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Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In Micronesia With Placements

Are you looking for some of the most enthralling and anchored careers? If so, do consider data analytics. It is the most yearned-for career in this digital age. As the world is expanding its base in digitalization, taking possession of data and collecting data is done with just a click. There is a huge number of data that are readily available in the market. This data is then cleaned, processed, analyzed, visualized, and communicated. All these activities can be done by an eminent and proficient workforce. For these called-for skills data analytics courses in Micronesia are the best source.

List of best data analytics courses in Micronesia

It’s been a long time since data analytics was treated as a side gig. In the present scenario, people are considering it as the main source of income. Many top universities and institutes are offering both full-time and part-time data analytics training programs in Micronesia.

These programs teach the students about the detailed process of data analytics and how it can shape the future. The mentioned data analytics institutes in Micronesia will guide the learners in the domain sector and will also help them in getting a perfect job.

These institutes offer job assistance and interview preparation for the students. They try to help the students by offering the most demanded skills and knowledge. This article mentions the top 10 data analytics courses in Micronesia that are leading and ranked as the best in Micronesia.

A Few Top Recommendations That You Should Explore:

Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Micronesia

The top ten data analytics courses in Micronesia are very helpful in molding the students’ future. They offer updated knowledge and skills that are very important for the students to gain knowledge. These data analytics training programs in Micronesia, offer practical courses and help their students to gain strong knowledge about real-world scenarios. Let us check some of the important data analytics institutes in Micronesia that will uplift your career in data analytics.


If you are waiting in the queue for a highly rewarding career and an appropriate job, the one solution is IIM Skills. IIM Skills opened in 2015, and now it is one of the biggest and largest edtech growing rapidly.

It has taken its toll in almost 23 cities in India and it has its setups in international fields too. IIM Skills is an international brand that attracts many foreign individuals and is considered one of the global leaders in professional courses.

IIM Skills offers the most demanded professional courses like content writing, digital marketing, investments, analytics, and other academic courses. The most essential feature of the course is that they offer guaranteed internships. In this internship, people are taught how to behave in the job scenarios how to work, and what to work in the actual arena.

Module NameImportant Topic
Module 1: Basic and Advance Excel
Introduction to Data Handling
Data Manipulation Using Functions
Data Analysis and Reporting
Data Visualization in Excel
Overview of Dashboards
Module 2: Visual Basic Application
Introducing VBA
How VBA Works with Excel
Key Components of Programming Language
Programming Constructs in VBA
Functions & Procedures in VBA
Objects & Memory Management in VBA
Error Handling
Controlling Accessibility of Your Code
Communicating with Your Users
Module 3: SQL
Basics RDBMS Concepts
Utilizing the Object Explorer
Data Based Objects Creation (DDL Commands)
Data Manipulation (DML Commands)
Accessing Data from Multiple Tables Using SELECT
Optimizing Your Work
Module 3.1: SQL Server Reporting Services
Basics of SSRS
Creating Parameters
Understanding Visualization
Creating Visualization Using SSRS
Module 3.2: SQL Server Integration Services
Understanding Basics of SSIS
Understanding Packages
Creating Packages to Integrate
Creating Project Using SSIS
Module 4: Power BI
Data Preparation and Modeling
Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
Reports Development (Visuals in Power BI)
Module 5: Data Analytics Using Python
Introduction to Basic Statistics
Introduction to Mathematical Foundations
Introduction to Analytics & Data Science
Python Essentials (Core)
Operations with NumPy (Numerical Python)
Overview of Pandas
Cleansing Data with Python
Data Analysis Using Python
Data Visualization with Python
Statistical Methods & Hypothesis Testing
Module 6: Tableau
Getting Started
Data Handling & Summaries
Reports Development (Visuals in Tableau)
Module 7: R For Data Science
Data Importing/Exporting
Data Manipulation
Data Analysis
Using R with Databases
Data Visualization with R
Introduction to Statistics
Linear Regression: Solving Regression Problems
Module 8: Alteryx
Overview of the Alteryx Course and Fundamental Concepts
Using the Select Tool to Rename Fields, Change the Data Type
Understanding the User Environment and Alteryx Settings
Filtering Data/Data Processing
Blending/Joining Data from Different Sources
Data Cleansing
Impute Values
Random Sample

The institute offers mentorship support to its students and provides the LMS facility where learners can access the study materials and records. The institute offers online and participative class sessions after which they offer placement support from their exclusive job portals.

It also helps in preparing the portfolios and resumes for their candidates. It assigns practical assessments to its students to gain real-time practical knowledge. It offers world-class teaching pedagogy and is associated with 500+ hiring partners.

