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6 Business Accounting And Taxation Course Colleges In Mumbai

This pandemic has brought a new way of looking at our life to everyone, to have something of your own, something that can withstand, and sustain our survival no matter what the conditions are! Post pandemic, the growth of new and young entrepreneurs has increased tremendously, wanting to have their own business. So to own a business one needs to understand, handle and run it according to the laws laid down by a government. Thus, it is imperative to understand the account handling and tax which is related to the business. So we bring to you some of the best Business Accounting and Taxation Course Colleges in Mumbai, as Mumbai is the financial capital of India, which teaches the fundamentals of account handling and maintenance.

List of best business accounting and taxation course colleges in Mumbai

Dig into the details about the best business accounting and taxation course colleges in Mumbai.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. What do we mean by Business accounting and taxation
  3. What purpose does it serve you
  4. How this course will be beneficial to you?
  5. What makes this course so important?
  6. What is the Scope of the Business Accounting And Taxation Course?
  7. Top 6 Business Accounting and Taxation Course Colleges in Mumbai.
  8. FAQ’s
  9. Conclusion

What Do We Mean by Business Accounting and Taxation?

Business accounting and taxation popularly known as BAT is the most fundamental course in the field of commerce. BAT is a combination of two different sections of commerce, one is about Business/Finance Accounting, and the second is about taxation. Now let’s understand the two terms in a layman’s language.

Business Accounting: It is a process of keeping track of a company’s financial transactions, it involves evaluating, documenting, and interpreting financial documents.

Taxation: It is a method of revenue collection by a Government body; it’s like paying a portion of your earnings to your government. It levies fees on individuals, groups of individuals or businesses to create a cash flow that can be used to fund the country’s development and the growth of an economy.

The BAT includes the account management and involvement of tax in any financial processes of any corporation or an organization.

What Purpose Does It Serve You?

The purpose of the business accounting and taxation course colleges in Mumbai is to provide students with fundamental knowledge of accounting concepts, taxation, payroll policies, and the integral disciplines of Economics. It will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills for managing an organization that spans various departments such as sales, accounting, finance, and taxation.

Accounting is critical in today’s technological world because it is the language of any organization, corporation, or enterprise, large or small, and it is at the heart of making informed business decisions. Managers would not know which goods were successful, which business decisions were correct, or whether the company was profitable if there was no accounting. 

It would have no idea how much taxes to pay, whether to lease or buy an asset, or whether to join with another business. Accounting and taxation, in simple terms, isn’t just about counting beans; it’s about a company’s success, and its goals, and it helps investors understand how efficiently their economic resources are being used.

To make a good profitable business, companies must be proficient in accounting and taxation. To fully understand what this course entails, it is critical to first investigate the concepts of Business Accounting and Taxation, which are the backbone of this program. So, this article on Business Accounting and Taxation Course Colleges in Mumbai will dive deep into what this course will offer you.

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Let’s Understand How This Course Will Be Beneficial to You!

The benefits that Accounting & Taxation course offers to any applicant are that it clears all the doubts about the principles of accounting and taxation, direct and indirect taxes, TDS and TCS, and enhances the understanding of income tax, among other things. All the important and necessary subjects on accounting like Excel, preparing asset reports on Excel, Tally, Cost Accounting, Financial Accounting, basics of Direct and Indirect Taxes, as well as GST are dealt with under this course. 

Moreover, all the essential components of financing, such as earnings, costs, gains and losses, net gain, resources, liabilities, and proprietors’ along with the expertise in financial summaries and monetary policies are covered in this course. With the growing number of startups blooming in the country on a smaller as well as on a bigger scale in India, it is imperative to gain knowledge of this subject, be it at a master level or a beginner level. 

Learning at least the basic concepts of it by any new entrepreneur who wants to build his or her new business or a start-up in this emerging market, or anyone who is already in the field of finance is quintessential.

