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Best Content Writing Courses In Nagpur With Placements

In today’s struggling world, finding a steady job is on everybody’s mind. The need of the hour is creativity. Those good at writing have a new world of opportunities open to them. The internet is filled with a variety of smart and creative content such as videos, books, blogs, and tutorials.Creating content is never easy. Along with a good skill of writing, one needs a good knowledge of what sells. A planned, researched, and well-executed piece of work is what content writing is about. Good content is creative work backed by a skill of industry and experience-driven marketing. Let’s delve into the top content writing courses in Nagpur in this article. 
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Content is necessary to develop any form of business. Being able to market and sell is one of the main reasons why content writing needs to be original, marketable, and attractive. These skills are acquired by years of rigorous training and experience.

Nowadays, numerous institutes are teaching content writing for anybody willing to learn. You can be a working professional, a work-from-home freelancer, or even a housewife to sign up for these courses. Here we take a look at the top institutes that offer Content Writing Courses in Nagpur.

Dive into What is Content Writing?

What can content writing do for you?

Content Writing is one of the most lucrative resource industries that has barely been tapped into. To be a content writer, one does not require too many qualifications. A 12th graduate with a good hold on the English language, grammar, and creativity can be a content writer. India is known for producing engineers and doctors. And so, these were the only mainstream courses that students strived for.

Content writing has opened up a new world to all those students who choose to hold onto their creative side instead of burying themselves in a 9 to 5 job. With such a broad spectrum of possibilities that it branches out to, content writing is slowly and surely getting its due. 

For any new writer venturing into this stream, the first question that pops into their minds, is “What can content writing do for me?” Content writing adheres to creativity, language, and marketability. A good content writer has the option of working in various fields such as:

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–      Media

All forms of media such as audio, videos, radio, television, social media, etc. require a lot of content material that is strategically planned. Something as simple as an Instagram post has the power to pull a potential customer towards itself if the content is creative, attractive, and bankable. Scriptwriting is essential in the entertainment industry as well as the news industry. SEO capability of a content writer can greatly increase a person’s chances of getting a job in the media, as it helps in the growing need of pulling an audience in today’s competitive world. 

–      PR Industry 

Public relations or PR is an essential part of all companies. They are responsible for handling a company’s relationship with its clients and the public. This includes press releases, writing pitches for potential clients, blogs, material for corporate events, etc. 

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–      IT industry

Technical writing in the IT industry is a very good option for content writers. Companies usually carry an internal blog and external website that keeps all relevant information about the company, services, and products up to date. Cybersecurity, updates, and new releases are also part of the portfolio.

–      Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing consists of Blog writing, SEO marketing, Website creation, and promotion as well as advertisements. Content marketing as it is known is one of the most popular branches of digital marketing. 

Acquire certification in the Best Digital Marketing Course in India to obtain rewarding and profitable in-demand skills for a better career and many job opportunities.

–      Creative writing

Another branch of the content writing market is creative writing. This encompasses all forms of storytelling, scriptwriting, playwrights, and content for e-commerce websites. This branch is creative at its best- with roles ranging from ghostwriters to resume writers or even transcribers.

–      E-commerce

E-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, First Cry, etc require content writers for their products to write descriptions, specifications, reviews as well as internal company blogs.

The average salary of a Content Writer is over 2 lakhs per annum. In addition, content writers are exposed to a variety of opportunities in the media, press, corporate events, etc where they can build networks and grow in their careers. Content writers have the freedom to work for corporations, IT companies, news agencies, freelance, or even open firms of their own. Content writers are also some of the most successful entrepreneurs. 

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With the onset of social media recognition, the need for writers has increased. Content writing courses are one of the most searched topics on the internet. Let us take a look at Content Writing Courses in Nagpur. The following is the most definitive information you will need about Content Writing Courses in Nagpur. 

Nagpur is the orange city of India. Famous for the delectable fruits, Nagpur is also famous for trading and is the home of brands like Haldirams. Vicco and Baidyanth. This lush green city is one of the cleanest and safest cities in India. With an emerging population recognizing Nagpur as a breathable city, the need for new businesses is growing.

