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12 Ways to Get a Digital Marketing Job as a Fresher (2024)

There are plenty of job opportunities available for a fresher in digital marketing on different online portals. Since marketing online has become a permanent facet for the fulfillment of business goals, digital marketers are a necessity in every industry and sector. It is essential to have digital campaigns in place for the smooth and successful implementation of business objectives in the present time. 

Image Digital Marketing Job As A Fresher

Today, organizations big, medium, and small proffer plenty of positions for Digital marketers across disciplines. Along with providing you with a platform to showcase your skills as a fresher, these companies help you to gain experience by working with important clients. 

We are going to look at the various ways in which you can get a digital marketing job as a fresher. Following the right steps is important to get your foot in the door, irrespective of the profession you are in. Digital marketing is no exception to that rule.

The only thing different is that digital marketing is comparatively a new job avenue that has become quite important in a very short period.

Businesses need competent digital marketers to carry on their online marketing activities. The intrinsic positive qualities of digital marketing ensure that every business organization needs a significant digital footprint to remain at the top in the minds of its consumers.

But, the demand for such individuals outpaces the supply of efficient digital marketers. You should have an in-depth understanding of the online marketing system to perform adequately in the web domain bringing in results. 

In this section, you will have a fair idea of how many opportunities await you even if you are a fresher in digital marketing. We are going to look at the number of jobs available for freshers in different modules and domains of digital marketing.

The approximate number of job offers for Digital Marketing freshers today on different job portals are as follows:

  • Naukri 37500+
  • TimesJobs 9400 +
  • Indeed 1700
  • Shine 4500+
  • Monster 800+

Mind you, this is just job opportunities solely for freshers. These figures indicate that on any given day, there are several job positions to fill as digital marketing freshers.

These are figures from some of the most popular job portals. However, if you go through other job sites you will find even greater numbers of opportunities. All this point to one direction: digital marketing is here to stay and the opportunities in this field are only going to grow manifolds over the next few years.

However, one should not become complacent and think that they can easily get a job in an organization. The fact is, it is indeed challenging to clinch that first job as a fresher in digital marketing. You have to excel in the interviews and appear confident.

Therefore, without waiting anymore, let’s look at some of the best ways in which you can apply for and successfully get that coveted digital marketing job as a fresher. 

  1. Get As Much Value as you can From Digital Marketing Courses, informative videos, and Blogs

You may decide to learn digital marketing all by yourself or take up a digital marketing course. Whatever be your choice, make the most out of it. The surge in demand for competent digital marketers has helped establish several Top notch Digital Marketing institutes all over India.

They offer to provide you with a thorough understanding of all the modules and elements in the online marketing system. However, the most important aspect of any of these courses is the practical training part.

So, before enrolling for the course, ensure that they include plenty of practical projects in their curriculum.

You should keep in mind that digital marketing is more of a practical study than theoretical learning. If you decide to autodidact yourself on the different digital marketing concepts, you should take the utmost care of covering all aspects of the online arena in your study. Learn to implement your knowledge in practical projects as well.

Go to blogs. and videos of eminent digital marketers. Read about the different topics they cover. Most importantly, look at the way they write and disseminate important information.

Write down the points in a notebook yourself. This is the most effective means of studying any subject. The mere process of writing down helps you to retain information better and for a much longer period.

Blogs, articles, white papers, copies, and different other content formats can be excellent options for you to glean information on digital marketing.

Even if you take up a digital marketing course from a well-reputed Institute you should always cultivate the habit of reading. It will help to strengthen your existing skills and invariably provide you with new information.

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  1. Choose Your Niche in Digital Marketing

Once you get a clear understanding of the different modules and constituents of the Digital Marketing system, choose a certain niche you want to work in. This means determining which of the elements of digital marketing pique your interest the most.

To become an effective digital marketer, you have to identify your strengths. You might be comfortable writing content. That will generally mean that you can become a prolific content writer and marketer.

Some of you might be interested in the technical aspects and analyzing the performance of companies in the online domain. People with a penchant for such fields can become successful in a career as a web analytics expert.

Then, others can create great campaigns by the process of bidding and placing their ads on search engines. For all of those talented individuals, a career in search engine marketing would be ideal.

Sometimes two areas of digital marketing might work in sync with one another for a great digital marketing campaign.

Let’s explain with an example. You can combine your writing skills with your understanding of search engines. In this way, you can create content and optimize it for SEO. Therefore, you can learn the intricate concept of SEO as well as content marketing.

Ask yourself what excites you, whether you are better at working alone or in a group. Know where your skills are, whether in the creative aspect of the analysis and research department.

