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Business Analytics Courses In Navi Mumbai With Live Training

If you are aiming to become a business analyst, then this article is especially dedicated to you. In this article, we are going to learn about business analytics, its methodology, different kinds, and applications, the institutes that are offering business analytics courses in Navi Mumbai, and, many more things.   The integration of computer programming, data analytics, and business intelligence is called business analytics. The science of data analysis involves looking for patterns in data that may be used to formulate strategies and plans. Its application of it is prevalent across practically all industries.

Top Business Analytics Courses In Navi Mumbai

As per IDC (Interactive Data Corporation) estimation, data generation is likely to touch 163 zettabytes within 2025. Entrepreneurs, governments, global organizations, and nearly everyone else use data science for generating insights by detecting trends and patterns and deciphering this data. These insights are assisting in enhancing productivity and providing new, creative, and innovative solutions to solve business issues. Political parties and organizations also make use of analytics for planning election campaigns and achieving victory in elections.

All about Business Analytics Method

Frame Business Issues

Before you commence your examination, you must first complete this. You need to know why you are doing your assessment before you even begin. In this step, you learn about the business and what it is trying to accomplish. The business issue is one that you formulate.

Frame Analytics Issues

Here, the business issue is reformulated in terms of analytics. You develop a suggested collection of factors and their connection to output. You specify a success metric for your model as well.


In this step, you must detect and choose your data for examination and its source. After which, you cleanse the data and prepare it for analysis. Moreover, you also discover the connections between data and provide a report about them.

Technique Selection and Building Models

After working with your data, you choose which procedure to employ for your analysis.  This is decided depending on your data and the kind of evaluation you must conduct will determine this. You build various models and contrast them using the metrics you have selected.


To verify whether your model is offering accurate predictions, you have to validate it. You use your model on an organization’s system when it has been validated and reported, and it will then begin to analyze any new data that comes in. A model must be regularly supervised for accuracy after its deployment.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Several kinds of Analytics

Descriptive Analytics:

What transpired in history is examined and explained in this section of business analytics, as suggested by its name.

Descriptive Analytics or statistics:

This section of business analytics carries out the task of “Defining” or summing up raw data so that humans may quickly understand and examine it.

Predictive Analytics:

This section of Business Analytics applies various predicting methods and statistical models to discover what is likely to occur in the future. Businesses can predict how future events will pan out with the aid of predictive analytics and take appropriate steps accordingly.

Prescriptive Analytics:

What should be done or what steps should we take next? This is a question that is answered by this section of analytics through simulation and optimization algorithms. The prescriptive analysis is applied to get suggestions on likely consequences. This is a somewhat new field of analytics that enables users to suggest numerous possible remedies for the issue and to advise them on the most appropriate action to take.


Business analytics is applied in various areas like fraud detection, price comparison, gaming, recommender system, speech recognition, image recognition, etc.

Career Prospects:

After completing extensive Business Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai, you will be able to apply for jobs in numerous companies and fields. 

Roles in the Analytics Department

DesignationDescriptionMinimum Work Experience Data
Data ScientistApplying machine learning to build enhanced predictive algorithms2-3 year data data
Data AnalystAssessing appealing trends and patterns found within the data1-year data data
Data ArchitectApplying characteristics changes for machine learning model years data2-3 years
Data AdministratorUnifying exterior or dataset years of business2-3 years
Business AnalystProducing visualizations, Building APIs for data absorption1 year

Salary of a Business Analyst

A business analyst in India earns Rs. 800000 per annum on average. An entry-level business analyst will get between Rs. 350000 and 500000 per annum on average.  As you get more experienced, your salary range will also go up. 

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Skills Essential for a Business Analyst

  • R programming language
  • Python
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Mathematical concepts and their applications

Now, it is time to mention the institutes that are providing the best business analytics courses in Navi Mumbai

Top Six Business Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai

1. IMS Proschool

Being one of the oldest and most trusted educational brands in India IMS Proschool offers one of the best business analytics courses in Navi Mumbai. The institute is well known for its training abilities that will help trainees to transform into skilled, knowledgeable, and, expert business analysts. Hence, its comprehensive business analytics course, in Navi Mumbai, will help you master the domain of business analytics.

