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What is Business Accounting And Taxation Course Eligibility?

In a highly competitive and professional world, a job-specific course is the need of every individual. Perhaps many of you must have heard about the BAT course, here you will learn a detailed guide on BAT and what are the business accounting and taxation course eligibility. BAT is a highly beneficial course for students coming from commerce backgrounds. It will help them to understand the functioning of the department of taxation and also accountancy which forms a vital part of any company. This is a job-oriented course for people who want to enter the professional world of finance. The course is a combination of theory and practical knowledge.

What are business accounting and taxation course eligibility?

What is Business Accounting and Taxation?

Business Accounting is a process of systematically analyzing and interpreting data and then presenting them in a proper way through tally and charts. Accounting is one of the major departments of any company as the inflow and outflow of money, revenue, losses, etc are all part of it.

Taxation is the process of money collection from various fields to help the government to run the public sectors like government schools, hospitals, public transport, etc. A Taxation course benefits a person by making them aware of the various taxes in the country and how the whole system of collecting taxes and thereby using them operates.

Business Accounting and Taxation Course, called BAT, is an important course to understand the intricacies of the functioning of the finance sector which forms the backbone of any industry, whether public or private. Business Accounting and Taxation Course Eligibility is just a simple one requiring the candidate to be from a commerce background

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Types of Taxes in India

Direct Tax:

These types of taxes are those which are directly paid by the individual to the government. Direct tax includes income tax, property tax, gift tax, etc. These are non-transferable taxes and need to be paid by the individual himself to the government.

Indirect Tax:

These kinds of taxes are not levied directly on a particular person. These taxes are levied on goods and services and anybody purchasing that particular good or service has to pay the tax. While direct taxes are levied directly on the income of a person, indirect taxes are the same for every individual purchasing that product.

The higher the income of a person, the higher would be the tax levied on it. Thus direct taxes are individual specific. Indirect taxes are mass-scale taxes, where there is no differentiation between people. Anybody purchasing or consuming a particular good or service has to pay that tax.

Earlier, India had seven different kinds of indirect taxes such as service tax, value-added tax- VAT, excise duty, etc. In July 2017, the Government of India launched GST as an umbrella term for all kinds of indirect taxes. GST refers to Goods and Service Tax. This tax was introduced to relieve the citizens of the hassles of paying multiple taxes at different levels of purchase.

VAT, service tax, excise duty, customs, are no longer effective due to the introduction of GST. GST can be divided into 3 categories. IGST, CGST, and SGST. IGST refers to Integrated Goods and Service Tax, where these taxes are collected in an integrated manner and distributed later to the state and the center.

CGST refers to Central Goods and Service Tax, where the tax collected from a particular service is directly transferred to the center for the smooth functioning of its offices. SGST refers to State Goods and Services Tax, where the tax collected is transferred to the state directly, for its stately functions.

We as common people can understand just the basic differences between direct taxes and indirect taxes and the GST. But as someone trying to enter the field of accounting or taxation, finance and accountancy courses gives one a detailed knowledge about these terms and how they are used in one’s day-to-day life.

If one is willing to enter the taxation industry, merely knowing the meaning of the terms will never be sufficient enough to put it to practical usage. The professional world would always require practical skills over mere theoretical knowledge.

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Payroll Tax vs Income Tax

An important concept taught in the BAT Course is the concept of Payroll Taxes. Payroll taxes are different from income taxes. While income tax is paid by an employee, payroll taxes are paid by the employee as well as the employer. While the tax levied on one’s income increases with the increase in income, payroll taxes are mostly stable and do not change every year. Due to this, income taxes are believed to be progressive taxes.

In this new age of a technologically driven society, every company wants even their newly recruited employee to have a minimum practical knowledge and problem-solving ability with regard to their job requirements. These kinds of professional, skill-based courses thus help fresher to gain application-based knowledge and thereby increase their job prospects.

