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Top 5 GST Certification Courses in Vizag With Placements

Let us have a quick understanding of what is GST? With a brief history of GST before rummaging through the best GST certification courses in Vizag.

GST Certification Courses in Vizag With Placements


A Brief History of GST, Also Known as Goods and Service Taxes

Let us take a quick peek at the history of GST and then jump into the options available online for the GST certification courses in Vizag. France was the first country to have introduced goods and service taxes into their tax bill, mostly to reduce tax evasions. 


Following France’s footsteps, about 140 countries have introduced GST into their tax bills. While in India, the tax bill on the Goods and Service Tax Bill came much later. The idea was first put forward in the year 2000 by then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. 


Later by the union minister in his budget speech in 2006, and was finally set in motion to pass in 2010. However, it took the cabinet 7 years to be approved and to be passed in Lok Sabha. Prime Minister Narendra Modi Government finally passed the tax reform bill on March 29, 2017, and came into full effect on July 1st, 2017. 


What is GST? (Goods and Service Tax)


GST is a combined indirect value-added tax (VAT) and a uniform tax structure implemented on all goods and services to achieve the concept of one nation under one Tax System. 


To reform the various indirect taxes and to bag it under one tax system which has resulted in the GST system. The central government has implemented GST in various sectors on a different tax percentage bracket. The goods and service tax imposed on all value additions has replaced several indirect taxes such as VAT, duty, and service taxes, among many others. 


The tax is imposed at all points of sale within-state sales that are subject to both Central and State GST. It is charged at the last purchase price, which is paid by the consumer at the point of sale, and with the seller passing it on to the government. 


The GST law is applied when it changes hands along with its business logistics management. It’s also worth noting that having a PAN is required to register for GST. 


The GSTIN is provided by the government to every GST-registered individual. Its a one-of-a-kind GST identification number, which is assigned to every entity. 


Every GST-registered person is given a 15-digit goods and services tax-paying ID Number based on their PAN (GSTIN). Kindly read further for more information on the tax and GST certification courses in Vizag. 


Types of Goods and Service Tax


CGST– The Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST), like State GST, is a GST-based tax that applies to intrastate (inside the same state) transactions. The CGST Act regulates the CGST. The Central Government is to collect the CGST income.


SGST- The State Goods and Services Tax, or SGST, is a tax levied under the GST regime on transactions that take place within the same state. Both State GST and Central GST are charged with intrastate supplies of goods and/or services. 

State GST or SGST is a tax collected by the state on products and/or services purchased or sold within the state. The SGST Act is in charge of it. The state government claims the income generated by the SGST only.


UTGST- Union Territory Products and Services Tax is the Indian Union Territories equivalent to the State Goods and Services Tax, which is charged with the supply of goods and/or services. 

In the Indian Union Territories, the UTGST applies to the provision of goods and/or services. The Union Territory government collects the UTGST income. As a result, in Union Territories, it will impose the UTGST, besides the CGST.


IGST– The Integrated Products and Services Tax, or IGST, is a GST-based tax that applies to interstate (between two states) as well as imports and exports of goods and/or services. IGST Act regulates the IGST. The Central Government is to collect the taxes under the IGST.


GST Implication on Various Sectors

  • Food items are under 0 to 5 % tax bracket
  • Automobile Industries 1% and 15%
  • Garments and Footwear 5% to 12%
  • Public transport services 5% to 6%
  • Airfare 5% to 12%
  • Jewelry and other ornaments 1% to 5% 
  • Hotels and Restaurants 5% to 18%


GST has Replaced the Following Central Taxes and has Combined the Following State Taxes:

  • Excise of duties
  • Service tax
  • Additional duties on customs charges
  • Cease and Surcharge
  • Duty tax
  • Purchase and Sales Tax
  • VAT (value-added Tax)


Multistage Tax on Goods and Services by the State and Central Government:


  • Acquisition of raw materials
  • Manufacturing or production
  • Finished goods warehousing
  • Selling to distributors
  • Product distribution to retailers
  • Selling to the general public


What is the GST Certification Course?


GST certification course is an in-depth course guide to learning and understanding Goods and Service Tax regulations. The GST certification courses in Vizag take you through the fundamental understanding of GST and make you a professional on anything GST. 


