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Top 5 Content Writing Courses In Indore With Placements

Indore is known as the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh for its unique status as the education hub of the state. Indore is swarming in historical richness and is home to many schools, colleges, and universities. These institutions are known to provide a well-rounded education. Thus Indore has emerged as one of the leading educational hubs in India.

Top Content Writing Courses In Indore

The ability to affect others with words is writing. Writing is a form of creativity where we put our thoughts with the emotions of words. Compared to spoken words, words are powerful and possess great emphasis. It is an art of expressing ideas, views, and expression. Writing refines our opinions of others and ourselves and fosters our ability to explain.

What is Content Writing?

The process of planning, writing, and editing web content is content writing. Writing articles and blog posts, scripts for videos, and podcasts are some examples of content writing. It is a great way to ensure that customers truly understand the product or service that you provide.

Content writers are proficient writers who provide relevant content for websites and other network platforms. Content writing courses in Indore will enable students to express themselves with clarity through written communication.

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Why Take Up a Content Writing Course?

Growth of Self-confidence:

People who take up this course will investigate and research deeper into any topic making them an expert. They will be able to create, evaluate, strategize, reorganize, and present content. Translating thoughts into words boosts self-confidence and also makes the candidate comfortable to accept a critical or challenging role at the workplace, making them achieve their goals by pushing themselves out of their comfort zone.

Improves Vocabulary:

Candidates search for new ways to express themselves in the best possible way to translate their thoughts into structured words making them write engaging and well-defined content that creates a sale for the organization, themselves, or a third party.

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Career growth and Development:

The course can upgrade the resume of candidates with industry experience and certifications by differentiating profiles from the masses and also accelerate the career to a new/higher profile.

Other Best Courses in Indore are:

Enhancement of Persuasive Ability:

The content writing course helps to improve persuasive skills. These skills are essential for professionals in sales, advertising, marketing, and communication. It also helps in enhancing the ability of sentence fluency, and expressive vocabulary. And simple structure to create fresh, unique, persuasive, and informative content.

Passion for Writing:

Content writing courses create a passion for writing. It enables a person to write fresh, informative, and persuasive content. The course helps to discover oneself to be a dynamic writer who can write on any subject which helps drive conversations on search engines, blogs, landing pages, social media, and e-commerce.

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Diversity in Work Experience:

Content writing courses can make the candidate eligible for senior marketing positions. They gain knowledge of different domains and sectors from the live experience obtained throughout the course.

This course allows the candidate to work with groups of people hailing from diverse backgrounds, giving them a rich experience, especially for those who like to make a career in content writing.

Knowledge Expansion:

The course also helps the candidate to expand their knowledge. This knowledge helps in capabilities for being a dynamic as well as a confident content writer. It helps in developing competency in deciphering ideas into words.

Analytical Skill Development:

The candidate gets a chance to develop analytical skills such as creative thinking. The course also helps develop problem-solving abilities by analyzing different tones, writing styles, and strategies required in content creation. The use of a variety of tools and techniques orients a professional for creative and unique content writing.

Additional Income Source:

Content writing course is a big industry it offers employment opportunities to aspiring content writers. The course provides a new skillset to the candidates, using these, they can do different online content writing such as social media writing and blogs.

Here is the Prospect of Content Writing

Why is Content Writing Important?

People often think of content writing as writing articles. However, it is not just limited to writing articles or blog posts. Content writing is also essential for the different content formats, including:

  • Web page copy
  • Podcast titles
  • Social media posts
  • YouTube video descriptions
  • Email newsletters
  • Video scripts
  • Keynote speeches
  • White papers
  • Landing pages

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Top 5 Content writing courses in Indore


If you are looking for a reputed institute that can transfer an amateur writer to an institute writer and provides good quality training, then your solution is IIM SKILLS. IIM SKILLS provides exceptional training in the content writing domain. This institute has gained popularity not only in India but also in other parts of the world. IIM SKILLS has designed its content writing course by industry experts. This institute is the best destination for people looking for content writing courses in Indore.


Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)Module 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing

Students who join IIM SKILLS get tools worth INR 35000 for free. 100% money-back guarantee if any student is not satisfied with the course. The cost of the course is 14900 + 18% GST.

