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Top 4 Creative Writing Courses in The USA With Certificates

Writing is an art that touches everyone’s heart and inspires thoughts. Penning down is a challenge in expressing feelings. A writer can inscribe new concepts in his/her mind. The current era of professionalism has brought content writers an important lead. Creative writers have the talent of meeting industrial demands of conveying a company’s ideology and positioning its brand image. This article will unveil the facts and technicalities of creative writing courses in the USA.

List of best creative writing courses in the USA

What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is a form of communication between a writer and a reader. A writer expresses his ideas and thoughts in a book, novel, story, article, script, journal, and more. A writer when writing for the industry is responsible for developing the company’s brand’s image, informing about its products, and services, and explaining terms, conditions, and FAQs. Thus, creative writing plays a significant role in the present scenario.

A creative writer streams his imagination in all possible ways from fiction and nonfiction write-ups to research papers and legal writing. A write-up can be as straight as an arrow or sweet like honey, it has many different articulations. A writer using all his soul, mind, and power to put down in black and white is not an easy job. To be a creative writer, one must understand a definite format. To help in that, creative writing courses in the USA are the best.

What Are The Main Ingredients of Creative Writing?

When you cook a dish, there is a need to add some essentials without which the dish cannot be completed, right…? In the same way, writing demands some out-of-the-box styles of imagination to engrave its impressions in the reader’s mind.

As Stephen King says: “Good writing is often letting go of fear and affectation”.  A writer should be bold enough to lay down his feelings.

Classic Plot: 

Plotting is a series of development that creates a story. A plot begins with an interesting incident, a question, or a statement depending on the type of writing. Narration and explanation add beauty to the storyline. For example, a plot can be linear, episodic, parallel, or flashback in fiction. Short stories commonly carry a linear plot.

A basic storyline gives the reader a direction to imagine and relate. The plot of the writing should always carry a unique theme as it makes the write-up different from others. If there is no plot, the story seems boring and mundane. Interesting characters, facts, and figures with a storyline make it fascinating.

Character Advancement:

Character is important in fictional writings, they are the interesting concepts added which create uniqueness, stability, enthusiasm, and strength in the story. A character advances through many stages performing actions, delivering dialogues, and leading the story in an interesting direction.

A character can be Foil, Static, Dynamic, Flat, Round, or Stock as per the writer’s thought. These characters are sometimes quite inspirational and the audience wishes to be like them. They make these characters their role model and follow them. Characters can be real people, artificial, aliens, or deadly animals. They should attract with their charisma and create an extraordinary aura surrounding the reader.

For example, Harry Potter in Harry Potter series, Super Heroes like Batman, and Spiderman.

Vital Theme:

The theme is the main part of the story which represents the idea which explores in the novel, short stories, and other literary works. It is complemented by dialogues, plots, and settings. Every story has a theme whether a writer implements it or not, and that’s the beauty of creative writing. There should always be a message to convey and a lesson to teach. An author can choose a theme according to his choice, it can be friendship, courage, love, revenge, or death.

Visual Description:

Anything visual is easy to watch and understand, but to read and visualize is another level to be amazed at.  That is the job of a writer to present a description that let the reader imagine and visualize. A reader pictures the writing in his mind and imagines it in his way. A strategy is needed to create mental images in the reader’s mind. A writer can write a poem, story, or proverb which can be imagined.

Point of View:

Every story has a point of view according to which a writer visualizes, plots, and selects the theme of the story. It describes the story in the First, Second or third person.

First Person- The main person who frames the story in his own words. The story starts with “I” which means the narrator is describing it.

Second Person- It starts with “you” which is mostly used in instructional language and not for the story.

Third Person- A third person has different variations. It can have third-person limited, third-person multiple, or third-person omniscient.

Third-person Limited is What is Typically Found:

  • Third person limited is when a narrator uses ‘he’/ she’/ ‘they’/ when speaking about the character followed. The narrator understands the feelings of the third person, no one else. It is like a first-person taking place of the third person and narrating the story.
  • Here the narrator knows the feeling not only in the third person but also of all characters. It is quite the same as third-person limited.
  • The third person omniscient is used when the narrator knows everything about everyone and still uses “he/she/they” in the story.

