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Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Navi Mumbai With Placements

The Content Writing Career has been creating a buzz for a while now. This career has been one of the most popular career options for people. People are also inclined to participate in various content writing courses to get aware of various forms of writing and explore the field from every dimension. Here is the list of the top content writing courses in Navi Mumbai.

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If you are here looking for Content Writing Courses in Navi Mumbai, you are at the right place. This article lists some of the best Content Writing Courses in Navi Mumbai and ensures you get your answer. Enjoy reading the article. The importance of content is not a point to explain. Content Writing is the soul of digital marketing. The rankings of a website largely depend on the content quality and the proper SEO techniques.

But, what will you achieve after doing a course in content writing? Why do you even need to do a course just to write? Firstly, as a content writer, your role is not only limited to writing the content for the website.

There are numerous forms of writing. Some of them include SOP Writing, Resume Writing, Press Releases, Copywriting, etc. And, the format of each of them varies.  And the course you do will give you clarity on how to write these forms of writing and ensure your resume gets stronger.

Benefits of Content Writing Courses

Have a look at some of the benefits a content writing course offers.

1. Enhanced Clarity:

When it comes to content writing, most people think only good writing skills are enough to be a part of this field. However, the reality is a bit different. You need to be well-versed with several important other skills like prompt research, keyword research, keyword density, etc.

Thus, a content writing course will help you to get clarity on several important skills you will require to write a piece of an article. And, having this clarity in your mind is the most important thing to avoid any sort of mess as a professional writer.

2. Improved Writing Skills:

When you take a content writing case, you naturally get to write on different niches as a part of institute assignments. And, the more you practice, the more your skills improve. Thus, doing a course will give you a strong grip in terms of your writing skills.

3. Placement Assistance:

Most content writing institutes provide placement assistance after the completion of the course. And, in the end, that’s what matters. You want a decent full-time job where you can apply your skills and earn your bread and butter. Thus, placement assistance is one of the major reasons which attract several content writing candidates towards the course.

4. Portfolio Building:

If you are looking to start your journey as a freelancer, you will require your portfolio. And, when you do a course, you can also build your portfolio of the assignments you write, and the website or blogs your write during the course. Thus, this portfolio will be a definite requirement when you initiate your freelancing journey.

5. Internship Training:

Most institutes after you complete the course provide you with internship training. And, an internship is the best way to implement your learnings of the course and earn yourself a strong grip. Thus, you can take part in this internship and ensure you give yourself a wide scope of practicality.

6. Enhanced Creativity:

Content Writing is all about how creatively and uniquely you spread your message. However, it by no means implies, you have to use a heavy vocabulary or the words that turn a reader off.

If you take a content writing course, you will learn, how to pass your message to a reader. Remember, you are not writing to showcase your writing skills, but, to pass your message. Thus, it is important to know what tone you should follow, and how can you make your message crisp. Thus, Content Writing enhances both creative skills and clarity regarding the dos and don’ts.


Forms of Content Writing You Must Learn

There are various forms of content writing which you need to learn. Learning these forms will ensure you don’t miss out on an opportunity due to a lack of structure and format knowledge. Have a look at the various forms of content writing you must learn in a content writing course.

  1. Web Content Writing
  2. Blogs
  3. Ads Copy
  4. Business Listing
  5. Academic Writing
  6. Press Releases
  7. Business Writing
  8. Video Scripts
  9. Product Description
  10. Social Media Posts
  11. Brochure

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Best Content Writing Courses in Navi Mumbai

If you are looking for Content Writing Courses in Navi Mumbai, you are at the right place. Below we list some of the best Content Writing Courses in Navi Mumbai. Enjoy your read.


Not only in Navi Mumbai, but IIM SKILLS is the best content writing course option in every city in India. The institution has been honing the skills of aspiring writers for 6 years now.

The course comes with a training of 4 weeks under which you will be explained various forms of writing. Also, after these 4 weeks of training, you are offered an internship under which you can learn some important skills like SEO, Google Analytics, etc. For me, this internship makes aspiring writers learn some of the most important skills they will require in their careers.


Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)Module 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing

Course Fee – INR 14900+ 18% GST

Also, after the internship, IIM SKILLS helps you to connect with some of the most popular organizations which you can apply and begin your career with. Their transparency is a thing that lures a majority of content-writing aspirants. They make it clear, your placement will purely depend on your skills and hard work.