Key features of the IIM SKILLS content writing course are:

3 Months Guaranteed Internship:

IIM SKILLS provides three months guaranteed internship. In this internship period, the students learn various content writing concepts such as search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, how to sell content writing services, and more.

Lifetime Support (Consulting & Technical):

The staff of IIM SKILLS is always there to help out the students. Students can also take help from IIM SKILLS even after completing the course.

Portfolio Development For Job/Freelance:

If you want to build a portfolio to get a job or start a business or want to be a freelance writer, IIM SKILLS help you achieve it.

Publish Your First E-Book on Kindle, Google Books:

IIM SKILLS also helps their students to publish their books on kindle, amazon.

Some other features of IIM SKILLS:

The duration of this content writing course in Indore is 80 hours. The classroom sessions are recorded and uploaded on the LMS, so if a student misses a class, they can get the recording of the session in their LMS.

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

Other Courses:

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2) Skills Upgrader

Skills Upgrader is one of the institutes that provides content writing courses in Indore. The content writing course offered by them will help you learn how to excel in writing. Skills upgrader is one of the highly regarded companies that provide content writing courses. The course offered by them is an appropriate mix of content writing and content marketing, which is highly required to get a profitable job.

This content writing course in Indore offered for quite some time now and has become successful by delivering content writing instruction to students considerably well. The professors here have strong expertise in the industry. The student-oriented approach and practical experience have made them very thriving.

Skill upgrader takes only a limited number of students so that every student gets special attention. The students taking up the course could be anyone, from a professional worker to a homemaker, from a student to a businessman, it is for everybody. The mentors take responsibility to ensure that the students all facets of the exercise.

Some Key Features of Skills Upgrader’s Content Writing Course in Indore Are:

Highly Expert Faculty:

Skill upgrader has started their content writing course in Indore for quite some time now, and they have a proficient staff that delivers content writing instruction to students very well.

Lifetime Support:

Once you take up the course, Skill upgrader provides lifelong support, whether you are stuck and want to learn an existing module, you need to access any resources of skill upgrader or you have discovered a new writing format, and you want to learn it, they happily help you out with any content writing-related problems.

Provides Up-to-date Course Module:

Skill upgrader has designed their syllabus after a proper study and thorough research keeping in mind what important topics will help the students in their careers.

Free Tools Worth INR 40,000:

Students enrolling in this content writing course in Indore get tools worth 40k for free. These tools are essential in large-scale applications.

Other Features of Skill Upgrader:

  • The content writing master course offered by skill upgrader is an online platform consisting of 16 hours of live classroom training.
  • The training given to the students is very engaging and thrilling.
  • The hands-on assignment given to the students is 70 hours long.
  • The fee of the content writing master course is 9999 + GST.
  • After completion of the course, students get a certification.

Skill upgrader Content Writing Master Course curriculum:

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Content Writing
  • Module 2 – Web Hosting
  • Module 3 – Content Marketing & UI/UX
  • Module 4 – Website Creation
  • Module 5 – Understanding the Writing Process
  • Module 6 – Search Engine Optimization
  • Module 7 – Keyword Research
  • Module 8 – Writing SEO Optimized Content
  • Module 9 – Content Creation
  • Module 10 – Social Media marketing
  • Module 11 – Call To Action
  • Module 12 – Content Marketing Strategy
  • Module 13 – Lead Generation Using Content Marketing
  • Module 14 – Email Marketing
  • Module 15 – Freelance Content Marketing

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3) Coursera

Coursera is another content writing training institute. Unlike the other institutes, Coursera is an online educational platform that provides different topics on content writing in individual, separate courses. Established by two Stanford professors, Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller, the platform is safe to use. Coursera provides legitimate instructions and complete credible courses.

Students learn specific topics of content writing in separate video lessons. All these lessons together form necessary parts of content writing. Coursera can also be considered an online platform that provides content writing courses in Indore.

Coursera offers almost 102 different courses under the title content writing courses. Registrants can browse through to select the desired program. The course includes hands-on projects to master the practical part of learning.

The Top-rated Content Writing Course by Coursera is:

The Strategy of Content Marketing:

The course by UC Davis University of California has a rating of 4.5/5. This course teaches about the strategic context, content marketing ecosystem, types of content, the content marketing strategy, and how to manage the content of your website.

