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The Top 2 Business Analytics Courses In Jaipur For You

Business analytics is a relatively new field of work that has seen a meteoric rise in recent times due to its high growth-inducing capabilities. Today, data as an asset has quickly transformed the world and made everyday tasks simpler and easier by displaying in clear figures and numbers the source of business problems and it is the responsibility of business analysts to find meaningful ways to solve them. If you are interested in looking for solutions as a profession while staying in Jaipur, here are a few business analytics courses in Jaipur that can help you learn more.

Top Business Analytics Courses In Jaipur

But before that, let’s gain some idea about the fundamentals of business analytics before telling you our recommendations for great business analytics courses in Jaipur that will surely interest you…

What Is Business Analytics All About:

Have you ever wondered why analysis is essential in the financial and scientific endeavors of today? The process of analyzing data and trends is far from a magical seed exchange; it is filled with joy because the outcomes of analyses are solutions to pivotal problems, acting like instant pain relief from a bothersome ache. Business analysis and data analysis in general are hardly different from the scientific analysis we have ingrained over the years.

In many ways, we are all students of some field where the calculation is necessary, or at least supplementary. Thus, even when it seems that physical labor is the furthest thing from data, data analysis can help unions know the distribution of wages of workers and identify anomalies. This allows them to protest against this inequality; displaying the significance of data as an asset in the digital age.

It can be defined technically as a collection of robust normative and disciplinary practices that converge with appropriate technologies for probing for meaningful solutions to business problems based on quantitative research methods like data analysis, statistical models, etc. Data mining is the process of sifting through an organization’s data, finding statistical deficiencies, and enhancing them for targeted decision-making.

Driving business campaigns in a scientific and accountable manner is unlikely if not for the change in business outlook regarding data and its management. In the present day, businesses want to use data collected from their customers and their sales. They combine it with general trends and specific predictors to gain ground in their specific niches and markets. Data as an asset today is being successfully utilized by businesses across the world to leverage their strengths and shed their weaknesses. This is done by accurately using trends derived from quantitative methods of analysis to generate business insights that manifest in windfall profits.

The aforementioned actions are moot unless raw data sources can be transformed into pristine data sets. A skilled and level-headed business analyst is needed to accomplish this task. Quality is ensured only when the data used in the analysis is properly cleaned of errors, inconsistencies, and missing pieces of data and figures. This requires knowledge of data cleaning that can be easily gained through business analytics courses in Jaipur.

Using data in accordance with current business goals and gaining meaningful insights from it based on guidelines is no easy feat. Business analytics may be simple to grasp but requires hours of eye-straining work and years of experience to contribute ideally the pace of the world today demands it to be so but worry not our recommendations for a business analytics course in Jaipur can help.

Businesses like to be efficient in their use of resources and business analysts bring that to them on a platter. Therefore, there is no reason not to hire competent professionals to ease their technical workload and focus on the creative aspects of product development and collaboration which is easy to do as an alumnus of any one of the business analytics courses in Jaipur that fall in our recommendation list can be trusted.

Moving on from a succinct definition of business analytics and its workings but not jumping directly into our recommendations for the business analytics courses in Jaipur, here’s some insight into the

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Techniques Used In Business Analytics:

Business analytics is replete with techniques that may be broken down into 4 distinct rudimentary classes. These are the most commonly used techniques that help professionals decide the perception and methodology business analysts must adopt to bring reliable and transformative insights to the forefront. They are:


  1. Descriptive Analytics – This refers to the necessary procedure of describing the past and present situation of an organization’s activities and establishing simple relationships with key performance indicators that directly correlate to the successful achievement of specific business objectives and standard objectives as well. Success in both these areas displays steady long-term growth for the business. This technique of analysis is very simplistic and can be held against it as it only seeks to find relationships between variables and does not investigate the reasons for these relationships’ existence.
  2. Predictive Analytics – This technique of analysis forms the major chunk of analysis useful to businesses as it takes into account past actions, trends and patterns and finds ways to understand present circumstances through them, and goes further to predict future trends using both current and past data as a robust foundation. They apply mathematical models and statistical methods to predict outcomes and understand underlying variables with their specific weightage. Predictive analysis also works to find unknown factors and causes that might give a competitive edge to businesses.
  1. Prescriptive Analytics – It is a technique of analysis that acts like the old wise monk, suggesting actions that ought to be taken to engender future events and results that result in a net benefit to the organization and stop processes deleterious to the health of a business in the long term.