Non-creative writing has dialogues (like in interviews) where dialogues are not used the way creative writing is. Creative writing requires dialogues to support the story (except in silent films). The character portrait should interact with one another to develop the plot and characters.

Productive Language:

Part of what makes writing creative is how you choose to design the vision in your mind. And this means that creative writing uses more anecdotes, metaphors, comparisons, figures of speech, and other figurative languages to paint a lively image in the mind of the reader.

Emotional Appeal:

Any writing can have an emotional attractiveness. But this is the whole purpose of creative writing. The job of the creative writer is to make people feel and connect with the storyline.

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Types of Creative Writing:

There are few types of creative writing except fiction and poetry which always take the limelight. The writers specialize in a certain type and master themselves though many other forms can be beneficial for a writer.  For a writer, it can be an advantage to protect his repetitive format of writing to change to a variety of uncommon techniques.

This changed and preferred format can enhance the genre and remove overloaded and specific clichés. This new style can be learned with creative writing which now can be learned with many certification courses. Let us have a look at some styles of creative writing.

Freestyle Writing: 

In this type, a writer should let his mind free and have a flow of ideas come on the paper. It can include strange and innovative words. All that a writer can imagine can be written and later can be formatted in the right format.


A journal is a written note. It can be a memory journal, gratitude journal, dream journal, or goal journal.  Some writers love to keep ideas or Omni journals with them. Journals can be used for freestyle daily writing for brainstorming and project planning.


A diary comes in the category of a journal in which someone writes about daily life, to-do list, checklist, address, or contact details.  The writer sometimes addresses his diary as(“Dear Diary…”).


Letters are one of the oldest forms of communication, having a formal or informal tone. They can be written professionally or by a close family or friend. With the changing time the format of letter writing has taken many new forms, so being careful with email letters is important.


A memoir is a non-fiction book where personal experiences are written about any specific story. For example, one can have a travel memoir.


Essays are mostly related to academic writing though there are a few more types of essays, including descriptive essays, personal essays, and persuasive essays, and all of these can be creative.


Journalism is a non-fiction form of writing including news reports and factual information. It is based on facts, people, and events. Journalists often use storytelling format and solid opinion with their pieces of information making them convincing and compelling.


Poetry is prose in a rhythmic form by which a writer takes a reader into a highly imaginative land. It is a most popular but under-appreciated form of writing. Poetry can be dramatic, narrative, and lyrical. For example, a lyrical poem can contain narrative parts and an epic poem can contain lyrical passages.

Song Lyrics:

Song lyrics are the main element of the song connecting the writer and the listener. A song with amazing lyrics is irresistible since it easily allows anyone to enter the dreamy world. Lyrics composition is similar to poetry and this is an ideal type of writing for those who can play any instrument.


Scriptwriting is the art of writing stories for films with a plot, dialogues, and actions. It includes many characters. It is a director’s medium of presenting his art but a writer can certainly add value with his potential to connect with the audience.


One of the most popular forms of writing is storytelling as it has a vast range of fiction drama and nonfiction writing. Popular forms of fiction are short stories, novellas, full-length novels, flash fiction, and many more genres of writing.

True stories, which are usually first-hand or occasion testimonies of real people and events, can be found in essays, newspapers, memoirs, speeches, and more. Storytelling is a valuable skill and can be found in various forms of writing from poetry to speech writing.


Speech writing is one of the most demanding career interests ranging from persuasive, inspirational, and informative writing. They are many times essential when to be delivered at any event, graduation ceremony, wedding, or award function.


A vignette is a small piece of writing explaining a large meaning in a short form. It is like a pause in the story having rich details within. A vignette can be a poem, story, description, and personal account anything short and fancy.

