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Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses In Scotland With Practical Training

If want to build a career in digital marketing and you are from Scotland, then this article will guide you to the top digital marketing courses in Scotland. With a world-class education system and universities, as well as a reputation for creating creative minds, each year, over 60,000 students from over 180 different countries choose to study in Scotland. Digital marketing is in a constant state of flux, which means that new ideas, technologies, and disruptive concepts change the playing field every year. However, there are essential digital marketing talents, competencies, and certifications that remain mostly unchanged – and having these under your belt can help you succeed right away. 

Digital Marketing Courses In Scotland

Now, digital marketing roles are the most in demand for today’s marketing departments, with advertising and content skills ranking as the most in demand.  Let us now discuss a bit about digital marketing and then move to our list of top 5 digital marketing courses in Scotland.

What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing has always revolved around interacting with your audience at the proper time and place. Today, that means meeting people where they already spend their time: on the internet. Enter digital marketing which you can refer to as any type of marketing that exists online.

Digital marketing or online marketing refers to marketing activities carried out using the internet. A seasoned inbound marketer may argue that inbound marketing and digital marketing are nearly identical, yet there are some subtle differences.

By enrolling in a more advanced digital marketing course or obtaining a qualification that focuses on a specific area of digital marketing from our list of digital marketing courses in Scotland, you will increase your employability while opening yourself up to more potential brands or businesses looking for skilled upstarts to help them with their promotional efforts.

So Now Let Us Move to the List of Institutes Offering Top Digital Marketing Courses in Scotland

The first institute on the list of digital marketing courses in Scotland is IIM SKILLS.


IIM SKILLS is a well-known Online Education Institute with over 15000 students trained in various disciplines. Because of the availability of LIVE online lectures, students can attend classes from anywhere in the world. The course’s emphasis is on developing skills for the job market through classes on a variety of topics that will help you succeed in your career in the field of digital marketing. The IIM SKILLS digital marketing course is for 5 months in total, including 2 months of guaranteed internship and 3 months of live online lectures.

Modules Covered

Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation
  • Course Name – Digital Marketing Master Course
  • Course Duration – 3 Months + 2 Months Paid Internship
  • Course Fees – GBP 380.45.

You will also be introduced to the most important digital marketing platforms, such as Mailchimp, WordPress, WooCommerce, Google AdWords, Amazon affiliate program, Ahrefs, LinkedIn advertisements, SEMRUSH, UberSuggest, and others.

Let us now examine the main features of the IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Course that make it the best course on the list of digital marketing courses in Scotland.

Course Highlights

  • Earn a government-recognized certification from IIM SKILLS
  • Gain practical experience with 15+ Live Projects and 10+ Case Studies 
  • Attend certification exams for HubSpot, Facebook, and Google 
  • Complete assistance and guidance if you want to launch a podcast on Apple, Google, and Spotify IIM SKILLS’ letter of recommendation

Some More Points to Consider

  • Collaboration with over 300 placement partners 
  • Complete assistance in establishing your digital marketing agency 
  • Opportunity to publish an article in the Times of India 

Practical Assignments

Participants can learn via practical assignments on a variety of topics in addition to the regular lectures, such as –

  • Purchase a domain name, and web hosting, and design your website in the second assignment
  • Learn to make a video campaign 
  • Create a Google ads campaign
  • Learn to write articles that are appropriate for SEO on your website
  • Learn to manage and use various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Discover how to work and manage affiliate programs, as well as how to profit from various affiliate programs
  • Expand your audience by utilizing email marketing

The tuition for this course is inexpensive, and the main advantage of enrolling is that you may attend the sessions from anywhere in the world because they are held live.

Media Coverage

The courses offered by the institute are as mentioned below –

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

Alumni Reviews

Know About Our Students & Graduates From Across The World

The second institute on the list of digital marketing courses in Scotland is Robert Gordon University.

2. Robert Gordon University

Robert Gordon University offers industry-focused undergraduate and postgraduate programs that result in highly relevant honors and degrees. The university, which is located on one of the most beautiful campuses in the UK, provides facilities that will have a significant impact on your ability to learn.

