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Top 5 SEO Courses in Malaysia With Placement Assistance

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is a utilized process to improve the quality and quantity of search results for a particular website or web page or anything that is searched on the internet. It is a process to gain traffic through free or editorial search results on search engines. Its main focus is to list the website at the top so that many people can see it. There has been a massive rise in SEO courses in Malaysia as many consumers have moved online. Since technology is growing at a faster rate, many consumers are using technology. This is why even small-scale business people have understood the impotence of SEO in their business. The demand for SEO has risen since many have realized that it improves brand visibility and helps reach the business to its potential consumers.


List of best SEO courses in Malaysia


Importance of SEO in Business


SEO is very important to help you build credibility and trust in your business. Practicing SEO in your business will improve and increase the traffic for your website, it helps you rank high when a potential customer searches on the internet, and also it helps your brand’s visibility online. Because of this, it gives more opportunities to seek the attention of the potential customers which later converts into a lead in your business.


The more visibility is, the more it helps benefit your business. It doesn’t matter if you are running a small-scale or large-scale business. SEO is a marketing tool that empowers you to help your customers choose you over your competitors as it helps you rank high on search results.


10 Benefits of SEO in Having a Successful Business


1. Boost Credibility:


The main purpose of SEO in marketing is to rank high on search engine results. Therefore when your brand visibility becomes high on search engines it leads to gaining more trust of its potential customers to have more faith and trust in investing in your business product or services.


By timely update on the content of your website, applying various techniques to speed the website benefits in high ranking of your website. This leads to boost the credibility and improves the customer conversion rate which helps the success of the business.


2. Cost-Effective:


One of the most benefits of having done an SEO course is that it helps you save money by not spending it on others to handle your SEO process for your website or any other marketing activities like PPC. Timely updating the content by yourself will save your time, money, and also dependency on others.


Doing some research on strategies to improve the content and having a timely review of your content helps in the high ranking of your website. This leads to having a good conversion of your customers.


3. Supports Content Marketing:


Having unique and original content is very important to seek the attention of your customers. Unique contents and SEO are like two sides of one coin. They support each other in marketing efforts. Hence your content needs to be very original and highly impactable to grab your customers to rank high on search engines.


Also, find the other rewarding courses in Malaysia


4. Improves Pay Per Click Campaign:


A free SEO and pay-per-click strategy give amazing benefits to businesses. PPC helps in ranking high on search engines and SEO gradually does the same naturally. Good content on SEO and PPC leads to being at the top list of search engines. A good SEO can be used wisely to maximize the PPC Campaign.


5. It is A Competitive Advantage:


SEO is the most trending in today’s business world, as it helps in reaching maximum customers on the digital platform. Everyone today, irrespective of how big or small the business is investing in good SEO because they want to be at top of the google search engines.


It is the biggest achievement if you have your website on the first page of google search which gradually means many people are going to view your business. A small research on how your competitors are doing helps you to build healthy competition to have an advantage in your business.


Therefore, it is very important to have good content and a good SEO which helps to load your website at a faster speed and is also mobile-friendly in operations. Make your SEO user-friendly for maximum views and maximum customer conversion rate.


6. Helps In Reaching To Maximum People:


The digital platform is the most trending and fastest mode of marketing. Therefore m of the business runners are adopting various techniques in grabbing the attention of their focused customers. SEO supports seeking attention for a particular time.


Therefore timely upgrading SEO attracts anyone whether the person has the intention of investing in buying the product or services. Hence it is very important to use the appropriate keywords you would want to rank for, and wisely use the keyword research tools for expansion. This leads reaching you to maximum customers.


7. Improves Ranking In Local Searches:


In today’s world technology is ruling. Digital usage is highest for every small and big thing. Even a small search like  “petrol pump near me” is the most common search on google. And it nearly helps 80% of mobile lead conversions.


