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10 Best Financial Modeling Course In Singapore With Excel Training

A financial model has evolved into a necessary means for organizations to comprehend business risks and reach significant strategic conclusions. A good model is robust and adaptable yet user-friendly. Hence you can employ it to study the effect of operational parameters on the value and viability of a firm. With a sound understanding of the significant steps n financial modeling, you will be able to build a well-structured and robust model and use it to solve crucial business problems. This will also enhance your merit for financial modeling jobs. The following article discusses the best financial modeling course in Singapore.

Best Financial Modeling Course In Singapore


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Top Financial Modeling Course in Singapore: 


IIM SKILLS, the ultimate educational technology institute, presents the most promising online skill development courses worldwide. These course programs offer smart job decisions based on your preference and encourage you to revamp your career. The institute could be your first preference when selecting an institute to learn a financial modeling course in Singapore.

IIM SKILLS Financial Modelling Course Content & Modules:

Module 1 – Basic and Advanced Excel (8-10 hours)

Module 2 – Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements (5-7 hours)

Module 3 – Ratio/KPI Analysis (4-6 hours)

Module 4 – Basics of Financial Modeling (4 hours)

Module 5 – Different Types of Financial Models (12-15 hours)• LBO Model

• M&A Model

• Private Equity Return Model

• 13 Week Cash Flow Model

Module 6 – Business Valuation (7-9 hours)• Relative Valuation – Trading and Transaction Comps

• DCF Valuation

• NAV Approach for Valuation

The Course Details Are as Such:  

  • Course Name: Online Financial Modeling Course
  • Course Duration- 3 Months + 2 Months Guaranteed Internship
  • Course Fee: $ 709.63+ taxes

Characteristics That Make the Financial Modeling Certification in Singapore by IIM SKILLS Unique:

  • Interactive live online course
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Practical assignments
  • Hands-on learning
  • Dedicated placement cell
  • 100% interview guarantee
  • Tool-based practical learning
  • Mentorship by top-level specialists
  • Community access to the alumni
  • Lifetime access to the LMS
  • LMS consists of live classes & recordings
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied
  • Accredited master certification from IIM Skills
  • 24×7 learning and technical support etc.

Tools You Will Learn to Use in This Financial Modeling Course by IIM SKILLS:

  • Excel 
  • PowerPoint

Whom Does This Financial Modeling Certification by IIM SKILLS Benefit:

  • Graduates
  • Finance professionals
  • B.Tech graduates/ Engineers etc.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

Know About Our Students From Across The World

2. Corporate Finance Institute: 

Corporate Finance Institute provides training programs that enable learners to acquire the skill set for the work environment they are about to join. The institute holds the most detailed financial online education library, with 120+ finance course programs, including thousands of lessons and many hours of video lectures. The following are course details of the financial modeling Certification in Singapore by the CFI:

Elements That Make the Training Program an Outstanding Financial Modeling Course in Singapore:

  • 29 courses with over 1550 classes
  • 170+ interactive activities
  • Guided simulations
  • Expert instructors for the best learning experience
  • Monthly latest courses to revise learning
  • Blockchain certification to validate your skills
  • 500,000+ 5 star ratings

What Are the Skills the Financial Modeling Course Instills in a Student:  

  • Accounting
  • Excel
  • Finance
  • Financial Modeling
  • Valuation
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Presentation & Visuals
  • Strategy

To learn in detail about the CFI Financial Modelling training program in Singapore, you may reach the institute on:

Phone Number: 1-(800)-817-7539 

Email Address: [email protected]

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3. Singapore Management University: 

SMU Academy offers a wide array of advanced interdisciplinary course programs.   The Financial modeling workshop by the University aims to provide participants with the bases of valuing a business, including hands-on training using excel to create required financial statements.  The following are the course details: 

Course Name: Practical Financial Modelling and Valuation

Duration: 2 days

Fee: $1,712

Topics Examined in This Financial  Modeling Course in Singapore:

  • Underlying Principles to Modelling
  • Building Financial Models
  • Assessing Effect of Strategic Decisions
  • Employing Valuation to Direct Negotiations and Decision Making