The BA (Hons) Digital Marketing degree is offered at Robert Gordon University. It will prepare you for a successful career in the sector by providing you with the necessary knowledge and abilities to plan, deliver, and evaluate digital marketing strategies and campaigns.

You will be introduced to a variety of tools and approaches, giving you an overview of today’s digital technology landscape and strategic marketing ideas. Through placement and live agency assignments, you will get the ability to use these abilities in real-world initiatives.

The first year of this degree is shared with BA (Hons) in Digital Marketing and Business Analytics. After the first year, you will have the option of studying BA (Hons) in Digital Marketing or BA (Hons) in Digital Marketing with Business. The course duration is 4 years.

Year 1

Your essential knowledge and understanding of digital marketing, business analytics, communications, and business contexts will be developed over the common first year. Specific technical and professional skills will be acquired, such as developing digital media, and marketing content across a variety of industry-specific platforms, and gaining hands-on expertise with data management and visualization.

Before proceeding to Stage 2, you will select between BA (Hons) Digital Marketing or BA (Hons) Digital Marketing and Business Analytics.

Year 2

You will improve your knowledge and comprehension of essential academic and professional parts of the business, digital marketing, communications, and media contexts, as well as your creative, technical, and analytic abilities. You will be able to employ digital marketing approaches in a variety of situations such as consumer, non-profit, corporate communications, and external affairs.

Year 3

You will assume greater responsibility for learning and decision-making, as seen through increased independent study through possibilities such as the Digital Marketing Project, a six-week or twelve-week internship, or a Study Abroad placement.

Year 4

You will gain knowledge about specialized digital marketing tactics and strategies. The Research Project allows you to focus your critical thinking and analysis through research and a self-selected topic, while also developing practical and leadership abilities through live-project work.

Career Prospects

The digital economy has been identified as a vital area of growth and strategic importance to the Scottish, larger UK, and international economies, therefore it is no surprise that job opportunities led by a BA (Hons) Digital Marketing degree are plentiful.

The course will prepare you for several digital marketing positions and roles in areas such as Marketing and Communications, Public Relations, Technology, Tourism, Oil and Gas, Professional Services, Public Sector, Private Sector, Finance, and Hospitality.

You may contact the institute at –

UK and EU Admissions: [email protected]

International Admissions: [email protected]

The third institute on the list of digital marketing courses in Scotland is the University of the West of Scotland.

3. the University of the West of Scotland

The University of the West of Scotland is a major, contemporary, multi-campus university founded in 1897. They have four campuses throughout the west and southwest of Scotland, as well as one in central London.

Because of their industry-relevant curriculum, cutting-edge facilities, and unique teaching approach, the graduates enter the world prepared to thrive.

The University offers an MSc Digital Marketing degree that will help you develop a successful career in this rapidly increasing worldwide field.

This curriculum, designed by current industry practice to suit the growing demand for digital marketing professionals, provides you with the opportunity to develop a successful career in this rapidly growing worldwide area.

The increased demand for digital marketing expertise from businesses trying to fast boost their game in this area has resulted in a skills scarcity in the industry. This curriculum will provide you with the necessary skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience to meet this need.

Course Details

This curriculum is intended to help students acquire both practical and theoretical skills. Students will study Digital Marketing Practice, Branding People Places and Spaces, Future Marketing, and Transformational Technologies throughout Term 1. Each of these programs focuses on the development of practical skills and outcomes while utilizing classical theory.

Term 2 focuses on the theoretical foundations of digital marketing, such as innovative research skills, digital communications, and analyzing online behaviors.

Over a year, you will study 120 credits of core taught classes, followed by an MSc dissertation or the ‘Developing Professional Practice’ module.