Name any sector in the market, be it pharmaceutical, Automobile, Information technology, Banking, FMCG, Import and Export, Transportation, etc, all the industries require an individual who can understand and manage all the accounts to run a company progressively.

So in this article on Business Accounting and Taxation Course Colleges in Mumbai, we shall discuss all necessities involved in this course in detail.

What Makes This Course So Important?

Businesses and organizations invest a significant amount of effort and money to maintain track of their financial transactions and records these works require an expert individual who can manage these procedures through accounting and taxation. Accounting is a critical component in successfully managing a company’s financial activities.

Can you just imagine how a corporation would function without accounting if;

  • One does not keep a track of materials ordered! materials dispatched! salary paid to the employees!…
  • One just can’t manage and present the financial gains and losses of any firm to stakeholders!

This is just impossible without accounting. To run any type of business, whether small or large, you’ll need data, records, reports, analysis of all the financial transactions, and managing data on assets, debts, obligations, and earnings; this is why accounting is so crucial for every organization.

Thus accounting helps us in many important ways like;

  • Accounting aids in the creation of profiles of accounts for all expenditures made by businesses. Just consider your electricity bill account would need management! Accounting aids in determining future profit and revenue.
  • Accounting clarifies whose decisions and strategies are costing the company money.
  • Accounting aids in determining how much profit a company makes each year.
  • Accounting aids businesses in determining what price to charge for a product.
  • [To know more about How to prepare for an Accountant interview, click on the below link by IIM Skills.]

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What Is the Scope of Business Accounting and Taxation Course?

With the technological advancement in current times, a lot of data can be generated and stored by a company or a firm which would require skilled manpower for managing the whole financial data smartly and quickly. Thus this requires a trained individual with sound knowledge of accountancy and taxation to structure a company’s financial budget, audits, taxation, and help in maintaining the business activities.

Business accounting and taxation course offer graduate a better-paying job with high prospects as it provides the candidates with a deep insight into taxation, financing, auditing, analysis, indirect and direct taxation, etc. The average salary offered to a graduate range between INR 2 to 8 Lacs per annum, making an individual achieve positions of;

  • Accountant
  • Executive accountant
  • Professor
  • Tax policy analyst
  • Assistant manager
  • Corporation taxation
  • Revenue agent
  • Personal finance consultant
  • Executive indirect taxation
  • Employment tax specialist

If you’re considering making a career in accounting or upgrading your knowledge in the field of business accounting and taxation then you have landed on the correct article on Business Accounting and Taxation Course Colleges in Mumbai which will guide you with the knowledge of different colleges in Mumbai.

 Top 6 Business Accounting and Taxation Course Colleges in Mumbai.

Rank# 1. Business Accounting and Taxation Course Colleges in Mumbai


Founded by Vaibhav Kakkar, IIM SKILLS saw the light of the day to quench the thirst for knowledge of individuals seeking high-quality training in promising careers. Since 2015, the institute has ushered to pull out varied in-demand short-term courses to help people achieve their dream careers.

Riding high on the success of its finest education, the institute soon garnered positive responses from people around the world to become a global leader.

The institute is known to be an excellent support system for people to make their career wishes come true. Having already trained more than 2500 students across the globe, the institute prides itself.

Being an online course provider, IIM Skills has blurred the boundaries between nations and become a universal success. All its courses are online with flexible time batches to suit the needs of people from all walks of life.

Course Name: Business Accounting & Taxation Course

Recognized by: Govt. of India

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Admission Criteria: Pursuing Graduation, Graduation or Equivalent

Program Fee: 34,900 + 18% Taxes

Placement Support: 100% Placements & 1 Month Assured Internship

Mode of Delivery: Live Online Zoom Classroom

Next Batch:

Weekday Batch - 28th May 2024

Every Tue, Wed & Thur - 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM (IST)