With IIM SKILLS, you will learn several forms of writing like SOP writing, Portfolio Building, Press Release, Web Content Writing, etc. Also, you will be writing your e-book, which will give your career a major boost.


You might be aware, Content Writing is not just about writing the content. It involves numerous aspects like doing keyword research, writing SEO-friendly content, understanding & giving relevant backlinks, and much more. And, IIM SKILLS takes pride in explaining every concept briefly.

Classes are held on weekends. This makes everyone comfortable with the timings. Also, they provide lifetime access to the recordings of the class. Thus, if you get stuck at any point, you can check the recordings and clear your doubts. IIM SKILLS also provides you lifetime access to tools worth Rs 35,000.

The course is ideal for you if you want to start your digital marketing agency or wish to get a full-time job as a content writer or do freelancing work as a content writer.

Also, the globally accepted HubSpot certificate after you pass the exam conducted will make your portfolio more solid and eye-catchy. Thus, IIM SKILLS is easily one of the best Content Writing Courses in Navi Mumbai.

To know more about the IIM SKILLS Content Writing course, or to register yourself for the course, visit the IIM Skills Content Writing Master Course Page now.

To acquire more valuable insights, read IIM Skills Content Writing Course Review

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]


The Indian Institute of E-Commerce and Digital Marketing (IIEDM) is another one of the most popular Content Writing Courses in Navi Mumbai.

IIEDM helps aspirants to enhance their dynamic abilities in terms of digital marketing. Eventually, it helps the aspirants to analyze every ins and outs of this field. Personalized training in content writing and SEO works as a cherry on the cake. Along with content writing, they also come with an efficient training program regarding SEO, Google Analytics, etc.

IIEDM has its centers in Dadar, Malad, Vashi, and Bangkok. Their strong presence gives us an idea of their reputation. Thus, if you are looking for exploring a new dimension of content writing or digital marketing, IIEDM might be your destination.


3. Skills Upgrader:

Skill Upgrader has been widely regarded as one of the best Content Writing Courses in Navi Mumbai for a while now. They have designed their course module such that it boosts your writing skills from every dimension.

They provide a course that is an ideal blend of both, content writing & content marketing.  If you are a student, a businessman, a homemaker, or a person doing a job, this course is a great option if you desire to enhance the quality of your writing skills.

4. TBS Digital Marketing Institute:

The Brand Salon (TBS) is another widely regarded and popular digital marketing institute in Navi Mumbai. Here, special emphasis is given to the language skills of the candidate. The expertise faculty, placement assistance, certification after the course, lifetime support after the course, are some of the salient aspects of this course.

Here, storytelling is also given special attention which is one of the most important parts of the Content Writing world. Storytelling helps you to create a special tone and thus enhance your reach.

The candidates are also taught, how to structure a sentence. Several tips regarding making the sentence effective and engaging are given. Thus, if you are a newbie, and you don’t know how to write an effective sentence, this course can be your destination.

5. Spitilnfotech:

Another popular course in Mumbai, Spitilnfotech has been giving quality training to content writers for a while now. They focus on providing the users with some training that develops a content writer from every dimension.

Along with content writing, Spitilnfotech also specializes in giving hands-on SEO training. The institute also offers hands-on training regarding Social Media marketing. The experienced and approachable faculty at Spitilnfotech works as a cherry on the cake.

Other Courses Available in Navi Mumbai:

6. Coursera:

Coursera is also a great Content Writing course in Navi Mumbai. Fairly priced and coming with great flexibility, this course also offers the candidates an overall development. They also offer the candidates an internship program which helps the candidates to immense their skills to a good extent.

7. Nest Soft:

Nest Soft is another one of the most popular content writing course providers in Navi Mumbai. Nest Soft offers some of the best tech tools along with high-quality training. The course offered by this institute can be the best option for you if you wish to become a copywriter.

This course has earned a decent reputation. And, the quality of the course the institute offers is one of the primary reasons for the same. You can also enroll in the SEO course here. Nest Soft comes with some of the most expert-minded people when it comes to Content Writing and SEO. If you are looking to yield an overall development in the field of content writing or SEO, Nest Soft is your answer.

