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Top 6 Business Analytics Courses In Ahmedabad With Live Training

This article will prove how much companies value business analytics so that they can draw conclusions from raw data which will be used for predicting customer purchasing habits, preferences, tastes, trends, and patterns. Here, you will also come across the institutes that are providing business analytics courses in Ahmedabad.

Business Analytics Courses In Ahmedabad

What does Business Analytics mean?

Business analytics, a business intelligence subset and a data management solution, refers to the use of methodologies such as statistical analysis, data mining, and predictive analytics to analyse and convert data into workable information, recognise and predict trends and results, and ultimately take wise, data-powered business decisions.

The Primary Elements of a Normal Business Analytics Dashboard Include the Following:

  • Data Combination – Before analysis, data must first be acquired, arranged, and refined, either by transactional records or volunteered data.
  • Data Mining – Data mining for business analytics categorises large datasets using machine learning databases, statistics, and, statistics to recognise trends and form relationships.
  • Relation and order Recognition – The recognition of anticipated actions that are conducted in connection with other actions or by order.  
  • Text Mining – Discovers and arranges enormous, unarranged datasets of texts for quantitative and qualitative analysis.
  • Predicting – Examines historical data from a particular period to make intelligent predictions that are predictive of present or future occurrences or behaviours.
  • Predictive Analytics – Using a range of statistical procedures, predictive business analytics builds predictive models that extract information from datasets, detect trends, and offer a predicted score for several company results.
  • Optimizing – After detecting trends and forecasts have been made, businesses can engage in simulation techniques to test out best-case scenarios.
  • Data Visualizing – Offers visual presentations like graphs and charts for simple and fast data analysis.

The basics of business analytics can be divided into three categories: descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics. Descriptive analytics examines past data to determine how a unit may react to a collection of variables; predictive analytics evaluates historical data to figure out the possibility of specific upcoming results; and prescriptive analytics combines descriptive analytics, which provides insight into what occurred, with predictive analytics, which provides insight into what will likely occur in the future, offering a method by which users can foresee what may occur when it will occur, and why it will occur.

Examples of business analytics include the management and operation of clinical information systems in the healthcare sector, the development of retention efforts for casinos, the monitoring of player expenditure, and the simplifying of fast-food restaurants by observing peak customer hours and figuring out the best times to prepare specific foods based on assembly times.

To ingest and analyse the huge volume of datasets that businesses face and can use for the best possible business operations, advanced, high-quality business analytics software platforms and solutions were designed and developed.

Business Intelligence versus Business Analytics

Although the terms “business intelligence” and “business analytics” might be used indiscriminately and for comparable reasons, both disciplines have different main objectives. The primary focus of business intelligence analytics is descriptive analytics, which combines the collection of data, storing of data, and management knowledge using data analysis to assess historical data and offer new viewpoints into already-known information. Energy business intelligence, for instance, can help companies in making wise decisions about new investments in the renewable resources and Oil & Gas sectors, while energy analytics can boost market expansion.

Prescriptive analytics, which uses machine learning, data mining, and modeling to predict likely future results, is the main emphasis of business analytics. Business intelligence essentially responds to the queries “What occurred?” and “What needs to be changed?” and the questions “Why is this occurring?” What happens if this trend will continue? ” “What will occur after this?,” and “What will occur if we alter something?” are all addressed by business analytics. The order and motive of business intelligence and business analytics tools frequently overlap.

Top Six Business Analytics Courses in Ahmedabad

1. ACTE 

ACTE is a premier institute that offers one of the best business analytics courses in Ahmedabad. ACTE’s training program aims to deliver high-standard training that will teach dynamic necessary expertise on central concepts using a practical method. ACTE’s advanced certified Business Analytics Courses in Ahmedabad will allow you to assess industrial company analyst concepts and comprehend industrial company planning, process evaluation, STLC, SDLC, and, software program used by trying out forms. In the online training course, the institute’s trainers will train you on necessity collecting, necessity validation, describing necessity architecture, and, developing and designing UML diagrams.