Accounting and Accounting in Tally
  • Business Accounting
  • Advance Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime
  • Advanced Accounting in Tally
GST and GST in Tally
  • Basics of GST
  • GST in Tally
  • GST Filing
TDS and TDS in Tally
  • Basics of TDS
  • TDS in Tally
  • TDS filing
Payroll and Payroll with Tally
  • Basics Payroll
  • Payroll with Tally
Income Tax with Tally
  • Basics of Income Tax with Tally
  • Income Tax E-Filing
Advanced Excel and MIS Reporting
  • Advance Excel
  • MIS Reporting and Financials

Features of the BAT Course:

IIM Skills Master BAT Course is a superior quality program smearing the lines between theoretical and practical knowledge. Balancing out the needs as per the industry standards, the course is designed to make you job-ready by the end of the course.

After extensive research and thought inputs, the course is expertly curated by the industry veterans to teach, engage, and develop your skills. Thus, making you successful business accounting professionals. Delivered by top-level CAs, the programs equip you with the ins and outs of the industry. Additionally, they arm you with the essential tools, techniques, and tips to make a mark for yourself.

Simultaneously, you get to work on the following tools and software to up your game in the business accounting world:

  • Tally
  • Advanced Excel
  • GST
  • Quickbooks

Salient Features:

With a strong commitment to imparting skills and acquisitions in the realm of business accounting and taxation, the expert mentors take all the pains to make you understand each and every concept appropriately. Moreover, they go the extra mile to resolve all your doubts in between the sessions as well as post-learning sessions. With an all-time 24*7 support, they make sure you are connected to them at all times for counseling, suggestions, and queries.


  • 100% practical training
  • Interactive lectures for better engagement and comprehension
  • Absolute inductor-led classes and session recording are available
  • Hands-on weekly assignments, case studies, and projects to acquire a working knowledge
  • Free ebooks and resource material
  • Internship opportunities
  • Dedicated placement cell for placement assistance
  • Master certifications

Email Id: [email protected]

Rank# 2. Business Accounting and Taxation Course Colleges in Mumbai

2. EduPristine 

EduPristine was founded in 2008 by four commerce professionals from MNCs like Standard Chartered, Goldman Sachs, S & P, and Accenture to come up with accurate and industry-relevant knowledge for all those who seek quality education in the field of commerce.

With unimagined responses from all over the world in a short span, EduPristine became a premier finance training provider around the world. EduPristine is one of the oldest partners of Becker Professional Education- the world leader in US CPA and US CMA content and BSE Institute for the Financial Modeling program

It delivers corporate training to numerous marque partners like Big 4, IIM Indore, IIM Kolkata, FMS Delhi, and Mahindra Institute of Quality. It has trained over 60,000 students since its inception and over 5 million hours of training delivered.

Features About the Course:

EduPristine provides Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation (PGP-BAT) which is an experimental and practical learning course, which is conceptualized in aiding students to become industry-ready accounting professionals.

The course is organized, planned, and edited by industry experts, and is focused on applied learning, to engage the students in case studies and assignments, that will transform the way how work is done and understand their job easily. Their Career Services staff will assist students in developing the necessary soft skills and preparing for job interviews.

Course Syllabus:

The syllabus is designed in 9 modules for 6 months including 14 projects.

  • Basics of Accounting and Accounting with Tally ERP
  • Basics of GST & GST with Tally
  • Direct Tax & Application in Tally 
  • Payroll and its Components
  • Excel for Accounting & MIS
  • Finalization of Financial Statements
  • BUSY Software 
  • SAP
  • Soft Skills

Salient Features

They are committed to improving your skills with changing times and teach you to be focused, committed, and consistent in your learnings. Their unique teaching style allows students to face real-life obstacles and events by providing practical training to students to work in the accounting field facing real-world challenges and forcing students to apply what they’ve learned in class and prepare for the realities of the workplace. They provide extra mentoring to students during the program, in addition to lectures, for assistance and problem-solving.