IMS Proschool did not want to leave any stone unturned, to ensure that the learners gain a deep understanding and knowledge of the various concepts of business analytics. The institute has divided its module into parts. In the first module, the learners will explore concepts like data controlling with Microsoft Excel, SQL, and, Python.

Here, the Trainees Will Get to Learn the Following: 

  • How to recognize the different forms of issues faced by businesses
  • Dividing a problem into small parts for easier and smoother resolution
  • Gather data and explain each problem
  • Presentation of their findings and recommending

The Second Module is About Data Assessment Using Statistics, Wherein They Will Be Taught the Following:

  • Framing theory 
  • Understand the various statistical tools that are to be used depending on different forms of business issues 
  • Application of analytical tools on real data 
  • Examine, generate insights, and, visualize

In the Last Module, the Students Will Master Concepts Like Data Visualization Using Power BI and Tableau. This Module Contains the Following:

  • How to set up Power BI and Tableau and import data
  • How to consume data and describe workflows
  • How to set up and install visualization and design dashboards
  • How to construct calculation rules
  • How to deal with intricate data forms

2. ExcelR 

Companies all across the globe are involved in assessing the gigantic volume of data while they are running their daily business operations. After carrying out their analysis unable to get valuable insights that will aid in maximizing their profitability in the long run. Since it is a leader in the field of training students in the domain of data analytics, ExcelR, a tram service providing viding company, has computer innovative Business Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai, which fulfills the necessities of the market.   

Tools Taught in the Special Business Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai:

  • Microsoft Excel (Basic followed by Advanced)
  • Tableau
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • SAS 
  • Programming languages like R
  • Python 
  • Agile

Who Can Enroll in the Exceptional Business Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai:

  • Anyone who has studied engineering or commerce or science
  • Working employees from KPO and BPO field
  • Entry-level employees from any field who possess brilliant logical and analytical skills
  • Working employees having a management background
  • Accountancy and financial working employees

Features of the Comprehensive Business Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai:

  • Industry Excellent Mentors
  • Personalized Course Module
  • Access to e-training
  • Get more experience by working on live online projects
  • Mixed model mentoring
  • Post-mentoring assistance
  • Job placement assistance and guidance

3. Simplilearn 

Organizations are now in desperate need of business analysts, because of the vital role and responsibilities they perform. A person possessing all the requisite skills, knowledge, and expertise, can pursue a career in business analysis. Simplilearn’s intensive Business Analytics Courses in Navi Msatisfyisfies that purpose, as it offers one of the best training courses for business analytics. The institute’s thorough Business Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai will help one to master various concepts, certifications, technologies, and tools like CBAP, Tableau, Microsoft Excel, SQL, Agile ScrumMaster, and Agile Scrum essentials.

The training course comes along with real-world projects so that the students get a taste of what it is like to work on real-life projects, this ultimately helps them in getting first-hand experience and making progress in their careers. As the training course is taught by qualified, respected, experienced, and knowledgeable persons, who are also business analytics professionals, the learners obtain the highly demanded business analysis skills.      

The Following Skills Will Help in Graduating from This Course and Receiving a Business Analyst Certification:

  • Students can get to be proficient with the techniques of cycle management
  • Acquire experience, knowledge, and expertise in the area of current issues
  • Gain efficacy with the tools needed for business analytics supervision and organization
  • Learn how to design and build attractive dashboards
  • Grasp SQL essentials, particularly those associated with SQL commands and the Universal QuerQTLTl (UQT)
  • Know how to deal with advanced as well as Scrum projects
  • Be skilled in examining, and controlling Agile Scrumball continuously basis, uses, and, ordering sprint
  • Learn how Scrum is executed within firms
  • Participate in basic as well as advanced training in MS Excel
  • Learn the primary theories of business analysis and also its major concepts
  • Know the postulates of problems, offer solutions, generate analytical reports, and successfully execute tasks

Features of the Business Analysis Program Are as Follows:

  • Offered in partnership with IBM
  • Acquire study content, materials, and certification from IBM
  • Live online with IBM’s leading business analysts 
  • Capstone from above 14 projects and three fields
  • ‘Job Assist’ – A feature that will help students to garner the attention of employers 
  • CV/Resume creating and designing assistance, access to the job search portal, and, career advice

Other Courses Available in Navi Mumbai:

4. 360DigiTMG

You can be adept at fields like business intelligence and tools like data visualization if you enroll in 360DigiTMG’s advanced professional Business Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai. The goal of this comprehensive course is to assist individuals in becoming more efficient in the domain of analytics so that they can aid in maximizing the profitability of organizations. Initially, the learners will be taught statistics. It is one of the best business analytics courses in Navi Mumbai. 