Hence using local SEO strategies helps in seeking maximum searchers’ attention who are mostly having intentions of investing money in buying the product or services through their search engines. The very first step towards a local SEO strategy is by creating a Google My Business Account.


Once you have your own Google business account send a request to your current customers to share their reviews which means whatever information you input on your account should be appropriate and valid. One of the next steps would be to include correct local keywords and edit listings in the local business directories.


8. Website Visibility:


The main purpose of SEO is to make your website easy to operate. Also, it enhances the customer’s experience when they visit your sites. If the right content is put along to help your website work faster and speed the responsivity, edit a few additional links to enhance the pages of your website you probably have a spectacular job done to optimize the search engines. The key factors that contribute to greater usability are navigations and robust site structures. This plays an important role to rank your website high on search engines.


9. Quality Results:


With the help of SEO, you can track the changes in your rankings, website traffic, and conversion rate. Google analysis provides you with all the information required. For example, you find all the information about your website as how many customers have gone through your website the conversion of the customers buying your products/ services, and what are the keywords frequently used to complete a particular action. This information can further be used to adjust change or improve the SEO strategies for your website.


10. Engagement Rates:


As said earlier that an optimized site will help you gain quality traffic. If you ensure to have powerful content for your website that matches the intentions of the searchers there are higher chances of more time invested in browsing which leads to conversion and higher ranking.


For those who invest more time in browsing your website, the chances are high to build a long relationship with your brand and help you gain long-term revenue. This is what leads to improving the engagement rates. Also, you must provide a website that is easily operative on mobile phones as well.


Below are the Top Institutes That Offer Best SEO Courses In Malaysia:




IIM SKILLS is one of the top listed globally renowned institutes to offer the best SEO courses in Malaysia. They are among the best-known institutes to offer online education services all over the world. They have their base located in New Delhi. IIM SKILLS laid its foundations 12 years back and are still known as the best institution to offer online education services.


They are ranked no. 1 by the top education blogs. They started their journey from a blog and now they are considered to be the worlds leading education institutes to offer online training. When looking for top institutes to offer the best SEO courses in Malaysia, IIM SKILLS ranks on the top list for the obvious reasons below.


Course Name: Advanced SEO Course

Duration Of The Course: 4 Weeks + 8 Weeks of paid internship


SEO Course Curriculum:

  • 16 Hrs of live lectures
  • Practical Assignments for better learnings
  • Weekly assignments
  • Free tool accessibility
  • Hands-on training with the opportunity to work on 2 live projects
  • Incentivized Training
  • Full support to launch a career as certified SEO
  • Offer recommendation letter
  • Registered certification
  • 300+ placement


Download IIM SKILLS Advanced SEO Course Brochure


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Well, there are many reasons to list, that what makes IIM SKILLS top in the list of best institutes that offer the best SEO courses in Malaysia, but below are the best few among many reasons to have enrolled with IIM SKILLS.


  • Online Coaching
  • They provide recordings of each session, so when you miss the live sessions, you never really feel the loss as recordings will be provided.
  • They have the best industrial special & professional mentors
  • Globally recognized
  • 100% job placement
  • Offer lifetime access to their live recordings
  • Offer Tool access
  • Full-time online support
  • Along with SEO, there are many skill development courses

More Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


2. Simplilearn


Simplilearn ranks as the best online boot camp to offer digitally economic skills. They also list as best institutes to offer the best SEO courses in Malaysia. They began their journey in 2009 and since then no turning back. They have the best ratings for the courses they offer.


With Simplilearn you are trained under certified professionals with industrial specialize. When you search for the best institutes for SEO courses in Malaysia, you will have Simplilearn recommended by the most. They are known for the best training techniques taught in the course.


Course Name: Advanced SEO Program

Duration Of The Course: 2 Weeks + Real life projects



  • Course introduction
  • How SEO works
  • 25 hands-on projects
  • 3 simulation test papers
  • Full-time learning assistance and support
  • Exams
  • Registered certifications


There are 3 different training options to choose as per your preferred choices:

  1. Self-paced training
  2. Online bootcamps
  3. Cooperate training


Why Simplilearn?

