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Digital Content Marketing: A Complete Guide To Recognizing The Basics

Digital Content Marketing is a term that has slowly risen and has become one of the most compelling marketing strategies in these times. While larger companies have set their grounds firm in this space, smaller companies are still finding their way out.

Digital Content Marketing

In fact, for small businesses digital content marketing could be one of the best ways to attract potential clients. It is a lot easier, approachable, and much less expensive than traditional marketing techniques.

It won’t be wrong to say that, even though in some parts of India traditional marketing is the only way out but if digital content marketing is not taken care of, then business owners are missing out on a huge set of prospective customers. Only to precisely point out that, it should be done correctly.

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It is bifurcated into various forms and not every strategy will work for your business.

It depends on various factors like: 

  • The target audience of a company
  • The product the company is into
  • The scope of the business
  • The objective of the business etc.

In this article, we will walk through all the facets of understanding what is digital content marketing in detail, so that we are clear on the entire concept.

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What Exactly is Digital Content Marketing?

Simply put; any form of content that is put on digital platforms (online) to market a company’s product/service is known as digital content marketing.

It is a way of connecting with your audience first. You do not directly sell. The content you create for them is basically for providing them valuable information and insights about your industry. It is about everything you do to build trust in them for you.

A very strategic way to market your brand to your target clientele while building a strong relationship with them. But there are certain things to be kept in mind before you resort to digital content marketing:

  • The content should be constructive and worthy enough for your readers (we cannot just post anything)
  • Content should have proper context and is to be made keeping in mind the target audience
  • Make sure if your content provides certain promises then your brand should strongly abide by it.
  • The content is created with the clear idea of giving (valuable insights) to your target audience, without expecting anything in return from them out of that particular content.
  • The only vision for digital content marketing is building trust.

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Contradictory to other forms of traditional marketing or advertisements, Digital content marketing is a game to be played in the long run. It slowly but steadily grabs your readers’ attention and you as a brand stay with them. This leads to stronger brand recognition and loyal customers for a lifetime.

The result is more profits. Just that, you are not pushing your clients by pitching them to make a purchase. In turn, your content is giving them valuable information and leaving them there to take their own decision.

A very generic human behavior states – If a person walks up to you willingly, he is there to stay with you. 

Types Of Content That Can Be Posted On Different Digital Platforms

Here is giving you a list of some of the types of content that can be created for online(digital) marketing. You need to choose what goes best with your target customer.

1. Content On Websites-

Nowadays every business has a website for its online presence. Moreover, having everything a company does, under one roof makes it easier for businessmen to share what they have to offer. There is a lot of content that you can post on your website that indirectly acts as marketing tools for your target audience.

·       Blog Posts (Long Form Articles)

These are one of the best forms of content that are used for digital content marketing. From product comparisons to listicle articles, or an article that explains how to do a particular thing works great with blog posts.

·       Product Descriptions

Websites have product pages that describe everything about the product. From its usability, its features, its benefits, and technicalities. Everything is written on the product page allotted to that particular product.

·       Guides

They hold step by step by processes, to hold hands and guide the costumers on how a particular product /service of the company has to be used. It has answers to all the small and big questions that may arise in the minds of the readers about the product/service.

·       White Papers

These are more detailed and technical documents made for a specific set of audiences that want to know much more about the product than just general stuff. A white paper supports its theories with real-time cold hard statistics, graphs, tables, facts, and figures.

·       Case Studies

These are experiences of real-time consumers. A case study describes the details about how a customer was able to solve a particular problem by using the company’s products.

Both white papers and case studies can also be printed and used for traditional marketing. But these work equally great when used as online forms of marketing, attracting more legit and credible clients to the company.


2. Content for Social Media Platforms

We have various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. where individuals connect. It’s one of the easiest ways to know people and reach the audience you want to interact with. If you have not already, then create an account with all of these platforms and start making content for marketing.

Here are the various forms of content that go well with these Platforms:

·       Social Media Posts

They are basically text written as short as one sentence to as long as 2-3 paragraphs. These posts are also known as short-form content.

·       Static Images

Static images are graphical representations of something that you would like to explain visually. A picture does speak a thousand words. It depends on your creativity that how well you can pictorially describe what you want to say.

·       Gifs

Graphical Interchange Format (GIF); these are animated image formats. They are a collection of images that loop continuously on their own, without any external effort. These are soundless videos that are made for the shortest possible time.

·       Memes

These are visual representations of content where we combine text with the image to make it more clear for the user.

