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Top 9 Business Analytics Courses In Bhopal With Placements

If you live in Bhopal, and, are looking to pursue a Business Analytics Course in Bhopal, then read this article, as here, you will be provided with a list of the best business analytics courses in Bhopal. 

Top Business Analytics Courses In Bhopal

Top 9 Business Analytics Courses in Bhopal

1. Simplilearn 

Course Name: Advanced Master Business Analytics Courses in Bhopal, offered in collaboration with IBM 

Simplilearn is already aware of the fact that business analytics tools and processes are highly demanded and well-paid digital economy skills in the market currently. Hence, the institute decided to boost the careers of aspiring business analysts by introducing advanced master Business Analytics Courses in Bhopal that consists of an ideal mixture of practical skills along with real-life case studies, rigorous first-hand practical classes, and special classes offered by IBM industry masters.

This master’s course is a combination of self-paced online video lessons and lectures and live online sessions. If you participate in Simplilearn’s mentored classes you get a high-class learning experience and practical implementations, which will help you acquire the necessary business analysis skills. Moreover, you will gain comprehensive expertise and knowledge in concepts such as SQL database, data assessment, Agile Scrum approaches, Microsoft Excel, Tableau, statistics, Python, and, R, thus, making you get ready for an amazing career in Business Analytics.

Here Are the Learning Outcomes of the Advanced Business Analytics Courses in Bhopal:

  • Master the basics of MS Excel Analytics functions and conditional formatting
  • Application of statistical concepts and tools like thesis assessment, ANOVA, changing average, and, regressions for data sets through Excel
  • Learn more regarding the procedures and tools applied in business analytics arrangement and supervision
  • Excel at concepts of needs life span management
  • Acquire rudimentary knowledge of the agile point of view 
  • Know how to assess data through Tableau and become efficient in producing engaging dashboards
  • Become proficient in Agile Scrum task and project handling method
  • Build comprehensive knowledge and expertise in Agile Scrum approaches and uses, regular scrum synchronization, sprint, ordering, and, reassessing
  • Learn various core business evaluation concepts and business assessment main concept model 
  • Build detailed knowledge of detecting, explaining, evaluating, and, completing different elements of business examination tasks
  • Be adept at SQL theories like SQL command and International Query Tool (IQT)
  • Arrange, execute, supervise, and, keep an eye on Scrum assignments and projects
  • Consume Agile Ideals and build vast knowledge of Scrum
  • Successfully implement Scrum across companies

Primary Course Features:

  • IBM’s industry masters provide masterclasses 
  • Receive capstones from three fields and more than 11 assignments and projects with industry data volumes from Amazon, Unilever, etc
  • Unified industry-authorized certifications from Simplilearn and IBM 

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2. Intellipaat 

Course: Advanced Certification in Comprehensive Business Analytics Courses in Bhopal  

Brought to you by CCE, IIT Madras, and Intellipaat, the seven-month intensive Business Analytics Courses in Bhopal looks to assist learners to build a solid skill set, comprising probability spreading, time series prediction, descriptive statistics, data architecture, business analytics, and, also build a deep domain knowledge needed to make progressions in this field.


  • First Module – All about SQL
  • Second Module – All about Microsoft Excel
  • Third Module – All about Python
  • Fourth Module – All about Statistics plus Probability
  • Fifth Module – All about Machine Learning
  • Sixth Module – Storytelling, Business Problem Solving, and, Insights
  • Seventh Module – All about KNIME
  • Eighth Module – All about Data Models and Modeling
  • Ninth Module – All about Data Warehouse and Warehousing
  • Tenth Module – Visualizations through MS Power BI
  • Eleventh Module – Analytics through Spark (Self-paced)
  • Twelfth Module – All about Presto
  • Thirteenth Module – Work on Data Analytics Capstone Project
  • Fourteenth Module – Business Case Studies

Primary Course Highlights: 

  • Learning duration is of 400 hours and is entirely applied to learn
  • Self-Paced Learning is of 218 hours
  • More than 50 Industry Projects as well as Case Studies
  • Face-to-face and personal sessions with industry mentors
  • 24*7 help and advice
  • Essential Soft Skills Training
  • Above and over 50 Live online sessions 
  • Receive training from IIT Madras Faculty & Industry experts
  • Career Guidance Services by Intellipaat
  • 3 Confirmed Interviews by Intellipaat
  • Course Specially Designed for Working Professionals & Freshers

3. ExcelR

ExcelR is well abreast of the fact that companies across the world daily are generating a humongous amount of data. They gain a lot from the meaningful information received while examining the data sets, which, ultimately, results in maximizing additional profits. ExcelR being an exceptional leader in providing training in business analysis programs, the institute introduced outstanding Business Analytics Courses in Bhopal that suits the demands of the industry. 