Skill-based professional courses in the field of finance and taxation help an individual to stand out in a group of newcomers with the basic conventional degree. These kinds of courses would increase your hiring prospect and also give weight to your ‘resume’. 

Scope of Business Accounting and Taxation Course

The following course is beneficial for students who want to enter the professional world of business, finance, and accounting. Students from commerce backgrounds will be able to benefit from this course as well as courses of a similar manner. Those who want to enter the banking sector, as well as those striving to get into the taxation industry, can highly profit from this course.

In this new age, a lot of new types of jobs have arrived with the arrival of technology. Jobs that did not exist just a few years back are now in the market. With the new kind of jobs, new categories of courses have also come into existence. These courses are created to increase job opportunities for millennials.

All the institutes offering BAT Course provide the candidates with course completion certificates once the candidate gives the prescribed examination. Most of these institutions also offer internship opportunities along with job placements. Thus anyone doing this course is only going to benefit themselves to secure a better job offer with a good salary package.

Job Profile: 

● Bank Manager

● Accountant

● Audit Officer

● Corporation Taxation 

● Personal Finance Consultant

● Income Tax Officer

●  GST Officer

● Payroll Accountant

Business Accounting and Taxation Course Eligibility

BAT being a recently developed course, business accounting, and taxation course eligibility is not known to most people. While each institution has its own set of criteria, almost all demand their candidates come from a commerce background. The business accounting and taxation course eligibility are 10+2 for certain institutes while for some it is graduation. 

Top Institutions in India offering Business Accounting and Taxation Course

1. APG Learning

APG Learning began its journey in 2013 with a motive to impart quality education to the young minds of society. They have multiple job-oriented courses which are at par with the new requirements of society. Their courses are a blend of conventional theoretical knowledge along with practical application skills needed in the professional world.

Course offered: ‘Certificate Course in Business Accounting and Taxation

Duration: 2 months

Mode: Online

Total Hours: 85 hours


1. Industrial Accounting- 10 hrs

2. Tally- 30 hrs

3. Direct Taxation- 12 hrs

4. Goods and Service Tax GST- 12 hrs

5. Payroll and its Components- 4 hrs

6. Excel and MIS- 15 hrs

Fees: INR 12000 (inclusive of all taxes)

Business Accounting and Taxation Course Eligibility:

– BCom/ MCom/ MBA Finance

-Non- Commerce Background with a minimum of 1-year work experience

-Students pursuing CA/ CS/ ICWA/ CFA course

Students will receive a Tally Certificate upon completion of the course. Timings of the batches are Monday to Friday- 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. The course aims at giving exposure to its students and giving them practical knowledge regarding the finance industry.

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2. National Institute of Financial Markets- NIFM

NIFM is a private vocational training institute that provides professional skills needed through job-oriented courses. They have a varied number of professional courses which operate online or offline depending upon the needs. With the growth of the economy in India, the demand for trained and knowledgeable individuals in the financial department is on rising.

Currently, NIFM has its branches in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Lucknow, Jaipur, Ludhiana, Bengaluru, Meerut, etc. NIFM is one of the best institutes which provides a number of courses in the field of finance and accounting.

Course Offered: ‘Diploma in Business Accounting and Taxation Course’

Duration: 6 months

Mode: Classroom ( offline)

Business Accounting and Taxation Course Eligibility: 

Minimum 10+2 OR Graduation; well versed with the computer, MS- Office, and internet


  • Sunday- 6 hrs per class
  • Saturday- Sunday- 3 hrs per class
  • Weekdays- MWF ( Monday, Wednesday, Friday)- 3 hrs per class
  • TTS ( Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)- 3 hrs per class


  • INR 45000+ GST 
  • INR 55000+ GST ( 4 instalment)


● Accountancy

Goods and Service Tax (GST) + Practical workshop- 1 week

● TDS/ TCS + Practical workshop- 1 week

● Tally ERP 9 with GST

● Income Tax + Practical workshop- 1 week

● Auditing

3. EduPristine

EduPristine was founded in 2008 as a finance training institute but within a short period of time, they expanded their reach and started their training courses in marketing, analytics, healthcare, and accounting. They have online classes, classroom teaching, practical sessions, case studies, etc.

