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Top 30 Job-Oriented Courses For Housewives In 2024 (Updated)

In this article today, we will look at the top 30 job-oriented courses for housewives that will help them flourish in their careers. Not just that, these courses will enable them to upskill optimally, stay at home, and work towards continued success. 

Job-Oriented Courses For Housewives


Homemakers enable smooth and comfortable living for family members. They pull out all stops to become the perfect go-to person for any need of the family members. It is their untiring efforts to provide all the necessary comfort to the family members that help run a house smoothly. Their intrinsic and instinctive need to take care of their own sometimes at the expense of their own health and happiness is what homemakers are known for.


However, before moving on to the topic, it is important to address the crux of the matter. This is; Why it is important and even essential for women, especially housewives to have a career of their own. 


Of course, managing household expenses is a big incentive for homemakers to start working. However, it is also to establish an identity of their own, the gift of financial independence that works as the propeller for them to start exploring career opportunities. Majorly these are career options that can be taken up while being at home full time. 


Armed with the knowledge of the benefits of financial freedom, homemakers are acquiring new skill sets and experimenting with different career avenues that offer job satisfaction. These efforts, in turn, empower them with earning a substantial income to ease out financial responsibilities that come with raising and nurturing a family.


So, without further ado, let’s look at the top 30 job-oriented courses for housewives that enable women of this generation to make decisions that can help with a better standard of living, and happier, more productive lives. 


1. Content Writing

Content Writing is presently one of the top 5 most popular courses for housewives and rightfully so. It is one of the most in-demand courses that help housewives to have a lucrative career while balancing personal and professional commitments.


Every business today has an online presence and has understood the immense potential of disseminating relevant information to its target customers. 


We have numerous top-notch content writing courses available, both online and offline that help you to learn professional writing skills and help you to leverage the benefits of online content writing jobs. 


Housewives can have great opportunities to land global clients as well with their content writing skills. They can either start their own content writing freelance business or work full-time for companies creating content strategies to help drive traffic to the websites.


Content writing courses not only help with developing and honing your writing skills but also give you pertinent knowledge on various aspects of the web down. 


You learn about various tools and implement strategies to optimize your content. These include creating your own website where you can showcase your writing talent. 


A content writing course also provides you with information on the nitty-gritty of content creation, keyword research, and competition analysis. You learn about Google My Business, the art of creating original content, and the importance of social media content and email writing. 


Check IIM SKILLS  Online Content Writing Course 



2. Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is yet another field in which housewives can thrive and make a great career for themselves. The web domain offers a variety of jobs that can very well be done from the comfortable space of your home. And digital marketing has so many aspects to it that housewives can choose one or more modules of digital marketing to gain mastery in those concepts and start working as digital marketers. 


It is also one of the top job-oriented courses today with numerous job profiles available at different digital marketing companies across the country.


Whether you want to work as an SEO expert, social media manager, Google and FB Ads manager, or web analytics expert there is a great opportunity for you to prosper.


Digital marketing has so many diverse concepts to learn, it can yield great results once housewives gain expertise on some concepts.

There is media buying and selling, email marketing, management of online reputation, web development, you can become a T- marketer offering specialized services in one or two modules of digital marketing while knowing all the other areas of digital marketing. 


For those of you wanting to start your own digital freelance business, a top-notch digital marketing course can be your answer to your queries regarding how to venture into the world of digital marketing. 


The curriculum will not only helps you to learn but also implement the modules and gets internship opportunities, making DM one of the top job-oriented courses for housewives. 


You can check out  IIM SKILLS Online Digital Marketing Course 


3. Interior Designing

Interior designing can be a great field of work for housewives who are artistically inclined and want to create lively, vibrant homes and workspace. It is a great way to give vent to their creative aspirations.


Interior designing is one of the top courses for housewives who want to have a fulfilling career while staying at home. Interior designing courses help you to understand the essence of styling and designing homes and workspaces using the appropriate materials and the right color schemes. 


You get knowledge on a variety of aspects starting from the best materials for curating, designing, and implementing your idea of the perfect place to live and /or work.


