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Top 3 SEO Courses in Mumbai – Basic Courses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means writing your content in a way that helps search engines to rank it on the first page of the search result. Every search engine has an algorithm in place that ranks the content. In this era of competition, learning SEO has become the basis of survival for businesses. There is an increasing demand for SEO professionals. If you aim to get into this field then you have landed on the right page. This article will tell you about the basics of SEO and the 3 best SEO courses in Mumbai.


SEO courses in Mumbai


Whether you opt for an SEO course in Mumbai or outside, the bare minimum is that you at least know what SEO is all about. Therefore before getting to the SEO courses in Mumbai, let us first understand the basics of SEO.


SEO is an important term relating to content writing and digital marketing. Every content is written to get ranked by search engines. Ranking ensures that the content reaches as wide as possible. However, it is impossible to achieve this if it was not for SEO best practices.


SEO is not only utilized in articles or blogs but also in website descriptions, product descriptions, landing pages, website URLs, etc. This is because having SEO-friendly descriptions and URLs not only helps to get articles ranked but also gets more organic traffic to your website.


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Now if you wonder why does ranking of the website or article matters, then you have started thinking in the right direction.  To get an answer, let us take an example. In everyday life, most of us use search engines umpteen number of times either to get some information or to search for a product. Correct?


In the search results, we often check only the first few links, isn’t it? Thus, it is reasonable to say that the websites on the first page essentially take away most of the user traffic and thus a chance to make a sale.


To make it more clear, let’s say I decided to buy myself a Red scarf online so I used google for searching the various websites where I can find a Red Scarf. The top link that I got is from the ABC website and I follow the website link to skim through the options of Red scarves available.


Supposedly, I do not get what I want or it is not in my price range then I will go on to the second link in the search engine result and so on. Finally, out of the first four or five links, I will be able to find something that meets my requirement and place my purchase order.


All the websites that are not ranked on the first page don’t even stand a chance for someone to visit them forget about making a sale, so in a way, they lost a customer.


Now it is not the matter of just one or two customers, there are millions of purchases happening in a day so if you extrapolate the number of customers lost, the number will be colossal.


Thus, SEO comes to the rescue.


Does this mean that writing one article with SEO best practices will serve the purpose? No, because the article might get ranked but the website won’t get ranked on the first page as easily. Building a trusted brand takes time. Getting ranked organically with real content and solid off-page SEO will help your website to gain domain authority.


Multiple articles based on best practices and constant website optimization help you build a domain name and authority that is considered worthy in the market. All this surely does not happen overnight. It takes years of grit and determination to produce good content frequently. Content along with a thorough on-page and off-page optimization is the crux.


Explore the latest Top SEO Trends to get higher SERP rankings.


Hope the above paragraphs, set a context to the need for SEO. Now let me address what topics fall under the umbrella of SEO. SEO is essentially bifurcated into 2 parts

  • On-Page SEO, and
  • Off-Page SEO

All the listed SEO courses in Mumbai will cover these topics in a gist or detail depending on the type of course and course provider you choose so it’s worth going through these topics.


  • On-Page SEO: This simply means SEO best practices followed on the website pages of the business. It can mean everything from website URL to content for landing pages. The subcomponents of this are:


  • Website Optimization: This part mainly focuses on how to design the website, the ideal settings for it, speed limit, content for various landing pages, pillar pages everything is taught at this stage to help your website become SEO friendly. Though it may sound common, you would be surprised to know many websites do not get ranked appropriately as they have broken internal links or low website speed that is chasing their user traffic away.


  • Content optimization: This part will focus on writing webpage content in line with SEO best practices. It will include stuff like identifying the keyword, maintaining a certain word count, maintaining keyword density, following formatting guidelines, etc. Please note that most of the rules relating to optimization are updated as and when search engine algorithms change so this topic will require your constant follow-up even after the course.


  • Image optimization: It is no brainer that any images you use in the content or on the website need to be optimized as otherwise, it will hamper the website speed. As mentioned in the first point, a good website loading speed is always an important factor for achieving an organic ranking.