This GST certificate program helps you to assist business people, accountants, company secretaries, and other professionals in improving their knowledge of the Goods and Services Tax by providing specialized, up-to-date information in the area of GST and improving the problem-solving skills, analytical skills, and decision-making knowledge required for self-employment and employment in the industry.


Why Opt for a GST Certification Course?


While many of us are aware of the fact that every taxable person on this planet is paying tax one way or the other- may it be a seller or a buyer- from a big to small company, or from a big to a small business owner, or even an average person while buying food items, groceries, vehicles, house products, etc. 


All must be obligated to pay GST. It aids in the development of various taxation, finance, and accounting professional skills. The GST certification courses in Vizag will make you understand and become an expert on the Goods and Services Tax and regulation, and it can also make you understand the concept of taxation in general. 


Any student, undergraduate, graduate, company secretary, financial and taxation expert, and anyone who seeks job prospects in any of these industries can take it. And it can benefit all from the GST certification program while providing students, business owners, and industry professionals with a specialized and a better understanding of Goods and Service Taxes. 


It broadens career opportunities, adds to pay rise, and improves skills. The lessons from this course can be applied to areas such as supply chain organization, IT, accounting, tax compliance, and pricing, all of which are affected by the GST. 


This course will give you an overview of GST and will improve your knowledge of basic concepts such as tax invoices, credits, debit notes, tax payment, and refunds, as well as demo sessions on GST registration and will make you GST-ready. 


While they offer the majority of the courses online, you could take up these GST certification courses in Vizag in your free time. The average duration of the GST certification courses is around 50 to 70 hours, which is normally done in a 6 to 7 days time period, with many institutes having an option for weekday or weekend classes at very affordable prices. 


It also makes life easier with being GST certified as day-to-day life requires taxation understanding on sales and purchases required to run businesses and companies. Course completion certification will be awarded to all the students at the end of the course.


Here Are Some Benefits and Advantages of the GST Certification Courses in Vizag

  • It can help to increase pay by 15% to 25% on average.
  • Can increase a greater number of job opportunities as a result of this.
  • Individuals can use it to launch their own consulting firm.
  • Can become a GST consultant practitioner.


Top 5 GST Certification Courses in Vizag


There are plenty of institutes offering GST certification courses in Vizag. Visakhapatnam or Vizag is the largest city in Andhra Pradesh, and it is one of the fastest-growing economic cities in India. 


Because of the seaport trade, its economy is growing, and it’s becoming a highly industrialized city, while the tourism and business sectors are booming. As a result, new businesses are being opened because of demand and supply chain, and more and more businesses are under GST laws registration. 


It has become the most basic necessity in everyday work for identifying taxpayers and ensuring tax compliance in the economy. Getting a GST certification course in Vizag or India has become a benchmark in all tax-related work. 


It will aid you in understanding the concept of GST tax law and make it a lot easier for you to pay taxes and smoothly run a business with no irregularities. 


The registration of any business organization under the GST law entails gaining a unique number from the relevant tax authorities to collect taxes on behalf of the government and claiming input tax credits for taxes paid on inbound goods. 


A person who is not registered cannot collect tax from his customers or claim an input tax credit for the tax he has to pay. Implementing GST on goods and services on most products makes it more relevant to learn. It is ideal to have in-depth knowledge or a basic understanding of the GST (Goods and Service Tax) system and make tax assessments in the right manner. Also, to understand the practical aspects of Good and Service Tax. 


There are umpteen GST certification courses in India. May it be an online-based course or in-class learning, making no mistake, you need to pick the best in the big current market. IIM Skills is considered to be the best in today’s market. 


They will teach you and provide you with the best material. Make you understand while learning from practical training from the course material provided by the institute. It is also distinctively excellent for the required industry standards.


Look no further to find the best GST certification courses in Vizag. These educational learning and training institutes will walk you through the registration, requirements, and process of understanding so that you will be able to find the best GST certification courses in Vizag.


Here are Some of the Best GST Certification Courses in Vizag




IIM SKILLS is an online training and learning institute and is considered to be the best in the business for online courses and is very much in demand in the current market. They will prepare you to compete in a pool of competitiveness in the global market.


This institute has an excellent track record of producing several certificate courses that companies and industries have accepted. The GST certification course includes industry-validated content with a wealth of information focusing on GST’s practical features.


