Once you complete your initial bachelor’s, you also get a chance to go for a 12-week internship. This degree is interdisciplinary covering arts and music for students who are open to theatre, music, and script writing. After the internship, the course ends with the thesis submission.

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3. Oxford University

The two-year, part-time MSc in Creative Writing program offers a singular blend of substantial contact time, genre specialization, and critical and creative depth. The course has a strong emphasis on cross-cultural and cross-genre writing, highlighting the demands and difficulties of modern writers who generate their creative work in the context of a large, international writer, and critical community.

What the Course Offers:

They provide a learning structure spanning two years that includes five residences, two facilitated retreats, and one research placement. The course’s unique element, the research placement, gives students between one and two weeks of hands-on experience writing for actual clients. The first year is purely focused based on covering poetry and prose in both fiction and non-fiction. The second year explores deeper about the different genres in these sections.


Oxford university always believes in excellence and nothing short of brilliancy is expected from the candidates as well. The following UK qualifications, or their equivalent, should, at the very least, be held by applicants or expected to be attained if you have an undergraduate degree with honors in a comparable discipline that is first- or upper-second-class.

Once you complete your graduation, there is ample scope for you to discover. The University offers placement assistance by joining hands with many companies. Graduates have gone on to pursue employment in the arts and media, a Ph.D. program in creative writing, creative writing instruction, publishing creative work in their chosen fields, and more. 

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4. The Open University 

With this graduation, you get the chance to improve your writing abilities in the genres of fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and scriptwriting for television, radio, and theatre. Through useful and motivating tasks, you’ll be able to write in the genre of your choosing and experiment with at least one other.

You will also strive to produce a significant piece of original creative writing that meets professional standards. Additionally, sharing, reading, and criticizing your peers’ work in online forums will help you improve your technique. If you are looking to learn creative writing courses in Germany, you can choose this course.

Who Can Apply: 

A UK honors degree (or its equivalent) is required, preferably with at least a 2:1 classification. The MA in Creative Writing assumes all candidates have the knowledge and skills typically acquired by pursuing the subject at the undergraduate level, so even if your degree is not in creative writing or a closely related field, you will need some knowledge of the field to complete this qualification. 


For enrollment into their postgraduate program, you will normally need an undergraduate degree. However, you might also be better prepared for success if you have past university-level coursework, professional experience, or other credentials.

Certification and Module Descriptions Include Specific Admission Requirements:

  • A suitable undergraduate degree, work experience in a relevant field, and several years of professional expertise to support your learning.
  • In some situations, they may accept the considerable experience as an “alternative entry” onto a qualification if you don’t have the necessary prior qualifications.
  • If English is not your first language, you may need to have additional information and abilities, such as your level of English comprehension.

You can receive the Master of Arts in Creative Writing degree after completing the necessary courses, which will allow you to use the letters MA (CW) (Open) after your name. You will have the chance to receive a degree at a ceremony. If you drop out of the program before earning a degree, you can still earn a Postgraduate Certificate in Humanities (C20) by earning 60 credits.

 Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. Are the creative writing courses in Germany useful for freshers?

A: Freshers are most welcome to study creative writing as they are full of fresh ideas and thoughts. It is suitable especially for graduates who have interested in English. 

Q2. Can I learn creative writing courses in Germany from home?

A: Many institutes offer offline and live online classes to facilitate learners across the globe. Some also offer pre-recorded sessions and assistance.

Q3. Will my English skills impact my learning of creative writing courses in Germany?

A: Good knowledge of the English language is needed to master this program but it’s not the end. With extra effort, you can improve your skills along with the course of the study too.

Q4. Will I get placement options after completing creative writing courses in Germany?

A: Most universities and institutes provide plenty of job assistance after completing your course. 


Content writing is the best field for you whether you want to develop a side business or a full-time career in the writing industry. Anyone can become a competent writer after they have gained the essential abilities, which is the message behind the creative writing notion. Writing creatively is all about using words in imaginative ways and getting beyond writer’s block. While there are numerous ways to accomplish this, the fundamental idea of creative writing is the playful manipulation of language. 

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