Learning Goals of the Training Program by SMU:

  • Comprehend the fundamental principles of financial modeling
  • Create a model founded on the core financial statements
  • Learn to use the various approaches to valuation
  • Simulate the effect of corporate systems on business valuation
  • Use financial modeling to help investment decision making

Who Can Attend the Financial Modeling Certification in Singapore by Sum:

  • Financial and investment analysts
  • Investors, and financial experts involved in investment or business valuations
  • New graduates and recent entrants to the investment and corporate finance enterprise

Prerequisites for the Financial Modeling Course by SMU:

  • Participants should be experienced in using excel (fundamental mathematical functions) and possess practical awareness of financial statements and accounting. 

To know more about the Financial modeling certification in Singapore by SMU, you may contact the University on: 

Phone Number: + 65-6828 0971

Email Id: [email protected]

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4. AMT Training: 

AMT Training offers financial training courses to support financial experts in growing their skills. Their eLearning courses permit students to develop unique skills or enhance existing competencies in a very flexible manner. Their eLearning financial programs are also an ideal supplement to their specified financial classroom activity and in-house courses. The following are the Public Courses on Financial Modeling by AMT Training: 

  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Financial Modeling – Fundamentals
  • Financial Modeling – Cash Sweep and Troubleshooting
  • Financial Modeling – From Scratch
  • Valuation Fundamentals and Trading Comparables
  • Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Valuation
  • Valuation Issues
  • M&A Accounting and Financial Analysis Fundamentals
  • Transaction Comparables and LBO Analysis Fundamentals
  • Divestiture and M&A Modeling Issues
  • Excel Power Modeling
  • M&A Modeling
  • LBO Modeling
  • Real Estate Masterclass
  • Private Equity Masterclass LBO Modeling Focus
  • Divestiture Analysis, Modeling, and M&A Modeling Issues
  • Credit Analysis Fundamentals and Issues
  • Project Finance Modeling
  • Banks: Analyzing and Forecasting Bank’s Performance
  • Banks: Regulation and Valuation
  • Non-Life Insurance: Forecasting and Valuation
  • Life Insurance: Embedded Value and Valuation
  • 13 Week Critical Cashflow Modeling in the New Normal
  • Capital Markets Fundamentals and Debt Capital Markets for Issuers
  • Oil and Gas: Modeling Upstream Concession and Production Sharing Agreements
  • Oil and Gas: Valuation Techniques and Modeling

Who Should Attend the Financial Modeling Course in Singapore by Amt Training:

  • New employees who have entered the company late and missed the in-house training
  • Individuals who want to fill a learning gap
  • Professional bankers looking to restore their technical skills
  • Units employed in financial strategy positions from non-banking corporations
  • Graduates training to interview for a job in the financial sector
  • Learners at business school and looking for a profession in finance

For more information on the Financial modeling certifications in Singapore, you may contact AMT Training on: 

Phone number: +852 3905 3058

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5. Knowles Training Institute:

Knowles Training Institute is a distinguished training and development solution. They have specialized in helping their clients determine individuals, processes, and issues that hinder their institutions from reaching optimal results. They evaluate, structure, develop and provide training programs that crack these problems via different education solutions. The following are the course details of the financial modeling course in Singapore by Knowles Training Institute:

Course Name: Financial Modeling In Excel Course

Duration: 2 days

Fee: Not available

Course Content of the  Financial Modeling In Excel Training Course

  • What is Financial Modeling?
  • How to Make a Financial Modeling
  • Why employ Excel for Financial Modeling?
  • Beginners Guide to Excel
  • Using Excel to create a Financial modeling
  • Formulas and Calculations to employ when creating a Financial Model
  • Using tables & Charts in Excel
  • Practical templates and designs for a Financial Model
  • Using Functions in Excel when creating a Financial model
  • Excel shortcuts that can advance creating financial modeling reports
  • Organizing data in the Excel
  • Things to avoid when creating a Financial Modeling

Who Should Follow This Financial Modeling In Excel Workshop:

  • All Staff Within An Organisation
  • Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Executives
  • Assistants
  • Officers
  • Secretaries