  • HTML optimization: Any content pushed on the website will follow the format that is specified in the HTML code of the website. Now if the HTML code is not optimized to suit the SEO guidelines then again your website and content will suffer.


Thus, this is a very important topic to learn for someone who has his own business and website. Needless to say, even if your blog is SEO friendly, the HTML code can mess with its formatting and thus impact the overall rankings.


  • Internal website links: Every website has various links to its different products, services, business units, overview, etc. Optimizing these internal links is very important for the overall performance of your website. This is also called sitemap creation. It is also an important aspect of user-friendly UI.


  • Webmaster tools: Tools like Google Console essentially help you understand your website’s performance and any glitches that need to be sorted. Again a very important topic to learn if you want to be on top of things for keeping your website and content relevant and ranked.


  • Optimizing Content Descriptors: Technical name for this is Meta Tag. This is like a one-liner description about what the page contains in HTML format which helps the search engine crawlers to index the articles. Learning about how to create it is again part of SEO best practices.


  • Analytics and Monitoring: A constant monitoring of the website performance is a must to understand what is working and what needs amends. This becomes important as SEO best practices change with the frequent changes in the algorithms.


  • Off-Page SEO: Off-page SEO is everything you do outside of your website to build credibility for your website. This means using people outside of your business including competitors to promote your website. This includes creating backlinks for your website through high authority domains or influencers. Let’s see the examples of Off-page SEO


  • Social Media Marketing: Social media is a very strong and wide-reaching mode of marketing. Writing content, sharing a video, etc. is a great way to circulate your website link far and wide and thereby help improve SEO.


Collaborating with your strong competitors can also improve your SEO drastically. E.g.: A vlogger with just 50k followers collaborating with a vlogger with 2-3 million followers will automatically drive traffic to his/her page.


  • Influencer Outreach: Another way to promote backlinks to your website is using an influencer to give reviews on your products and thus generate traffic. You would see many you-tube influencers doing detailed reviews on technical products in their videos. These influencers will often highlight that their video contains promotional content.


  • Guest Blogging: Any blogger can insert a link to your website which helps to create a strong backlink. It is important to know that getting a backlink works only when it is from high-ranking websites.


  • Forums: Participating in a discussion on the topic relevant to your business will again help to bring domain authority to your website. This can include writing answers on platforms like Quora. Though Quora doesn’t allow sharing of backlinks to your website nonetheless, it is a great way to get leads for the business. Other discussion forums do allow you to share your links. You can choose to work with either or both.


  • Building broken backlinks: Broken backlinks are a big no-no. It gives a wrong impression about your website. This happens when the landing page relevant to the link is removed or the URL has changed. There are tools available to keep a tab of such things. This is also what you will learn during the course.


Now that we have established a solid base for the concept of SEO, we can dive into the options for various SEO courses in Mumbai.


1. Advanced SEO Course|IIM SKILLS


IIM SKILLS is an ed-tech platform that offers SEO courses in Mumbai- designed and authored by SEO experts. The IIM SKILLS Advanced SEO course is an online course, which can be accessed by anyone from anywhere around the world. The course contents are:


  • Basics of SEO
  • Niche setup
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO Audit
  • Bonus module



Course Length: 16 hours of live training + 8 weeks (paid internship)

Course Fees: 14,900+GST

Course Format: Live interactive video sessions, tools and software, and material (LMS support)

Course Prerequisites: There are no specific prerequisites to enroll in this course.

Advantage: Paid Internship, lifetime access to session recordings, weekly assignments and feedback, and a certificate of completion. Also, you get free tools, and post-training mentorship and support.

Most Suitable for: working professionals and student fraternity


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2.     SEO Fundamentals Course|Semrush


Semrush is a well-known name in the world of digital marketing. It does not offer SEO courses in Mumbai alone but anywhere as it is an online course. They offer various courses dedicated to SEO. One such course is the SEO fundamentals course by Greg Gifford. The course contents are:


Module 1|Basics: This covers the basics of search engines, related algorithms that help these search engines to rank the websites, understanding ranking order that works best for a given website etc.

