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Business Accounting And Taxation Course Scope In India

Business accounting and taxation course is a post-graduate program to learn and understand payments, taxes, goods, outwards, inwards in a business firm. It is the best course for B.Com students as the business accounting and taxation course scope is very high. After completing undergraduate studies, to become an expert in this accounts field, this course will provide a way to make their career favorably. Within a short period, students achieve clear and concise education and get placement in good firms with good packages. This business accounting and taxation course scope are for both freshers and for a person who wants to work in the financial department of a business organization. Below is a guide to the scope of the Business Accounting and Taxation Course. This article clarifies all your piling doubts. Let’s dig into the content.

business accounting and taxation course scope in India

Business Accounting:

Preparation of financial information after analyzing, interpreting, and categorizing in a simple form is understandable to all the departments in the firm. In a small business, one person is enough to prepare the whole plan and a large organization requires a team of four to six members.

It is a plan to know about a business position in a business arena. To get profit, we should subtract Total Cost from the Total Revenue of the firm and vice versa in case of loss. Based on our current year’s performance, how can we find the profit or loss of the firm?  The answer to this question is you must know the technical terms and their meaning associated with that term. To transfer from a laggard to a Virtuoso, one should study this Business Accounting and Taxation Course.


To maintain finance and run public institutions, money is mandatory; government officials collect money from the public and various firms within the nation. The money is tax; the process is taxation. To run a family, one should understand the tax concept, it starts with the citizen.

Running of Business is equal to the running of 1000 families because here not only your personal life affects but also workers who are business pillars, their lives are also in question. To calculate the profit and loss of a family, a course like BAT or any other software is not required.

Is this mandatory or existing knowledge, is accounting enough? Yes. As we mentioned earlier, the BAT course is essential to upgrade savvy employees because more people are associated with the firm.

Business Accounting and Taxation Course Scope:

In this course, students get familiarized with technical and practical aspects that are very helpful to boost their core skills in the business field, banking institutions, and other government jobs. For finding a better career option after an undergraduate degree, this course is one of the right choices; business is a competitive arena.

Even, if you are not want to become a King but still get a resourceful job, this course will assist you. Yes, you knew these things earlier, but those are only theories that will help you to get an overall idea or layout of this accounting world. But to play your role, this course is mandatory to know and take practical steps.

BAT Course Details

Business Accounting and TallyBasics related to Accounting and Tally
GSTGoods and Services TaxBasics related to GST and Tally
Income Tax and TallyBasics related to Income Tax and Tally
Payroll and its ConstituentsBasics related to Payroll, Tally, and Excel
ExcelExcel for Management Information  System and Accountants
Financial Statement FinalizationFInancial statement format with replacement and without replacement and Excel
Busy Software for small and medium businessesSoftware basics and GST extraction reports
SAP- System Application and Products in Data Processing softwareSales and Purchase basics and practical applications
Soft skillsInterpersonal Communication, Business Correspondence

These are the various institutes that provide a deep understanding of the above-listed terms along with the business accounting and taxation course scope. In addition to this, you can find a lot of commerce institutions that will teach this course. Even in MBA and M.Com, this course is mandatory in their first semester to handle business accounts.


BAT Course Eligibility Criteria:

A bachelor’s in commerce is mandatory for a student to pursue this course in a reputed institution; In addition to this course, many things one can get based on the institution.

What is the Business Accounting and Taxation Course Scope?

A BAT course is an intensive certification program conducted through in-person (offline) or online mode. It provides students with an in-depth knowledge of Accountancy. It embodies an equal proportion of theoretical and industrial knowledge of book-keeping and account-keeping to assist students get a wholesome prospect.

Training to handle SAP software. This software contains several innovative technical concepts that entail business Organization. Learning SAP is an asset to add to your competence. To know more details regarding SAP and its requirement in business accounting, you can check out this.

Putting an enterprise into the enterprise system article. A BAT course also equips students with tools and techniques of software, named Quickbooks Coaching, BUSY, SAP; In accounting, storing confidential information is quintessential. The above applications prevent information storage from third parties.