Benefits  of the Financial Modeling In Excel Course:

  • Learn what is Financial Modeling
  • Be competent in building a financial modeling
  • Understand how to operate Excel to Create Financial Models effectively
  • Discover how to use the essential functionalities of Excel
  • Gain the knowledge to complete financial modeling using Excel
  • Be capable of using fundamental calculations & formulas in excel
  • Know to translate excel data into tables & charts
  • Become knowledgeable of the various designs & templates that may be helpful for financial modeling
  • Become a specialist at operating functions in Excel to give financial modeling report
  • Have exposure to the different shortcuts practical for faster and more effective use of Excel
  • Ability to create and coordinate Financial Modeling presentations employing excel
  • Know what to dodge when making a Financial Modeling report in Excel.

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Objectives of the Financial Modeling In Excel Course by Knowles:

  • Examine what is Financial modeling
  • Teach the procedures for making a financial model
  • Show how MS Excel can present a Financial model effectively
  • Orient the necessary and usual practices in using MS Excel
  • Equip step-by-step instructions for making a Financial Model in MS Excel
  • List the familiar calculations and formulas employed in Financial modeling
  • Present methods in developing MS Excel charts & tables useful for financial modeling
  • Model a transparent and active design for an MS Excel financial modeling
  • Explain how to use functions to create a financial model in Excel
  • Present valuable Excel shortcuts for building financial modeling
  • Deliver a guide on arranging and organizing data in MS Excel
  • List out helpful tips on what to avoid in creating a Financial model

To know more about the financial modeling certification in Singapore by Knowles Training Institute, you may contact the institute on:

Phone number: +65 6935 7406

Email Id: [email protected]

6. Simplilearn 

Simplilearn is the world’s foremost virtual Bootcamp and one of the world’s ruling certification training providers. The following are the course details of the financial modeling course in Singapore by SimpliLearn:

Course Name: Financial Modeling with MS Excel Advanced Certification

Duration: 15 Hrs

Fee: Not available

Course Content: 

  1. Valuation Modeling
  2. Merger and Acquisition Analysis
  3. Project Finance Modeling
  4. Monte Carlo Simulation
  5. Advanced MapReduce
  6. Advanced Charting Techniques

Key Features of the Financial Modeling Certification in Singapore: 

  • 15 Hrs of excellent e-Learning access
  • 1 FM With MS Excel Simulation exam
  • 13 Chapter-end Quizzes
  • Excel Templates for practice
  • Case study-based chapters
  • Covers Monte-Carlo simulation
  • Football field and floating bar charts

To know more about the financial modeling Bootcamp by SimpliLearn, you may contact the institute on: 

Phone Number: 800-492-2295

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7. PwC’s Academy: 

PwC’s Academy is the specialized extrinsic training arm of PwC Singapore. The Academy uses its core competencies and in-depth industry knowledge, translating them into helpful, functional, and appropriate experiential learning solutions. The following are the course details of the financial modeling course in Singapore: 

Course Name: Introduction to Financial Modelling

Duration: 1-2 days

Fee: Not available 

Topics Covered: 

  1. Approach to developing a Financial Model
  2. Best Practices of Financial Modelling
  3. Useful Excel Functions in Modelling
  4. Steps to Building a 3-statement Model
  5. Investment Appraisal Tools
  6. Model Audit

Who Should Attend This Financial Modeling Certification in Singapore:

  • Finance professionals interested in budgeting & investment research
  • Anyone who utilizes financial models for financial planning, business decisions, and analysis.

Objectives of the Course Program:

  • To equip participants with an awareness of financial modeling and help them to develop strong financial models using Excel to create better investment decisions.