Below Provided Are the Tools That You Will Get to Learn During the Course:

  • Microsoft Excel (Master Basic along with Advanced MS Excel)
  • Tableau
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • SAS 
  • Python 
  • Agile 
  • R Programming Language

Who Should Take Up the Specially Designed Business Analysis Course:

  • Anyone who studied either engineering or science or commerce
  • If you are a professional in the domain of BPO and KPO
  • Fresher from any background with exceptional analytical and logical skills
  • Professionals from any line with exceptional analytical and logical skills
  • Professionals who have previously taken up or studied management courses
  • Financial and Accounting working employees

Features of the Detailed Business Analytics Program Are as Follows:

  • Industry astute trainers
  • Personalized training program
  • Procure access to e-learning study content and materials
  • Working on live online projects to get expertise, knowledge, exposure, and skills
  • Blended model training
  • After-training guidance
  • Job placement suggestions and assistance

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4.  360DigiTMG

If you are aspiring to become a business analyst, then there is no better option than 360DigiTMG. Being a specialist in providing training on courses like data analytics and data science, the institute offers one of the best business analytics courses in Bhopal. With the help of this course, you can master business analytics and intelligence along with data visualization. After enrolling in this course, you find yourselves highly valuable to organizations as you will begin contributing to their cause. The program begins with the introduction of statistics, and, when it moves further, you get to learn important concepts like text mining (Administered as well as non-administered), data mining, and, EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis). The program also covers how machine learning algorithms evolved over the years. Along with that, how organizations apply Neural Connections and Deep Learning to address business decision-making issues. Lastly, as a participant, you will also learn how to do rudimentary data visualization through essential graphs and Tableau.

Since the creators of the course are alumni of ISB, IIT, and, IIM, it tallies with the market trends of the field. With the help of this comprehensive curriculum, you will build a profound hold of the concepts and subjects. The designers of this program have applied numerous innovative manners to attain the learning outcomes. 

Below Are the Things You Learn:

This program aims to help you build a comprehensive knowledge of the subjects, topics, and, concepts, so that, when you are on a job, you can handle numerous maps, data-originating sources, and dashboards, and, produce business reports, stories, etc. to generate valuable business information and efficiently business tactics and strategies. As a learner, you will come across essential concepts like predictive, descriptive, diagnostic, and, prescriptive analytics for building prediction models for applying them in real life and acquire a profound knowledge on addressing business challenges. Furthermore, this course will help you to learn to work on roles and projects that are based on real-world case studies while at the same time implementing data visualization essentials to examine and present data. The course will achieve its objective of providing you with expert instructions in the domain of business analytics only after you understand and examine disorganized business challenges critically. You will also know how to suggest solutions while simultaneously implementing theories, languages, and, analytics models.

You Will Also Carry Out the Following:

  • Work with various data origination sources
  • my texts to generate customer sentiment evaluation
  • Apply a broad range of analytics methods as well as tools
  • Build a comprehensive knowledge of descriptive along with predictive analytics
  • Execute data-forced, machine-learning procedures for making business decisions
  • Build high-level prediction models for usual applications
  • Make predictions for making first-hand business decisions
  • Apply Data Visualization concepts for presenting data for smoother comprehension
  • Generate dashboards, maps, business reports, stories, etc. to extricate meaningful business insights

Course Modules:

This intelligent business analysis course was created to arm you with the demanding skills, processes, and tools to achieve success in this field. The course syllabus’ goal is to expand your knowledge of and skills in arrangement, designing, and, data testing. To illustrate expertise, knowledge, and, experience with the usage of analytics tools, the training module includes black box methods, postulate testing, linear regressions, data mining, and numerous other concepts. For solving business issues, you will learn how to apply a wide range of thesis tests. You will be able to forecasts through mathematical formulae also referred to as line equations. Master the processes for devising forecasting model results. Learn the various regression methodologies used for unique data, such as Poisson regressions along with Logistic regressions.