Why Should You Pursue BAT Course?

If one aspires to make a career in accounting, taxation, finance, commerce, or other social studies, this course will familiarize them with this field with a plethora of opportunities. Let’s be more clear and more precise with your questions. One of the flexible and easy courses after completing an undergraduate in commerce or any other related field is the postgraduate diploma program in BAT.

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What Makes This Course Flexible?

Choices are available for the students to do this course online or offline. Depending upon their suitability, students feel flexible and choose their mode of study. In both modes, no differentiation in curriculum and other things. All the students get an equal level of opportunities.

  • Course content improves the students’ knowledge and skills in handling different software. They are also treated equally with Chartered Accountants and MBAs. After this course, students will be considered for Managing Director while doing accounts, making budgets, and overall in the Financial System of the Organization.
  • In 1970, Indian businesses were lagging compared with other developed countries. The situation has slightly changed now. We are experiencing and enjoying developing Indian Business growth. As the businesses grow, there will be tons of opportunities in all the fields. The demand for accountants arises in every aspect. The scope of the job opportunities in various sectors like education, businesses, and others.
  • Get a hand on SAP, Tally, BUSY, and Advanced Excel. Even if again pandemic emerges no devastation for accountants, in this course, they get a chance to know about the software world in addition to soft skills development.
  • Enormous opportunities in different fields, all businesses need accountants in their Financial management and know about profits and loss of their business. Calculating the effectiveness and efficiency of their business performance compared to competitors, the quench of accountants will not go to the end. You can keep your ball rolling in this job.

Business Accounting and Taxation Course Scope for Students:

Students can opt for this course to upgrade themselves after completion of undergraduate studies because the business accounting and taxation course scope are very good. Based on their requirements they can get modules. It is not mandatory to purchase all modules in one go. Depending on your need, you can choose these modules.

Even students who are unable to go to other places can utilize online courses. After this, they get different jobs like Account Executive, Account Assistant, Senior Assistant, accounts manager, Senior Manager, and DGM/GM. After completion of all modules in the course, they are provided with a course completion certificate which gives additional benefits for finding various jobs.

In addition to the course completion, frequent job updates, career guidance, resume/CV preparation, placement assistance, and skill development to handle different interviews are provided by institutions. Before admission, prudent selection of an Educational Institution is mandatory to secure our future and career.

Business Accounting and Taxation Course Scope for Old People:

Some people want to start their careers but their knowledge becomes obsolete. To make some improvement personally as well as economically, they can go for this BAT course because within 6 months they acquire full-fledged knowledge of accounting. After this, based on their affinity they can go for a job or can go to a small business.

Even some don’t want to work anywhere; they just want to keep themselves economically independent means after this completion, they can teach students online or there are plenty of online work-from-home jobs available in the market. Depending on their flexibility they can choose their auspicious job.

Here is a Complete Guide to Tally Software


Business Accounting and Taxation Course Scope for Working Professionals:

As the technology shows different veneration, it is important to keep pace with this technology. Even some accountants have well-versed knowledge in handling the finance department in the organization. But their technical and technological knowledge is obsolete. As this technology develops, It’s essential to keep pace with technology.

Among finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Production, and Manufacturing departments, Finance is the most important department, because companies’ future depends on this department from analyzing the past year’s performance to predict the future. This department plays an essential part.

So whatever the decision was taken in this department will affect the whole organization. It’s mandatory to know about software like SAP, BUSY. The person who is at the top of the department may find it difficult to adopt new emerging technologies because of prejudice over this Information Technology.

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Why Is a Great Business Accounting and Taxation Course Scope for Business?

Indian business is on the verge of development. These kinds of courses open up massive opportunities for students, freelance accountants, and working professionals. Physical and psychological growth is essential for this competitive Indian society. Students can protect and create permanent careers of their own by enrolling in this BAT course. Corporate professionals can bring changes in their working environment and as well the whole business environment through this kind of course.