All the courses provided by the institutes have gained acclamation, among all the most known are the data analytics courses in Micronesia. The courses are live, interactive, and participative, led by mentors who offer wonderful guidance to their mentees.

It makes its students practice with 3000+ practice questions along with explanatory solutions. The best idea that makes it unique among all data analytics institutes in Micronesia is that it offers 2 full-length mock exams resembling real CFA Level 1 Exam.


The data analytics training programs in Micronesia reveal practical knowledge of about 7+ tools. The course is completely aligned with Google and Microsoft. It has nearly 160 hours of lectures along with 100+ practical assignments. It has 16+ live projects and 10+ case studies. The institute has wonderful teaching faculties and it has trained nearly 45000 individuals.

Course Name: Data Analytics Master Course

Course Modules:

  • Data Analytics using advanced Excel
  • Data Analytics using VBA
  • Data Analytics using SQL
  • Data Analytics using Power BI
  • Data Analytics using Python
  • Data Analytics using Tableau
  • R for Data Science
  • Data Analytics using Alteryx

Course Duration: 6 Months

Course Fees: 598.86 United States Dollars + 18%

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2. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is one of the digital skills providers. It enables learners across the world. The San Francisco and India-based institute made its modern start in 2010. The institute helps empower professionals with future-ready job skills.

It has nearly 2000+ qualified trainers, 400+ courses, and 40+ global acreditions. The institute emphasizes four values entrepreneurship, teamwork, data-driven, and transparency.

The data analytics courses in Micronesia offered by Simplilearn, earn a recognized data analyst certification to amplify the career of the students. Its courses help to gain knowledge in SQL, R, Python, data visualization, and predictive analytics techniques.

It also offers hands-on experience in working with updated tools and bona fide projects. This institute has collaborated with IBM an esteemed organization and delivers the courses. So, the participants of this course enjoy the benefit of getting trained by IBM professional experts.

This training program gives its students the advantage of learning the IBM hackathons and earning a certificate from IBM. As the data analytics training programs in Micronesia stress applied learning, Simplilearn facilitates its students with capstone projects and 20+ other industry-relevant projects for comprehensive learning.

The course entirely teaches data-driven decision-making by using various tools like SQL, Python, Power BI, and Tableau. This course emphasizes the curriculums are taught by the best industry experts for highly infused learning. It offers a joint certificate from Simplilearn and IBM.

Course Name: Data Analyst

Course Modules:

  • Introduction
  • Data cleaning and preparing
  • Formatting
  • Dashboard
  • Data analysis using statistics
  • Spotlight
  • Macros for analysis
  • SQL
  • Basics of programming
  • Data analytics with Python
  • R programming
  • Tableau training
  • Capstone projects

Course Duration: 11 Months

Course Fees: INR 57,000


3. Ineuron

Ineuron is a training institution that offers affordable and best-in-quality online classes. It offers a curriculum to its students that is completely designed according to the industry norms. It is designed by the experts in the industry.

The course gives a sneak peek into the real world and non-theoretical skills and knowledge. The institute offers 360-degree learning solutions with virtual labs, internships, and job portals. This institute amalgamates innovation and collaboration for better success and growth.

It helps a lending hand to both experienced and freshers. This institute tries to stand out from other data analytics institutes in Micronesia through its heart-warming services and features that contribute to the success of the student’s future.

It offers affordable online classes that can be attended by the masses. The institute’s internship portal has around 500+ real industry projects, it offers best-in-class mentors. It has a dedicated job portal and virtual lab that helps in product development at the R&D lab concerning robotics, drones, and customized products like electronic devices and AI.

The data analytics boot camp is among the successful data analytics courses in Micronesia offered by the institute. It helps to gain prowess in concluding data, statistical analysis, and data visualizations.

It also makes learners experts in data investigation, interpretation, and data cleaning. The institute supports a detailed understanding of the data-driven program with the help of various tools like Python, SQL, and other analytical tools.

The institute provides the advantage of one year of dashboard access, assessments and quizzes in all modules, access to the Neuro lab, mentor-led live sessions, community support, course resources, and guidance from experienced instructors.

