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Top 10 Content Writing Courses In Bhopal With Placements

Content Writing Courses in Bhopal are offered by various institutes in the city of lakes, where they offer web development, UI/UX setup, Keyword research, Google Adwords, and content Niche development (Article, blog, press releases, newsletters, Resume, Brochure, pamphlets), Content writing tools, Plagiarism detector, Email Automation, Google my Business, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing Strategy, Call to Action. Content writing is just not about writing your niche, it should follow the proper knowledge that the below-listed institutes will help you with. 

Content Writing Courses in Bhopal

Want to be a certified Content Writer? The online courses have made your dreams come true. To become a content writer, one must possess good technical knowledge apart from being an amazing writer. The jobs of content writers are very high in demand these days and companies are looking for skilled people to grow their business and increase their reach to the world.

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IIM SKILLS leads the industry in content writing courses in Bhopal offering training modules on how to excel in writing. The modules are created in a way that the writers will have full confidence after the whole course is delivered. Everyone who pursues the course wants to be the perfect writer. IIM SKILLS deliver a unique blend of content writing and content marketing which is now the most profitable and high job in demand.


Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)Module 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing

The Long-Term writing course from IIM SKILLS comes at a fee of INR 14,900 + GST which is by far the best and cheapest.

The education is completely online which fits everybody whether they are businessmen, students, professionals, or a homemaker. The number of students is limited in each class so that they are given equal attention to every person and to ensure they achieve the expertise of the course. The faculties are very much responsible for their students in solving their doubts at every step.

Highlights of IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course:

Lifetime Access to Course Material:

IIM SKILLS provide lifetime support to their students and they can access it anytime from anywhere. There can be scenarios where students feel the need to re-go with the material and brush it up from anywhere in the world.

Master Certification:

Students who finish their course, after the examination from IIM SKILLS are given master certification which is recognized all over India and they also help appear for HubSpot Examination for a content marketing certification from Cambridge, Massachusetts which is recognized all over the world.

Streamlined Modules: 

With their in-depth research and knowledge, IIM SKILLS has designed the learning modules which comprise all the details of the important topics which need to be covered in the content writing course. The module has been designed in a way that will help all the students cease the course.

Free Tools Worth INR 35k:

IIM SKILLS provides tools related to content writing and digital marketing worth INR 35000 which is used at every step during the course. These tools help students to achieve the main objective of their work. Tools such as Grammarly, plagiarism checker, Yoast SEO for WordPress, google analytics, keyword research tool, Reddit, landing page creator, SEO management tools for better search ranking, and many more.

Other Key Features:

  • IIM SKILLS provides 4 weeks of online live training classes, 16 hours of lectures, 60 hours of practical assignments, 10+ hours of internship lectures, freelance Opportunities, a dedicated placement cell, and in-class assignments.
  • 3 months guaranteed internship, portfolio development for job/freelance, helps in publishing E-books on kindle or Google books.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

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Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

2. Skills Upgrader

Skills upgrader is an institute that offers content writing courses in Bhopal for individuals, professionals, bloggers, aspiring writers, digital marketers, and corporate clients.

Their Features Are:

  • Live online classroom for 4 weeks
  • Provide lifetime support.
  • Tools worth INR 40k for free with the course.
  • The course consists of 15 modules which will be completed in 1 month
  • The price is INR 6999 + GST.

You get unmatched benefits after finishing a course such as graphic design skills to create newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, logos, and many others. You get to learn various tools related to content writing, digital marketing, email marketing, and content marketing which helps you to achieve your objective. Even if you have the creativity of writing a book, they help you to write one and help you publish it.  You can browse the batches on their website.

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Leads is a writing school, the division of leads which was started by a group of management, content industry, and human resources training in 2006. They also offer content writing courses in Bhopal. They offer customized learning and developmental units to specific organizations and institutes. Their main mission is to focus on their core competencies and to grow in their career. The main ingredients:-

  • The course has 6 modules that need to be completed in 12 weeks.
  • The cost of the course is INR 9750 including GST
  • It includes printed course material, a DVD, a Learning management system (LMS), and free course updates and assistance from the faculty even after the completion of the course.