Some interior designing courses also come with internship opportunities and work opportunities that help you gain experience. You can also start your own freelance interior designing business and work with multiple clients at the same time as per your convenience. 


Some of the important concepts covered in an interior Designing course are space management, virtual designing, popular designing trends, understanding of fabrics, and materials knowledge of accessories among others. 


4. Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is today one of the most coveted job-oriented courses for housewives who have a knack for drawing, designing photography, and visual communication.


Additionally, these courses equip you with the knowledge to ideate, illustrate, create and design optimized graphical images.


 You get knowledge on how to use different software applications, understand the science behind typography and you learn to create persuasive and engrossing designs to convey your message in a captivating manner. 


Graphic designers are always in demand owing to the need for compelling imagery that conveys the story behind a brand. Several businesses from different sectors require the services of graphic designers. 


There are full-time jobs available in different organizations. Housewives can also work as freelance graphic designers and build their authority in this rewarding field. 


5. Website Designing Courses


Websites are a prerequisite to a brand’s visibility and recognition in the online domain. Most of the businesses have ventured into the online medium. Hence, there is a huge requirement for website designers who can create attractive and riveting websites that will help to gain traffic and attract focus customers to visit the websites.


That will be possible only if a well-structured website is created keeping in mind complementing color palettes, fonts, typography, and themes. 


Website designing courses are ideal for housewives who have a creative bent of mind and understanding of colors, themes, images, and how to position different elements in a website to make it appealing.


Housewives can start their own website designing business and start taking up freelance projects. Designing when done properly can be a very lucrative profession for housewives who want to stay at home and want high-paying fulfilling careers. 


6. Teaching Courses

Teaching can be one of the most fulfilling jobs for housewives. Today in the work-from-home scenario, you have opportunities for online tutoring. Teaching courses for housewives can have great benefits for homemakers who are interested in imparting education. 


Some people have a natural knack for becoming an educator. Some of you might be good at holding the attention of people. Housewives especially handle difficulties and challenges perfectly well and hence can provide the required knowledge, education, and skills to kids and adults.


There are several degrees and diploma teaching courses for housewives where you can choose the subjects you want to teach and start with the teaching courses.


Housewives can make for greatly proficient educators and can start their journey of a very successful career in teaching after completion of the course. 


7. GST Courses

Homemakers with a background in finance, accounting, commerce, and law can very well take up a GST Course  that will help them to prepare and ace GST Practitioner’s exam. 


They will be able to gain knowledge on the different invoicing software tools and applications required to implement GST for different businesses. 

A top-notch GST course provides individuals with the complex knowledge of GST and its provisions. Housewives can work as GST practitioners for businesses, new startups, accounting firms, and other relevant organizations. They can also start working as GST consultants offering advice on implementing GST for a diverse range of businesses. 


More professional courses for housewives for a great career. 


8. Technical Writing Course

Technical writing courses help you to transform into prolific writers effectively breaking up highly complex technical jargon into simpler versions for target consumers to understand. 


Housewives with a penchant for simplifying complicated technical documents can sign up for technical writing courses.


These help you to understand the mechanics of writing, take up manuals, white papers, and other documents. Then you modify and formulate content that resonates with the target audience.


Technical writing is all about communicating key points in a simplified manner so that it is easier for your customer base to understand the core objectives and services of a business.


So, it can be a very lucrative source of income and one of the best courses for housewives who want to work with high-paying clients from the comfortable ambiance of their homes. 


Talk to our In-house expert for the Technical Writing Master Course details and the prospects opf a career in the field. 


9. Culinary Courses

The pandemic has created a great influx of cooking courses available to all people. Thanks to the several social media channels and digital mediums, we have a variety of online cooking classes that help people to get equipped with the most basic skill required to sustain their lives.


Homemakers are culinary experts. Right from creating the budget for all kitchen needs to making food, housewives have an innate understanding of culinary matters. 


To further bolster this unique gift and to nurture this gift into a professional career, cooking courses for housewives can be very fruitful courses to take up. 