Pay Scale:

Promising Future:

Different SectorsHiring Percentage
Professional and Technical Services35
Administrative and Support Services11
Educational Services8
Executive, Legislative, and Other Government Support Services6
Real Estate4

Scope of Jobs:

Account Executive:

Business plan creation is based on the business objectives of the firm. Negotiator between firms. He plays a major role in taking a business to the next level. All business firms need a negotiator to take care of their businesses’ small tasks. Proficiency in communication skills is mandatory for this job.

Account Assistant:

The Account Assistant’s role is to do clerical tasks. They assist accountants in aligning files, organizing conversations through emails, phone calls, etc. A lot of clerical jobs are available in educational institutions, Banking, and Non-Banking institutions.

Senior Assistant:

Involved in administration work in the top and middle-level management. Their work is the arrangement of meeting calls, video conferences, and workshops at the correct time. As an account executive, this job’s requirement is present in all sectors of different institutions.

Accounts Manager:

Taking care of the whole accounting department. Making a budget, based on objectives and analyzing the profit and loss of the firm. He plays a role both in the internal and external environment of the firm. This position is one of the prestigious posts in the firm. Prudent and meticulous job handling is mandatory for this job position.

Senior Manager:

After analyzing budget plans of different departments allocation of funds to various departments, depending upon the size of the firm, maybe a sole job or teamwork. A highly experienced person will get this job based on their working profile and work in different institutions.

General Manager:

The general manager’s work is related to the top-level management of the company. His job is to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of all the departments. If any of the departments lag behind their goal. He finds the problem and respective solution to the problem and figures out the way to make better performance among competitors.

To create a better future, this Business Accounting and Taxation Course Scope be a basis for providing jobs for freshers; an up-gradation of knowledge for working professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How can I apply for the BAT course?

You can apply online or offline on their website based on your preferred institute. Before applying for the BAT course, search to know the best institute. After that, kindly go through their website to learn about the admission process and requirements of documents.

  • What is the total fee? Should I buy this entire course or only a few modules? Is there any discount available?

Depending on the institute, the fee will vary.

  1. Accounting and Tally (mandatory)- 11800 INR
  2. GST and GST in tally- 23600 INR
  3. Direct Tax and Application in Tally- 11800 INR
  4. Payroll and its components- 11800 INR
  5. Excel for accounting and MIS- 11800 INR
  6. Finalization of Financial Statements- 11800 INR
  7. BUSY software- 11800 INR
  8. SAP software- 23600 INR
  9. Soft skills- 11800 INR
  10. Overall cost: 118000 INR
  11. After discount: 94400 INR

This is an inclusion of GST. You can pay the total amount or else EMI is available based on your flexibility.

  • Can a second-year undergraduate student pursue this BAT course with the main degree?

No, you are not suitable for this course. To pursue this course undergraduate degree is basic eligibility.

  • Henry Harvin,
  • National Institute of Financial Markets
  • Tezpur University,
  • IIM Skills,
  • Udemy,
  • City Commerce Academy
  • IALM (Academy of Law and Management)
  • Learnsignal
  • ICA Accounting
  • Can I get recorded videos of online classes?

Yes, absolutely. Once you enroll in online classes you get your class update. If in case you missed the classes; you are provided with recorded classes, based on the flexibility you can go through the videos. Make sure to keep your attendance record. After completion, this will be taken into consideration for providing the course completion certificate.


New technology emerges continuously from time to time. To keep pace with this technology we should upgrade ourselves based on our knowledge and field. Because all scientific inventions will benefit for a certain period. Then it becomes obsolete. As time progresses, it will change as well. To keep our ball rolling with technology we should update ourselves. Tons of opportunities are available in our society.  Business Accounting and Taxation Course Scope is high and an example of the advent of technology. Enrolling in this course is one of the prudent choices for our future. Software provided in this course will make accountant work easier. This will save a lot of time. Let’s decide to shine.

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