Few among many reasons why you should opt for Simplilearn when looking for the best SEO courses in Malaysia:


  • They offer training options
  • Offer certification course
  • Real-life projects when training
  • Online training
  • Detailed insights on advanced web analytics
  • 360 degree understanding for planning and marketing your website


3. i3 Matrix


i3 Matrix is the most famous and well-known international builder and software development organization. Along With being a software development organization, they also offer many skill development courses. SEO is one of the best courses offered by them. They offer a wide range of IT services as well. They are undoubtedly known for being one of the best institutes that offer SEO courses in Malaysia.


Course Name: SEO Training Malaysia


Curriculum Of The Course:

  • Learn link building
  • Learn whitehat and blackhat techniques
  • On & page optimization
  • SEO strategies
  • Learn about keyword analysis


Why i3 Matrix?

Following reasons why one should choose i3 Matrix for the best SEO courses in Malaysia:

  • Affordable for everyone
  • All the business companies in Malaysia approve their certification
  • You learn to handle your website
  • Offers SEO training that applies to all the professionals




360DigiTMG is one of the leading trainers to offer the best SEO courses in Malaysia. They are specialized in offering cooperate training. They provide a certified course for SEO. Their training is both offline and online.


Name Of The Course: Search Engine Optimisation Training

Duration Of The Course: 3 Months



  • 16 hours of classroom and online training
  • 40 Hrs of practical assignments
  • Internship
  • Assured certification from ta op university in Malaysia
  • Assured job placements
  • Content Optimisation
  • Learn Link building
  • Learn about SEO tools
  • Training on the technical SEO


Why 360DigiTMG?

Following reasons why 360DigiTMG is considered to be the most popular trainer in SEO courses in Malaysia:

  • Free internship programs
  • Guaranteed job placements
  • Real-life practical assignments
  • Live free webinars
  • Full-time support
  • Offer complementary courses


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


5. Tertiary Courses


Tertiary courses Malaysia is a subsidiary of Tertiary Infotech. It was founded in 2016. They are certified training providers in Malaysia. They provide updated skilled-based training as per the industrial needs.


Name Of The Course: SEO for eCommerce / SEO Essential Training


Curriculum Of The Course:

The curriculum of the course is divided into two parts for Ecommerce & Essential training.


Essential Training:

  • Overview of Search Engine Optimisation
  • Keyword research
  • On Page SEO techniquies
  • Page SEO techniques
  • Analyze SEO effectiveness



 Installation of WordPress SEO Plugins


Why Teritarry Courses?

Apart from many common reasons few unique ones below to know why should one opt for Territory Courses as the best SEO courses in Malaysia:


  • They have their courses divided as per the industrial specifications
  • They have online, onsite, and classroom coaching
  • They provide all the support required post the completion of the course.
  • They also provide the training for raw beginners
  • Certification


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What is the basic qualification required to be applicable for SEO training courses?

Ans: Anyone who is a graduate or anyone who completed a diploma is the minimum requirement for the application for SEO course training. However, a basic knowledge of digital operations/ understandings is required along with good communication skills in English.


Q2. Do you need to know about coding for applying to the SEO course?

Ans: No, Coding is a different concept than SEO. One doesn’t need to know about Coding before enrolling themselves in SEO courses. However, having an understanding of Coding can neither have an add-on benefit. If you know or you don’t know Coding in both cases you can apply for the SEO training.


Q3. What is the scope of SEO in the coming years?

Ans: The digital world is expanding at a faster rate. So there will always be a good scope for SEO in years to come till the digital world exists. SEO is the most trending in digital marketing so undoubtedly the scope for SEO will keep rising in years to come.


Q4. How long does it take to start a career after an SEO course is completed?