The following modules are included in this program:

  • The practice of Digital Marketing 
  • Branding Individuals, Places, and Spaces 
  • Transformational Technologies and Future Marketing 
  • Theory of Digital Marketing 
  • Creative Research 
  • Media Content Management 

Students might then choose to finish either:

  • Dissertation Module in Marketing, Events, and Tourism 
  • Alternatively, Professional Practice Development 

You will also be able to take the following non-credit bearing module to prepare for the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) online exam:

  • Module for DMI Accreditation (non-credit bearing)

Finally, as part of the individual module examinations, you will have the chance to create an online portfolio of competencies that will strengthen your practical abilities.

You may contact the institute at –

Email: [email protected]

Contact: 0800 027 1000 (UK) 

               +44 (0) 141 849 4101 (outside of UK)

The fourth institute on the list of digital marketing courses in Scotland is Pitman Training. 

4. Pitman Training

The institute offers a Certified Digital Marketing Professional course. This course will teach you about digital marketing through a series of engaging lectures. Each session is led by an industry expert who will walk you through the complexities of several digital marketing specialties such as SEO, PPC, Digital Display Advertising, Social Media Marketing, and more.

This course is offered to you in partnership with the Digital Marketing Institute, which provides world-class digital marketing education. A sequence of instructor lectures, case studies, and practical exercises are used to offer the course.

Course Contents

SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Analytics, Strategy, and other topics will be covered in 10 self-paced courses. If you want to continue and take the corresponding exam at the end of the course, you will receive a Digital Marketing Professional certification, an internationally recognized qualification that will boost any CV.

Module 1: Digital Marketing Fundamentals

This lesson explains the fundamental concepts and goals of digital marketing. It will help you create clear and actionable business objectives for a digital marketing plan, get audience and industry information through digital research, and provide the groundwork for a fully integrated 360° digital marketing campaign.

Module 2: Content Marketing 

This program explains the core principles of content marketing, allowing you to properly align content with the Buyer’s Journey. It delves into the knowledge and skills required to create and execute a persona-oriented, data-driven content marketing strategy. It also covers content generation, curation, and how to maximize the value of content using scheduling tools and promotion tactics.

Module 3: Social Media Marketing

This program explains the major social media platforms for digital marketing and demonstrates how to set up a business’s social media presence. It discusses and displays the tactics and best practices for establishing and engaging a social media following, as well as how to create effective paid advertising campaigns on major social networks. It also explains how to extract and report data from platforms to gain more audience and marketing insights.

Module 4: SEO

This section begins with an introduction to SEO and how search engines work. It shows why aligning SEO aims with overarching company objectives is critical, as well as how to use keyword and competitor research to create an SEO content plan that attracts the correct type of visitors to a website. It also discusses how to increase online conversions to stand out in today’s extremely competitive online marketplace and achieve the highest potential ROI.

Module 5: Paid Search using Google Ads

This module covers the principles of paid search before demonstrating how to set up and manage paid search campaigns with Google Ads. It discusses the fundamental concepts underlying bid auctions, as well as how to manage paid advertising budgets and optimize sponsored search campaigns. It also discusses conversion tracking and how to measure and report on the effectiveness of paid search campaigns.

Module 6: Display and Video Advertising

This subject covers the principles of display and video advertising, as well as how to create and maintain a YouTube channel. It goes over the many ad types available on the Google Display Network and YouTube, as well as how to set up and manage display and video campaigns. It also shows how to target display and video advertisements with the audience and contextual targeting, exclusions, remarketing, and bid modifications.

Module 7: Email Marketing

This module delves into the principles of segmentation, personalization, timing, and interaction, as well as how data protection legislation and regulations support an efficient email marketing plan. The session also looks at recommended practices for subscriber lists and email design.

Module 8: Focus on website optimization

This session discusses essential concepts that underpin effective website design as well as the goal of website optimization. This will allow you to create and publish a simple, well-designed, and optimized WordPress website that is matched specific business goals. In addition, the session discusses how to use metrics to gather, track, and measure website activity to gain deeper insights.

