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Google Data Analytics Course – Syllabus, Duration, And More

“What gets measured, gets managed” – Peter Drucker. This is why data has become the vertebrae in the contemporary days. It helps in measuring your actual needs. Business organisations are spending a lot of bucks to get data for their enhancement. Does this data alone suffice for your requirements? No, because data need to be analysed. This arouses the concept of data analytics. Data analysers are also getting scope in the market. Google data analytics course certificate helps the aspirers to gain knowledge in data analytics. Cast an eye over the article to know better.


Data Analytics is the most bombinating word in all sectors of industries. This sector is growing at a lightning speed. Organisations are hiring data analysers to provide them with accurate data. This data is helping them to be ahead of the competition by identifying their pros and cons. The firms are planning and allocating proper budgets in different sectors after analysing the data of the company’s performance.

Hence data plays a major role in the organizational lifecycle. The demand for data analytics and data analysers is increasing day by day. This is increasing the job perspective for many people willing to work in this sector. Many training institutes are coming up to provide data analytics programs for individuals who are interested in joining this sector.

One among them is Google. Google offers a varied range of courses in data analytics. All these courses are professional and are designed in such a way that individuals will be able to understand them with easy effort. Let us check all the courses provided by Google so that you can decide if it is the right option for you or not.

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Introduction of Data Analytics

In layman’s words, data analytics means analysing the data. Data is always very core. We need to interpret the data provided. This is what analysing the data. Data analytics means analysing the raw and core data to draw meaning out of it.

There are a lot of sections in the organization, that require the involvement of data analytics for its better performance. Data analytics helps in making better decisions. As data is based on facts and figures, the organisations get the accurate result.

Data analytics aids in understanding the current trends that are going on in the process. They help in identifying the small and the big gaps that require the involvement of the management. Data analytics helps in better enhancement of the business. This is the reason why data analytics is gaining ground.

Data analytics not only helps the companies to make correct decisions but it also helps in knowing what the customer wants. For example, based on your search trends Google recommends you with related articles. This is also a part of data analytics.

We have discussed what the data analytics is all about. Do you know how this entire process is conducted?

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Here Mentioned Are the Steps of How to Carry on the Data Analytics Process.

  • Knowing the root cause
  • Collection of data
  • Data cleaning
  • Data exploration and analysis

These are the basic steps of the data analysis. This helps provide a perfect result for the needed subject. As data analysis does not involve any type of guesswork, the result is most perfect.

This was a brief introduction to data analytics. Data analytics is becoming a vast subject. Google Data Analytics professional certificate program ensures that all its learners can do the analysis smoothly and the aspirers become experts in the subject matter.

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Types of Data Analytics

Before going ahead and discussing the Google data analytics professional certificate, we can study the types of data analytics.

Data analytics is of four types. They are as mentioned below.

Predictive Data Analytics:

This type of analysis is usually based on predictions. Making predictions is part of the business program. Based on predictions many things work out. This answers what is going to happen in the next period. This type of analytics is used for trends and correlations. For example, when making predictions about market conditions, investment banks make a lot of deals.

Prescriptive Data Analytics:

Prescriptive data analytics type helps in understanding what will happen next. It helps in taking the next steps or actions to be taken by the business organizations. It involves what action to be taken and the course of action.

Diagnostics Data Analytics:

This involves the why. Why the action has happened. It involves many types of data. In diagnostic data analytics, various types of data are taken into consideration and then the analysers find out why the incident has occurred.

Descriptive Data Analytics:

Descriptive data analytics helps in describing, what was wrong and good over a certain period. It describes if the company has performed well during the last quarter or if the clients of an organization have increased over the quarter. These types of information are given by descriptive data analytics.

These are the four different types of data analytics. Knowing the types of data analytics will help us know at which stage the company will require what types of data and for which work. Getting the data analyses using these types of data analytics will help the company to know its desired outcome perfectly and accurately.

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As we know about data analytics and its types, now we can study about Google data analytics professional certificate. Here we can check on what the Google data analytics professional certificate is, what courses it offers and how an aspirer should enrol on the course of their brighter future.  This professional certificate will help to enlighten the students with a wide range of data analytics knowledge. This Google data analytics professional certificate course will also help the right candidates to fetch appropriate jobs in the field of data analytics.

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

As we learned from the beginning of the article data analytics is growing up on a mammoth scale. It is getting huge applause from the companies due to the outstanding benefits that are earned from it. This is giving rise to the data analysers. The demand for data analysers is increasing. Individuals are opting for this sector as they are finding it profitable to work for.

This is the reason why Google has come up with the data analytics course. This course will help the candidates gain knowledge on the subject matter and will also make them desk-ready. The Google Data Analytics professional certificate program is one of the best courses available online with a rating of around 4.8/5. The rating shows that the course is liked by the individuals.