Course Prerequisites:

  • Prior understanding of fundamental Microsoft Excel and accounting concepts

8. National University of Singapore 

The National University of Singapore is Singapore’s flagship university dedicated to quality education and influential research. The following are the course details of the financial modeling course in Singapore which it offers: 

Online Lessons: 

  • Excel Functions
  • Data Tables
  • Some Excel Hints
  • Output to Cells
  • Basic Time Value Models
  • The Financial Analysis of Leasing
  • The Financial Analysis of Leveraged Leases
  • Cash Flow Projection
  • For Next Loop 1
  • Financial Statement Modeling
  • WACC estimation
  • Stock Valuation  
  • For Next Loop 2
  • Matrices  
  • Using Array Functions and Formulas
  • Portfolio Models: Introduction
  • If-Then Else 1
  • Efficient Portfolios Without Short-Sale Restrictions
  • Alternative Variance Covariance Matrix
  • Efficient Portfolios without Short Sales
  • If-Then Else 2
  • Black Litterman Model 
  • VaR  
  • Do While Do Until Loops
  • user-defined Functions with VBA
  • Variable Types
  • Select Case Statement
  • Introduction to Options
  • The BlackScholes Model
  • Arrays
  • Generating Random Numbers
  • Modeling the Stock Price and option valuation
  • Simulation
  • Using Monte Carlo Methods For Option Pricing
  • Intro to Monte Carlo Methods
  • Option Pricing Models: Simulation
  • Binomial Option-Pricing Model
  • Forms  
  • Duration  
  • Immunization Strategies 
  • Modeling the Term Structure Calculating Default
  • Adjusted Expected Bond Returns

Course Objectives:

  • Equips students with a preference for the theories and methods of financial modeling
  • Trains learners to use finance theories to solve different issues in financial management, portfolio management, investments, and risk management.

Learning Outcome of the Financial Modeling Course in Singapore: 

By the end of the program, students:

  • Know the four major types of financial models and how to execute the models
  • Inherit a collection of completed financial models to employ in their professional or research work
  • can create and put together financial models for studying and cracking financial problems.
  • Can critique and enhance the efficiency and efficacy of financial models. 

Benefits of the Flipped Classroom: 

  • Students can comprehend the lesson at their own time & pace.
  • Students get effective training from the instructor during class.
  • Students train doing group work.
  • Students learn to take accountability for their education and acquire the skills for lifelong education.

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9. KnowledgeHut

KnowledgeHut is a foremost training provider, enabling professionals across industries and sectors to develop additional expertise and complete the skill requirements for merit and improvement in the corporate world.  The institute delivers quality education via creative and practical approaches. 

Course Name: Financial Modeling with Excel 

Duration: Not available

Fee: Not available


  1. Accounting Bootcamp
  2. Financial Structure and Accounting
  3. Extra Excel Applications

Program Highlights of the Financial Modeling course in Singapore: 

  • Master employing  time series, calculations, checks, assumptions, and outputs 
  • Discover the essential procedures for financial modeling  
  • Understand the main distinctions between the three fundamental financial statements
  • 24 Hours of Live Instructor-Led Training
  • Tutoring by Recognized Industry Experts
  • Practical Exercises for Better Retention of Ideas
  • Tips and  Strategies to Build Robust Financial Models
  • Become proficient in Excel Techniques with practical learning
  • Knowledge Hut Certification on Course Completion

Who Should Join the Financial Modeling Course in Singapore: 

  • Financial analysts
  • CFOs
  • Financial controllers
  • Analysts
  • Credit managers
  • Risk managers
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and buyout specialists
  • Corporate finance staff
  • IT Graduates
  • Post Graduates
  • Post-Doctoral professionals
  • Professionals interested in a job in finance

Learning Outcomes of the Financial Modeling Course in Singapore:

  • Learn the right approach for your financial modeling tasks and obtain desired results
  • Create a strong base and identify the significant distinctions between the three essential financial statements.
  • Learn using Excel to create a table of content, calculations, skeleton structure, and error check pages.
  • Learn operating under model sensitivities and scenarios, payback analysis, what-if,  and breakeven.
  • Gain professional tips on operating assets & liabilities to be experienced in balance sheets.
  • Comprehensive ratio analysis to interpret financial statements and support the management make futuristic decisions.