With new businesses come new products, advertisements, and sources of revenue. Every new business requires adequate marketing and sales skills. Quality and sellable content are key to good marketing. As the city grows, the need for content writers and marketers is also growing.

Here are some of the top institutes that offer content writing courses in Nagpur. 




IIM SKILLS is India’s premier institution that offers one of the best Content Writing Courses in Nagpur. It was started by Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar whose content experience is well known around the country. His educational blog and interaction with aspiring writers in the field motivated him to open an institution that shared his extensive knowledge with others. His work in the industry continues to motivate and inspire thousands who are hoping to create a niche for themselves in the industry.


Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)Module 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing

The Content Writing Master Course at IIM SKILLS is a gateway to endless possibilities for those who are passionate about their work. With more than 6 years of industry experience, the institute is the number one choice in rankings around the web. IIM SKILLS ranks on top of the list of Content Writing courses in Nagpur. the Course is priced at Rs 14900 + GST

The institute offers a well-rounded course curriculum that takes the student from the basics of writing to industry training. The structured virtual classes combined with internships and bountiful resources help the students gain confidence in their skills. 

IIM SKILLS offers the Content Writing Course, which includes:

  • Online Classes – More than 16 hours of virtual classes with trained industry experts and Mr. Vaibhav himself.
  • Assignments– Written assignments catered to every new topic learned in the week
  • Content curriculum – Detailed coverage on every aspect of content writing with different types of content, SEO, web page creation, analysis, etc.
  •  Industry case studies– The virtual classes are integrated with real-life examples and case studies.
  • Certification – Aside from IIM SKILLS certification, the institute also provides a certification from Hubspot, USA
  • Placement– IIM SKILLS alumni placed with leading brands and Fortune 500 companies.

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Other courses from IIM SKILLS

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2. ECT

Education and Career Times (ECT) is an institute that provides content writing courses online. This institute is recognized by the Government of India as a startup. In a 3 months course, this institute offers 30 hours of Live training and over 50 hours of E-learning and resources. 

– Over 30 hours of practical classes

– Concentration on spelling and grammar improvability throughout the course. 

– The course teaches non-fiction creative writing, business writing, and technical writing.

At the end of the course, you are guaranteed to write better, plan content marketing strategies, and excel at business and corporate writing. ECT used to hold offline classroom lessons in Delhi, but as everything is now online, this institute appears on the list of Content Writing Courses in Nagpur.

3. Omega Training Institute for Digital Marketing Courses

One of the most popular training academies in Nagpur, this institution is a favorite amongst students. They offer a classroom and practical exercise course which includes 

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)       

– Social Media Optimization (SMO)

– Email Marketing

– Web Development

Address: House No 81, Opposite HDFC Bank,

Shankar Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra

Phone: 099755 29358

Website: http://omegainstitutenagpur.com/ 

Email ID: [email protected] 

For a budding writer, these institutes are the best teachers. They have produced some of the most creative and brilliant minds in the writing industry. Their alumni boast of the most prominent writers in content. Content Writing courses in Nagpur are the need of the day. Research, read, practice, and sign up to these amazing knowledge banks to get further in your career. 

4. Coursera

 Coursera is a complete online educational platform that provides courses and degrees from leading universities all over the world. It consists of skill-oriented courses, and bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The website offers courses for all fields and disciplines. Its affiliations with various universities allow the customers to select based on accreditations and fields of interest. 

Although Coursera does not offer a complete single course, content writing on Coursera is divided into various smaller courses and projects that help you achieve your goal. Some of the content writing courses on Coursera are:

–       Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Specialization

Content writing and marketing are all about being able to secure a valued readership. This course teaches the process of creating optimized content that helps you secure search engine rankings.

–       WordPress Tutorial: Build a Full Website

As the name suggests, this course teaches the steps involved in creating a website with the free content platform, WordPress.