Ans: The duration of SEO courses is between 2-4 months plus the internships of 3-4 months so if calculated one can start a career in SEO in 4 to 12 months after they are certified in SEO. Well, this is the minimum duration one can take to start their career as SEO well there are many factors if one delays it. It all depends on how fast a learner one is.


Q5. Can a person outside Malaysia apply for the SEO courses in Malaysia?

Ans: Well of course. The above-listed institutes also offer online courses. So those who are non-Malaysians or not a resident of Malaysia can also enroll in the course. Having a good certification is most important so make sure you do complete research on the institute before you enroll yourself for the course. However, all the above-listed institutes are certified course providers for SEO.




SEO is the need of today’s world. SEO has become the most important in the business world for revenue generation. Not only for business owners but SEO has proved to be important for the managers and the marketing professionals. This course is a must for an entrepreneur or for anyone who is looking forward to having a career in digital marketing. There is a good scope of career for SEO-certified professionals.

  • I read your article and am wondering if the institutions you mentioned have internship opportunities at reputable businesses. I’m wondering because I recently left a sales job that I thought was the perfect fit for me and my career. But I like blogging, and I’ve had some success with my own website. In an effort to find a better professional match, I have researched on SEO courses in Malaysia . As I’ve seen it work for a buddy who is a content writer who writes for blogs and other media and is quite successful, SEO will help people find my posts. Help me find the appropriate way, please.

  • Seo is great for placements. I have friends who enrolled in one of these courses and now work for some great businesses. I work in a library. In my spare time, I enjoy writing. I came on this blog when looking for the top SEO courses in malaysia. SEO courses in France delivered by professionals with experience running SEO for digital marketing purposes and also with the updated knowledge of SEO would be beneficial. Companies realize that they would be one step ahead as soon as they learn the importance of seo for them. Thank you for taking the time to write on this topic and publishing an article on the same.

  • The market for SEO professionals is quite challenging. As SEO is becoming more and more important to businesses, they are demanding more and more professionals with this skill in their expertise. So the competition is much high for SEO professionals to get recognized. I would suggest people be updated with the latest knowledge in SEO and start learning now. These SEO courses in Malaysia are very comprehensive thankyou for writing this article on the topic and helping me find the best SEO course for me. I would join one of these institutes when I will find out about them more in detail.

  • I was quite impressed with your post that I read. The content is well-curated and simple to comprehend. I recently came to Malaysia with my husband after a few months in India, and I’ve been trying to find something to do here for a while. Coming across your blog was a quite a delight because I now know that I want to enrol in an SEO school in Malaysia. I’d like to work as a blogger. I had read a lot about SEO before, but I had no idea how important it was. Now that I know, I won’t waste any time and will enrol in a course right away.

  • Hi, I am an Indian residing in Malaysia. I am pursuing a course in MBA. I also like to write on my days off and thought I had a talent for the written word. I have decided to take my writing online and start making some money on the side. I want to learn more about SEO and how it will help my writing get recognised. I read about SEO courses in Malaysia that offer good services and comprehensive learning. I would definitely join one of these institutes listed above in your article to get started. Thank you very much.

  • I am Kim . I recently moved to Malaysia and am working in the hospitality industry. I also am a freelance content writer and I am very keen to take it up full time . As I was surfing through courses online I came across this article which is pretty informative. Although I have done my share of research about SEO courses in Malaysia I have a few doubts. I want to know what exactly are the topics that are covered in the course that will help me launch myself as a SEO certified writer. I also want to know if the placements promised after the completion of the course are based out of Malaysia. Also can I pursue this course part time as I have a job that is full time at the moment .

  • Hi, I am Adam. I am working at a shop in a mall here in Malaysia. In my free time, I like to write and read some novels. I want to use this skill to get a job writing online. I have been also reading online about growing a writing business online and SEO is mentioned heavily as it’s an integral part of online marketing. When I searched for the best SEO courses in Malaysia I found this article and I liked it. You have mentioned every detail and I have a better understanding of SEO now. Thank you. I will join this courses as soon as I find the time.

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