Course Features:

  • Extra assignments 
  • Live virtual free webinars
  • Resume/CV/Bio-data and LinkedIn testing classes
  • Receive access to 360DigiTMG’s LMS throughout your life
  • 24×7 Guidance
  • Receive Job placements opportunities in the field of Business Analytics
  • Free programs
  • Unlimited interview preparation classes
  • Acquire practical experience, expertise, and exposure by working on a live virtual project
  • Offline employing events

Other Courses Available in Bhopal:

5. Uncodemy

Course Name: Advanced Certified Business Analytics Courses in Bhopal

Being one of the best training institutes in Bhopal to learn business analytics, Uncodemy provides an astounding gateway for ambitious business analysts to get trained for this course at their own pace. Unicode is well aware of the various roles, tasks, duties, and, responsibilities of a business analyst, hence, the institute thought of launching a course that will offer the trainees a first-hand experience of what it is like to work as a business analyst before they get placed. The course covers a-z aspects of business analytics, therefore, you will leave no stone unturned before becoming a business analyst. 


Here Are Some of the Reasons Why Should Choose Uncodemy:

  • Offers best business analysis training sessions and courses in Bhopal often conducted by industry masters
  • Expert trainers possess decades of experience
  • Uncodemy’s mentors will help you with preparation for live online projects
  • 100% Job Placement Support & Assistance
  • Provides Internship Programmes in every field
  • It also arranges for its students to meet and provides them with tools to discover new careers
  • Students will be making progress on live online active projects
  • A project letter and a widely recognized course completion certificate are provided by Unicode
  • You can retake classes unlimited times at zero cost

6. Skilllogic

Being a top-class standard in offering IT consulting and certified training programs, Skilllogic provides one of the best business analytics courses in Bhopal. During the four-month case study-based training, you will be introduced to different concepts like business analytics masters, logistics, agriculture, banking, retail, business analytics essentials, and, insurance. This course will help you with getting familiarised with various components of business assessment like data visualization text mining, data integration, interconnection and arrangement recognition, forecasting, predictive analytics, data mining, and also data optimization. You choose the type of course – online-based sessions or classroom-based training or self-paced. If you have doubts about who will train you, then relax, the trainers who will teach are qualified, experienced, and certified, possessing years of experience, expertise, and, knowledge in business analysis. You will also become well-versed with various business analysis tools such as MixPanel, Splunk, KNIME, QlikView, SAS, Google Analytics, etc.

Features of the Course Are as Follows:

  • Certification from IABAC
  • The course is taught using practical approaches
  • Get case study-based training through visualization of Tableau and Python in the form of tools

7. Quickxpert Infotech

Quickxpert Infotech is a top institute where you can receive training in business analytics. Being a high-class institute, it offers one of the most comprehensible business analytics courses in Bhopal. This course will let you stay abreast of various technologies such as SQL, Python, and, Microsoft Excel, along with analytics tools like Power BI and Tableau. This program tallies all the data analytics requisites of the companies demanding business analysts. The institute has ensured that the learners do not stay behind, hence, its program includes all the basic concepts, technologies, and, tools of data analytics. As soon as someone successfully concludes the course, he/she will become a master of all the main tools and technologies that are applied by companies, and, be highly employable. 

Who Should Take Up the Six-month-long Training Programme:

This course is also meant for IT and non-IT sector employees. You do not have to have years of working experience, exposure, expertise, and, knowledge, to enroll in this program. This program covers the highly asking certifications in R Programming language, Tableau, MS Excel, Python, etc.

Besides Those, You Will Also Learn the Following:

  • Module 1 – Module 1 has MySQL which covers the installation of restriction, execution, Databases, Operations, Teams, Joins, Queries, Functions, Exporting and Importing Data
  • Module 2 – Module 2 will teach Tableau which consists of an Establishment, Data Unification, Data formatting, Data Visualization Methods, Interface, Filters, Projects, Dashboards, and, Case Studies
  • Module 3 – Module 3 will provide learning regarding Programming for Python, testing of Data through Python, Data Visualization, and the same Projects
  • Module 4 – In Module 4, the learners will receive training on the execution of Analytics and MS Excel, Charts, Dashboards, Functions, Pivot Tables, and similar projects

8. Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Indore

Course Name: Integrated Business Analytics Courses in Bhopal

Ranked number one in the top part-time post-graduate programs in India in 2020 by Analytical India Magazine, the 10-month online course provides an ideal mixture of Data Science skills to help students make further advancements in their careers and turn into future masters. The integrated program offered in collaboration with Jigsaw Academy, an institute that specializes in providing training for data science and data analytics, is the most updated and dynamic course in Business analysis. Through this program, you can build your knowledge of key concepts of Business analysis using its inverted methodology. Moreover, this comprehensive course also introduces the trainees to the latest advanced topics and technologies Machine Learning, Statistical Modeling, Big Data, Data Visualization, etc., to help you address intricate business issues in the best possible way.

The Learning Outcomes of the Programme Are as Follows:

  • Build & increase business analysis capacities by implementing the appropriate software, technologies, and, solutions
  • Expert faculty from IIM Indore & Jigsaw will help you build key capabilities in advanced topics like Data Visualization, Text Analytics, Machine Learning, Statistical Modeling, Big Data, and, Python
  • Obtain valuable experience and exposure through hands-on training by addressing complex business problems while applying real data and Business analysis processes (More than 10 grade-based assignments, consisting of MCQs along with case studies, one mini capstone project, and, one BYOP for all batches)   
  • Start preparing for your role as a leader who is future-focused by participating in networking events & pre-interviews with professionals in your field

Course Eligibility:

  • Minimum 50% marks in graduation from any line
  • A valid GMAT/CAT/Jigsaw Entrance Exam marks

Who Should Apply for This Programme:

The programme is ideal for working professionals who are looking to be a leader in the future

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9. Datamites

Being a famous training institute for data science, Datamites specializes in providing high-quality training services for data science and data analytics. The institute is a master at several subjects like the Internet of Things (IoT), Data Science, Data Analytics, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Python, and, Artificial Intelligence. Through this course, you can obtain advanced and deep knowledge in those areas, and, for which, real training is of the best standard. The main aim of the advanced data analytics course in Bhopal provided by Datamites is to develop trainees who are relentless enough to bear the obstacles of the analytical realm. A comprehensive awareness of the latest technologies can prove to be helpful in various ways than one can think of. Freshers, analytics-focused candidates, and, software employees, can enroll in the program at a pocket-friendly price and get trained in real-time. In the current age of technological expansion, it is impossible to not have abundant knowledge and skills for operating the evolving technologies. Since the path is shown by technology, the institute is well-versed to seize the domain as it is a master in it.

Course Features:

  • Stage 1 – Take the help of videos and books to receive training
  • Stage 2 – You will undertake a vast live online mentorship
  • Certifications – You have to sit for an exam to earn a certification
  • Stage 3 – While the internship program is ongoing, you will receive guidance on your projects from experts 
  • Client Projects – To get valuable exposure and experience, Datamites will let do Live Online client project delivery
  • Job Assistance – Create, design Resume/CV, get alerts for jobs, and prepare for interviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Tell me about the scope of a business analyst.

One of the fastest-growing professions, the business analyst has had a successful career spanning over 25 years when all factors are taken into account. This accomplishment also reveals a bright future again for the Business Analyst programming language.

Q2. Who should register for the business analyst training program?

This training program is suitable for recent graduates, as well as for new students. You can also participate in this course if you are a professional who needs to polish your skills.

Q3. As a business analyst, what are the tools which will be most useful to me?

As a business analyst, you will regularly use the following tools:-‘

  • Trello
  • Jira along with Confluence
  • Balsamiq
  • Pencil
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Google Documents
  • Rational Requisite Pro

Q4. What career options will I get after completing the business analysis course?

When you complete the program, you will get the following career options:

  • Business Analyst Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Test Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Quantitative Analyst
  • Portfolio Manager

Conclusion on business analytics courses in Bhopal

By now, you must have known the institutes that are providing the best business analysis courses in Bhopal. After reading this article, you also must have realized the various facilities, features, and, benefits of the programs that are offered by them. If you have any questions, answer them in the comment section.

Arka Roy Chowdhury has done his post-graduate diploma course from Asian College of Journalism. Previously, he has worked at a few publications. Currently, he is an intern at IIM skills. Arka is an avid reader of sports and entertainment news.

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