Module 2| Technical SEO: It is quite evident from the name that it will cover more technical aspects like identifying glitches on the website, fixing them, and constantly monitoring the website performance

Module 3| Links: Here you will learn everything about creating links with relevant websites. Which links will benefit you or harm you, and so on.

Module 4| On-page optimization: This will talk about writing content for the pages that are in tune with SEO best practices and more.

Module 5|Mobile SEO: With more searches being done on mobiles, having your work optimized for mobile searches is again a very important factor to master.

Module 6|Additional SEO signal: This will talk about the next level of SEO work that will help you get improved rankings for your well-doing website

Module 7| International SEO: Here you will learn how to utilize SEO in a way that search engines can rank your article well with your target audience and target country

Module 8|Local SEO: This will help you to learn to optimize in a way that your content or website ranks best in the local searches.|


Course Length: 4 hours comprising of 31 lessons.

Course Fees: Free.

Course Format: Videos and learning material.

Course Prerequisites: None.

Advantage: The course is authored by industry expert Greg Gifford. It is free. You can also get certified after taking the online exam. They have a series of SEO courses which you can opt for one after the other at no cost

Most Suitable for: Professionals who want to brush their SEO skills and stay updated with changing SEO best practices.


3.     SEO that Works|Backlinko


The second option for SEO courses in Mumbai is SEO that works developed by the practical trial and error efforts of Brian Dean. His course is not like a textbook course but one that is surely build on practical experience. The contents of the course are


Keyword Research: Though there are many obvious suggestions available for this, Brian shares some deeper insights about what actually works.

Content Optimization: Step by step process along with real-life case studies are shared with the students for explaining content optimization

Backlinking: Efficient ways to gaining backlinks from higher authority domains

Advanced strategies and tools: Sharing of tools and strategies that help you perform your duty as an SEO professional better


Course Length: 3-10 pre-recorded sessions.

Course Format: Pre-recorded videos along with worksheets and templates for real-life application.

Course Prerequisites: None.

Advantage: Available as per convenience. Access to lifetime updates on SEO, Community membership, learning material and tools, recorded videos to allow learning at your convenience, real-life case Studies

Most Suitable for: Students, professionals, entrepreneurs, e-commerce store owners, etc.


These are some very good options for an SEO course in Mumbai. However, these courses are not exclusive to Mumbai alone as these are online courses so anyone can opt for them from any part of the world.


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


Frequently Asked Questions

➢    Who is eligible to opt for SEO courses in Mumbai?

Anyone who aspires to become an SEO professional can opt for the above-listed SEO courses in Mumbai. You can either set up a practice as an SEO consultant or work as a part of a digital marketing team in a corporation. There are no pre-requisites for the course but it does require constant touch with the updates made to the search engine.


➢    How much do SEO professionals earn?

Like any profession, here also salary varies based on experience, city, corporation, etc. However, the starting range for the salary is between 2 to 3 Lakhs P.A. The earnings will be different if you set up a practice. It will also vary based on the clients you have and the brand you build. A freelancer catering to ‘mom and pop’ shops will earn differently than the one catering to MNCs.


➢    Is there a scope for SEO professionals?

Digital Marketing is a growing field and will remain an important division for all businesses, no matter the size. As long as digital marketing exists, the need for SEO will be there.

Do keep in mind there is stiff competition in this field but then there are ample opportunities too. It is fair to say it is a ‘low-cost big volume’ business so opportunities are there however, your ability to grow as a brand will take a longer time to establish.


➢    Can a person from a non-marketing field become an SEO professional?

Yes. Any person with experience in any field can become an SEO professional. I would advise people to take up any SEO course in Mumbai or anywhere, irrespective of the field they belong to.

This is because SEO skills with technical knowledge of any field are indeed a great combination plus most courses are available at no cost. Building a new skill is always beneficial for a working professional.


➢    How are digital marketing and SEO related fields?

Digital marketing is marketing using all digital modes of communication. SEO helps in spreading that marketing campaign far and wide. SEO aids digital marketing campaigns by ensuring that each marketing copy and weblink can rank and reach better and thus drive more traffic on the business website.


➢    What is the career progression after SEO?