As the course moves on, they will be trained in concepts like text mining (governed and ungoverned), exploratory data analysis (EDA), and data mining. The students will also learn how machine learning algorithms are developed. Lastly, the trainers will guide them on how concepts like Deep Learning and Neural Networks can be applied to decision-making making methods along with the foundational data visualizations through basic graphs, charts, and Tableau.     

Since the training course was designed, and developed by graduates from ISB, IIM, and IIT, the program also focuses on the market trends in the respective field. The expert, qualified and knowledgeable trainers designed and developed a comprehensive curriculum that will help in building a deep knowledge and understanding of the field. 

Course Outcomes

The key objective of this program is to equip the students with a detailed knowledge of the field so that they can deal with maps, numerous data generation sources, dashboards, generate business reports, stories, etc. for extracting meaningful business information and effectively share business tactics and strategies. This course will help the trainees to apply predictive, prescriptive, and descriptive analytics so that they can build prediction modes to utilize them every day and build a deep knowledge for solving business issues.

This course will also allow the students to work on real-world roles and projects using practical world case studies also applying data visualization concepts to assess and present data. The purpose of this program is to provide students with professional training in the discipline of business analytics so that they may understand and critically evaluate disordered business challenges. Additionally, they will learn how to provide solutions while utilizing analytical models, theory, and language.

The Learners Will Also Learn to Conduct the Following: 

  • Work on various data generation sources
  • Perform text mining to create a customer sentiment assessment
  • Learn how to apply numerous analytics procedures and tools
  • obtain a comprehensive knowledge of descriptive as well as predictive analytics
  • Apply data-powered, machine-learning techniques for business decisions
  • Build prediction models for everyday business applications
  • Make forecasts for taking immediate business decisions
  • Apply Data Visualization concepts for the presentation of data for easy understanding
  • Generate stories, dashboards, business reports, maps, etc. to fetch valuable business insights

Course Syllabus:

This business analytics course has been designed and developed to equip learners with the necessary tools, skills, and methods to succeed in this domain. This module’s goal is to improve the student’s knowledge of and skills in data arrangement, data analysis, and, design. To demonstrate expertise, knowledge, and, experience with analytical tools, the training module includes black box approaches, linear regressions, theory examination, data mining, and many other concepts.

To solve business issues, the students learn a variety of hypothesis assessments. They will be able to make predictions by employing a simple mathematical formula known as the line equation. Learners will explore the techniques for devising forecasting model results, and numerous regression methods applied for each data, such as Logistic regressions and Poisson regressions.

Course Features:

  • Additional projects equal to or more than 140 hours
  • Live free online workshops
  • Resume/CV designing, assistance, and LinkedIn evaluation sessions
  • Access 360DigiTMG’s LMS throughout your life
  • 24*7 support
  • Obtain Job placements in the domain of Business Analytics
  • Limitless interview sessions
  • Obtain practical knowledge, experience, and exposure by dealing with a live project
  • Offline employing events

5. Quickxpert Infotech

Quickxpert Infotech is already conscious that how much organizations value data in their growth. When they apply analytics, they are able to get useful insights from the unprocessed data such as summary reports, graphs, dashboards, charts, etc., so that the to-level management can examine its performance and make forecasts for growth.

Hence, many companies apply analytical tools like Tableau or Power BI, apart from main technologies like MS Excel, SQL, and, Python, to fulfill their requirements for data analytics. This is the reason why Quickxpert Infotech’s intelligent Business Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai meets all of their data analytics necessities and is the most famous training program in the industry. Since the course covers all the key concepts, tools, and technologies of business analytics, the students, by the end of the program, become proficient with major analytics technologies and tools, and, are ready to be recruited by esteemed organizations. 