4) Udemy

Udemy is another prominent institute that offers content writing courses in Indore. It is an online training institute that has gained immense popularity for the various programs it offers. Courses designed by industry experts from around the world, Udemy caters to all the needs of the students. The course includes assignments, downloadable resources, and video lectures.

Benefits of this Course:

  • Aspirants opting for this content writing course in Indore learn the core concepts of Content writing, Copywriting & Content Marketing.
  • They learn how to generate traffic and sales by writing compelling content.
  • The course will teach how to build trust & connection with the audience to gain authority as a writer.
  • Aspirants learn to create a buyer persona and classify their target audience.
  • Learn to optimize your content for SEO.
  • Learn to write better-ranked blog posts on search engines.
  • Learn to recognize and avoid writing mistakes.

The Course Includes:

The course comprises three modules where aspirants learn about Content writing, content marketing, and copywriting.

Content Writing:

In this course, you will learn the origin and need of content writing. And comprehend why there is a demand for writers and how to benefit from this.

Blog Writing:

The course will teach you to write blogs in simple steps & optimize them for better rankings on search engines.

SEO Content Writing:

Aspirants will learn to optimize the content using On-Page & Off-Page SEO practices.

Some of the Udemy Content Writing Courses in Indore:

  • Students get lifetime access to the program.
  • The lectures of the program are very engaging, and students can follow these lectures very efficiently.
  • Access to Interesting & Lively Lectures That Are Easy to Follow
  • It includes simple formulas for better writing

5) Henry Harvin

Today content writing is growing dramatically. It is an exciting and challenging new field. To become a content writer, you need to launch yourself in the industry, to do this, a person needs expert guidance and qualifications.

Henry Harvin is also one of the best content writing courses in Indore and is also considered highly prestigious. Henry Harvin, started by Mr. Kounal Gupta in 2013, is a leading career and competency development organization. They focus on value creation. They offer both online and offline classes. The content taught in the course is research-driven.

The Key Features:

  • The content writing course has 32 hours of interactive classroom sessions and assignments.
  • Students get projects on various topics like Research writing, Technical writing, Learning skills, Academic Writing, and many more.
  • Guaranteed Internship
  • Certification
  • Students get 100% guaranteed placement support for 1-year post completion of the course.

Other Features:

  • Students get 1-year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin Writing Academy
  • Monthly Bootcamp sessions for the candidates.
  • Access to LMS
  • Students get recorded videos of all the sessions.
  • Students get 100% placement & internship assistance and project support.
  • Access to many different tools and techniques, video content, assessments, and more.

The Curriculum of This Content Writing Course in Indore is:

  • Module 1: Language Skills
  • Module 2: Internet Skills
  • Module 3: Business & Marketing Writing
  • Module 4: Content Strategy
  • Module 5: Technical & Research Writing
  • Module 6: Academic Writing
  • Module 7: Creative writing
  • Module 8: Online earning

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs:

Q1. How useful are online content writing courses?

Online Content writing courses help to master the different concepts of the content writing domain at your own pace, and from any part of the world, you desire to study. There are no limitations to learning when you sign up for an online content writing course. They are as efficient as any offline content writing course with added benefits like doing away with the commute, and assistance through online help desk 24×7.

Q2. What is the fee for content writing courses in Indore?

A top-notch content writing course fee can be anywhere from 10k to 25k. Do your research well and only if the course curriculum meets your expectations should you enroll in a content writing course.

Q3. Will a career in content writing be helpful?

Every industry, and sector requires different forms of content for brand awareness and goodwill. Hence, content writing can be a greatly rewarding career provided you sincerely keep yourself updated with the latest trends and happenings.

Q4. What are the concepts covered in a content writing course?

Some important concepts covered in a content writing course are advanced blogging, writing effective email copy, copywriting, eBook writing, article writing, and many more.


Content writing is a thriving industry and will be in demand for a long time. Creating quality content with the integration of marketing is a hurdle. Research carefully and thoroughly before making a choice. The institutes listed above are the best ones to offer content writing courses in Indore.

Some Institutes provide in-depth information on content writing courses. On the other hand, an institute provides content and marketing as different aspects to give in-demand skills.