The Google data analytics professional certificate course is available on Coursera. Coursera is an online platform, that offers training on various subjects to the candidates.

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A Few Benefits of Choosing This Program Are Listed Below:

  • The course will help the candidate in achieving job-ready skills.
  • The most intriguing aspect of the course is that a certificate on behalf of Google is offered to the candidates after the completion of the course.
  • The Google data analytics professional certificate program is designed by expert employees of Google who have rich experience in this sector.
  • The course imparts knowledge based on theory which is blended with the practical flavour.
  • The course offers hands-on practice-based training, through which the individuals will be able to understand what their job position demands and what role they exactly have to play. They will be able to get an office experience, that will benefit them after they join the industry.
  • As the course is online, so the aspirers can take up the course and get the certificate from their comfort zone.
  • The certificate is not only online it is self-paced, so individuals can learn it at their comfortable time and place.
  • The course can be completed within 3 to 6 months.
  • The syllabus of the course also included different types of tools.

These are some of the benefits that a candidate can gain by enrolling themselves on the Google data analytics professional certificate course.

There Are a Few Disadvantages Also. Can You Guess Those? Below Listed Are Some of Them.

  • As this is self-paced learning, no live instructor-led sessions are present.
  • There are no live doubt clearance sessions. So, if a candidate comes up with any type of doubts, then they need to search through them on the internet or sometimes email the instructors. But it is a time-consuming process.

These are the two vital disadvantages of enrolling on this course with Google. As we came to know the advantages and disadvantages of the Google data analytics course, now it will be easier for you to understand if this course is the right option for you or not.

Now let us delve deeper into this program and understand in detail the nitty gritty of the programs.

In this certificate program, Google offers two types of courses. Both of them are well-built. One is for the entry level or beginners position and the other is for the experienced persons.

The Courses Are:

  • Get started in the field
  • Advance within the field

These two courses offered are entirely different from each other. Both have their set patterns and courses to benefit their clients. Let us check in details about both the courses.

Courses Offered by Google Data Analytics

Two courses are offered by Google in data analytics. We will study both of them.

Get Started in the field

This course is basically for the newbies who want to join the data sector. This is an 8-course series. The course requires no related degrees or experience. Through this program, the candidate is eligible to achieve all the fundamental knowledge and entry-level job skills. This highlights areas like data types and structures, how to use data to solve problems, how to analyse data, data storytelling with visualizations and using R programming.

This fundamental Google data analytics professional certificate course is an 8-course series program.

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The Program Teaches the Individuals the Following Aspects:

  • Gain hands-on knowledge about the job role of the junior or associate data analyst.
  • Learn the knowledge to clean and organize data for analysis. Also, the candidates learn to analyse data using various tools.
  • Skills required for data analytics like data cleaning, visualizations and analysis.
  • Data presentation is also an important aspect of data analytics. The course also imparts training on how to present the interpretations.

This Course Will Also Help You in Learning Various Skills Like:

  • Data Analysis
  • Creating case studies
  • Data visualization
  • Data cleaning
  • Spreadsheet
  • Metadata
  • SQL
  • Data Ethics
  • Data aggression
  • Data collection
  • Data calculations
  • R Markdown
  • R programming
  • RStudio
  • Tableau
  • Data integrity
  • Presentation
  • Sample size determination
  • Decision making

These are the essential skills that individuals can learn after attaining the course.

Why Opt for This Course?

The Individual Should Go for the Course for These Reasons:

  • This course prepares individuals to prepare for a career in data analytics.
  • The candidates will the training from Google
  • The platform will make you ready to demonstrate your proficiency in portfolio-ready projects.
  • Employer-recognized Google certificates will be provided to every candidate.
  • They will help you prepare your Resume
  • They will help you prepare for interviews.
  • Enrolling in this course will have the biggest advantage of connecting with Google’s Employer Consortium. The candidates can connect with 150+ US hiring organizations. Some of the eminent companies are Google, Salesforce, Adobe, and Wells Fargo.
  • It provides unlimited access
  • It has a 14-day refund period.

Course Curriculum:

CourseDurationWhat to learn
Foundations24 hoursKey concepts involved in data analytics, conducting self-assessments, the role of Spreadsheets, role of a data analyst with a job reference.
Ask questions to make data-driven discussions19 hoursExplanation of problem-solving, use of data in decision making, use of spreadsheets, ideas associated with structured thinking.
Prepare data for exploration24 hoursDecision-making factors for data collection, biased and unbiased data, functions and components of databases, and organizing data practises.
Process data from dirty to clean24 hoursData integrity types and risk identification, SQL Functions, SQL queries, verifying data cleaning results.
Analyse Data to Answer Questions29 hoursUse of sorts and filters for data organizing, converting and formatting data, creation of SQL queries by functions and syntax, spreadsheets calculation.
Share Data Through Art of Visualization22 hoursUse of data visualizations and results of data analysis, identify tableau, data-driven stories, principles and practises of presentations
Data Analysis with R Programming36 hoursR programming, programming in R including functions, variables, data types, pipes and vectors, generating visualizations in R, and basic formatting in R Markdown.
Google Data Analytics Capstone: Complete A Case Study8 hoursCapstone project, case study and portfolio, key features and attributes, practices and procedures with data analysis, use of case studies/portfolios.

