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Top 10 Technical Writing Courses in Mumbai With Placements

While technology has advanced and humans are making the most use of it, finding a way to talk about these developments is crucial. Of all the types of writing, technical writing is the one that can bridge the gap between our understanding of technology and technology. Let’s look in detail at the top technical writing courses in Mumbai to help you choose the best training program to upskill. 

List of the best technical writing courses in Mumbai


To be able to write as a technical writer, you need to develop skills that will open doors to new opportunities. So, reap the benefit of brushing your existing skills and acquiring as many new skills as possible.


If you are starting your career as a technical writer and want to know more about technical writing courses in Mumbai, you have landed on the right page. Read further to get answers to all your questions here!


What is Technical Writing?


Technical writing refers to drafting technical communication for technical and occupational fields like biotechnology, finance, medical, robotics, engineering. Technical documentation and processes are all a part of technical writing. When technical information is conveyed using simple language, it’s known as technical writing. Technical writers write:


What is a Technical Writing Course?


A technical writing course will help you get expertise in the field of technical writing while taking you through its important basics. This course is apt for everyone- from a student to an aspiring writer.


There is a lot of information on technical writing, but taking any of the below courses will help you become better at technical writing. It will improve your understanding of technical writing as a whole.


If you are finding answers to technical writing and its applicability, these courses will help you grow. You need to know the necessity of taking a technical writing course before you think of pursuing any of them. Let’s find out the advantages of taking technical writing courses in Mumbai before you know everything about them in detail.


What are the Advantages of Technical Writing Courses?


A technical writing course is one such course that’ll touch base with everything about technical writing and what it involves. In order to make the most of the technical writing course, every aspiring technical writer needs to know the reasons why technical writing courses are pursued and their implications. While technical writing courses are well-known, here are some benefits of technical writing courses you need to know:


  • You get to learn more about technical writing.
  • It’ll help you develop better writing skills.
  • You will acquire ways to write technical documents better.
  • Certified technical writers tend to get a hike.


Companies need technical writers who can be an asset to them, so you should surely take up such psychology courses. Taking up technical writing courses in Mumbai will help you understand the fundamentals of technical writing. Courses like this will help you upskill yourself. Being trained with subject matter experts in this field will give you an edge over others that’ll help you in getting a hike.


A well-known technical writer having noteworthy experience earns between 5 to 9 LPA. Technical writing courses in Mumbai will help you develop the required knowledge in this field. Now that you know all the possible advantages and scope of these technical writing courses, you can find a list of technical writing courses in Mumbai here.


While we talk about online technical writing courses in Mumbai, you can know more about Technical Writing Courses in India here.

1.      Technical Writing Course by IIM SKILLS

This is a leading institute in India that facilitates different courses. They have a course on technical writing that covers everything about writing manners, content conception, white papers and journals, DDLC, discourse writing, proofreading and publishing, API documentation, datasheets, and user guides.


They give practical training more than theoretical training with a learning management system. This course has a fixed schedule, and it is one of the well-known technical writing courses in Mumbai.  You get an international certification at the end of this course. It will take five weeks to complete this course. The course fee is 14,900 + GST. Click on this to know more about the course.


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2.      Technical Specialist Writing Course on Coursera


Coursera is one of the most well-known learning platforms. It has a pool of courses that’ll tell everything about technical writing. This course is facilitated by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. It is an online course with flexible deadlines. The course is 19 hours long with four modules.


This course will help you measure excellence in technical documents and understand the content approach. You’ll learn technical definitions, technical documentation, technical report writing, and academic and workplace research.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite

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3.      Technical Writing Courses on Udemy


Udemy is one of the top-class online course providers and hence, it offers a wide range of courses for technical writers as well. The courses on technical writing cover various topics like technical writing techniques, document template creation, document template plan, components of technical documents, and quizzes and exercises for steady progress. This is among the best in which you’ll get to learn everything about technical writing and its advantages. Once the course is completed, you’ll receive certification for it.


4.      Technical Writing Course by Information Developers Foundation


Information Developers Foundation is one of the most known technical writing courses. This course is divided into 15 sessions. Every session covers different topics and there is an assessment in the last session. Once you finish all the sessions, you’ll receive your certification.


The course covers different topics like requirements of technical writers, roles and their responsibilities, Grammar focus for technical writers, proofreading and editing techniques, and freelancing. InfoDev allows you to take trial classes before you actually apply for the course. If you want to take this course, you should go ahead and take the trial class. It is one of the most preferred technical writing courses in Mumbai.