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3. Other Forms Of Content Used For Digital Content Marketing

·       Videos

YouTube has come a long way to promote video content. The success of YouTube is proof enough to tell you that this is a very strong platform to market your product. Grasping becomes easy when you see a thing happening. Create videos to give valuable insights to your audience and post them on YouTube so that they get their deserved reachability.

·       Audios (Podcasts)

Audio content is great for people who have their eyes occupied on something else but could lend their ears to you while doing that job. Instances like traveling, cleaning the house, setting the almirah, driving, cooking, etc need their eyes to be concentrated somewhere else but their ears are free to listen.

Hence create audio content in the form of podcasts or other forms of audio content. Thereby, post them on mediums like Spotify, Anchor, Apple Podcasts, and your website so that people can leverage them accordingly.

·       Mobile Apps

For making things, even more, easier to understand and accessible to your audience, creating a mobile app is another way to link to your customers. Apps nowadays have made a lot of things easier for people. If they start liking and become habituated to using your app, then automatically the way becomes smoother for you.

·       Webinars

Make it interactive by organizing webinars to reach your audience. Answers all their questions “live”. When people are sitting in their comfort zone and you manage to make a connection, you gain their trust on the spot. Hence, occasionally organizing webinars is another very good way of digital content marketing.

·       E-books

Ebooks come in very handy when a reader wants to learn everything about that particular topic. If your company involves in writing a book and publishing a book online. Then you will automatically be considered an expert in your industry making people trust you for what you do. It is one of the strongest forms of digital content marketing in today’s times.

These were some of the types of content that can be created for marketing but the scope is not limited to only these. Get going with these first and you can frame your way out to what kind of content your clients are looking at.

Things to remember while creating content for Digital content marketing

·       Error-free Content

The content you write should be free of any grammatical errors written in fluent English. If this is not taken care of then the user experience is compromised. Moreover, it questions your credibility as an organization wherein people start doubting you as a reliable businessman.

·       Simple To Understand Language

As mentioned, the language should be error-free. With that said, it should be simple enough to be understood in one go. The use of extra advanced vocabulary may take away the interest of the reader. Let the fluency stay intact.

If the reader has to open a dictionary now and then to understand the meaning of words that are written, then he would probably exit. There is no scarcity of options available for him.

·       Doable

Create practically doable content. People are smart. Only theories won’t work with them. Hence, create content to educate and which is possible to put to action. If the success rate is high over here, you gain their confidence that you deliver what is promised.

·       Goal-Driven Content-

Marketing is a strategy. There is a particular goal to reach before you start your journey. Hence, create content keeping in mind the destination. Every step should be a stepping- stone towards the destination.

Every time you create a copy of your content, never forget to mention a Call-to-action that you would want your reader to take. Neither keeps them hanging in mid-air nor wastes the effort that you’ve put in.

·       Value-driven Content For Free-

Every copy that you provide should be heavily packed with loads of value, free of cost. The audience loves to hear the word free. And if the free content is a useful resource, then why not. People will not only be acquainted with you and your brand but will gradually look forward to what you have to offer.

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·       Create Content According To The Buyer Persona (your target audience)

Whenever you are creating content, have a target audience in mind. No content is created for everybody. There is a different audience for every product/service.

So, you should be very clear with the set of audiences you are targeting. Know what they want to read, see and hear. Accordingly, create content for them.

·       Optimizing Your Content-

Content created but not found. There is nothing more heartbreaking than this. With digital content marketing, knowledge of SEO is a must. Proper insertion of keywords and other SEO practices will have a wider reach.

·       Know Which Type Of Content Is Suitable For Which Digital Platform

Not every type of content is suitable for every platform. Of course, you cannot write a blog post as an Instagram post. Every digital platform works on different marketing modules. Study and come to terms with them before creating the content for them

·       Be Consistent

Consistency is the key. The one who is seen is remembered. Once you are lost, you are forgotten. Hence have a calendar and plan your short-term and long-term goals for digital content marketing. Stick to the plans and see your marketing give you your desired results.

·       Trends Matter but Evergreen Stays

Write on topics that are trending but do not miss out on the ones that are evergreen in nature. Trending topics may pick up the pace for the current scenario, but evergreen topics will show consistency throughout your entire business cycle. Hence you should write about both.

Signing Off

Digital content marketing is a need of the hour for every business existing out there in the market. Get your hands into understanding the concept of marketing. Maybe your business is doing well with the traditional forms of marketing, but you are missing out a lot over the table if you have still not entered the digital world.

If you just started with your business, then digital content marketing is definitely your way of getting started and gain some clients for your business. Seriously telling you, you have no idea of the scope of Digital Content Marketing. It can take you places if you know how to do it correctly.


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