While you get trained, you can paint on real-time responsibilities to fetch practical expertise and experience in industrial company examination procedure toolkit 1 and industrial company examination procedure toolkit 2. Broaden your business analytics career with robust Microsoft Excel abilities by way of enrolling in this special Business Analytics Courses in Ahmedabad which consists of training on Microsoft Power BI.  

These usually applied tools, combined with respected industrial company analytics certification will go on to help you to establish a long and successful career.

Highlights of the Brilliant Business Analytics Courses in Ahmedabad Are as Follows:

  • 40 plus hours of practical training
  • Three plus live online projects for practical learning
  • 25 plus practical assignments
  • 24*7 access to course material for a Lifetime

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

2. ExcelR 

Organizations all around the world have opted to analyse the massive amounts of data that they produce as part of their daily business. These organizations gain heavily from insightful information from their conducted analysis that will go a long way in increasing their profitability. Being a leader in the area of upskilling students in data analytics, ExcelR has developed and designed advanced Business Analytics Courses in Ahmedabad that closely meet the needs of the market. Apart from its central training program, ExcelR is renowned for its exceptional customer service. Students can get assistance from a specialized assignments staff with their problems.

Tools Taught in the special Business Analytics Courses in Ahmedabad:

  • Microsoft Excel (Basic Plus Advanced)
  • Tableau
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • SAS 
  • Programming R
  • Python 
  • Agile

Who Should Enrol in this Exceptional Business Analytics Courses in Ahmedabad

  • Students who are from engineering, commerce, and, science backgrounds
  • Professionals from KPO and BPO domain
  • Freshers belonging to any stream who have outstanding logical and analytical skills
  • Professionals belonging to any stream who have outstanding logical and analytical skills
  • Professionals from a management background
  • Accounting and finance professionals

Features of this comprehensive Business Analytics Courses in Ahmedabad:

  • Sector Brilliant Tutors
  • Customised Program Syllabus
  • E-learning Access
  • Assignments
  • Gain experience by working on live online Projects
  • Combined model coaching
  • Post-coaching assistance
  • Job placement support and assistance
  • Associate support

3. Ahmedabad University 

All students, including those who have no previous analytics knowledge, are given an introduction to Business Analytics in this rigorous Business Analytics Courses in Ahmedabad. The students will gain knowledge of how data analysts define, forecast, and inform business decisions in the particular functional areas of operations, human resources, marketing, and finance. The rigorous Business Analytics Courses in Ahmedabad will support students in gaining a basic understanding of data and an analytical mentality that will enable them to make data-driven decisions. The student’s final project will require them to put their knowledge to use in interpreting a set of actual data and recommending suitable business strategies.

Other Courses You Might want to Check in Ahmedabad:

4. Simplilearn 

Because of the crucial function they serve, business analysts are in high demand throughout all organizations. For those with the necessary skills, this can be a very satisfying career. Business analyst training from Simplilearn is a must since it improves business analyst skills and helps one to transition into a great business analyst. With the help of this thorough Business Analyst course in Ahmedabad, one can become an expert in Agile ScrumMaster, Microsoft Excel, CBAP, SQL, Tableau, CCBA, and Agile Scrum Fundamental. To assist students in obtaining practical experience and advancing in their careers, the Business Analyst Accredited learning experience is combined with practical-world projects.

You can boost your business analysis career with the aid of this exclusive course created in collaboration with IBM. With great training from well-known sector analysis leaders, you will acquire the most sought-after business analysis skills.

The Following Skills Will Help You Become Adept in This Course and Help You Become a Certificated Business Analyst:

  • Become specialised in the skills of management of cycle
  • Acquiring knowledge in the domain of actual issues
  • Acing the skills the tools needed in Business Analytics supervising and planning
  • Grasping how to build engaging dashboards
  • Grasping SQL concepts, primarily SQL command and Universal Query Tool (UQT)
  • Comprehending how to do basic and advanced Scrum projects
  • Specialist in review, Agile Scrum management of Scrum, regular synchronization, applications, and, sprint planning
  • Knowing the method of application of Scrum in the company
  • Learning basic and advanced Microsoft Excel
  • Grasping business analysis key concepts and business analysis core concept model
  • Grasping the concepts of recognition, offering solutions, preparing analytical reports, and, completing tasks

Who Should Participate

For ambitious business analysts, especially recent college grads, the business analyst training is excellent. Additionally, a wide range of other personality types stands to gain from this, including new business analysts, professionals in finance and banking, in the field of project management, sales managers, supply chain managers, and marketers, as well as people wishing to launch exciting careers in data analytics.