The modules are created to the best of their knowledge and you can access them anytime with the help of a learning management system (LMS). In this course, you read the material with the help of the login provided and take weekly assignments online. The discussions can be done through the portal with all the fellow students related to the course and once all the weekly assignments are finished and submitted then the certification of completion will be provided. They are located in Bangalore but offer courses in almost all cities of India.

4. Udemy

Udemy’s mission is to spread learning online, their online courses are spread all over the world. Anyone from any stream can gain the skills with the course designed by them. The content writing course from Udemy offers different types of modules which suit everyone’s needs.

The Content Writing Course Offered by Them in 2021 is a 3in1 Course:

  • They have spread to 5 live locations all over the world California, Ireland, Denver, Turkey, and India.
  • The course includes a Master’s content writing, copywriting, SEO marketing, content marketing, and many more.
  • It is of 3.5 hours in total
  • It has 47 lectures which comprise videos and written material.
  • The cost of the course is INR 8640.

Once you pay for the course it’s available for a lifetime. There are other courses related to content writing which are available for all levels. You must check the couture of their courses.

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5. SEO Aim point 

SEO Aim Point has a team of enthusiastic and trusted professionals who aims at providing the best content writing courses in Bhopal. They are the ones who started digital marketing training in the city and later on went to all the related courses to marketing and writing. The main advantage of doing the course from them is that they ensure high standards related to every course and the reviews are also among the best in the city.

This organization aims to be a complete end-to-end training centre for digital marketing. The courses are designed in such a way that faculties work on one on one basis to ensure the best is delivered and the students who attend the full course with complete dedication are sure to get a job in their respective sectors.

Writing for yourself and writing for digital media is very different as we need to follow certain rules and need to understand how to strengthen the brand we are talking about. They help in making writing effective, writing content for different purposes, effective and catchy headlines for the article, target keywords, keeping the audience stuck to your writing, and most importantly the right tone and voice for your organization.

  • They have expertise in, PHP, website design, search engine optimization, pay-per-click (PPC), digital marketing, and the techniques followed.
  • The course duration is for 12 days
  • The fee is INR 2500.
  • For more details, please browse through the bunch of courses offered.

6. ECT

The only training institute in India which is recognized by the government of India is Education & career times (ECT). It was a startup by the government in 2012 under Digital Impulse Online Pvt Ltd. They are headquartered in Delhi but offer online courses all over the world including Bhopal with their learning management system (LMS). Their main aim is to accelerate the path for the aspirants. The content writing course is created with full zeal and creativity.

  • The course duration is 3 months which is divided into 2 parts.
  • Classroom/live training – 6 weeks and Internship and live projects – 7 weeks.
  • It consists of 13 modules
  • The fee for the course is INR 15000 including GST.
  • It will cover basic writing to advanced usage of all the tools to finally achieve writing your book.
  • The institute will help with 100% of job placements and work-from-home job opportunities as well.

Once the course is finished, students will get 1 internationally recognized certificate which will help them achieve their dream jobs. The students will also get lifetime support from them in case they want to access any information from anywhere in the world.

7. Digital Academy 360

This institute was founded by a young, energetic, and smart digital marketer in 2015. They started with a digital marketing course initially but added content writing courses to the roster soon. The main aim is to foster the growth of content writers who already are seeking growth in the digital industry.

The course is designed by experts to deliver the best knowledge in the industry. They stress all forms of content writing, including WordPress for your portfolio online, blogging, web content, and many more. The course will cover basic knowledge of content writing to become a successful content writer.

  • Duration-2 months
  • They are flexible with weekday and weekend batches.
  • There are 20+ modules.
  • The tools used by the writers will be taught by industry experts like Wattpad, canvas, google keyword search, Grammarly, and many more.
  • 5 + case studies will be given to the students as an assignment and feedback will be provided after each is submitted.
  • It has 15 + centres across India and the cost of the course is INR 15000 approx.

The certification given by them is from digital academy 360 and Hubspot as well. For more information on their different centres’ costs, please call the expert advisor.

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8. Nestsoft

This digital marketing company was founded in 2001 and they are the front-runner in SEO (search engine optimization), Facebook marketing, web development, youtube marketing, and many more. Their 500 + clients are spread across India, Dubai, Canada, the UK, the USA, etc. Nestsoft has gained expertise in best-searched keywords and they are given top search engine positions for the high search keywords. Keyword search and keyword planning are part of a content writing course that is taught by them in detail.