–       Google Ads tutorial for Beginners

This course teaches the workings of Google ads to establish a good readership and customers for any business by driving traffic towards your content.

–       The Strategy of Content Marketing

Once your content has an audience, this course teaches you how to retain the audience. It teaches you how to plan and organize content for the long run using smart marketing strategies. 

These are some of the various options available on Coursera. They also have specializations in specific areas such as SEO optimization and Content Marketing for Business.

5. Udemy

Udemy is an online educational training platform that has hundreds of courses that cater to all needs. The courses are created to cater to all categories and interests. Udemy has a few courses related to content writing. Some are specific topics created in a course video, whereas some courses are general complete content writing videos.

 3-courses-in-1 Content writing course 

This is a good stepping stone into the world of content. The three modules in the course include 

Content Writing, Blog Writing, and SEO Content Writing. 

Some features of the course are:

– 3.5 hours of video 

– Articles related to the lesson videos

– Downloadable resources and assignments

– Certificate of completion.

Learn about Content Writing

An introduction to what content writing is all about, this course explains the basics, with tips to improve writing for SEO and rankings.

Ultimate Web Content Writing Masterclass

Specifically teaching writing for websites, this course is divided into 4.5 hours of video focusing on developing content for a homepage or business webpage, specializing in the marketability of the website.

How to Write Great Web Content

This course covers the aspect of content that caters to search rankings. The video consists of knowledge to develop Google visibility and rank ability.

In addition to these online institutions, some local institutes offer classroom courses that give you insights into content and digital marketing as well as SEO optimization, blogging, and the basics of Web design.

Some popular institutes in Nagpur are :

6. Institute of Integrated Digital Marketing (IIDM)

Considered one of the best institutes for training on digital marketing, IIDM conducts a course of 10 modules that include:

– Search Engine Optimization

– Email Marketing

– Content Marketing

– Blogging with WordPress

– Lead Generation

– Web Analytics

Address: 2nd Floor, Surdham Apartment, Central Park Rd, Dhantoli, Nagpur – 440012 

Phone: 075888 77781

Website: https://www.iidm.in/ 

Email ID: [email protected]

7. NetPreneur Institute of Digital Marketing Courses & Classes

The 45-day course module focuses on handling websites and content. The course module includes:

– Web Development

– Social Media Promotion

– SEO and SMO

– Graphics

– Google Ad words

Address: Plot No.- 14, Ashtankar Bhavan II Floor,

Suyog Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra

Phone: 093706 62177

Website: https://netpreneur.courses/ 

Email ID[email protected] 

8. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is another popular name in the industry. Started by Mr. Kounal Gupta and based out of Delhi, this institute offered online and offline classes. They offer a content writing course that teaches a variety of content and is research-driven. The institute offers access to tools and boot camps throughout the course. Some features are:

– 32 hours of online classes and assignments

– 30 different types of content

– Certification with UKAF

– Guaranteed placement and post-completion support

All of the above institutes offer detail-oriented, optimized, and wholesome Content Writing courses in Nagpur. The following institutes are educational e-platforms that offer the individual aspects of Content Writing as separate courses. They teach the specific points as separate video lessons. The lessons together combine the necessary parts of content writing, and hence, these educational websites appear on the list of Content Writing courses in Nagpur. 


1. What is the fee for top-grade content writing courses?

A top-notch content writing course fee can be anywhere from 10k to 20k. It will include free tools, placement assistance, internship (paid or non-paid), access to learning materials for a period of time after the course gets over, or lifetime access to the content. Glean information about the institute well and only after it ticks the boxes in your checklist should you opt for the course.

2. Will a career in content writing be helpful as a long-time career path?

Every industry, sector, and organization requires different forms of content for brand awareness and reputation. It is impossible to sustain a favorable reputation of a business without consistent content dissemination to the target audience.  Hence, content writing has humongous potential in the coming years.

3. What are the concepts covered in a content writing course?

Some important elements covered in a content writing course are advanced blogging, writing effective email copy, copywriting, eBook writing, SOP writing, social media posts, article writing, and many more.