There are many grades within the SEO field, right from SEO specialist to SEO director. Other than that you also get the opportunity for horizontal movement to other fields of digital marketing like content writing, scriptwriting, copywriting, digital marketing lead, and so on.




To conclude, SEO is a growing field and gaining more and more momentum by the day. Anyone from a marketing background should learn about SEO. People from non-marketing backgrounds can learn SEO as an additional skill and use both skills in tandem.


There is absolutely no age bar for skills like SEO. Without knowing SEO, your knowledge of digital marketing and content writing/marketing is half-ripe. SEO is a cornerstone for all digital media campaigns.


Most of the available SEO courses in Mumbai are free of cost. You have an option to attend a basic course and see if it is something you enjoy doing. There are also free SEO guides available by Moz, Google, etc. which you can read to develop your basic understanding of the subject. Many blogs and articles are released on SEO best practices that allow you to remain on top of things.


Getting a certificate after doing one of the SEO courses in Mumbai or outside can help. Make sure that the course you join allows you to work on practical assignments such that they become part of your work portfolio.


A certificate course alone would not ensure you a job. A practical experience is always desirable. Therefore, having a portfolio to lean back into while applying for the job or to secure a new client works as an advantage.


As a round-up, no matter which SEO course in Mumbai you chose, your ability to have a footing in this field will largely be driven by your ability to understand and implement all types of SEO.

  • As a recent high school graduate planning to enrol in college, I came across an advertisement explaining how SEO is transforming the online market. I learned a little bit about SEO from my friends who were discussing it, so I decided to dig into it. Do you think I should enrol in this course concurrently with my undergraduate studies or should I hold off until I have a little more spare time? I believe I should start right away because I have an interest in business and want to build my own online company in the future. What do you guys suggest? Please guide me to the best SEO course in Mumbai.

  • This article is great. I did not know this course existed otherwise I would have learned it until now. My friend who a digital marketing analyst suggested me to study this course. As I had told him about my interest in writing and creating content he teached me some of the basics of seo and how it is used. I want to learn more. Can you provide a demo class for me to ask some questions and geta more clear perspective on this subject. I want to know if seo courses in mumbai have any scope? And if this course will be difficult for me to understand?

  • I’ve been running my own business for the past month. I’m having trouble gaining traction for my business idea. I was first hesitant to use SEO for my internet business because SEO is primarily used by large corporations to generate leads. However, after doing some research online, I discovered that it can also assist me with my small business enterprise. Now I’m interested in learning more about this course as well as the SEO course in Mumbai . Is it true that free SEO courses are better? I found some free online courses and wanted to see if they were worthwhile.

  • I am interested in writing and have recently started studying online writing. I also freelance on the side as it would help in getting some experience in this field. I got introduced to seo in from one blog I read on content writing but it didn’t quite give enough information on the topic of seo. I have since then read many articles on seo and came to the conclusion that I would have to take some seo courses to understand it the best way. Since your institute has positive feedbacks on seo course and you provide seo courses in Mumbai I want to study the course.

  • I am working in a startup. We are looking for ways to take our business to the online market and SEO is the perfect way to achieve the desired results. We need an SEO analyst who can monitor our online presence and increase it through the knowledge of SEO tools and techniques. Your course looks nice with the proper understanding of fundamentals and systematics. Are there SEO courses in Mumbai that offer certificates also? A professional is in demand so maybe now is the time to start learning this important skill.

  • I am digital marketer from Mumbai and I have been in this industry just for about a year . I got into this field after completing my graduation last year . I am keen in enrolling for a SEO course in Mumbai as I am looking for better employment opportunities and eventually starting my own business later . I want to know if I can also teach this course on the side after completing it. Kindly recommend a course which has a good certification as most companies in media and marking are demanding us to be SEO certified. Thank you

  • Hi. I am an IT professional working in Mumbai for the past 4 years. These last 2 years have made me realize that I am not built for an IT job so I am actively looking for work in my passion i.e. writing. I read your article about SEO courses in Mumbai and it made my work easier as I can work from and learn in the same city. I am interested to enroll in your Advanced SEO Course but have some doubts like what are the timings for the course. And since I am working a job too will it be manageable for me to take this course on the side as well. Thank You.

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