  • Hello I am Devansh . I am a content writer, I want to enhance my persuasive ability in content writing. As said that, “The content writing course helps to improve persuasive skills. These skills are essential for professionals in sales, advertising, marketing, and communication. It also helps in enhancing the ability of sentence fluency, and expressive vocabulary. And simple structure to create fresh, unique, persuasive, and informative content.” I want to develop these skills to create unique contents that can persuade user for the Call to action. IIM skills course content and course features are very amazing, would like to attend the free demo invite before enrolment and decide.

  • hi, I am Krishnaswaroop. I am a Retired Station Master. Writing has always been my interest but due to job and family responsibilities, it was buried. Now, when I read articles on various blogs the inner urge creeps out. I do not know how to approach or write on these social sites and blogs . But yes, if I get a chance to learn, I surely can pursue my interest in writing. Can I enrol into IIM skills content writing course? And avail a chance to learn.

  • Hi, I have completed my MSc and doing my PhD. I found content writing course very useful. I will register for the free demo invite , but please arrnge the demo class on weekend.

  • Hello, I am Aradhna, I am a housewife and have a post-graduate degree in MA English. I use to give coaching to school students at home. During a pandemic, I stopped continuing it. Now I am looking for any online work from home. My friend suggested I should do freelance content writing. I don’t know anything about it s, so I looked for it on LinkedIn and searched for it on naukri.com too. But I was warned of fake encounters so I did not approach. Now that I read your article and downloaded your brochure, I found it promising. If I register now will I be liable to pay you? Before enrolling in the course I want a free demo class.

  • My own family has a small commercial enterprise in Indore that I will join after graduation. in the mean time, i want to learn a new skill. so I suppose I can use this online content writing course to my advantage there additionally. send me the details of the subsequent batch in IIMskills. thank you lots.

  • I’d like to acquire content writing as a new talent, but the sheer number of options available is overwhelming. Choosing the right course is a difficult task in and of itself. Aside from that, as a student, I need a course that fits into my timetable or is flexible enough to not disrupt my academics. This post on the best content writing courses in Indore not only narrows down the alternatives but also informs me about online courses accessible in Indore, which is really helpful to me.

  • Hi , I am Kaveri. I am an GRE/TOEFL trainer. I have recently opened my institute as well. Content is very important while promoting your brand. Though I was initially looking for a course in digital marketing,. I also looked up your digital marketing course. Will this part of the course will be covered in the digital marketing course?

  • Hi. I am Neha. I am an SEO writer and a blogger. I only write content, but I want to learn copywriting. The courses you mentioned are satisfactory. The content is good in the article. Are there any particular specific copywriting courses.

  • Hi, I am Tejaswi. I was looking for a good content writing course in Indore and it is evident that there is no dearth of institutes offering content writing, but the approach by IIM Skills looks more promising. I am interested in enrolling for your content writing course kindly write back to me

  • I am a food vlogger. I am interested in learning content writing as now i want to set up my own blog .I am in need of a course that could teach some web content writing skills and I hope your course writing course would be hepful in the same.

  • Hello, I am currently working with a company dealing with housing loan as an admin. I took up the job because I had a financial crunch during that time. Now, I am thinking of switching my field. Can you help me with this? Is this course goo enough for me earn in the job sector or I have to work as freelancer? Please help me out.

  • Hi, I am a student and currently in 12th standard. I have decided to be a writer. I am thinking to study English Literature. But I think it is tough. I like some of the courses, but I want to ask if there is any degree available in content writing or any diploma courses? Please mention those courses which are only in Indore. Thank you for your help.

  • I am working as asst teaching faculty with VIBGYOR, need more information whether your course of content writing at IIM Skills holds any applicability to me and how it can benefit me, please answer my queries so i can confirm my decision with you

  • Hi, this is Damini. Currently, I am doing law and am in my first year. As a lawyer, one should be able to write well. One of our professors keeps on saying it and he isn’t wrong. And unfortunately, I need to hone my writing skills. Will a content writing course benefit me in these terms? Are there any writing opportunities available in the law sector? If there are, I would be very happy to know. Thank You.

  • I really like the first course: IIM Skills. I think the course is very well structured and is very exhaustive, which will be helpful for someone new to this domain. As I am not much aware of this section, It will be a perfect choice. However, could you please tell me if we can book any demo classes, and whether there is any kind of discount available on the fee?

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