4. What are some of the features of a good content writing course?

The most prominent features of a good content writing course are an in-depth curriculum that takes into accounts the latest trends, a learning management system that you can refer to whenever is needed, placement assistance, and above all a strong mentor support to help you grasp all the concepts of the content writing industry incisively. These will ensure that you have a thriving career in the content domain irrespective of the changes that happen.

  • Hi, I am Ketan. It is very truly said that, ” Content is necessary to develop any form of business. Being able to market and sell is one of the main reasons why content writing needs to be original, marketable, and attractive. These skills are acquired by years of rigorous training and experience.” I want to learn how can we trade content to attract audience’s attention. And , how this captured attention of the audience be generated or lead to a sale. Also, how to create such an high quality content that captures the audience’s attention and encourages them to revisit. This article about content writing institutes in Nagpur drew my attention, and I visited the page. Although, I was searching for best institute providing content writing training in Nagpur, but I happen to land here. I want to learn content writing and content distribution. With the free demo invite session available here on registration, has made my task easier to know more and get the queries solved by interaction.

  • Hello, I am Tanvi. I am a Computer teacher. I have been preparing tutorial videos for related to my subject. I know how to prepare and publish. But the problem is, How to create a content that is informative yet understandable? What basic things to keep in mind while preparing the tutorials for the audience on you tube? etc. Will Content Writing corurse help solve my problems?

  • I am bharti. I am very good at cooking bakery foods. I want to learn how to create blogs, content and publish them. Will it also include learning to create video contents and tutorial videos?

  • Hi, I am Raagini. I was working in a magazine publishing company before the pandemic. Due to the pandemic, I lost my job. Now I wish to resume my job. But before this, I would like to enhance my skills by learning new trends and demands in the market. I think the content writing course by IIM skills is what is my need. I will go for it.

  • Hi, can you please tell me what kind of content writing Certifications is necessary to get a good job as a content writer in Nagpur? Are there any specific certifications, supported by an institution or a government body, that have more honor? I find these courses good and have gone through their course material. However, I doubt regarding recognition of the certification. waiting for your reply.

  • hey, I have completed my 12th board and waiting for the result, in the meantime, I wanna learn a new skill, and content writing is one of the options I am exploring. can I enroll in a content writing course in Nagpur? which institute is best in Nagpur for the offline classes?

  • Hello, I’m looking forward to returning to work after a break. content writing is one of the choices I’m considering, but I’m not sure whether it’s the right fit for me given I’m new to the sector and have no industry connections. Your post has made me consider India’s shifting economy and the potential it presents for content writers. Thank you for recommending some of Nagpur’s best content writing programs with job placement.

  • Hi, i am Efftesum. I aspire to become a travel blogger as i have already explored half of the country . I think I have enough content to write though I still need to learn the art of web content writing, SEO techniques , Setting up a Web page and lot more. Does your course cover all these topics?

  • Hello. I am Vikram. I am a student. I want to change my field and take up content writing full time. I want to know about the job opportunities and career as a freelancer as well. Thanks in advance

  • Hi, I am Bhavesh. I work as an HR, and I have been thinking to career shift and was looking for some courses. This is indeed a very comprehensive list. I appreciate your efforts that you put into this. I can’t wait to join these courses. thanks.

  • A 9 to 5 job is not my dream. I crave freedom. As a student, I have been looking to explore opportunities and how freelancing can help me live a good life. I started a business in Nagpur but sustaining it has been a constant challenge. Hopefully, with these courses, I will be able to write better and make the freedom more hopeful.

  • I wasn’t even aware that content writing can open so many horizons, thank you for sharing such a valuable information. Need more information from IIM Skills on what all options i can explore if i consider doing their content writing course

  • Hi, I am a Human resource intern and I am in college. I also plan to pursue MBA in HR itself. As the job of HR revolves around writing and other documentation, I am eagerly looking for a course that could hone my skills in this domain. I am looking for a course that could teach me different kinds of content available in the job market. This list is amazing. I am looking forward to learning something new

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