You can learn how to ideate and manage culinary businesses. You can also start food delivery services, cafes, tiffin services and have a very profitable source of making money.


After completion of the course, homemakers can themselves start their own cooking blog/ channel or create their own courses to provide helpful tips and tricks for great cooking. 


10. Video Editing

Various studies and research have shown that YouTube is the second most popular platform after Google. This must tell you a lot about the prospects of video editing, and video marketing and the humongous prospects of a career in these fields.


It is one of the most beneficial courses for housewives because you don’t need to be physically present in a class to become a pro at handling complex video software and applications. You can get all the knowledge through online video editing courses. 


Video Editing Courses provide information on a wide range of video applications and software, editing, animation, motion graphics, glossary related to pre and post-production, and many more. 


11. Copywriting Courses


Just like content writing, copywriting is one of the best courses for housewives to pursue. While content writing concentrates on providing valuable information to the target audience, the main aim of copywriting is to facilitate sales. 


Copywriting courses teach you the fundamentals of persuasion and how you can formulate a sales copy or an ad copy that will turn leads into customers.


Copywriting courses also give plenty of opportunities for housewives to stay at home and make a high-paying career. Copywriters are greatly in demand and people with impeccable writing skills get paid handsomely to churn out compelling sales copies. 


After completion of the copywriting course, housewives can start their own website, reach out to clients and start their copywriting journey. 


12. Creative Writing Courses

Creative writing courses for housewives would help to manifest their creativity and imagination into compelling articles and novels. Writing courses can help you to start writing fiction, to create captivating stories, poetry, and articles. Creative writing courses are especially helpful for housewives who have great imaginative skills. 


Creative writing courses empower you with the knowledge and tools to excel in writing, bringing your creativity to the fore. You can become riveting storytellers and can publish your own books all from your home. 


13. General Transcription

General transcription courses can be ideal for housewives who want to work with global clients and want to make a thriving career in the transcription field. The courses can be from beginner to expert levels taking into account your understanding of the field of work. 


General transcription courses give you knowledge of different transcription software and how to become an Ace transcriber able to transcribe even the most accented audios. 


Moreover, you can work for a variety of industries requiring transcription work. General transcription courses help with practice tests and job opportunities as well as your abilities, strengths and to work on your weaknesses. 


Some of the concepts that are covered in general transcription are concepts of dictation, formats, and style of formatting, speech recognition, abbreviations, advanced grammar, and so on. 


14. Advanced Excel Courses

Advanced Excel courses for housewives can help to work with spreadsheets, analyze the data of an organization and provide reports. Excel is Is one of the most in-demand applications and people with brilliant excel skills have a great opportunity for successful growth in their careers.  


The courses teach different tools and techniques that help to organize businesses and manage tasks. 


A lot of important factors can be incorporated into an excel sheet. Bolstered with the knowledge of excel, housewives skilled at time management can apply for jobs requiring organized reports and information in one place (spreadsheets).


Housewives can take up advanced Excel courses that will help them to further organize and manage their work. They can also offer their Excel management skills to different business organizations to manage their stock details, finances, and overall business strategy for greater productivity. 


15. Jewellery Designing

Just like any other creative field, jewelry designing can be a very rewarding vocation. Jewelry designing courses for housewives can prepare them to create unique jewelry and become entrepreneurs selling their own products online and offline. 


You can create your own website, start branding strategies for your jewelry business and make the most out of the online medium. 


Jewelry designing courses can be very interesting for housewives because they teach how to create earrings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces and accessories, rings. 


Ladies who are interested in jewelry can combine their love for jewelry and their passion for creativity to create attractive products.  


Jewelry designing courses for housewives can be a diploma, bachelor, and certificate courses. The top courses come with internships and work opportunities and give you an in-depth understanding of gems, metallurgy, merchandising branding, and retail management. 


You also get to be a part of different seminars and workshops where you glean information on how to turn your jewelry designing venture into one of the most lucrative forms of business. 


16. Fashion Designing

Among courses for housewives that are most promising, fashion designing deserves to be on the list. Fashion designing is for people who have a natural talent for apparel and have the keen eye to match them with the relevant accessories.