Some of the modules of digital marketing you can choose are as follows:

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Analytics
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Brand Strategy
  • Web Analytics
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing & Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Automation
  • Content Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing

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  1. Create an Impressive Portfolio

When you don’t have the experience to show in job interviews you need to compensate for it with a stunning portfolio. A portfolio should be able to inspire confidence in your abilities in the eyes of your employer. They should be able to ascertain what your potentials are.


Work on projects to show your skills. For example, content writers can create a list of around 8 articles to prove that they are consummate writers able to create a difference through their writing.


In the same way, if you want to start a career in social media marketing and optimization you have to provide thorough detail on your understanding of social media. Explicate how you can help companies achieve their goals and objectives in the different social media channels.

A portfolio is extremely important when you don’t have years of experience when appearing for an interview. It proves your strengths, competencies. An effective portfolio will help you to display your talents, abilities, and relevant skills without you explicitly mentioning your talents.

If you have been a part of a digital marketing course, you will mandatorily have practical projects included in the syllabus. This makes it easier for you to create a portfolio. Here, you can demonstrate the work you did in those practical projects. It will also help to provide clarity to your potential employer. They will be able to determine what your strengths really are and whether you are a fit for the job position.

  1. Create a stellar CV 

CV is important whether you are a fresher, or an experienced individual. It helps to delineate all your strengths and achievements in one place. You elucidate the qualities that make you the perfect candidate for a particular job.

Freshers should take the utmost care to meticulously structure, plan, and write their CV. Dedicate enough time to it, irrespective of the number of years of experience you have in the field.

Now if you are a fresher it is all the more important to create that first impression on your potential employer. CV for freshers is paramount. It is imperative that you include everything you know and everything you have achieved in your study of digital marketing.

Be careful not to gloat and never write false information. Sooner or later it will come out, thereby putting a dent in your credibility.

You should mention your personal details without any ambiguity, your professional qualifications, key competencies, interests.

Digital marketing professionals generally have an online presence even as fresher. If you have a website of your own, provide the link in your CV. Mention the certificates and projects you completed if you have been a part of any digital marketing course.

Remember a well presented CV can give you your first big opportunity to start what can be a very promising career in digital marketing. As a fresher, you have to be even more careful when applying for a digital marketing job.

Another aspect is the diligence in creating a clean CV. Your employer will not have the time or inclination to go through your CV word by word.

Most of the employers scan through a CV making mental notes of the parts that are important. Therefore, make sure that your CV is free of grammatical mistakes, typos, incorrect use of words, and overly ornamental language. Keep it simple, effective, and concise.

  1. Get in Through Internship Programs

Internships and a great way to increase your knowledge of digital marketing and how it works in the real world. Moreover, you get an opportunity to showcase your skills and prepare yourself for a better job opportunity in the same organization.

Internships might pay you or it might be unpaid, meant solely to get you the required experience. Do not get disheartened if it is an unpaid internship. To get somewhere you have to show people that you’ve worked. Moreover, internships even if unpaid, can bolster your CV to a great extent. It is after all work experience that you will put on your resume.

In the course of your internship, you will meet industry veterans. You can learn a lot from your seniors and colleagues. The most important aspect is you will get the opportunity to meet different clients and brands. If you make a favorable impression through your work, you might land a permanent job in these companies on your own merit.

Important tip

An internship period might not pay you well or pay you at all. You have to be able to see yourself through for the first few months of taking up the job. Plan your finances well, spend less, and you can look forward to a very bright future provided you work hard in these few months of training.

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  1. Update your Social Media Accounts

As much as we think social media channels are interactive platforms for relatives, friends, and families they can be an extremely important source of jobs.

Today, most important brands and even small and medium enterprises make it a point to be present on different Social Media platforms.

It helps them to get visibility and recognition. In the same way, a fresher wanting a digital marketing job should update their social media accounts as and when they acquire skills.

This helps them to get noticed. There have been several instances where people have displayed their talents and skills on social media platforms. After that, they have been recruited by popular brands and organizations to work for them.

With digital transformation and advancement, every digital platform is potent in terms of finding the right employment opportunities.

  1. Scour Job Portals

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the top job portals like Naukri, Monster India, Times Jobs, LinkedIn have several job opportunities available for freshers in the digital marketing domain.

Additionally, platforms like LinkedIn offers you the opportunity of creating a write up mentioning your skills and practical experience. You can then disseminate this information on the LinkedIn forum. People who need relevant skills for their companies can then contact you to offer you job positions.

Of late owing to the distressing situation caused by the pandemic, a lot of people have reached out on LinkedIn delineating their skills for potential employers to notice.

You have to be proactive in trying to find jobs suitable to your affinity and skills on these different job portals. Go through them at least twice a day and jot down all the important companies in job positions you come across. Tailor your CV according to the requirements of that organization and send it out as soon as possible. It’s only through repeated efforts do you get an opportunity to secure a good freshers position in an organization.