This course is elaborative and it acts as a guide for the freshers who want to join the industry and be independent.

The Course Can Be Completed Within 6 Months and the Fees Are Charged Accordingly.

  • For 6 months: INR 584 per month
  • For 3 months: INR 778 per month
  • For 1 month: INR 1,167

Advance Within the Field

This is the advanced version of the basic Google data analytics professional certificates course. This course is also designed by Google experts. The course requires some level of experience.

This program offers 7 courses with 216 hours. The course teaches how to handle large amounts of data in a firm. This course focuses on advanced data scientists and data analysts that can collect, analyse and interpret huge data. The course also focuses on tools like Tableau, python and Jupiter Notebook.

This 7-course Program Teaches:

  • Roles of data professionals in the company
  • Build regression and machine learning models for analysing and interpreting data
  • Creating data visualizations and how to apply statistical methods to investigate data
  • Communicate data insights to stakeholders

The Skills Earned From This Course Are:

  • Data Science
  • Data Analytics
  • Python Programming
  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Machine learning
  • Statistical analysis
  • Tableau Software
  • Data visualization
  • Predictive modelling
  • Kaggle
  • Exploratory data analysis (EDA)
  • Regression models

The Reasons for Opting for the Course:

  • Professional-level training from Google
  • Technical proficiency
  • The candidates become job-ready
  • Supports making a resume
  • Support to prepare for interviews

Course Curriculum:

CourseDurationWhat to Learn
Foundations of data science26 hoursIndustries that require advanced data analytics, impact on decision-making, how to protect data privacy and ethics, project on roles and responsibilities of team
Get Started with Python30 hoursBasics of Python, loops, control statements, string manipulation and use of data structure
Go Beyond the Numbers: Translate data into insights32 hoursEDA process, investigate raw data using Python, data visualizations with tableau
The Power of Statistics37 hoursExplore dataset, hypothesis test, probability distributions, and statistical analysis with python
Regression Analysis: Simplify Complex Data Relationships34 hoursDatasets relationships investigation, regression models assumption, linear and logistic regression, practice model evaluation
The Nuts and Bolts of Machine Learning37 hoursCharacteristics of machine learning, data preparation for machine learning, supervised and unsupervised models using Python, metric selection and propel model
Google Advanced Data Analytics Capstone9 hoursData examination for pattern identification, model building, data visualization and getting career resources

These are the 7 courses and the insights that the candidates will gain after learning from this course.

Course Fees Again Depend on the Duration of the Course. They Are:

For 1 month: INR 1,167

For 3 months: INR 778 per month

For 6 months: INR 584 per month

This was the detailed guide to the Google data analytics professional certificate courses. These courses will help you to gain knowledge and will also help you to get a proper placement in an established organization.

Besides, two courses there is a Business Intelligence Certificate course. This is a part of an advanced Google data analytics course. The program has 3 courses with 73 hours. The course talks about business intelligence analysis, data modelling, ELT, dashboard and reporting and data finding with stakeholders. It talks about the tools Big Query, Tableau and SQL.

Scope of Data Analytics

There is a splendid scope of data analytics. As per the report, the job growth in the data analytics sector is expected to grow. Around 11 million job openings are expected by 2026. This industry is taking leaps and growing high. Some of the key roles in the data analytics industry are data scientist, business intelligence analyst, data engineer, business analyst, marketing analytics manager, financial analyst, quantitative analyst and others as such.

The salary of a data analyst is between INR 4L – and INR 9L. This depends on experience gained in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is data analytics a good career option?

Yes, the data industry is increasing rapidly and has enormous opportunities to grow.

2. Does data analytics have a speedy career growth?

It depends on how well the individuals perform in their job positions and how well the candidates can oversee the job duties and responsibilities. It also depends on how much knowledge the candidates have acquired and their behavioural patterns. All these factors are essential for a career growth.

3. What qualification is needed?

No specific degree is required. Good knowledge of maths, statistics and computers is an advantage.

4. Does data analytics provide a steady job?

Yes, it provides steady and secure job opportunities.


This article on Google Data Analytics Course has discussed in detail the data analytics and the Google data analytics professional certificate courses. These courses are beneficial for individuals to gain insight into data analytics. The aspirers become job-ready after the course completion. The advanced course helps them in their career growth to achieve success. What do you think about the course? Did your requisites meet?


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