To learn more concerning the Financial Modeling course by KnowledgeHut, you may contact the institute on: 

Phone Number: +91-84484-45027

Email Id: [email protected]

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10. The CFO Desk 

Course Name: Financial Modelling for Business Decisions

Duration: 2-Day

Fee: Not available

Course Content:

  1. What Is Financial Modelling?
  2. Significance of Financial Model & Financial Modelling
  3. The 5 Phases In Financial Modelling
  4. How To Construct A Base Financial Model
  5. How To Design A Financial Model
  6. Selectin What If Variables – Sensitivity Analysis
  7. Adjusting Selected Variables In Financial Model
  8. Analysis And Interpretation Of Results
  9. Financial Ratios Re-Visited
  10. Investment/Project Metrics Re-Visited
  11. -Time Value Of Mon
  12. NPV, IRR, DPB, DCF
  13. Application Of Financial Modelling To
    1. SalesForce Planning
    2. Finance Dept Headcount Justification
    3. Breakeven/CVP Analysis
    4. Budgeting & Forecasting (To Obtain Required Target Numbers)
    5. Monitoring Shortfall Between “Actual Vs Budget”
    6. Projected Financial Statements (P&L And Balance Sheet)
    7. Investment Appraisal
    8. Corporate Planning And M&A Requirements

Objectives Of The Course:

  • Identifying Decision-Making Situations That Demands Financial Modelling
  • Apply The 5 Phases In Financial Modelling
  • Construct A Base Model For Financial Modelling
  • Design An Appropriate Financial Model To Aid Decision Making – Projected Balance Sheet And P&L, Budgeting (Sales, EBIT & PAT Targets), Corporate Planning, M&A Funding Requirements, And More.
  • Identify The Right “What If” Variables
  • Working on Scenarios By Accommodating Selected Variables
  • To Analyse And Interpret Results

Who Should Attend?

  • Newly-appointed finance managers
  • Finance managers who like to broaden their range of understanding and skillsets in financial modeling
  • Cfo-aspirants
  • Finance managers who aspire to a refresher course in financial modeling
  • Heads of the finance department
  • Finance manager aspirants
  • Finance managers who like to fill knowledge & experience gaps.
  • Relationship managers (banks)
  • Financial consultants

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where can I study financial Modelling in Singapore?

You will understand Financial learning only by practice. Hence, you should choose a course program that facilitates the best hands-on learning experience and excel training. Some of the best institutes that offer Financial Modeling training in Singapore are:

  • Corporate Finance Institute
  • Singapore Management University
  • AMT Training
  • Knowles Training Institute
  • Simplilearn
  • PwC’s Academy
  • National University of Singapore
  • KnowledgeHut
  • The CFO Desk

2. Is financial Modelling hard?

Finance is a complicated domain because of the difficulty in understanding the nature of connections between different financial variables in financial statements. Nevertheless, many consider financial modeling one of the most complex jobs in finance.

3. How fast can I learn financial modeling?

It mostly takes 20 days to 1 month to finish a financial modeling program, and the duration depends on the learner. Financial modeling training is essential to understand the drivers and the results of organization choices.

4. What do financial models do?

Financial models estimate the valuation of a company or compare companies to their equivalents in the industry. We also use financial models in strategic planning to try various methods, estimate the cost of new undertakings, settle on budgets, and distribute corporate resources.

5. Is it worth doing financial modeling certification?

It is worthwhile to do a financial modeling certification for it helps you stand out in hiring procedures


Financial modeling skills are in high demand nowadays when firms use data science to create financial models and predict future tendencies. Now is the right time to improve your knowledge of this dynamic subject. We hope our list helped you choose the best financial modeling course in Singapore for you. Happy Learning. 


  • Hi I am working in Portfolio Management firm as a Manager. To upgrade my knowledge and become more familiar with the most recent developments, I want to attend a financial modelling course in Singapore. When a system or structure is created with a company’s financial facts and projections in mind, it produces a valuation that may be used to guide investment decisions. Financial modelling has various functions and applications. One of them is the management of a portfolio and the valuation of securities. As an Analysts and portfolio managers, we utilise financial modelling to determine the fair or intrinsic value of a stock. Financial modelling serves as the basis for advice and investment choices including buying, selling, or holding onto financial securities. Therefore, updated financial modelling knowledge is crucial to improving capabilities. All the courses mentioned here has best deals to offer, but I would count on demo sessions first to make a decision.