Subject matter experts with comprehensive expertise in the conception, compliance, implementation, and enforcement of GST prepare and supply course material to ensure that students understand all the finer aspects and subtleties of GST. Students get hands-on experience with all processes related to GST such as registration, TDS compliance, return filing, and refunds.


IIM SKILLS GST Certification Course Features

IIM SKILLS provides you with free lifelong access to all new upgrades via live and recorded courses. This course will also include a variety of GST invoicing tools and software implementation training, allowing you to manage hundreds of clients with ease. They provide in-depth and hands-on GST training via live interactive online sessions. 


Their dedicated GST Practitioner Community of 2000+ Professionals provides fast online support. Doubt resolution on-the-spot for clear learning. After the first session, you get a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t like the course. With all these unique features, it is considered one of the best GST certification courses in Vizag.


The course is four weeks long and includes 16 hours of live lectures and recorded videos.

Download IIM SKILLS GST Course Brochure


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Other Courses offered by IIM Skills:

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Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


  1. Udemy 


GST certification course in Vizag is available on a variety of topics on Udemy, which is an online learning platform. This GST education and certification program can assist you in expanding your CA career.


The GST Certification Course Content


This online course will start with the basics and progresses through all of the major acts including their complexities to make the learner an expert. 


They want you to have a basic understanding of the subject as well as a strong desire to learn. By the end of the course, students will have a thorough understanding of the GST tax regime and will be “GST Updated and Ready” ultimately.


Course Features

  • 42 hours of on-demand video 
  • 29 articles 
  • Full lifetime access 
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

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  1. Tax Guru


Tax Guru is a trusted and reliable source of current information on income tax, GST, and corporate law. It provides advice and in-depth knowledge on a wide range of financial topics.


The Course Contents

This course teaches GST from the ground up, including important compliances, GST return form filing, e-invoicing, new GST returns, measures to avoid GST department disputes, handling assessments, GST health check-up, and case studies.



The following are the key characteristics of the GST certification course in Vizag. The online course will be delivered via live streaming to present you with the most up-to-date law as well as real-time classroom experience. A thorough investigation will enable you to become an expert in the topic.


You may study safely at home without having to leave the house. After successful completion, Tax Guru Edu will issue a certificate. Free access to the interactive query resolution forum for real-time query resolution. Reading materials will be delivered in electronic format.  The session will be recorded and made available for a short time.


Course Duration 

The 30 hours course will be divided into 9 classes of 3.5 hrs each.


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  1. GST India Expert


GST India Expert offers the GST certification courses in Vizag, and it has created the GST executive- a 60-hour course that provides students with a complete understanding of the GST system and prepares them for a lucrative profession as GST Experts.


The course will be divided into two modules. The topic will deal with whole GST inclusion as well as Excel, Tally, and business accounting preparation from top to bottom.


Primary Features are as follows:

  • From top to bottom, there’s a lot of information about GST
  • Unparalleled concentration on critical issues


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


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  1. Henry Harvin Education 


Henry Harvin is one of India’s oldest GST training institutes, and Trainings360 has named it one of the top ten GST courses in the country. They provide one of the most practical hands-on learning experiences available. Henry Harvin’s courses are taught by award-winning faculty.


Henry Harvin’s GST course is a 32-hour instructor-led core session that is entirely practical.

  • How to Claim an ITC (Input Tax Credit) if it does not appear on your tax return
  • New e-Invoicing provisions, as well as a better understanding of the practical challenges associated with GST


They provide a critical examination of the GST law, as is a real-time provision of the GST provisions. There will be instructor-led live virtual classes as well as immediate question-and-answer sessions.


They hold GST sessions on Sundays every week, ensuring placement assistance when the course is completed. You will be given a one-year gold subscription to the GST practitioner LMS and e-learning portal. You will also be given recordings from previous sessions in case you require them in the future.


Henry Harvin’s GST Practitioner certification course covers all aspects of the GST rules, including GST registrations, sourcing input data credit, filing returns, TDS compliances, and refunds. Henry Harvin’s GST course has resulted in growth.