We have several fashion designing courses that help to understand the intricacies of designing. These also give relevant information about the creation, merchandising, and management aspect. 


There are Certificate courses, diplomas, and degree courses available in fashion designing. The fashion industry is one of the most thriving industries globally and has great potential for the coming years. 


It is also prone to a lot of changes and is a very dynamic field where one gets to experiment, explore, and innovate to your heart’s content. Therefore housewives with a natural inclination towards fashion can have a very prosperous career in this field. 


You can start your own boutique, become a fashion consultant, stylist, and/or designer. You can also explore fashion journalism and work with leading fashion magazines and publications as a full-time journalist or freelancer. 


17. Arts and Crafts Course

Arts and Crafts course might not be something that comes to your mind immediately when we think of courses for housewives that would help make great money. However, it is a very promising field that gives you the freedom to pursue several varied areas of work. 


Certificate or diploma courses in arts and crafts can do wonders for your creative imagination. You can choose one or more fields and start working on them. 


Some areas of work are handicraft, creative art, calligraphy, pottery, painting, sculpture, sketching, glass frosting, and painting among others. Success in this field requires innovation and a vision to think out of the box and create something that pleasantly surprises your target consumers. 


18. Virtual Assistant Courses

The demand for virtual assistants is increasing by the day. Since the pandemic hit the world globally well-established businesses and start-ups started operating from home. Virtual assistants help to get all the work done right from planning to executing and implementing different strategies for the business remotely. 


A Virtual Assistant is someone who takes care of all the administrative responsibilities of clients from their own space, whether it is their own home office or home. 


It is one of the most vital jobs in the present scenario since everything is virtual today. They handle the intricate details of business like managing and scheduling meetings, making travel itineraries, sending out emails, making phone calls, and so on.


For Housewives, a virtual assistant course can open up many doors for career opportunities. Since the work is remote, it enables housewives to have flexible work timings and to choose clients according to their preference.


There are plenty of virtual assistant courses for housewives. Online courses provide immense value. You can study and get internship opportunities from home as well. 


After completion of the course, you can create your own virtual assistant business, start your website to delineate your core skills, and reach out to clients to help them manage their business better. 


19. Canva Designing

Canva is a great tool for businesses, freelancers, entrepreneurs, basically everyone who wants to make a mark in the web domain. If you become an expert in understanding Canva and its features, homemakers can have a great prospect by offering Canva designing services to clients worldwide.


Canva courses can enable housewives to master skills in a variety of areas like creating presentations, preparing resumes, designing covers for eBooks. you can also make social media designs, create YouTube thumbnails, and do a lot more with Canva skills.


Canva courses for housewives can help them to explore their creative side and innovate to make a successful career by providing Canva services to businesses, start-ups, and fellow freelancers working in different domains and fields.


20. Yoga Instructors Course

Housewives are active people who understand the importance of fitness and health. Yoga instructor courses for housewives can be a great way for them to gain valid certification in yoga and then to start their own yoga classes online or offline to teach yoga to men, women, and children. 


This can be one of the most fulfilling jobs for housewives. In addition to having a prosperous career, they will start helping individuals in their fitness journey. 


They will also offer people knowledge on the importance of yoga and how it can lead to an improvement in all aspects of life. 


21. Psychology Courses

Homemakers who are curious about the science behind human behavior can pursue psychology courses and specialize in different areas like child psychology, human psychology, criminal psychology. These courses help them start their own consultancy.


You can write about case studies and equip yourself with knowledge for consultancy services.


These courses help to delve into the deep recesses of the mind and strengthen knowledge of understanding how the human mind works. It can be a great course for personal aspects of their lives. 


In psychology courses, child care can be a promising field where housewives understand and analyze the behavioral patterns of children in the course.


Top-notch psychology courses have diverse tests for you to assess your skills. They also allow you to showcase your incisive skills. Additionally, these courses help to bolster your resume and can prove to be one of the best courses for housewives for a fulfilling job. 