This is usually the last analysis applied to any business as it requires a lot of the data that is derived after completing the predictive and descriptive analysis. Without the factual and statistical insights from those analyses, no prescription for optimal action can be formulated.

Such are the various techniques used by business analysts to convert raw and unfiltered data into data sets that can be fit into mathematical models and statistical analysis for business benefit. The complete business analysis cycle works to bring about better outcomes and predict trends before they surface in the real world.

All of the aforementioned information breaks only the surface of business analytics and we believe that some business analytics in Jaipur fit the bill to help a Jaipur resident to learn everything there is to know about this growing field of analysis. There is great potential in anyone who brims with enthusiasm when hearing about the detailed working of a technical field like business analytics. But there might be individuals who have read this far but do not have any clue about the city of Jaipur so here’s a small description of everything that has given it the title of the Pink City of India.


About Jaipur: The Paris of India:

With a glamorous tinge to its architecture, Jaipur is a city of great significance in India. It is a city of innumerable heritage sites whose countenance displays the endorsement of unique ways of architecture and culture promotion adopted by kings who held sway in this region. Today, it is a great tourist destination that boasts a vital position in the Golden Triangle of India. Furthermore, it was recently ranked eighth in the category of the 15 best cities in Asia. As per recent surveys, the economy of Jaipur is not only an important center for the arts but also is an emerging center for the IT industry, ranking highly in the top cities for global outsourcing. Combined with the establishment of important commerce institutions and a conducive eighth rank in the ease of doing business, Jaipur shows promise in business growth and development. These factors combine to form a brilliant opportunity for business analysts in the future who can ride the boom in business with the right preparation provided by business analytics courses in Jaipur that we recommend.

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Business Analytics Courses in Jaipur:

1.     Business Analyst Master Program by Simplilearn:

One of the most cutting-edge business analytics courses in Jaipur that is designed to help professionals garner analysis skills and whet them by sticking to the high standards of the International Institute of Business Analysis. The online course ensures stable success for every alumnus despite the tumultuous environment of business analytics by preparing each student to keep up with updates and changes in all aspects of the field. The course also ingrains all the essential skills to turn you into a professional that can solve even the most troublesome business problems.

Important Features:

  • Provision of Multiple Real Projects & Case Studies
  • Learn Essential Skills for Business Analysts
  • Receive Simplilearn’s Master Certification
  • Attend A Masterclass By IBM Experts
  • Gain 75+ CDUs and PMI PDUs in Totality
  • Sincere Job Assistance
  • Coverage of All Tools Used By Professionals Like Excel, Matplotlib, etc.
  • Provision of 6 Full-Fledged Courses Coupled With 5+ Electives


This course provides its students a learning path to follow that trains them to become job-ready. It subsumes 6 major courses and 7 electives to choose from:

Courses –

  • Certified Business Analysis Professional –

This course contains the basics of the business analyst curriculum and introduces the tools you’ll need to get accustomed to sooner rather than later. It helps  you represent your findings in a visually appealing manner, form effective plans and drum up new solutions to past business problems. It contains 13 lessons, namely:

  • All About the CBAP Certification
  • Introducing BABOK V3
  • Analysis: Proper Planning and Monitoring
  • Collaborating and Eliciting Business Information
  • Managing Life Cycle For Requirements
  • Analysing Business Strategy
  • Defining The Design and Understanding Requirements Analysis
  • Value Evaluation of Solutions
  • Changing Perspectives with Agile
  • Perspective: Business Intelligence Explained
  • Perspective: IT Explained
  • Perspective: Business Architecture Explained
  • Perspective: Business Process Management Explained