Who Can Participate in the Six-month-long Training Program:

Irrespective of whether or not, the individual is from the IT sector, a person can register for the six-month-long business analytics training course. It is not necessary for that person to be experienced, knowledgeable, and, an expert in the business analytics field.

Begin your career as a business analyst by registering for this comprehensive business analytics program offered by Quickxpert Infotech, wherein you will get to learn about the highly demanded certification in Machine Learning, Advanced Microsoft Excel, Python, Tableau, Programming of R, etc. 

Other Than Those You Will Also Learn the Following in the Four Modules:

Module 1:

Module 1 has MySQL which features the setup of Limitations, Uses, Databases, Functions, Operations, Groups, Joins, Queries, Groups, Data Exports, and Imports

Module 2:

Module 2 contains Tableau which consists of an Introduction, Data Integrations, Data formatting, Data Visualization Techniques, Interface, Filters, Projects, Dashboard, and, Case Studies, and projects

Module 3:

Module 3 involves learning about the Programming of Python, Assessment of Data using Python, Data Visualization, and similar Projects

Module 4:

In Module 4, the learners will receive training on the application of Analytics and Excel Spreadsheets, Charts, Functions, Dashboards, Pivot Tables, and similar projects

6. Techcanvass 

You can consider Techcanvass as a specialist in providing services like consulting and software training. Established in 2011 by IT professionals, the company also offers consulting services in business analytics.  Since its inception, it has become adept at providing top-quality training programs for individuals, who want to either progress to the next level or change their career routes.

As Techcanvass is partnering and affiliated with certification companies, it empowers the organization to provide high-standard certifications such as Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA), Certification of Capability in Business Analysis (CCBA), etc. And, in this article, we are going to mention one of those certifications.

About ECBA Accreditation Training:

The ECBA is a certification that was authorized and approved by IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis), a working association, to aid you in becoming a business analyst. This ECBA certification program is provided by Techcanvass like an Endorsed Education Provider (EEP) to assist you in satisfying the requirements.

You will learn how to master practical business examination skills that are accepted in the industry, such as SRS preparation, UML modeling, user stories, SQL, etc., thanks to the course’s totally practical and hands-on approach.

Key Features of The Advanced Business Analytics Course in Navi Mumbai Are as Follows:

  • ECBA accreditation and preparation
  • Necessity collection and SRS
  • UML Necessity Modelling
  • CV/Resume designing and creating assistance
  • MS Visio, Pencil, and, JIRA Tools
  • Agile, User stories, and, Scrum
  • SQL Essentials
  • Receive training from Industry Specialists
  • ECBA preparation plus workplace Business Analysis skills
  • Practical Projects
  • Job Interview Preparing Classes          
  • Access online classes for 180 days
  • Detailed ECBA certification preparation study materials

Skills Covered:

  • Waterfall as well as Agile
  • Frameworks for Scrum 
  • UML Diagrams
  • Transformation Management
  • Elicitation Methods
  • Prototyping
  • Technique Modelling
  • SQL Basics
  • BABOK version 3.0
  • User Stories
  • SRS Preparing

Frequently Asked Questions on business analytics courses in Navi Mumbai. 

Q1. Which institute offers the best business analytics training program?

See, it all depends on you. In order to select a business analysis training course, you must read the article once again. This will help you in selecting the best business analysis training course. However, you come to a conclusion only after going through the course fee, duration, facilities, and, benefits. All institutes have their own benefits, facilities, course duration, and, price.

Q2. Can I get a job after completing a business analysis course?  

First of all, there is a huge demand for data science and analytics professionals, and, this need is not going to close any time soon. Hence, there are various job openings. Lastly, this business analytics training program intends to train the students for the practical world. 

Q3. What should I opt for – an online or offline business analytics course?

You can opt for any mode of learning based on your preference. Online Courses can be just as effective as offline business analytics courses. It all depends on your prerogative and what your expectations are from the course.

Conclusion on top business analytics courses in Navi Mumbai

So, we now have mentioned the best business analysis courses, we hope that this program will help you to achieve your dream. But before you become a business analyst, please go through the article once again.

Arka Roy Chowdhury has done his post-graduate diploma course from Asian College of Journalism. Previously, he has worked at a few publications. Currently, he is an intern at IIM skills. Arka is an avid reader of sports and entertainment news.

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