Creditability Blogs:

Technology has provided a platform for having web-based content on an electronic device. Here the writers have a chance to publish their thoughts in desirable forms mostly articles and essays. This piece is popularly known as to blog. The blogs can extend to any topic as a travel blog, food blog, music blog, lifestyle blog, fitness blog, DIY blog, sports blog, and many more.

Many web portals help the posting of blogs few of them are Word Press, WIX, Medium, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Weebly, and others. To understand these styles and details, study the creative writing courses in the USA.

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Institutes Offering Creative Writing Courses in The USA:

Education is an incredible thing that provides opportunities to people and transforms their lives. Americans are always interested in education and give it great importance. They focus on the latest education system and apply it to their policies. Particular attention is given to the assessment of a person’s needs and how the educational system can serve them.

Particular attention is given to the type of knowledge that a person can acquire, why this knowledge is important, and how it will apply to their life beyond school. The American education system believes in equal opportunities for all who want to learn, and that’s just as important. You can learn everything you want in the sunshine.

Creative writing Courses in the USA are designed for anyone from aspiring short story writers to established novelists. A creative writing course focuses on key aspects of writing and the ability to develop stronger skills and inspiration in the work they are already doing. Several institutes provide creative writing courses in the USA. Keeping in mind that creative writing is all about skills, so it is important to choose an institute wisely before spending time and money.


IIM SKILLS is one of the pronounced institutes that educates and trains enthusiastic writers. IIM SKILLS is known for its educational courses and ranks top among education institutes. It is located in Delhi but is recognized for its online courses globally. The creative writing course is one of their renowned courses, which is known as the “Content Writing Course“.

They have a four-week content writing course that umbrellas various modules of 30- hours, and 14 hours of Internship. With their 24*7 assistance and support, they guide trainees with the best learning opportunities. They provide all the course material and tools to help in writing, and with their rigorous internship, they develop the best writing abilities of the writer.

They help students to establish into a freelancer and guide them for their best job opportunities. They share videos and audio and a portal to access the missed recorded sessions. They assist you with various assignments, and practical experiences to gain knowledge with learning.

IIM SKILLS Provide You With Better Career Options:

They help you understand many forms of writing like fiction, non-fiction, novels, book writing, press release, SEO articles, and many more. They help you to publish them and guide you to complete assignments, exercises, and projects related to deepening your knowledge.

What Makes Them Best Among Others?

  • Authorized and signed certification course.
  • 30+ hours of intensive course guidance
  • 3 months assure internship
  • Freelancing opportunities
  • Guidance for launching your agency
  • Help to develop a professional portfolio
  • Assurance to publish a press release on an online news portal
  • Opportunity to publish your e-book
  • Free tools to access
  • Placement opportunities.


Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)Module 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing

Content Writing Courses in the USA from IIM SKILLS Covers The Syllabus:

More Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS:

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

 2. University of California UC DAVIS

UC DAVIS is a renowned university in California. It is already popular with courses in agriculture, medicine, environmental and biological sciences. It has four university campuses and six professional schools where the students gain tremendous knowledge. You can learn how to create, run, and market the content writing system with its effectiveness and strategies.

Key Points:

  • Learning new content marketing techniques.
  • Implement pro techniques followed by analysis.
  • Learn to build your business.
  • Learn to compose perfect copies.
  • Understanding buyer and content marketing implementation.

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3. North Western University

North Western University is a private venture having campuses in Doha, Qatar, Illinois, Chicago, and Evanston. Their certification program helps students to analyze and write creatively. Their instructors guide you academically with fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or other writing, and help to make a unique portfolio. Their creative Writing Courses in the USA are one of their prominent courses.

What All They Provide is:

  • Learning workshop followed by feedback.
  • Provide a range of literary work
  • Help you to take guidance from senior poets and writers.
  • A practical workshop
  • Help to build a solid portfolio
  • Revision and practice work.


4. Udemy

Udemy is another leading platform providing a range of courses. Founded in 2010, it masters online courses, one of which is a creative writing course. It imparts knowledge and professional assistance with abundant opportunities in creative writing courses in the USA. Udemy now has more than 52 million students, 68000 mentors, and 196000 courses.