  • Provided in collaboration with IBM
  • Get content and certificate from IBM
  • Live interaction with IBM leadership
  • IIBA Approved Education Giver
  • Capstone from 14 plus projects and three domains
  • Get sector experience with EVCard and Harvard Business Case studies of Pearson
  • Job Assist
  • CV/Resume assistance, access to the job portal, and, career guidance

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5. Fingertips

To give you the greatest learning experience possible, the Data Science and Business Intelligence Program was created in collaboration with the E&ICT Academy at IIT Guwahati and sector masters. You will gain a thorough knowledge of Business Intelligence and Data Science through this six-month online program. You will get trained by E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati and top-tier industry specialists in the disciplines of business intelligence and data science during these advanced Business Analytics Courses in Ahmedabad. Anybody can enrol in this certification program, regardless of technical or technological background. You will be able to learn the skills that the majority of top organizations are looking for with the aid of practical training, actual data projects under the direction of industry leaders, and 100 percent career guidance.

In-depth training in the most sought-after Data Science and Business Intelligence skills is provided in this program, along with exposure to key technologies and tools like Machine Learning, Tableau, SQL, Microsoft Power BI, Python, and many others. This curriculum aids in your preparation for careers in business intelligence and data science, including those of insights analyst and analyst, BI manager, BI architect, BI developer, data analyst and engineer, data scientist, and other jobs. In order to get a certificate, advance your career, and excel in both professions simultaneously, the institute’s training route covers all the basics of both data science and business intelligence.

Skills Covered:

  • Data Science
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualizing
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Business Intelligence
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Data Modeling
  • Power Charts

Tools Covered:

  • Python
  • NumPy
  • Pandas
  • Tensorflow
  • SciPy
  • Matplotlib
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Power BI
  • SQL

Course Highlights:

  • Get trained by E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati Teachers and Industry Experts
  • 100% Job Assistance
  • Prepare for technical and HR interview rounds
  • Sector-focused coaching roadways
  • 20 plus Industry case studies and projects
  • 400 and more hours of rigorous learning
  • Sector-focused syllabus
  • 24×7 Support for LMS
  • Specialised Program Manager
  • Three Assured Interviews
  • Get certified by E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati

6. Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA)

IIMA offers a 16-month diploma course called the e-PGD-ABA. It is intended to assist working professionals in gaining the fundamental information and skills needed to create the proper queries, analyse the right data to answer them, and then make decisions based on the knowledge received from the analysis. Thus, the intensely focused business analytics course in Ahmedabad provides a structure for turning data into information that is combined into an efficient business decision-making procedure. Briefly stated, the program’s main goal is to develop a blend of experience in data “literate,” data processing, and business sense. IIMA is adamant that the current standard for the analytics profession is this special blend of skills.

The program offers a carefully considered combination of courses on machine learning processes and tools, data visualization, analysis and modeling of a wide range of data sets of various sizes, cloud computing, and finally, domain-particular uses of data analytics in finance, human resources, public policy and operations, and marketing, as well as the skills necessary to package examination output into business imputations that can assist with making decisions. It is not necessary to have formal college-level statistical or technical knowledge, the only prerequisite is a genuine desire to understand how to use data to improve your organization. A regular employee with a minimum of two years of experience, preferably in the field of analytics, is the program’s target audience. The goal is to improve their skills and get them ready to fill leadership roles and take on more responsibility within the organization in the future. A deliberate combination of on-campus and online classes is used to deliver the program.

IIMA is the best place to learn about cutting-edge analytics uses in all functional areas of business and public policy. Its renowned academics, many of whom are actively involved in the cutting-edge study and consulting in the field of analytics, constitute the institute’s most distinctive strength. Additionally, the curriculum makes use of the vast alumni network and the capabilities of industry professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Describe the duties and tasks of a Business Analyst Professional.