  • The course for content writing consists of 6 modules that start from the essentials of writing to the career development of writers.
  • The duration of the course is 1 week to 6 months which includes training from 3 to 18+ years of industry experts.
  • An internship is provided after the modules are finished in real-time projects.
  • The fee for the full course is INR 2500 onwards.
  • This is Kerala’s first online live training institute but they give online classes across India.
  • Offer job placements assistance with their portal jobsNEAR.in.

They offer other courses as well which are in high demand. They are connected to content writing in a way like digital marketing (SEO), social media marketing, and branding/reputation. Do check out more courses and details on their website.

9. Fast Info Class 

The online tutorial platform enables LIVE interactive classes between teachers and students. The main aim of the fast info class is to become India’s largest online education platform. They focus on great teachers and meritorious students all over India.

The online content course offered by them is a certified professional course that will give flight to your Ideas. It will help you in developing the habit of writing every day, unlock your imagination, understand the difference between conventional writing and web writing, the importance of how and what to research, the significance of headlines, numerous content tools, and many more topics.

  • The course created by professionals consists of 8 modules
  • Duration: 3 months
  • The admission fee of INR 499 only.
  • The exact fee will be calculated by the expert after the consultation.
  • They provide hands-on training on 5 live projects.
  • The 100% placement assistance is their guarantee in the office or works from home.
  • The main aim is to make the students “go-to” content writing experts.

The course is designed for basic-level content writers, bloggers, online entrepreneurs, Newbie Authors, Budding journalists, and all content writer aspirants. Their office is located in Bangalore but they offer online courses all over the world with the help of their online learning management system.

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10. Henry Harvin 

This course offers exclusive online classes from anywhere in the world. They have created a 9 in 1 course which includes training, projects, internship, certification, placement, e-learning, boot camps, hackathons, and gold membership. For membership, you need to pay extra but get unlimited benefits from them.

Henry Harvin has a portfolio of 100+ courses delivered online including Content writing courses.

The Course has:

  • 11 modules that make you go-ready of being a content writer.
  • Their presence is in Noida, Colombo, and the USA.
  • They have a user-friendly LMS (learning management system) which lets you access it from anywhere.
  • The course starts every month and the fee is INR 15000.

You can always browse for their course starting dates and more options related to the course.

For more courses and details, run into their website or call the expert advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. Which is better- Online or offline Content Writing Courses in Bhopal?

Online courses are just as efficient as any offline content writing course with added benefits like doing away with the commute, and assistance through online help desk 24×7. The courses give you access to learning materials and access to their learning management is mostly free.

Q2. What is the fee for content writing courses in Bhopal?

A high-grade content writing course fee can be anywhere between 12k-20k. make a list of the things you want from a content writing course and then proceed with an institute if it meets your preferences.

Q3. How good will a content writing career be 5-6 years from now on?

All sectors will require content and copywriting services in the long run. So a career in content writing will be very lucrative in the years to come.


The content writing course begins with inner thoughts coming out to people digitally. The institute mentioned above will educate you thoroughly on the technicalities of writing skills. The online course will bring more comfort to doing at your own pace. The maximum duration of content writing courses in Bhopal or online elsewhere is 3 months – 6 months.

The comfort of writing will be an upright thing as a content writer. After the course completion, you can expect to write your blog and work as a freelance content writer for the e-commerce industry and many other companies. The internships provided by the institutes are the cherry on the cake which will brush up on the skills you have already learned.

I have listed all the best content writing courses in Bhopal, so what are you waiting for? Just choose one of them and start your content writing course soon.

  • Hello, I am Shiva. I am an Engineer, but my passion for writing insists me to pursue a short content writing training in Bhopal. Content writing, a process that involves planning, writing, editing, researching, distribution, and more. Purpose of learning is not taking up content writing as a profession, but to do freelancing. With Freelancing you have an opportunity to learn new task with every new project, enhances multi-tasking abilities, you are not limited to certain category of content writing type, and you can enjoy freedom to accept the project you love working upon. With job responsibility, taking up full-time or part-time content writing isn’t possible. So to pursue my passion I have an option for freelancing. From the available list of institutes offering content writing training in Bhopal selecting the best looks difficult, so I would like to register for a free demo session instead.