Training with Tableau –

This certification aids in the development of data visualization, and reporting and initiates the process of understanding the essence of Tableau that every business analyst must be in touch with during training. The course contains 13 lessons, namely:

  • Introducing The Course
  • All About Data Visualisation and Tableau
  • Data Preparation and Connecting Sources
  • Metadata and How it Works
  • Working the Spotlight
  • Filters and features in Tableau
  • Data Structure
  • Creation of Charts and Graphs of All Kinds
  • Number 2 Spotlight
  • All About Calculations
  • Visual Analytics and Advanced Techniques
  • Value of Dashboard & Stories
  • Spotlight Number 3

Visualization and Analysis of Data (Python):

This course encourages growth beyond basic software for spreadsheet functions and educates you to construct meaningful code to visualize data in Python. The course subsumes 3 sections with a total of 13 lessons in total, namely:

Python Data Analytics:

  1. Objectives of Study
  2. Fundamentals Introduced
  3. Managing Data in Python
  4. Data Analysis for The Purpose of Exploration
  5. Development of Statistical Models
  6. Understanding The Guidelines of Proper Model Evaluation

Python For Data Visualisation:

  1. Welcome to Visualisation
  2. Introducing Python’s Tool Set
  3. Basic Tools For Python
  4. Special Tools For Python
  5. Advanced Tools For Python
  6. Creation of Maps Using Geospatial Measurements

Jupyter Lab by Simplilearn:

  1. A Comprehensive Walk-Through

Optimising For Business Problems with IBM:

Using mathematical programming and code to build models for business optimisation that solve important business issues, powered by IBM’s Decision Optimisation technology. This courses is differentiated in 5 sections:

The Big Picture:

  1. Objectives of The Course
  2. OR Explained
  3. Importance of Optimising
  4. Models of Optimisation

Straight Linear Programming:

  1. Objectives of The Course
  2. Introducing Linear Programming
  3. Part 1: Production Problem
  4. Part 2: Production Problem
  5. Part 3: Production Problem
  6. Solving Linear Programming through Machine Algorithms – 1
  7. Solving Linear Programming through Machine Algorithms – 2

All About Network Models

  1. Objectives of The Course
  2. Network Models: An Introduction
  3. Problems with Transportation
  4. Problems with Transshipment
  5. Problems with Assignment
  6. Problems with Shortest Path
  7. Analysis of Critical Path

Beyond Linear Programming

  1. Objectives of The Course
  2. Convexity And Nonlinearity
  3. Linear Programming Piecewise
  4. Programming with Integers
  5. The Method of Branch and Bound
  6. Programming with Quadratics

Practising Model Creation:

  1. Objectives of The Course
  2. Real World Modeling
  3. Sparsity and Its Importance
  4. Better Models and How to Craft Them
  • Business Analyst Capstone (Real Project)
  • Business Analysis from Harvard Business Case Studies


  • Masterclass by Business Experts
  • CCBA
  • Master of the Agile Scrum
  • Learning SQL
  • R Course of Data Science
  • How to Perform Business Analytics in MS Excel
  • Essentials for Data Science


  • This is one of the best business analytics courses in Jaipur that has EMI options of 4500 INR.
  • The normal price – 54000 INR

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2. Apply Fundamental Data Analysis to Real Business Problems by Harvard Business School Online:

Several business analytics courses in Jaipur may claim to be some of the most prestigious courses in the country. As a matter of fact, they will fall short of what is offered by one of the world’s leading universities, Harvard University, which offers this course. With this course, you will be immersed in the world of business data. You will gain skills that will enable you to provide solutions to business encumbrances and issues in an easy and efficient manner. During the course, you’ll become accustomed to trends, relationships between business variables and other aspects like the back of your hand. You will also learn about confidence intervals in detail and methods of regression in a way that makes it easy to understand. This will position you to be a professional who can separate the wheat from the chaff. Understanding A/B testing on websites and sampling to check inventory are just some actions that this course teaches you.