Here are the duties and tasks that are performed by an impact BI developer:

  • Learn the business required and build data models subsequently
  • Responsible for style technique and documentation of projects
  • Enhancing KPI scorecards, visual reports, and dashboards, by employing Microsoft Power BI Desktop
  • Extremely efficient in analytical research for converting data into informative visuals and stories
  • Brilliant in building DAX queries on the Business Analyst desktop

Q2. What tools are used by Business Analysts?

Here are some tools that are used by business analysts:

  • Business Analyst service
  • Business Analyst Data Gateway
  • Business Analyst Report Server
  • Business Analyst Mobile Apps
  • Data Combination
  • Data Analysing
  • Data Portrayal

Q3. Can I get a job after completing the business analytics course?

The fact that data is dispersed throughout the world is obvious. The information provides companies of all sizes with the data necessary to monitor deals and implications, exhibit new products and advantages, and invigorate Data-driven business decisions. Information ranges from fundamental figures to multifaceted recipes. Brands must acquire, dismember, and set out to use these vast informational indexes in order to achieve optimum execution and maintain a strategic advantage.

Business inspectors could become the strongest impact at this point. Business examiners obtain, disseminate, and supervise organization information as contacts between internal offices. IT business specialists, information assessment researchers, frame investigators, business specialist directors, and software engineering information examiners are some of the professional demands that business investigator scouts aspire to fulfil.

Q4. Can you tell me about the Scope of a career as a professional of a Business Analyst

Here is the scope of a business analyst professional:

  • The Business Analyst works with the business companies to view the opportunities so that business cycles and activities get enhanced
  • The Business Analyst is dealing with the planning and modification of the framework of business
  • Their essential job is to acquire, record, and assess various business requirements
  • Furthermore, they are engaged in dealing with business issues as needed and planning dedicated affairs
  • Moreover, they provide their assistance to assess the frame and create the documentation of framework and client manuals

Q5. What skills must I possess to be a Business Analyst?

You will build the following skills:

  • Ace concepts like knowledge visualizing and combination
  • Moreover, they are accountable for reporting specialized and utilitarian plans of business frameworks
  • To make sure that the frame is performed accurately, they need to connect with the framework designers and draftsmen
  • The Business inspector additionally cooperates, collaborates, and coordinates with the teammates, partners, and educated authorities to understand their problems and requirements
  • Utilise and execute custom visuals
  • Conduct knowledge cohering and data formatting

Q6. Is it necessary to learn coding for the business analytics program?

No, you need not learn coding.

Q7. What is the average salary of a Business Analyst developer?

A Business Analyst specialist in India earns 387,188 USD per annum on average. 

Q8. What additional skills will I learn to become a Business Analyst?

You will also learn the following skills:

  • Communication skills – Business examiners should work in assemblers, assembling here and there thick, dedicated data and presenting it to broad-going partners in the company.
  • Business critical reasoning and knowledge – Business examiners should understand several characteristics of the company they are working with and for. They should have the choices to grab the jobs of different people and offices, and how these offices interface and are dependent on one another.
  • Technical skills – Business specialists might employ a broad scope of dedicated projects, recall programs for information consumption, wireframing, the executives of requirements, and the presentation of results.


By now, you must have learned how much companies value business analytics. Thus, this article has proven that business analytics is so much value that they can draw conclusions from raw data which will be used for predicting customer purchasing habits, preferences, tastes, trends, and, patterns. Once again recapitulating, Business analytics, business intelligence subset, and a data management solution, refer to the use of methodologies such as statistical analysis, data mining, and, predictive analytics in order to analyze and convert data into workable information, recognize and predict trends and results, and ultimately take wise data-powered business decisions. Moreover, this article may have turned out to be quite helpful for you as this will help you in selecting the best institute for learning business analytics, regardless of whether you are an individual or an organization. 

Arka Roy Chowdhury has done his post-graduate diploma course from Asian College of Journalism. Previously, he has worked at a few publications. Currently, he is an intern at IIM skills. Arka is an avid reader of sports and entertainment news.

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