After completing Henry Harvin’s course, you will have several opportunities for advancement, including the following:


  • Guest blogging by Henry Harvin
  • Become an affiliate 
  • Numerous career and franchise opportunities


Frequently Asked Questions 


  1. What is the GST (Goods and Services Tax)?

The GST (Goods and Services Tax) is a value-added tax imposed on purchases and sales of goods and services for domestic use. Buyers pay the GST, but the enterprises selling the goods and services must remit to the government. It’s an indirect tax that’s mostly replaced previous indirect taxes such as excise duty, VAT service tax, and others.


  1. Who was the GST’s founder?

In India, the government of Atal Bihari Vajpayee presented the GST concept in 2000. State finance ministers convened an Empowered Committee (EC) to establish a GST framework based on their experience with state VAT.


  1. When was the Goods and Services Tax implemented?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government announced the implementation of GST at midnight on July 1, 2017.


  1. What are the main reasons and benefits of taking the GST course?

The GST certification course has major advantages:

  • Help increase an individual’s pay by 15% to 25% on average.
  • Individuals have more job opportunities because of this.
  • Individuals may form their own consulting firms.


  1. What is GST certification training, exactly?

The GST course helps people with information and understanding. The learning from this course can apply to areas such as supply chain, IT, accounting, tax regulations, and pricing of all goods and services, all of which are affected by the GST.


  1. How to add GST?

It is now possible for taxpayers to understand the tax levied at multiple points for various goods and services under the GST regime- thanks to this integrated system. The taxpayer must know the GST rates that apply to various categories to calculate GST. GST is divided into four slabs: 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28 %.

Many GST calculator tools, such as paisa bazaar, masterminded, policy bazaar, and others, are also accessible for the benefit of taxpayers and practitioners to calculate the GST quickly and effectively.


  1. Who is a GST Practitioner?

GST Practitioner is a GST-certified individual who helps you guide and adhere to GST-related laws for registered taxpayers.


  1. Do you need to pass an exam to become a GST Practitioner? 

The NACIN requires eligible individuals who want to become GST practitioners to pass an examination.


  1. What is the average salary a GST Practitioner makes?

An average salary GST certified practitioner makes around anywhere between 1 to 6 lakhs annually in India.




The GST certification course will introduce a more transparent and anti-corruption tax administration, eradicating these flaws in the revenue framework. 


GST benefits both businesses and customers. It is anticipated that the GST in India will significantly improve the fortunes of all of these parties. We’d prefer to see a change within the burdensome system that is more beneficial than the previous taxation. 


This would-be amendment results in our need for GST. The government’s goal with GST is to increase the number of money handlers through transfer, as well as to bring the unorganized sector into compliance. To create a far more stable Indian market than previously, allowing Indian corporations to compete with global firms. 

  • Hello, I’m a undergraduate student. Would it be problematic for me to attend both of these lecture classes when I’m also studying? Will it have a significant impact on my studies? How long should the gst certification training take each day? I don’t know about these things because I have never attempted to take two courses at once. awaiting your response

  • hey, currently I work in the taxation department of a reputed company and handle their taxes. though the salary is good, the work is too much to handle. I have lost work-life balance as I am either working or thinking about the work. I want to start freelancing in this field as I would be my own boss then. I understand GST well but don’t know anything about freelancing. could you please suggest to me a GST certification course in vizag which will teach me about freelancing part in GST service?

  • Hi, i read your article, want to join IIM Skills, will these 16 hours of lecture be enough to learn GST? i think it will be difficult and complicated for me to understand.

  • Hi, i work in MNC marketing department. And I am aiming to work in the taxation department too. GST is one of the important topics and I want to do a full course so I can also do some freelancing. Is it necessary that one should be from a finance background to have a certification?

  • hi, i m Parul, I have a few doubts and also Could you please tell me more about the freelancing opportunities that one can get in this field?

  • i m Sarita, i m interested in this course but i would like to attend a demo and wanted to know about placements. is it provided by you? what salary will be paid as a fresher?

  • hi i already work somewhere but i m not satisfied with my current job, so planning to do this course to upgrade my skills, do u proved placement after completion of this course?

  • Who are eligible for a GST practitioner course? I am a BBA student. Can I apply for the course. How would the course benefit me?

  • Hi, this is Snigdha, I am not aware of taxation stuffs. I want to enroll myself for this course. Let me know the course fee structure

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