EduPristine has centers in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Chennai. Today, it has gained the reputation of one of the best institutes that provides training in the field of accountancy and finance through their dedicated and well-structured courses.

Course Offered: ‘Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation Course- PGP- BAT’

Duration: 5 months (minimum)

Mode: Online Training + Lab-Based Classroom Training

Online Training is a prerequisite that student needs to fulfill before they are allowed for classroom learning. The online training is a live training session where the students are made aware of the things they are going to learn and how they are supposed to apply them in real-life situations.

Business Accounting and Taxation Course Eligibility:

 Any candidate from a commerce background


● Basics of Accounting and Accounting in Tally ERP

● Basics of GST and GST in Tally

● Direct Tax and Application in Tally

● Payroll and its components

● Excel for Accounting and MIS

● Finalization of Financial statements

● Busy Software


● Soft skills

The PGP- BAT course offered by EduPristine is a highly rewarding course as it offers conceptual knowledge along with scope for practical application of that knowledge. They also train their students in soft skills required in the professional world.

Soft skills refer to the communication skills, presentability, confident answering, etc required to successfully nail an interview. Students will receive certificates once the course is completed. They will also receive placement assistance from their skilled trainers.

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4. Tezpur University

Tezpur University is a central university established in 1994The department was founded with the aim to provide professional skills and industry knowledge to its students so that they can be employable and job-ready. The department offers a special integrated program of 5 years to its students B.Com+M.Com

Course Offered: ‘Business Accounting and Taxation Course’

The student needs to be from the commerce stream with good calculation ability to fulfill the Business Accounting and Taxation Course Eligibility. The following course is initiated by the Swayam Academy in Tezpur University. The course and the materials are free of cost.

In order to gain a certificate and give the examination conducted by them, one needs to pay a certain amount. The course was introduced to help students gain first-hand practical knowledge on the taxation system and revenue generation. Trained and expert professors impart this knowledge to their students.

5. Keerti Institute

Keerti Institute aims at providing skill-based education to young job seekers. The institute believes that a conventional college degree is not sufficient enough to make one knowledgeable about professional skills. The theoretical knowledge does not give way to any practical experience.

The institute aims to provide the students with that practical aspect of knowledge that the conventional degree lacks. They provide various courses in the field of IT and Finance to help students to find employment.

Course Offered: ‘Certified Course in Business Accounting and Taxation

Duration: 6 months- 288 hrs

Mode: Online

Business Accounting and Taxation Course Eligibility: 

Graduates/ about to graduate from the Commerce stream


● Office Tools ( MS-Word; MS-Excel; MS-PowerPoint; MS-Outlook)

● Advanced Excel

● Business Accounting

● Direct tax- Income Tax


● Indirect Tax- GST

● Tally Prime Basics

● Tally Prime with Advance Accounting

● Tally Prime with Advanced Inventory

● Tally Prime with Banking

● Tally Prime with GST

● Tally Prime with (TDS)

● Tally Prime with Tax Collected at Source

● Tally Prime with Job Costing

● Tally Prime with Job Costing

● Tally Prime with Job Works

● Tally Prime with MIS Reports

● Tally Prime and Payroll

● Banking

● Financial Services

● Insurance

● Investment

● Costing and Auditing

Soft Skills

6. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin was founded in 2013 with the motive of providing professional skill-based knowledge to its students. Henry Harvin has its centers in Delhi- India and San Francisco- USA. They aim at providing upskills to freshers who want to enter the professional competitive industry.

They have various courses which are in need in the new digital age. Their courses are well structured and organized and provide job assistance. It is one of the leading online institutes in India which empowers the students with the latest programs and training skills.