22. Makeup and Styling Courses

Makeup and styling are very popular with the masses. Expertise in these areas can prove to be a great career avenue for housewives who want to start their own businesses. 


Makeup and styling courses for housewives help them to gain mastery in providing makeup, styling tips and offer to teach the aesthetics of colors. 


Additionally, you get insight on what products are best for the skin and how to take the best care so that customers trust you and become recurrent clients for your makeup and styling services. 


Some of the elements covered in makeup and styling courses include nail art and nail care, proper skincare, haircare, health and nutrition, chemical treatments, manicure, pedicure, customer care, and business management. 


23. Foreign Language Learning Course

Foreign language courses can be great for housewives. There are many opportunities available after completion of a foreign language course. German, French, Spanish, Korean are some of the popular foreign languages that can offer a world of opportunities for housewives. 


Upon completion of the course, housewives can take up teaching both online and offline, can work as translators as well as foreign language associates. customer care representatives for global brands like Amazon. 


24. MS Office Course

MS Office Courses are great for housewives with an analytical bent of mind. These courses cover a wide range of courses pertaining to MS Office like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Housewives can have great opportunities for growth by taking up MS Office. They would learn how to optimally use the different applications and leverage the career opportunities in this area of work. 


Whether it is spreadsheets, infographics, presentations, data analysis and interpretation, features of Outlook, these courses have you covered.  


25. Event Management Courses

Among many other fields, event management can be one of the courses for housewives that deserves a position on the list.


Any event management course encompasses all the areas of event management like planning, accounting, improvement of communication skills, special events, risk management, conceptualization, coordination, and implementing the plan successfully.


Housewives are already equipped with managerial skills. Thus taking up an event management course can open up many opportunities for them. 


Also, events are a consistent part of a person’s life. Therefore there will always be a demand for prolific event managers who can handle and manage everything smoothly for different kinds of events. Many top event management companies require the services of talented event managers. 


In the covid19 situation, we have seen the emergence of virtual event planners who handle everything from the conceptualization of the event to the closeout. 


Many factors need to be taken care of like understanding the preferences of the audiences, creating an online event strategy, and setting the objectives. 


Then, there are important decisions like the need to choose a platform and finally promote the online event. All of this requires careful precision and a housewife with an incisive understanding of management can perform the tasks very well after the completion of the event management courses. 


26. Bakery and Confectionary

Housewives who have a knack for preparing desserts, cupcakes, muffins, croissants, pastries can sign up for confectionery and bakery courses. Courses lend a professional touch to their talents and formal training can help housewives with the added advantage of officially starting a business from their home itself. 


Bakery and confectionery constitute a huge part of the food industry. Therefore, there are numerous professional options available after completion of bakery and confectionery courses for homemakers.


There are plenty of practical lessons, opportunities to work with renowned experts, and industrial training involved in these courses. These advantages enable homemakers to hone their skills, understand the different ingredients used in the process of baking. Other skills like dessert decoration, patisserie art, refrigeration, and chilling skills are covered in these courses. 


Today, there is a huge demand for healthy options in bakery and confectionery products. Housewives can also start a healthy baking and confectionery service that would get them clients who want top-notch bakery products with a healthy twist. 


27. Business Management

Business management courses for housewives equip them with the skills required to run a business. This will enable them to either offer their services as business managers for clients or help in the smooth running of their own business. 


The curriculum for Business management courses whether offline or online are rigorous helping homemakers strengthen their skills in strategic leadership, project management, negotiation skills among others.


Moreover, you learn the fundamentals and advanced concepts of the financial markets, the basics of management & marketing, business strategies, innovation, brand management among others. 


Thus Business Management Courses for homemakers can play a huge part in building a successful career. 


28. Spoken English Courses

Spoken English Courses have a multitude of advantages for homemakers. Completion of spoken English courses for housewives will lead to numerous opportunities in different industries and sectors. 


Businesses have gone global which requires industries to communicate effectively with foreign nations. On the other hand, there is a huge demand for English tutors for children and adults who want to become proficient in speaking English. 