  • The lectures are divided into two parts; conceptual knowledge and practical application
  • Live online classes 
  • Unparalleled customer support 
  • The actual application of the principles taught in online classes 
  • Hands-on training on accounting software, and other necessary tools.
  • 100% Job assistance.

On completion of the course, 1 PG-BAT certificate and 3 Software certificates will be provided with this course. 


EduPristine, 702, Raaj Chambers, 115, R.K. Paramhans Marg, near to Andheri Subway, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400069 

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Rank# 3. Business Accounting and Taxation Course Colleges in Mumbai

3. Laqshya Institute Of Skills Training

Laqshya Institute of Skills Training is a Government Recognised & ISO Certified Institute in the field of education founded in the year 2009 to promote Technical & Non Technical education in the state of Maharashtra covering the majority of fields of Software, IT, Accounts, Taxation, Finance, Banking, and HR.

It offers the best Taxation education in Mumbai, with 100% practical classroom training for beginners and placement opportunities for students to become Accounts professionals. They provide practical classroom coaching and tutorials for Accounting and Taxation courses, by which they achieve the required competence in the industry.

Features of the Course:

Their online Certified Accounting and Taxation course will assist students in gaining the much-needed practical knowledge through live projects and understanding of the required knowledge in preparing students to operate in the real business world.

They undertake a limited batch size of only 8 students to provide individualized attention among all the students. They provide leverage for working professionals by conducting weekend batches & daily batches for freshers along with a dedicated placement team for company partnerships & job placements.

Course syllabus:

  • Basic Accounting 
  • Advanced Tally Entries & Practical Accounts
  • Accounts Finalization
  • Income Tax
  • Tax Deducted at Source – TDS
  • Goods & Services Tax – GST

Salient Features

They have designed a specially tailored course program for freshers and working professionals separately and will receive completely separate training programs according to the needs that both these categories fit in to develop their abilities in the promising fields of accounting, finance, banking, and taxation. 

Their research and development team has created a fully practical accounting and taxes course after a thorough examination of numerous businesses, that is updated monthly following Government of India standards. All the sessions are recorded and at the end of each session, every participant will receive the video clip of each online class.


  • Live Projects
  • 100% Practical Training
  • Govt Form Filling and e-Filling process
  • Course delivery through experienced Chartered Accountants
  • Free Notes and Study Material
  • Sunday Batches available on request
  • 100% Placement Assistance

Contact details:

Email:[email protected]


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Rank# 4. Business Accounting and Taxation Course Colleges in Mumbai

4. ICA Edu skills

ICA Edu Skills is one of the best and oldest training institutes In Mumbai and one of the pioneers in the retail education sector in providing job-guaranteed courses in India. It aims at eradicating unemployment, especially among the youth, and upliftment of society since 1999.

Course Features:

This is an advanced course known as the TallyPrime with Business Accounting – GST – TDS – Microsoft office, which provides advanced Learning for Business Accounting to track the Systematic Recording, analyzing; interpreting, and presenting financial information of the Business.

It is popular accounting software for small, large, and medium businesses and gaining importance because of its capabilities and functionalities. The taxation part is covered under the GST and TDS section of the course. Recruiters from the top companies are always looking out for certified GST consultants but often end up finding unskilled candidates. 

Course Syllabus:

This is a short-term course designed in 6 modules having a total duration of 170 Hrs eligible for 12+ or graduate-level students.

  • Business Accounting 
  • TallyPrime 
  • Goods & Services Tax (GST) 
  • TDS 
  • MS Office

Salient Features 

This course at ICA Edu skills trains their candidates following the premium standards of the industry and makes them into certified GST experts and get hired by reputed organizations after the course. ICA Edu Skills has taken the initiative to follow modules that are practical-oriented, thereby adding up to the skill-sets of the students.


Apart from guaranteed job placement and the opportunity to work in MNCs, they offer paid internship programs. It also conducts periodic campus mock interviews, Industry visits, and Job fairs which aids in the placement of eligible candidates.