Course Offered: ‘Business Accounting and Taxation Course’

Duration: 172 hours

Mode: Virtual Classroom (Online)

Business Accounting and Taxation Course Eligibility:

 Students from commerce backgrounds. Non- commerce background can also opt for the course if they are good at comprehending formulas and doing calculations

Fees: INR 34500


GST Practitioner Course

● Income Tax Course

● Financial Statement Analysis

● Advanced Tally ERP 9

● Advanced Excel

● HR Payroll Management

Complimentary Modules:

● Soft Skills Development

Resume Writing

The course is designed to promote the holistic development of the concepts of finance and accounting. The students get to learn and interact with trained experts. They learn methods of litigation management. The BAT Course also provides the students with Internship opportunities.

They get access to e-learning materials, regular boot camps, placement opportunities, and projects which they need to submit thus imbibing them with practical knowledge. 

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1) What are the Business Accounting and Taxation Course Eligibility criteria?

To join this course, one needs to be from a commerce background. A minimum of 10+2 is required. But many institutions require the student to have completed graduation in the field of commerce. The student also needs to have a good calculating and problem-solving ability. However, Business Accounting and Taxation Course Eligibility criteria are not rigid. Certain institutes allow students to do the BAT course, conditions applied.

Q2) Can BAT courses be done online?

Yes. There are a number of institutes in India that offer these kinds of skill-enhancing courses online. One can choose according to their own suitability whether they want to opt for classroom mode or online mode. To know more details regarding the mode, you must visit the website of the institute from where you want to do the course. Most of the institutions have helpline numbers. 

Q3) What are the benefits of doing a Business Accounting and Taxation Course?

The conventional degrees offered in colleges focus mostly on the theoretical aspect of the course. With the rise in demand for employment, most employers seek candidates with a knowledge of professional skills. BAT is a skill-specific course that helps one to understand the various concepts related to finance and taxation and also helps them apply these theories in practical situations. Most of the institutes offer internship opportunities that make the candidate confident enough and thereby more employable.

Q4) What kind of jobs can one expect after doing a Business Accounting and Taxation Course?

The course is related to the field of finance which forms the backbone of any industry whether public or private. After doing the BAT course, you can enter the tax department, any real estate business, private firms, auditing firms, etc. There are a plethora of options that one can avail of.

Q5) What is the average salary a fresher can expect after doing a BAT course?

A person who has completed a Bachelor of Commerce- B.Com along with the BAT course can expect a salary of 2L- 8L per annum approximately. A Chartered Accountant who also has completed a BAT course will obviously receive a better salary. The salary could also vary based on the company and sector that you join.


With the rise in population in India, the number of people seeking employment has also risen. In this new era of a globalized world, a decent job with a good salary package is the need for every person willing to work. With hundreds of young people with the same kind of degree, it becomes difficult for companies to pick a particular person. In such cases, the company searches for some specialty in the candidate. The BAT Course along with the conventional college degree is just like a feather in your cap. Most of the universities and institutes look for candidates from commerce backgrounds to fulfill the Business Accounting and Taxation Course Eligibility. 

Almost all the finance and accountancy-based courses offered in India- online or offline, provide their students with internship opportunities. These internships help the students to gain practical knowledge about the functioning of the industry. Their skills are tested and they also receive certificates for the same. In this fast-moving, highly competitive world, these add-on courses, will help the candidates to secure better jobs and avail good employment opportunities.

While these types of courses give you better practical knowledge, the actual experience comes only through working in a professional space. Along with any number of courses one does, what’s important is to trust oneself. The first thing an employer notices in you is your confidence in yourself. If you are not confident about yourself, how can your employer be confident about hiring you? These courses are there to enhance your knowledge. Check what are the business accounting and taxation course eligibility and make use of these courses to give a makeover to your ‘resume’ and land up in your dream job.

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