Course Name: Data Analytics Bootcamp

Course Modules:

  • Course Introduction
  • Introduction to the Data Analytics
  • Data Analysis Jargon
  • Data Sources
  • Introduction to MySql
  • SQL Commands
  • SQL Data Types
  • Data Loading
  • Operators in SQL
  • Constraints and advanced constraints
  • Set Operators
  • Data Modelling
  • Statistics for Data Analytics
  • Introduction to Power BI
  • DAX: Aggregation functions
  • DAX: Time intelligence functions
  • Publishing, sharing, and scheduling a refresh
  • Tableau introduction
  • Data combining techniques
  • Groups, Bins, Hierarchies, sets, and parameter
  • Data Validation
  • Python Introduction
  • UnStructured Coordinated
  • Market Relevant Projects

Course Duration: 4 Months

Course Fees: INR 8800

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4. ExcelR

ExcelR is an organization that helps students fulfill their dreams by providing them with an excellent education that helps them stay ahead of the competition. It helps aspiring students and professionals who wish to receive international-level education.

The organization came into the picture in 2014 and has gained its name in training and consulting services with its high-quality service. ExcelR has partnered with Tata Consultancy Services and provides reliable and effective training

. It offers the best training methods and real-world situations.  They are offering training in AI, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, RPA, IR 4.0 and AWS. The institute is a partner of NASSCOM.

There are many data analytics courses in Micronesia offered by the company.  Its curriculum includes Excel, Tableau, MySQL, Power BI, and other relevant tools. It helps in interview preparations and also networking. The institute has nearly 2000+ hiring partners.

They help in job readiness. The institute teaches database concepts, data analysis concepts, functions, charts and slicers, and data visualization. The course offers a mandatory internship facility.

ExcelR provides an industry-based course curriculum and a dedicated placement portal, the course includes Python programming, fundamentals of R, business statistics, SAS, and ChatGPT. It offers a hands-on programming language. It includes 5 capstone projects,  50+ labs, 30+ assignments, and 1500+ interview preparation questions.

Course Name: Data Analyst

Course Modules:

  • Introduction to Excel
  • MySQL
  • Tableau
  • Calculations
  • Data Combining Technique
  • Power BI
  • Custom Visual
  • R Programming
  • Python Programming
  • Business Statistics
  • ChatGPT

Course Duration: 6 Months

Course Fees: INR 44,999

A Few More Best Data Analytics Courses:

5. Ecornell

The Ecornell certificate holder has a reputation in the US market and also in the international market. The Ecornell Institute designed the course to impact flexibility in the life of the students. The learners can participate in the course either from online or in-person programs. It makes the students participate in discussions in a small number of groups.

The internationally acclaimed university can let them stand apart from the crowd. The students get to work with real-life projects and teach their learners the art of implementing the learnings and insights in business life. The students get guidance and feedback from the expert faculties.

The university offers many certificate programs in various courses. Among all the courses it also covers a wide range of data analytics training programs in Micronesia. The online data analytics courses in Micronesia help to gain confidence among the professionals.

The data analytics courses offered by the institutions are designed to assist the students gain functional literacy in critical business analytics. It will also be about statistical and scientific methods for data analysis through hands-on exercises. The faculties are from Cornell University.

The learners get a Data Analytics Certificate from Cornell SC Johnson College of Business and 30 PD hours towards IIBA’s core certification program. Usually, the analysts, functional managers, executives, and consultants can apply for the course.

Course Name: Data Analytics

Course Modules:

  • Overview
  • Understanding and visualizing data
  • Implementing scientific decision-making
  • Predictive data analytics

Course Duration: 9 weeks

Course Fees: $3,900

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6. New Horizons

The institute was founded in 1982 and it is one of the top institutes that offer the largest IT and skills training programs. It also teaches the students about various tools like Excel, Adobe, Cisco, Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware.

This institute is a brand of Educate 360. It has some of the best-in-class training providers who help the students thrive in the domain and remain updated about the latest technology and skills.

The institute is among the reputed data analytics institutes in Micronesia, which has 750 instructor-led courses and about 1,300 open enrollments. The institute is partnered with 30 authorized training companies with top-notch players in the tech including Microsoft, Amazon, Red Hat, and others. Among the many courses data analytics courses in Micronesia are gaining ground.

The most eminent feature of the restaurant is that they offer training based on the job roles. The other feature is it offers private group training, custom solutions free retakes, and guarantees to class with confidence.

Course Name: Data and Analytics Training Solutions

Course Modules:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Python
  • Data Science
  • Machine learning
  • R programming

7. Dataspace Academy

Dataspace Academy is an ethical training institution that offers industry-relevant training for freshers and professionals. The institute has been associated with expert trainers, professionals, companies, and individuals to design course curriculums that help in growth and adapt to the environment of the industries.

The institute has trained nearly 1000+ students. This dynamic institute has nearly 100+ courses available for its aspirants. The institute aims to provide skills to students for future-proof careers. Certificates are provided to the students at the end of the course.