8. Digital Bizaware:

Headquartered in Mumbai, Digital Bizaware has been gaining some attention for a while now. Some of the very important topics that usually other institutes don’t cover are covered here. Some of them include Social Media Marketing, Google Adwords Course, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Website Designing, etc. Thus, the course of Digital Bizware can help you to have a deep insight into the Content Writing field.

9. Content Writing Courses:

This is a division of Digital Marketing Training Institute which provides a quality content writing course to the candidates. Poonam Mashru, the co-founder of Content Writing Courses institute comes with handy experience in this field. She is a renowned author and a speaker.

The Content Writing Course institute is an ideal option for students, entrepreneurs, bloggers, authors, etc.

10. Universal SEO Training and Consultancy:

Established in 2007, this institute comes with 13 years of experience in giving training in the field of SEO and Content Writing. They train the candidates to write an SEO-friendly article effectively. Their training duration is of 6 weeks.

Their module incorporates all aspects of Content Writing like Keyword Research, doing research on your niche, writing an effective meta description, etc. Also, you will all forms of writing which will make you adaptive, and open to all sorts of opportunities that come your way in the future. They also help the candidates to prepare themselves for the interview after completion of the course. Also, candidates here work on live projects which enhances their skills to a great extent.

We hope this gives clarity on which are the best Content Writing Courses in Navi Mumbai, and which one should you prefer. Before enrolling for any course, it is important to consider the factors like SEO training, Internship option, Placement assistance, Practical knowledge, etc.

Good writing skills are an obvious thing if you are looking to enter into a Content Writing career. But you must be well-versed with things like strong research, understanding keywords and keyword density, the importance of links, etc.

And an ideal Content Writing course must incorporate each of these. All the Content Writing Courses in Navi Mumbai we enlisted above comprise these factors. Once you earn a grip in terms of doing strong research and writing an SEO-friendly article, you are all set for a great career in terms of Content Writing.

We hope, we have been able to provide you with an insight on the best Content Writing Courses in Navi Mumbai and you are able to figure out the best for you. Also, we have enlisted a set of benefits of taking a course so you know what will you learn in the course. The forms of writing will give you an idea on what are forms you need to learn and what are opportunities you can get in the future. That’s all from our side. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions in your mind.


  1. What are the prime benefits of online content writing courses?

Online Content writing courses help to master the different concepts of the content writing domain at your own pace, and from any part of the globe. There are no limitations to learning when you sign up for an online content writing course. They are as efficient as any offline content writing course with added benefits like doing away with the commute, and assistance through virtual help desk 24×7.

  1. What is the fee for content writing courses in Navi Mumbai?

A top-notch content writing course fee can be anywhere from 10k to 25k. It will include free tools, placement assistance, paid or non-paid internship. Learn about the institute well and only after it ticks the boxes in your checklist should you opt for an institute.

  1. Will a career in content writing be helpful as a long-time career option?

Every industry, sector, and organization requires different forms of content for brand awareness and goodwill. Hence, content writing can be a greatly rewarding career provided you diligently keep yourself updated with the latest trends and happenings.


  • Hi, I am Nirav. I am working in a marketing agency. Want to learn content writing as I don’t have certification and experience. Content writing skills are also required along with marketing strategies. As, for any brand to maintain its image has to continuously reinforce brand’s message in different ways across various channels to draw attention of the audience. And this communication is possible through effective content writing. Today every customers search for brand or business on internet for verification and validation of its existence. Hence, having digital existence with strong online reputation is also of prime importance. Content writing helps build it. So, I want to participate in a content writing institute in Navi Mumbai to gain learning and training. This article with list of 10 institutes providing content writing training in Navi Mumbai is very useful. IIM skills seems deserving to be on first position with strong profile and exclusive features. I would consider first attending free demo session to get to know much better.

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  • I really like how the course by IIM Skills is detailed. Everything is mentioned and especially the course structure is so comprehensive. I would like to know more about this course and its fee, and any discounts if avaibale. Can u please tell me if there are any demo classes that one can enroll in. I will be happy to know more about this course.

  • Hi, as a regular Linkedin user, I came to know about content writing from some of my connections. Since I heard the term and the profits one can make as a freelancer, I have been constantly looking for some of the best courses on how to get statrted. There are many courses one can find in Navi Mumbai, but with this lit, I think I will be able to come down to some of the best content writing courses. 🙂

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