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Public Relations Courses with Certification

Many websites have easy access to public relations courses online which are free of cost. You may also find schools, colleges, institutions that offer these programs on the internet.


Here is the list of Public relations courses with certification

The best thing about online public relations courses is the certificate you receive on completion of the course. Such certifications not only enhance your resume but also adds value to your knowledge and your perspective since these courses are designed for a global audience.


Students have taken advantage of the availability of a wide range of courses offered by prestigious universities across the globe. Online courses are a great resource to gain knowledge, grow, learn, and thus you should avail the resource and make the best use of time and the internet.


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Regarding the public relations courses, online that are free of cost and also provide with certificates on completion of the course can fast-track your career progress and lead you towards opportunities in business as well as management


As a profession, public relations is definitely challenging yet rewarding. A solid educational foundation, with the right frame of mind and skills, along with practical experience will enable you to excel in your PR career. But, to attain that you have to do one of the top Public Relations Courses.


In India, the widely accepted post-graduation qualification is a Masters’s in your field of education. The potential of career growth of students who graduate with a MA in Public Relations degree is remarkable. The knowledge, skills, and industry information acquired by doing this degree is at par with the demand for professionals in the business world that leads them to great opportunities even in international firms or national-level organizations that aim to flourish their campaigns.


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The common positions that are offered to students with this master’s are digital strategist, social media managers, communications specialists, marketing managers, communication consultants, and media/press representatives. Depending on the skillset and levels of performance throughout the course, few students may also be offered business leadership roles.


The course structure is flexible to accommodate the needs of all types of students. Those students who are working can attend night classes, online classes, or weekend classes without having to sacrifice their work or personal lives. Thus this enables students to complete their course in two years.


There are several institutes that provide public relations courses in the cities of Mumbai, Delhi-NCR as well as Bangalore – and which are popular for recruitment with PR consultancies. Considering factors such as course structure, career growth prospects, alumni network, industry connect, location, and infrastructure, the list of best institutes offering Public Relation Course in India has been shortlisted to:


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  1. Xavier’s Institute of Communications (XIC), Mumbai.


Xavier’s Institute tops the list of Public Relations courses because it ranks the best in terms of legacy, the relevance of course structure, and the strong alumni network. It is the most popular institute in India and attracts the brightest minds of the country for its course.


This also means that the level of competition and quality of learning is high. Since the institute is leading in its learning and grooming students for their growth, it is a popular destination for top Public relations firms in the country. Being the first choice of major firms, the entire batch gets placed and again, adds valor to the institute’s reputation.


  1. Symbiosis: SIMC, Pune & SSMC, Bangalore


Symbiosis offers two different kinds of Public relations courses, i.e. Masters’s and MBA programs. These programs are vigorous and quite similar to the ones offered by XIC. Given its goodwill and strong industrial connection, Symbiosis attracts bright students with hopes of a promising career. SIMC is recognized as one of the leading institutes for media and communication studies. The only drawback is that the courses are full-time and the cost is at a higher end.


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  1. School of Communications & Reputation (SCoRe)


School of Communications & Reputation has been established by a group of Public Relations professionals who have years of experience in reputation and communications management. India’s best Public Relations professionals come and impart their knowledge and share their experiences with aspirants on precisely what skills they need to acquire to get the ball rolling when they are recruited.


A surprising fact, only this program is endorsed and publicized by the ‘Public Relations Consultants Association of India’ (PRCAI). The greatest advantage is that the students are Public Relations professionals from their first day itself, thus their performance and level of dedication are also high towards the program. It definitely is the most versatile and powerful Public Relations program in India.


  1. Indian Institute of Mass Communications (IIMC), Delhi


Indian Institute of Mass Communications is a reputed institute for post-graduation and is ranked among the top institutes in India. The level of entrance test for IIMC has been getting tough with time which has ensured that the top minds of the nation are enrolled for their course. The course is light on your pocket and since it is a government college, it holds more reputation.


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  1. Delhi School of Communications (DSC), Delhi


Delhi School of Communication offers a one-year course that is constantly improvised and dedicated to improving the quality of content taught to young aspirants. With a robust network of individuals and professionals from the industry, the students get an opportunity to connect with experts and listen to their experiences and take advice to advance their careers in the right direction.


Their placements have also been great given to their industry connect and thus overall the course is one of the best opportunities for those students who are willing to learn beyond the classroom and through experiences.


Collectively, these are the top five institutes in India. They have limited seats of close to 300–400 combined. Thus, do not lose heart if you make it, other colleges offer good courses at affordable rates as well.


If you are open to learning, you should also know that online courses are a great source of knowledge, resources, and learning. The best advantage of online learning is you get access to global institutes, on the go, and it is flexible and convenient for a wide group of audience from students, working professionals, teachers, and so on.


Professionals who work in Public Relations and Communications will benefit from these courses. They would know more about the varied functions & sub-functions of Public Relations. Also, interested students will learn about the role of Public Relations in the modern business environment.


Thus, you can check the courses and decide to build your Public Relations career.


Based on general research, the list of free online courses to enroll in are:


  1. Public Speaking

You will learn the basic tools, tips, and hacks that will help you enhance your public speaking and make you a confidant orator.


  1. Introduction to Public Relations

Learn to use the Public Relations principles for your business and management practices.