Important Features:

  • World Class Instructors and Learning
  • Online and Up-to-Date Curriculum
  • Case-Based Learning to Prepare You For The Real World
  • Extremely Beginner-Friendly and Little Requirements for Learning
  • Prestigious HBSO Completion Certificate
  • Flexible Course Work on Through An Online Medium
  • Scholarships are Available for Those Who Can’t Afford Fees


This is one of those business analytics courses in Jaipur that subsume 5 major modules, namely:

  • Summarisation and Description of Data:

An understanding of how data sets and variables affect the business analysis. Through the exercises in this course, students will be able to represent data using Excel and other programs.

  • Focusing on Creating Samples & Estimations:

Following a case study of Amazon, you will learn to create samples and conduct veritable estimation through exercises where you’ll calculate sample statistics and confidence intervals. This module also deals with survey questions.

  • Working with A Hypothesis:

Learning to balance the evidence between the arguments and counterarguments for your hypothesis. Assess the effect of a change on a population as a whole or an estimation of it using MS Excel and learn to conduct an A/B test on a website and interpret the results thoroughly.

  • Methods of Regression- Singular Variables:

Analyzing the relationship between two key companies and predicting figures with the help of a Walt Disney Studios case study. In order to understand regression of this kind and much more, the exercises for this module focus on box office and home video sales as variables.

  • Methods of Regression- Multiple Variables:

By using Caesars Entertainment as the central case study, you will learn how to use this sort of regression when three or more variables are involved, reflecting real-life scenarios, and thus, rendering better data forecasts, as it reflects real-life scenarios. Taking the instance of hotel staffing as an example, this quantitative technique is applied further by using a dummy and lagged variables.

All of these modules are great learning opportunities encompassing all the important job skills required by a business analyst. In an eight-week course, there is the provision of a great testing opportunity with a quiz under each module and proper deadlines that are essential to meet if you wish to grab the HBSO certification. Thus, when enrolment is available, this is the quintessential business analytics in Jaipur.


This course requires a proper application submission to pass.

  • $1750 (1,42,878 INR)

Also check,

FAQs (Business Analytics Courses in Jaipur):

1. What is the Scope of Business Analytics?

As per business analytics courses in Jaipur, business analytics is a means to add value to a business without cutting labor or falling into the trap of illegal activities. Business analytics helps in cutting off much-needed fat from business courses and tracks and predicts the trends of KPIs that are symptomatic of the long-term health of businesses. Business analytics helps in processing of valuable data that previously flew under the radar and in the new world of data as an asset, scores the business an edge over others.   As per studies, the business has added value of up to 9.5 trillion dollars in revenue to stakeholders who invested early like Walmart, and continues to garner similar, thus, the future of business analytics is as secure as ever.

2. What kind of businesses or industries hire business analytics professionals?

Nowadays, business analysts are highly sought after by many companies, hence the importance of business analysis and the benefits of enrolling in business analytics courses in Jaipur. These professionals have a wide selection of jobs and are not limited to one type of business or industry. Many leading companies such as Accenture, Tata Services, Deloitte, and IBM are looking for business analytics talent to help them enhance their financial and marketing campaigns for a bigger slice of the pie. As a result, high-level service jobs are still present in this sector and will continue to refocus on leaps and bounds as the sector makes larger leaps in profit and value for categories.

3. How to bag the role of business analyst in India after completion of one of the aforementioned business analytics courses in Jaipur?

Applying for a business analyst or any job that includes statistical analysis is an easy way to apply the skills you have learned. Jobs for business analysts can be found on online job sites like LinkedIn, Naukri.com, etc.

4. What is the average pay received by a business analyst in India?

Salaries for business analytics professionals range from INR 6-7 million per year. Combining work experience, work quality, and portfolio development with other skills makes it relatively easy to raise an analyst’s salary.


Our recommendations are solid and comprehensive and we hope that they help you become the best professional you can.

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