Module 9: Google Analytics 

This module covers the principles of web analytics, as well as the legal duties and best practices connected with data collecting, consent, and privacy, which enable a digital marketer to draw meaningful conclusions from data from a website or marketing channel. It also shows how to install Google Analytics tracking code and set up and configure Google Analytics to gain insights into the website’s traffic and audience.

Module 10: Digital Marketing Strategy 

This session defines the key components of an effective digital marketing strategy and teaches how to create an effective plan and calculate the return on investment for digital operations. It discusses how to establish clear and actionable objectives as well as measurable KPIs, as well as the main research tasks to do to influence channel selection and messaging.

You may contact the institute at:

Phone: 01937 318936

Recommended read,

The fifth institute on the list of digital marketing courses in Scotland is Digital Skills Scotland.

5. Digital Skills Scotland

Digital Skills Scotland was established to deliver free online courses designed to address the government-identified digital skills crisis. 

Their free online course provides individuals and businesses in Scotland with the opportunity to earn a certificate in Digital Marketing at no cost.

Course Contents

  • Digital Promotional Activities for Business
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • The Role of Digital Media
  • The Role of Offline Media
  • Social Media
  • Measuring Effectiveness
  • Writing Content
  • NEW: Emergent Digital Techniques

So, these are the 5 institutes offering digital marketing courses in Scotland. 

Let’s look at the most frequently asked questions that will help in solving your doubts regarding choosing the best institute for digital marketing courses in Scotland.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there a future for digital marketing?

The internet world is changing, and digital marketing’s future looks bright and secure. Nearly 77% of organizations globally have already implemented the industry’s top content marketing techniques, and more are expected to join the list to carve out a place in the digital world. The demand for inventive and up-to-date digital marketers is on the rise, and this trend is expected to continue.

Q2. How can I learn digital marketing?

You can enroll in the numerous courses outlined in this article to gain the information required to become a great digital marketer. The name of the institutes are – 

  • IIM Skills
  • Robert Gordon University
  • the University of the West of Scotland
  • Pitman Training
  • Digital Skills Scotland

Q3. What are the qualifications required for a Digital Marketer Career?

While there is no one-size-fits-all path to becoming a digital marketer or obtaining your first job in the area, most companies will want to see that you’ve proven your skills by attending any digital marketing course from digital marketing courses in Scotland.

Not only will you gain the fundamental skills, knowledge base, and confidence required to begin a rewarding career in digital marketing and be useful in the workplace, but you will also gain a working understanding of the key principles or areas that comprise most digital marketing jobs.

From there, you’ll quickly determine which area of digital marketing you want to specialize in by enrolling in a sector-specific digital marketing course from digital marketing courses in Scotland on topics such as: 

  • Marketing on social media
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital planning and strategy
  • Inbound marketing and content
  • Email promotion


In conclusion, while there are no mandatory qualifications for a job in digital marketing, enrolling in and successfully finishing a respected, well-rounded digital marketing course from our list of digital marketing courses in Scotland will exponentially increase your chances of securing the digital marketing job of your dreams. Furthermore, by obtaining qualifications in more specialized areas or competencies, you will acquire a significant competitive advantage over the masses of competitors out there. 

  • Hello I am Stewart. I am an Artist by profession, and seem to learn digital marketing. World of internet is a place that contains wealth of information. We cannot comprehend its immense size and scale, but is considered a safe place to fulfill ones marketing dreams. It helps reach and connect people, communicate and share messages and information, just on a single platform. I would like to attend a digital marketing course in Scotland, online to enhance my marketing skills on internet medium and fulfill my dreams.

  • Hi I am Alfie. I am a Market Research Analyst. The importance of digital marketing is largely obvious in the contemporary environment. These digital marketing techniques support the development of a strategic digital marketing plan that reaches the targeted audience, as well as the definition of a defined set of objectives and the targeting of certain audiences. Additionally, they offer a direction to take for the planned campaign, as well as a framework for analysing the outcomes. It’s encouraging to note that more digital marketing courses are popping up in Scotland to the increased demand for digital marketers today. One of these institutions is IIM Skills with eminent features.

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