5.      Technical Writing Courses by K Buffer


K Buffer facilitates courses like online technical writing courses and job-oriented technical writing courses. The online technical writing course is for everyone who wants to learn about technical communication. The tutor for this course is Sundaram, GM, CEO, K Buffer has 37 years of experience.


This course covers an introduction to specialist writing and concepts of writing. This course is specifically for instructional designers, associate and technical writers, engineering graduates, content writers, and freelancers. It is three months long, and you’ll only need to spare 60 hours for it. You’ll get to learn about software tools like SnagIT, Microsoft Visio, Adobe Framemaker, and Robohelp.


6.      Advanced Level Psychology Course by Blue Dots Consultancy


It is an education and training company. This institute offers result-driven technical writing courses. The course also conducts training about technical concepts, documentation, and several software tools.


In a span of two months, you’ll get hands-on training on software like Madcap Flare, Adobe Framemaker, Jira, DITA, and many more. You will get placed in good companies based on merit. They use virtual, and offsite methodology. Here’s the list of companies that hire students trained by Blue Dots Consultancy:


  • Samsung
  • IBM
  • HCL
  • BMC
  • Oracle
  • ZOHO


7.      Post Graduate Diploma in Technical Writing by Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL)


It is an autonomous distance education institute. It provides high-quality education to aspiring technical writers. This is an AICTE approved program that offers theoretical and practical knowledge of technical writing. They’ll train you to become a proficient technical writer. The course extends for two years. It is a two-tiered course that is subdivided into 4 semesters.


Semester 1 covers information development, writing style, and editing. The second semester covers software tools, advanced concepts, project handling in technical communication, and other practices. Semester 3 covers business discourse, creative writing in business writing, and advanced communication. The fourth-semester covers, latest writing tools, research process, and project.


The fee structure for this course is student-specific. The course fee is divided into application fees, main fees, and examination fees. Indians have to pay 1200 INR while the international/SAARC students have to pay 7,200 as a non-refundable application fee. The main fee is 50,000 INR for Indian origin with more discounts for military and police departments. It is one of the most well-known technical writing courses in Mumbai.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


8.      Tech Writing Course by British Council


British Council is an international organization that offers workshops for aspiring candidates. They have short-term courses with a variety of courses. The benefits of this course are:


  • You’ll learn to do the technical documentation
  • You’ll get to draw technical reports for the target audience
  • You’ll get to apply standard English to all-purpose documents


The topics covered in this course, components of technical communication, the procedure of power writing, combating writer’s block, knowing the readers, clear and concise documentation, guidelines, editing, and formatting.


You’ll become well acquainted with the tips and tricks of technical writing. They will help you create the right impact on the reader. You can also take several courses on advanced business writing, business writing essentials, email writing, and many more. This is one of the best technical writing courses in Mumbai.


9.      Techwriter Certification


This technical certification provides several courses. They are aware that various industries, IT, healthcare, human resources, business, government, and scientific research need technical documentation.


This course has been tailor-made to cater to their needs. They offer technical training programs for corporate workers, aspiring technical writers, consultants, and government officials. They offer the most competent technical writing training and conduct their classes virtually as well as on-site. They have different levels of certification based on the level of technical writing skills like:


  • Basic certification
  • Certification for technical writers, editors, and designers
  • Comprehensive career-building certification
  • Professional technical communication certification
  • Structured writing in technical documentation certification
  • Certificate program for writers


10.  Technical writing courses by Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is a known institute in the domain of education. They offer a technical writing course that has a significant base. This cutting-edge program offers online and classroom training. In this course, they’ll teach you the techniques of technical documentation.


This course has 16 hours of live sessions, 24-hour brush-up sessions, and 50 hours of e-learning sessions. You will get industry-related projects and also learn about various tools like, notepad++, google docs, snipping tool, Techsmith Snagit, Fireshot, Lightshot, Snagit, Adobe Photoshop, Grammarly, Language.org, Canva, Piktochart, Venngage, Openshot, and VSDC free video editor.


You get live online sessions, a CTW certificate, one-year Gold membership of Henry Harvin Academy, Updated and advanced technical writer material, video recordings of the session, placement support, and a CTW certificate with your hallmark name.


Frequently Asked Questions


1.                  What is technical writing?

It has different purposes and characteristics than other writing styles. A few examples of technical writing include training manuals to inform about their roles, operation guides for tools and products, promotional brochures, online informative articles, and press releases to share formal news or announcements by a company.


2.                  What are the types of technical writing?

There are three most common types of technical writing: traditional, end-user documentation, and technical marketing content. Traditional technical writing covers manuals and medical studies. The examples of traditional technical writing include analysis of a legal case, a summary of medical experiments, standard operating procedures for companies, FAQs for a company, technical specs, and API documentation.