The data analytics courses in Micronesia provided by the institute offer in-demand skills and industry-specific knowledge that help the students to make a successful entry into the data world. The course offers 100% placement support and the classes are done both in online and offline mode.

The data analytics training programs in Micronesia cover data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The training program involves interactive learning, practical laboratories, workshops, hackathons, masterclasses, and others as such. They offer desk-ready skills and make their trainees well-versed in the job environment.

Course Name: Certification In Data Science

Course Modules:

  • Understanding Excel Interface
  • Mathematics For Data Science
  • Python Essentials
  • SQL
  • Essential statistics for data analytics
  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • Capstone

Course Duration: 12 Months

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8. Robertson College

Robertson College is for all types of interested students who want to learn. The institute encourages to work of new co-working spaces, new study group programs, and office hours that focus on peer-to-structor conversations.

The online data analytics courses in Micronesia offered by the institute help in interpreting data and creating data management solutions to support organizations in making valid decisions.

The institute teaches to collect data, articulate that data, and present the results to coworkers. The course is accredited by Alberta’s Private Vocational Training Act and Manitoba’s Private Vocational Institutions Act. The institute assists in building new skills. The data analytics courses in Micronesia help people get good jobs and start a good career.

Course Name: Data Analyst

Course Modules:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Dashboards
  • Data Collection
  • Database Design
  • Data Manipulation
  • Data Visualization
  • Microsoft Office Applications
  • Statistical Methods

Course Modules: 12 Months

9. Great Learning

Great learning institute started in 2016. The institute offers training in 170+ countries and it has around 10 million learners. The programs offered by the institute are field-relevant. It offers training in technology, data, and business domains. It is one of India’s largest professional learning organizations.

The online data analytics training programs come with dual certificates. It imparts training on various tools. The program offers its students online mentorships from expert trainers, as the classes are online the students can learn anytime and anywhere. They have dedicated program support and candidates can network with people with the same interests. The institute has 3300+ hiring partners.

Course Name: PG Program in Data Science and Business Analytics

Course Modules:

  • Introduction to Data Science and AI
  • Business Finance
  • Marketing and CRM
  • SQL
  • Python for data science
  • Inferential statistics
  • Predictive modeling
  • Machine learning – I and II
  • Unsupervised learning
  • Time series forecasting
  • Optimization techniques
  • Demystifying ChatGPT
  • Marketing and retail analytics
  • Visualization

Course Duration: 12 Months

Course Fees: INR 2,95,000 + GST

10. Coursera

Coursera is an online platform where various courses are offered. This platform helps individuals to learn from their convenient location. It is a self-paced online teaching platform. Here the students can take the course on their own time and from their convenient location. Many universities and organizations offer data analytics courses through Coursera.

One of the data analytics courses in Coursera is presented by IBM. It is a fundamental course in data analytics and offers good training to its students. It offers practical training, working knowledge of various tools, visualizing data, and presenting findings using various charts in Excel and gains technical experience.

Course Name: IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate

Course Modules:

  • Introduction to Data Analytics
  • Excel Basics for Data Analysis
  • Data Presentation and Dashboards utilizing Excel and Cognos
  • Python for Data Analytics, AI, and Developments
  • Python Project for Data Science
  • Databases and SQL for Data Analytics with Python
  • Data Analysis with Python
  • Data Visualization with Python
  • IBM Data Analyst Capstone Project

Course Duration: 6 Months

Course Fees: INR 1,617 per month

These ten data analytics institutes in Micronesia help find better jobs for students and also give them proper learning and skills so that people can thrive in the sector. Enroll yourself in one of the best data analytics courses mentioned here and have a good future.


1. What are the basic tools covered in the data analytics training program?

IIM Skills teaches tools like Excel, SQL, Power BI, Python, Tableau, R, and Altreyx. This tool helps in the smooth functioning of the data analytics process and helps in decision-making.

2. What is the average salary for a data analyst in Micronesia?

As per Worldsalaries.com, the average salary of a data analyst in Micronesia is 17,260 USD per year.

3. Is an internship necessary for data analytics during the course?

Yes, the data analytics course requires an internship. The internship will help individuals to gain knowledge for job-like scenarios. It will also help in learning non-practical skills and techniques. The individuals also gain confidence to do jobs in the office.

4. Who can pursue this course?

Graduates, students, professionals in IT, sales, banking and finance, and managers can pursue the course.


The data analytics job market is surging high. It is estimated that the data market will grow more. People are attracted to this market due to the high demand for jobs and high salaries. Industries are also keeping the data analytics process as their priority. This is increasing the job market in data analytics. The data analytics courses in Micronesia will help individuals get the proper training required for a job.


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