  1. Diploma in Public Relation

This course will provide you with the important theories, general principles, and best-followed practices for effective Public Relations.


  1. Public Relations: Best Practices and Ethics

This course will teach you about ethics in Public relations management.


  1. Public Relations: Optimize Systems Theory

In this course, you’ll learn how to enhance your company’s reputation, along with understanding the theories of Public Relations.


  1. Introduction To Public Relations

In this course, acquire the strategies to instill efficacious PR principles into business dealings.


  1. Public Relations: Optimize Systems Theory and Stakeholder Management Practices

Learn about how to prioritize the organization’s needs and the theory of research behind Public Relations functions.


  1. Public Relations: Best Practices and Ethics

In this course, you will learn about the industry’s best practices and ethics to be followed for excellence in your Public Relations career.


  1. Diploma In Public Relations

You will learn the practices and principles used for effective Public Relations career growth and also learn how to build a professional Public Relations strategy.


Why Online Public Relations Courses?


Universities and colleges across the world are facing a challenging situation with regards to tuition fee hikes, shortage of courses offered as per global changes and thus they also face a shortage in student enrollment. This has pushed the universities to opt for alternatives.


The best one being offering courses online to reach out to a global audience of students, entrepreneurs, employees, and many more people.


The reason online courses is gaining popularity:


  1. Wide range of courses and programs:

Colleges and universities have realized that the courses they offer can be taken up by anyone willing to learn. Thus, the traditional three-four years-long full-time courses are nonbeing offered in different variations and different stages for the individual to choose and customize his learning.


Not only this, but your stream of learning can also vary from business to psychology, political sciences, and also arts. On completion of the course, you will also be awarded different levels of certification, or degree, and even diploma.


  1. Learning with comfort:


A good environment while learning is essential. Through video lectures that are pre-recorded and can be viewed at your own pace without having to sacrifice time to travel to college/university and you also find time for yourself.


  1. Peer interaction:


The benefit of online courses is that all students tend to speak up since the interaction is specifically related to the course itself endnote any other classroom background disturbances that occur to interrupt the sessions.


  1. Career Growth:


Online learning encourages you to take up courses while you’re completing your full-time course as a student, or while working, in between job shifts as well as while raising families. Learning never stops and due to the availability of courses online, learning has become even more structured and personal.


  1. Flexibility and Convenience:


Needless to say, the convenience and flexibility offered because of online learning is to plan your study and the time around, rather than just spending the entire day at college/university. Student life balance is also an added advantage!


Here is a list of global universities that offer Public Relations Courses:


  1. Harvard University


The world’s leading institute, Harvard, located in Massachusetts, United States offers a variety of courses online for free. Eduction website, edX, offers and hosts Harvard’s courses. The online courses are self-paced and are free of cost, but on completion of the course, the certificate can be awarded on payment of a minimal fee.


  1. Carnegie Mellon University


Located in Pittsburgh, this university was established by Andrew Carnegie, in 1848, as a school and was merged in 1947 with Mellon Institute of Industrial Research.


Carnegie Mellon University offers courses at low costs. It has an “Open and Free” option wherein it allows access to the courses’ material publicly and at no cost. The online courses are self-paced, meaning it is self-guided and grades are assigned as and when you complete the course lectures.


  1. Stanford University


Popular for its focus on academics especially in computer science and engineering. Stanford University is famous for its close accessibility to Silicon Valley. Stanford Online has had access to the university’s online collection of courses, since 2011.


Free university classes are accessible on its website for subjects ranging from medicine, humanities, engineering, and so on.


  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


MIT is a Cambridge school based in Massachusetts. Being an early adopter, made almost all courses’ content available online. Each course includes detailed lecture notes, offline readings, and graded assignments.


  1. Vanderbilt University


Vanderbilt is an eminent university in Nashville, that offers a variety of courses in the fields of Education, Sciences, Arts, Engineering, Music, and Human Development. They also offer undergraduate programs in Medicine, Nursing, Business and Management Law, and Divinity.


  1. Yale University


Yale is an Ivy League university, that was established in 1701. It is popularly known for providing world-class education in diverse disciplines. Yale also offers its courses online through the education website Coursera as well as its own portal named ‘Open Yale Courses. It provides free of cost access to selected course introductions on topics such as economics, psychology, astronomy, history, biology, philosophy, and so on.


There are a few popular educational websites that offer free Online Public relations Courses from these reputed global universities. On these websites, students can choose from a range of courses, that are completely free of cost, and at the end of the course pay and earn the certificate that is recognized in the industry and added valor to your career.


  • – edX
  • Coursera,
  • – Udemy,
  • – Open Culture Online Courses
  • – Lynda,
  • – Alison etc.
  • – Academic Earth


Learning is never restricted to a defined set of books or a specific pattern drafted in olden times. In the technologically advanced world that we live in, opportunities are everywhere, it depends on son the will and determination of the learner on how he can make the best out of the situation and create his own growth map.

  • Than you for the article on public relations courses certification. There is no doubt that PR is becoming more important to marketing efforts, which opens even more opportunities. I have a query if you can address it – that is this certification equivalent to a Masters degree in Public relations? Also are the salary standards same for this online certification and a regular university degree?

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