The end-user documentation covers electronics and consumer products. Examples of end-user documentation include user manuals for phones, how-to guides for laptops, setup and installation guides, and description documents. The technical marketing content covers press releases and catalogs. Examples of technical marketing are sales pitches to a new client, informative articles for the web, case studies on a company’s product.


  1. What is the salary of a technical writer in Mumbai?

The salary of a fresher technical writer lies between 4 to 6 LPA. The salary of technical writers with an average experience of five to six years is 7 to 9 LPA. Additionally, those with significant experience as a technical writer earn anywhere between 12 to 15 LPA easily.


4.                  What is the purpose of technical writing?

The purpose of technical writing is to keep your reader informed. It provides complex information to readers in a way that’s easy to understand. It does not matter if the reader is acquainted with the topic or not but it’ll give end-to-end information about the topic.


5.                  Who is eligible for the role of a technical writer?

Any candidate having a bachelor’s degree in writing, technical communications, English, or specific technical field in businesses such as computer science and engineering is eligible. Employers normally choose to pick candidates with bachelor’s degrees in journalism, English, and communications.


Final Thoughts

Enrolling in any technical writing courses in Mumbai in this list will help you upskill your knowledge. If you are a fresher, you should be aware of the techniques used for technical writing. Hence, any of these courses will benefit you in the long run. To pave a successful career ahead, having support at every step can prove to be beneficial.


Immaterial of the course you choose to pursue in the above list, we suggest you find the pros and cons of each and every course. It will help you understand what can be expected out of the course you pursue while being certain that it is worth it or not. One of the certain outcomes of pursuing any of these courses is it will prepare you for what is coming ahead and how the present system works. The knowledge of every tutor will make you a pro while you pursue the course.


A technical writer knows how to express a difficult technology in easy words. So, having subject matter experts who can guide you at every step is a boon. You should make the most of this opportunity and brush your skillset right at the comfort of your couch. Go take a chance, and don’t miss this chance of upskilling yourself. Once you pick the course you want to pursue, you should dedicate time to it.


While technical writing is a skill that takes time to acquire, taking any of these courses will bridge the gap and take you a step closer to your dream. You’ll get techniques and tips not that everyone might not know. The knowledge you gain from taking these courses will drive your career and your future. As a technical writer, having these bits of advice up your sleeves will help you scale in your career.


Technical writers like you should know documents well and learn to deal with every situation. This will improve your chance of getting the job you deserve. Learn everything about technical writing, its needs, advantages, and put it to best use. Get the hike you want and stand out from the crowd.


Be the technical writer who can help brands grow and make their technology be easily understood among its readers. To build a better future for yourself, keep updating your skills and practice everything you learn.


Happy learning!

  • I want to enrol in Technical writing courses in Mumbai because I want to start writing instructive instructional booklets for people who are interested in learning about stocks and the trade market in order to help them have a smoother ride and know more about finance . I am looking for an online course that will offer high-quality instruction through recorded videos. Please suggest an academy from your list that will also give me a forum to ask my questions. I am also interested in learning about the topics that are being taught in the course . I also want to know about the fee structure.

  • My family owns and operates a cafe, and I work there as well. I’d like to integrate fresh, inventive approaches for improving client connections and expanding our reach. I’ve spent a lot of time looking for courses that will help me. I saw a couple of marketing courses but didn’t believe they’d be particularly useful. Furthermore, the majority of them made sense only if they were attended offline. I read your post, and it covered most of the aspects of a course that I was looking forward to. After reading more about technical writing courses in Mumbai, I believe I will enrol.

  • Hello, I’m a new graduate who is studying for an entrance test of NIFT and taking a year off to prepare for it. In the meantime, I’m looking for a new talent to master, and one of the courses I’m contemplating is technical writing. Which of the technical writing courses mentioned above is the best in Mumbai?

  • I own a small ad agency in Mumbai and have a few interns training under me . I have relevant experience in the field of writing . I always look to upgrade my skills to stay relevant in the market . What is the general duration of the course ? I wanted to join a Technical writing courses in Mumbai and impart the learnings to my employees so that they are able to do a good job and at the same time I can be a multitask writer . So this seems like a good course to register for . Thanks

  • Hey, I’ve been reading a lot of articles about technical writing courses in Mumbai over the last few weeks, and this one is by far the most useful, especially the section on “What are the Advantages of Technical Writing Courses?.” I’ve wanted to learn technical writing for a long time, but finding a course that I can fit around my studies is difficult. This article contains all of the information I need about the course, such as the course fee, duration, and mode, all in one place. I feel like the author of this article, did all the work on my behalf, so I just wanted to say thank you.

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