  • I am Yong. I have newly joined as an intern in a financial consultantcy firm. I what to gain practical experience of creating effective financial models. Learning how to use financial modeling skills effectively to build a robust model that helps to evaluate the prospect critically. How with use of financial modelling perform analysis of significant operational, financial, and commercial sensitivity factors that are relevant to significant stakeholders. Want to join a financial modeling institute in Singapore that is best and provides enough practical experience in implementation of the skills to attain outputs. Finalizing the best institute for financial modeling training in Singapore, amongst these is difficult. Would surely like to attend the demo session offered here to avail the opportunity to know more about the institute.

  • Hi, I am Chonglin. I have been working as a Financial Planning Assistant in a Company, and have also recently partnered in a business startup. For business to survive its crucial first five years I need to employ financial modeling techniques to ascertain that no unforeseen problems arise that may pose troubles. Many of these issues can be avoided with the correct reporting and analysis, whether it be insufficient cash flow or unavailability of accurate accounting reports . For this proficient financial modeling skills are essential to prepare financial models that help assess the financial situations and predict the outcomes of the future business events or operations. So want to enrol to a financial modeling institutes in Singapore, to gain thorough knowledge and expertise. Registering to a demo class is the best start.

  • Hi, I am Chonglin. I have been working as a Financial Planning Assistant in a Company, and have also recently partnered in a business startup. For business to survive its crucial first five years I need to employ financial modeling techniques to ascertain that no unforeseen problems arise that may pose troubles. Many of these issues can be avoided with the correct reporting and analysis, whether it be insufficient cash flow or unavailability of accurate accounting reports . For this proficient financial modeling skills are essential to prepare financial models that help assess the financial situations and predict the outcomes of the future business events or operations. So want to enrol to a financial modeling institutes in Singapore, to gain thorough knowledge and expertise. Registering to a demo class is the best start.

  • I searched for a financial modeling course in singapore to brush up on my skills as an assistant accountant. These are necessary to help today’s fast-paced decision-making requirements. I found this course on the internet when I was doing some research. I want to enroll in these financial modeling courses. I’m employed by a financial services firm. I’m seeking a short financial modeling course that isn’t too difficult for me to grasp. Thank you. It is a very nice course that helps students prepare for a working job. I’d like to improve my talents in order to find a better job with a better salary.

  • I’m working while also interning at a corporation. Because I’m finding it tough to manage my tasks and study at the same time, I’ve learnt that you need a thorough comprehension of working knowledge for this profession. That is why I have been looking for a course that I may do when my internship is finished in order to better manage my career. I did some research online and discovered that a financial modelling course in Singapore would be an excellent approach for me to improve my efficiency. So I’m considering enrolling in this course. If you could help with the best course specifics, that would be fantastic.

  • I decided to brush up on my skills and came up on this article when I searched for a financial modeling course in Singapore. Does this course assist me in the same? I am a commerce student working part-time at a corporation. I work as an assistant accountant and I have been trying to get learn for a job in a huge bank one day. I’m not sure if someone with my background would be able to fit in with this course module. What do you guys suggest I should do? I need a professional opinion from someone who had working experience.

  • I work for a financial institution. I am dissatisfied with my position and the salary I am receiving. I’d like to improve my talents in order to find a better job with a better salary. This course was discovered on the internet by me as I was doing some research. I’d want to enrol in these financial modelling courses in Singapore. Would there be any batches open soon for me to enrol? It would be beneficial if you could also describe the income aspects and employment options after this course. Which institution offers the best financial modelling courses? Is this course recognised in other countries? Please assist me with my problem.

  • Hi, I am a teacher. I have a coaching class where I teach finance to students who are interested in the business world. I always look for new courses that I can learn for my students to become industry ready according to current standards. I found out about the financial modeling course in singapore through your article and your site as well. Thank you. It is a very nice course that helps students prepare for a working job really efficiently from what I have seen. I saw the curriculum of the course and it really suits me . Thanks again

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