  • Hello, I am Baani. I am a housewife. I am searching for any certificate course that could earn me a good job opportunity to work from home. Content writing seems a viable option. Being a content writer will require me to create timely good quality content with the comfort of sitting at home and earning good.I have not completed my graduation, took a drop from college. Can i get admission to this course?

  • Hi, I am Vinay. I am a professional photographer. I want to learn to develop my own website to showcase my skills and talent, learn to create product and service based content, generate business leads, increase customer base. Can I apply for the course?

  • Hi, I am Gauri and I am a third year BBA student. After completing my degree I want to work in digital marketing company as a content creator. The content writing course offered by IIM skills in your list seems promising to me after going through the highlights and features. i just have one question in particular, we don’t have to furnish any documents or certificate before enrolment to the course.

  • Hello, my name is Shanti, and I’m an immigrant student in Bhopal from Nepal who wants to work in a profession that is growing. I’ve been looking for any classes to help me improve my writing skills. Could you recommend the finest online content writing course with flexible scheduling, as I am also a student?

    • Hello Shanti,

      I suggest you to go with IIM skills content writing course. The course is very informative with technical as well as practical knowledge. Flexible timings for the classes, can approach to faculty anytime by fixing the appointment for your doubts.

      Hope this helps!

  • Hello, I was looking for new talents to develop when I came across this article, and I must say that it is comprehensive and interesting. This post not only introduces me to content writing and its applications but also to the best content writing education in Bhopal. This post has made me realize the importance of content writing in Bhopal. I had no idea content writing was so large and well-paid until now. I’m definitely going to give it a shot.

    • Hello Riya, Thank you so much for the kind words. I wish you all the best for your future endeavors. If you wish to know more about course offered by iimskills, please book a demo class.

  • hi. I am a high school student. I am interested in content writing and I want to explore this field. Am I eligible to take up this course as I don’t have any prior exposure or experience.

    • Hello Jagjit, you can start with content writing course after you finish high school. To know more about it, please book a demo class .
      Hope this helps.
      Thank you

  • Hi Amisha, upon completion of the course. I suggest you to first do internship and start with your own blog first. With this you will be fully confident to take up the freelancing work. Also, IIM SKILLS will help you with relevant jobs. Hope this helps.
    Thank you

  • Hey, Can I switch my Career in this field? I am currently working in accounts and I am thinking of switching. I love writing. Please help me out. Also thanks for this list, I will go through it .

    • Hello Lalit, You can definitely switch your career to content writing. IIM skills will surely help you in achieving what you aimed for.
      Please visit the website and take a demo class to know insights.
      Thank you for liking my article.

    • Hello Lalit,
      If you are looking to switch your career and are passionate about writing, then this course will help you achieve it.
      A content writer should be innovative in writing and other skills will be taught by IIM SKILLS.
      If you still have questions, feel free to ask.

  • Can people directly start freelancing after completing this course? I think, with freelancing, you must have some experience in the corporate? If one can, will there be proper guidance regarding freelancing by IIM Skills. I am thinking to start with content writing, only as a freelancer. Could you please explain more?

    • Hi Amisha,
      Yes, you can start freelancing but I suggest going for an Internship first so that you are confident in your writing skills, and you know how exactly your course knowledge is applied.
      IIM SKILLS will guide you with proper channels as to how to start with it and will provide feedback on your content.
      Hope this helps. I wish you all the best.

  • Hello myself Shivani, I am currently in second year of college and looking for skill development as content writing, I am doing graduation from Maitreyi college and feel that doing it from IIM Skills will boost my chances of adding value to my resume. I have read lot of good reviews on Google about them

    • Hello Shivani, You have read it right. At IIM skills you can enhance your wriitng skills nd the certification you will receive is internationally recognised. We also help in preparing for content writing certification from Hubspot. Hope this reply helps. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

  • Hi, I am Varun. My friend told me about the career opportunities in content writing. Currently, I am a student, but I am very passionate about making a career in music. So I decided to look for some work. Freelance writing is one of the decent-paying jobs in the market, so I decided to do a course. My friends recommended me IIM Skills. Do you guys have to teach about freelancing as well?

    • Hello Varun, yes you are at the correct path. At IIM skills they do teach you how to earn by freelance writing. If your niche is already decided then I must say you already have a seed just need to nurture it and IIM skills will help you achieve that. Hope this helps.

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