It Gives Tremendous Support to Its Students By:

  • Guide to develop skills for narrative structure and developing characters in the story
  • helps you to publish your novel
  • Covers various topics like non-fiction writing, fantasy writing, and figurative writing.
  • It has a  separate course for creative writing for kids
  • Other separate courses for creative writing

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Benefits of Creative Writing Courses in The USA

The course is highly professional and involves students’ minds and souls and hard work. After completing the creative writing courses in the USA, these students have tremendous job opportunities in different companies, as every sort of company requires creative writing to the public its information in a creative way to reach customers.

There are many benefits of pursuing creative writing courses in the USA as there are the best institutes to guide, some of them are-

Improvement in Imagination and Observation:

Rigorous studies and writing assignments help the writer to increase the power of imagination. Imagining things differently is where creativity lies. A writer can describe simple things unusually, for example, “The Sun is setting” can be written as “The beams of Sun in an orange dark color are covering the sky like a beautiful blanket and welcoming the moon”. Also, it enhances the ability to observe well. A writer observes every minute detail to gain his knowledge and beautifully pen them down.

Brushing Your Research Skills:

A writer has to write and for that, he has to know details for which research is an important factor. Without knowing about any topic, it can not be written. For this, the mentor can guide you well. Creative writing courses in the USA are well known for mentors, as they are so helpful to bring the best out of you.

They motivate you to connect with people, talk with them, interview them, and keeping records, help you in conducting direct and indirect research, read more papers, magazines, books, novels., articles, and many more to ensure that your content is unique and engaging to offer.

Polish Communication Skills:

A writer invests his time in reading, listening, understanding, and interpreting the content of different genres that he implies in his work. The creative writing courses in the USA train you in peer grading features where you observe and give constructive feedback on your as well your peer’s assignments separately. This activity motivates you mentally and emotionally to learn and understand the reader’s feelings and perspective.

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Importance of Creative Writing Courses in The USA:

Writing is one thing people enjoy. They write diaries, memoirs, and poetry in other forms. It is a medium of expression, thoughts, and ideas. It requires clarity of words and effective communication. Connection with the audience is foremost, delivering the imagination to the reader. Creative writing courses enhance the skills and explore their personality artistically.

It boosts the writer’s imagination to create a new world, characters, and situations in work. It is a platform for a writer to showcase his emphatic skills building a world for readers of personalities and emotions. Creative writing helps to build a structure that clarifies your thoughts into a logical and emotional process. It helps to border your vocabulary and advance your language range.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

1. How can you make money as a freelance writer?

Many people are not able to leave home for work. It could be housewives, retired professionals, teenagers, the disabled, people hoping for their agency, or some who choose to work from home. Freelancing or online jobs are globally in demand. Creative Writing courses today are professional courses and help writers to fit at the best place in the industry. Creative writers are in demand as they know the latest writing criteria and tools. As a creative writer, you can earn a handsome amount by attaching to the best companies and working with your time and consent.

2. How will the creative writing courses in the USA guide better writing?

Writing does not include copy work. There is a lot of effort to put in. Mentors also work hard to guide you best. The best tips from mentors who teach creative writing courses in the USA are-

  • Reading – that will help you to know more and more all about your niche.
  • Keep on writing what you read in your own words
  • Don’t be shy to keep your point of view
  • Gain technical knowledge and use that in work
  • Understand your audience
  • Embrace writing
  • Join writing workshops
  • Participate in various writing competitions.

3. How many programs does creative writing in the USA include?

There are more than 350 programs including certificate, undergraduate, post-graduation, and diploma programs from various institutes.


The article written delivers various options for you to choose the best institute for yourself and provides fundamental details that you will look for in a creative writing course. A creative writing course is one of the best courses for budding writers and for those who wish to enhance their technical knowledge to have publications. In the past few years, there has been a boom in the writing industry. The Digital marketing course requires a tremendous scope of creative writers. Go ahead! These professional courses guide you and arm you with the latest tools and technicalities to professionally set the required skills for jobs and freelancing.

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