Phone: 8820-004-000

Email: [email protected]

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Rank# 5. Business Accounting and Taxation Course Colleges in Mumbai

5. IBA Training – Institute of Business Applications

The Institute of Business Applications (IBA) is one of the well-known business accounting and taxation course colleges in Mumbai. It is regarded as one of India’s highest-quality education service providers. They offer premium and advanced level IT as well as non-IT courses which include, GST, IFRS, Financial Modeling, IND-AS, VBA Programming, SAP, and ERP, which are industry-relevant courses in their comprehensive portfolio.

Features of the Course:

They offer a practical accounting and taxation skills course called the PACT course for all applicants who want to improve their skills in accounting and improve their carrier prospects in the field of account management.

Any individual who has the desire to learn or the Graduates, Professionals, and business owners who want to gain expertise for themselves, their organization, or their own business can take up the Practical Accounts and Taxation course.

Course Syllabus:

  • Account up to finalization
  • Accounting standard
  • Payroll
  • Audit
  • Financial report analysis
  • Income tax
  • GST
  • TDS

Salient Features

Pact course is available with flexible weekdays & weekend batches so that a student or any working professional could join considering their flexible timings. It offers more than 100 sessions, and the course is designed by industry experts and provides 100% job placement. 


  • Students develop the best practical skills with their training
  • Easiest Method of Explanation
  • Provide the best Learning Environment
  • Guide Career Opportunities
  • Builds confidence and self-esteem
  • Encourage independent working


604, 6th floor, Ganesh Tower, Dada Patil Marg, Near platform 1, Thane, West- 400602. 

Mobile: 9820337194

Email: [email protected]

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Rank# 6. Business Accounting and Taxation Course Colleges in Mumbai

6. Elite Accounts Academy

Elite accounts academy is an excellent education institute started by Mr. Nitin Nayak who is a practicing chartered accountant and GST practitioner by profession. He has started the business accounting and taxation course colleges in Mumbai which has been designed by his team of Chartered Accountants, Industry & Taxation experts, keeping in mind the knowledge of accounting, taxation, software, and other skill sets required by the upcoming business entrepreneurs or account executives.

The academy aims to build professional accountants and GST experts by providing training from faculty members who are practicing CA’s.

The Course Features:

  • Concepts of Accounting, Taxation, GST, TDS and Advance tax
  • Accounting, GST, TDS entries
  • Tax payment and return filing
  • GST in taxes

Fees: Their course fees range from 2000/- to 5000/- INR.


Their classes are conducted on weekends and weekdays so that an applicant can enroll according to their needs. All the lectures at the Elite accounts academy are conducted online on the Zoom video calling app and provide the first two demo lectures free of cost.


Andheri Centre

B-404, Vertex Vikas, Opp. station 

road, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. 400069.

Charni Road Centre

Office No. 4, 2nd Floor, Aradhana CHS, Near to Central Plaza, Above the Top 10 Mobile Shop, Charni Road East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. 400004.

Contact Details: 8928639890/9769237599

Email: [email protected]


1. What is a BAT course?

Business Accounting and Taxation is a course about accounting and taxation, wherein Accounting deals with a company’s financial transactions and evaluates documents, and interprets the financial documents & the Taxation deals with a method of revenue collection by an authorized government body from your earnings. It levies fees on individuals, groups of individuals or businesses to create a cash flow that can be used to fund the country’s development and the growth of an economy.

2. Why you should join the BAT course?

BAT course trains the students on the latest rules, regulations, technologies, and methodologies of the accounting industry. The course not only imparts theoretical knowledge but also provides practical knowledge and experience to the students.

3. What is the scope of the BAT course in India?

Candidates on completion of the course can work as below mentioned job profiles;

  • Account Executive
  • Senior Account Executive
  • Financial Analyst
  • Finance Manager
  • Bank Officer
  • Tax Consultant
  • Internal Auditor

4. What is the salary one gets on completion of this course in India?

The salary of a BAT candidate ranges from 2- 10 Lacs depending upon the experience.