The curriculum for spoken English courses includes the fundamentals of communication, deep understanding of English grammar, personality development, public speaking, becoming confident orators, job interview skills, presentation skills, sentence formation, reading skills, the art of conversation among other pertinent elements. 


29. Financial Accounting

Housewives with a finance and accounting background can study further, incorporate the latest developments of the financial sector and become profile financial experts. This also entails understanding stocks and investments that can precipitate great profits. 


Some of the topics covered in a financial accounting course are financial reporting, accrual accounting, depreciation and amortization, prepaid accounting, deferred revenue, international accounting, intercompany transactions among others. 


30. Online Dance Courses

Another creative field, dance courses for housewives can be a great boon. It would help housewives with a talent for dance to explore their skills and can prepare them for successful career options as choreographers, dance instructors. They can conduct online and offline dance classes, offer fitness tips involving dance forms like Zumba, etc. 


31. Music Courses

Music courses for housewives help to rejuvenate as well as gain skills that can help to start a music channel and provide important tips to budding singers. 


These courses help to tap into the hidden potential of housewives who might have once harbored the dream of becoming a musician but had to clamp down on their dreams for various reasons.


Music courses not only provide you with singing tips but also give you ideas on how to start a channel all by yourself and prosper as singers and musicians.


Additionally, housewives can take up courses on different musical instruments and then provide lessons on various platforms. They can have one-to-one music sessions with students or can teach music in groups online or offline. 


32. Knitting Classes/Courses 

Knitting and sewing are two of the most common hobbies for housewives for a very long time. In the present times, this hobby can be turned into a profitable business with a little bit of professional training and finesse.


There are online as well as offline knitting classes for housewives who want to explore the different career options available with knitting and sewing.


You have different skills like crochet, fiber art, sewing patterns, weaving, textiles management, and other elements that are covered in knitting courses. 


The knitting courses come with training from industry experts and professionals who have ample years of experience working in the garments industry.


You get additional lessons on illustration, designing, styles, and patterns, the intricacy of understanding knitting patterns, choosing the right tools for sewing and knitting in the courses. 


Furthermore, these high-grade courses also provide you with an in-depth understanding of the apparel industry and how you can leverage the advantages of different garments for your knitting business. You also get to learn case studies that help to understand how a successful knitting business is run. 


After completion of the course, you can successfully start your entrepreneurial journey with a knitting and sewing business that bespeaks your creativity and novelty.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Course should I pursue as a housewife? 

Some of the best courses to pursue as a housewife are content writing, copywriting, digital marketing, interior designing, fashion designing, arts and crafts. Housewives with a background in commerce can also pursue a GST practitioner course. Other courses to do are graphic designing, website designing, online financial accounting, and business management.

2. What are the career options for a housewife?

Housewives today have a plethora of job options available to pursue while staying at home full-time. The best career options for housewives can be as content writers, copywriters, consultant lawyers, digital marketers, interior designers, jewellery designers, fashion designers, fitness consultant, bakery owners.

3. How can I earn money being a housewife? 

In the present times, you have a diverse range of opportunities to pursue a career. Housewives can make good money by pursuing a career in some of the most in-demand industries like digital marketing, content writing, general and medical transcription, makeup and beauty, graphic designing, social media managing, SEO, blogging, YouTube, affiliate marketing, and teaching among other options.

4. What courses are ideal for a housewife after 12th?

A housewife can take up foreign language courses, content writing, copywriting, graphic designing, and fashion designing to pursue high-paying career options.. Some of these courses like content writing courses, digital marketing, copywriting courses do not require you to have prior experience or a particular educational qualification. So, they can be ideal for upskilling for housewives after 12th.



So, here you have the top Job-Oriented 30+ courses for housewives who want to create their unique identities in the professional world. 


These courses offer plenty of benefits along with internship opportunities, practice tests, workshops, and seminars that fortify the capabilities of housewives even further. 


Today they can choose to stay at home and work. They also have the liberty of taking up long-term or short-term courses based on their preferences. It is crucial for everyone to achieve financial independence irrespective of their gender or marital status. Moreover, financially independent housewives exude confidence that is vital for the personal growth of an individual as well.

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