5. Can I work and study the BAT course at the same time?

Yes, you can. The business accounting and taxation course colleges in Mumbai course are conducted on weekdays and weekends for both freshers as well as for working professionals. Also, it is offered online so anyone can apply for the course considering the flexibility.


Business accounting and taxation courses are in high demand and are the basic necessity of every organization of any scale. On completion one can start their carrier as an Account executive, Accounts manager, Evaluator, Clerk, Financial expert, Supervisor, and the list goes on. Such is the specialty of this profession that it is an essential part of every company in any industry. It is a highly respected and most sought-after course that one should consider pursuing. 

It does not only provide benefit to a profession but a basic need of your life by which you can take care of all your or your family’s financial holdings and help in Income tax filling using knowledge gained through taxation subject. Thus this article on Business Accounting and Taxation Course Colleges in Mumbai has shared vital knowledge on the colleges or institutes offering BAT courses in Mumbai.

  • After hearing that it is a very thorough and practical course for someone looking to enter the finance field or even for someone who is currently working in the finance sector looking for a course to get an advanced understanding of the practises prevalent in the industry . I must tell that I was not disappointed after reading your write-up. And it is just so helpful . I want to know more about the business accounting and taxation course colleges in Mumbai . I can learn everything I need to know about the types of jobs I can apply for . Thanks

  • What is the scope of a business accounting and taxation course in Mumbai? Having done my master’s in financing I will be joining a company soon. But since I don’t have the working knowledge required for this type of work since they don’t provide partial skills I wanted to learn this online. After going through so many options I think I have found the perfect one. let me know if I can chat with your faculties about this course end email? I would love to get their opinion and gain more insight into what the business accountingBh and taxation course colleges in Mumbai offer.

  • I was seeking for a training that would help me advance my career chances. I read your write up and appreciate the extensive study because I’ve been researching this topic myself. All of my questions about business accounting and taxation course colleges in Mumbai have been answered by you. The list is thorough and includes all pertinent information about the courses provided by various online colleges. The article gives a good overview of business accounting and taxes course requirements and importance in the financial industry, as well as for persons looking for a better job after finishing the course. I intend to enrol in the course you so eloquently described.

  • The course on business accounting and taxation is highly intriguing. I’d like to work as a financial analyst for a reputable firm in Mumbai. I’m delighted this is a career choice I can pursue after completing this course, as few financial courses prepare students for a variety of financial roles. I am currently pursuing my commerce degree and would like to learn more about business accounting and taxation course colleges in Mumbai because I am interested in enrolling in this programme right away. I’m also curious if I can take this course while still pursuing my studies . If that’s possible then please guide me to the best online college. Thank you

  • Hi, This is Rakesh. I have a dream of becoming an accountant in a big accountancy firm. I really need help to understand finance. Can you explain the difference between a normal course and a bat course. I would like to see the curriculum structure as well. As I have seen a lot of companies in mumbai demanding better accountants with certification as it is a growing field for the finance sector. There are many business accounting and taxation course colleges in mumbai but which one to choose?Plz help me come to a conclusion.
    Thank you

  • Hello , I live in Mumbai . I have completed my B.M.S and I am have been looking out for a job . Will this course help me secure a good job with a decent salary start ? After reading this article I am keen on joining the course and Ima looking for business accounting and taxation course colleges in Mumbai. It is extremely competitive in the field of finance and a lot of companies are demanding valid certifications which offer real industrial experience and knowledge . Could you also tell me about the general fee structure charged by most institutes offering this course and what is the duration ?

  • Hi, I am Aashish. I work as an accountant in an MNC. I have over 5 years of experience in finance and accountancy. I am working on developing my skills on the side. I am taking things seriously now. I was looking for business accounting and taxation course colleges in mumbai course and found this article. There is a lot of information in this blog that I wasn’t aware of. I am definitely considering these courses. Thanks.

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