  1. Peruse Social Media Accounts

This can be counted as a corollary of the seventh point. Along with job portals, you should also meticulously scour social media channels and other digital discussion platforms to look for appropriate jobs as freshers.

A lot of time different social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and discussion platforms like quora open up avenues for job opportunities in the digital world.

Since most of the organizations are present on different social media platforms, they also advertise job positions available for different designations here. As a fresher, it is important to explore every opportunity available to you.

Go through the social media accounts of different digital marketing agencies, content writing services, and corporate organizations. They usually link their job page on social media platforms. Navigate to the websites and look for relevant job openings.

Some organizations ask you to upload your CV and credentials for future opportunities. Remember there’s no harm in trying all possible ways. Upload your CV for future job openings in these organizations. You never know when luck strikes.

  1. Start Networking

Networking helps you to keep abreast of the latest developments in the online domain. It is all the more useful because digital marketing is a field that goes through continuous change bringing in new and better features for businesses and consumers.

Moreover, networking helps to connect with people from your industry and communicate with them. Exchange of ideas takes place and you fine-tune your skills, establish good communication.

It also helps you to get insight into the current job market and what opportunities are available to you as a fresher in this expansive and flexible digital marketing world.

Through the exchange of ideas and brainstorming, you get to learn a lot of new things. Different marketing professionals offer valuable strategies and tips.

Also, a strong network helps you build trust, display your skills, and increase your reputation. Professionals in the digital world help you to get introduced to companies. You also get valuable information on the competition and the job market.

  1. Know About the Companies

This is one aspect that a lot of freshers completely ignore at times. It is detrimental to blindly send out CVs to companies you know nothing of. You have to be sincere in gaining as much information as you can about them.

During job interviews, your potential employer will want to know how much of the company activities you are aware of. If you come up with a blank. it will not bode well for your prospect as an employee of the organization.

Knowing the company entails having information about their mission objectives, goals the products and services they deal with. Also, their digital marketing activities so far.

Write down the important points of these organizations if necessary. As a fresher, you’re going to send out your resume and portfolio to a number of organizations. You need to be clear on the distinctive features of every organization.

Learn and be informed about the latest trends and practices. That will help you to provide that extra factor in your job interviews. A little more in-depth information on topics will enable your employers to gauge your capabilities as a digital marketing professional more accurately.

  1. Be Open to Becoming a Freelancer 

Digital Marketing opens up vast freelancing opportunities for you to explore as well. Even if the first thought is to get a coveted job in a reputed organization today, freelancing might just offer you what you are looking for as a fresher. In fact, at times freelancing gives you the liberty of choosing your own clients and working according to your conditions. It can also be your gateway to a brilliant career in freelance digital marketing.

Agreed that getting freelancing opportunities as a fresher is difficult. Yet your portfolio can come to great use at this time. Once you make a positive impression on your client, you can decide on the amount of money you will charge for your work.

This gives you the freedom to work at your own pace, choose your clients according to your preference, and be your own employer. It also means knowing which topics are important in the online domain. You can then pitch to clients tailoring the content to their needs.

  1. Start Blogging

As a fresher, this is very important for your overall growth as a digital marketer. Blogging not only helps you to hone your creative writing skills but also helps you to learn a lot of things about a variety of subjects on the web. You imbibe lots of information when you blog.

Now, how is that possible? Because you invariably read a lot when you want to blog. Unless you have information on a particular topic, you will not be able to write anything about it.

Reading helps you to gain increased knowledge of different concepts. You can also choose a specialization on which you can start creating articles.

If you are a fresher in digital marketing, it is presumed that you know the efficiency of search engine optimized content. If your blog content is valuable it will invariably rank on search engines. Interspersing relevant keywords in the content copy and formatting it will help you in SERP rankings. You will get loads of readers when they type in the keywords on the search box. You will automatically get lucrative job offers when you come to the notice of employers from relevant industries.

Key Takeaways

The journey from being a fresher in digital marketing to an expert digital marketer can be achieved quite quickly by a strategic method of learning the key concepts of digital marketing well.

Learn all you can about the different digital concepts and social media channels to leverage the benefits arising out of it. For example, Facebook can be a great way of showcasing your creative prowess by writing articles on various topics. Master the skills of email marketing to disseminate important information to educate and inform your target group.

Blogging regularly gives you an edge over other freshers because it helps to grow as a digital marketer and also exemplifies your knowledge by providing detailed content on a topic that is of import to focus groups.


So here you have the top 12 ways in which you can get the desired job as a fresher in the world of digital marketing. The main aim is to illustrate your knowledge and comprehension of the complex elements of digital marketing.

Since most businesses have ventured into the online domain recently, they are still new to the different methods to get desired results. Your incisive understanding and conviction in being able to carry out digital campaigns for organizations can be very fruitful for you as a professional and for the business as well. As a fresher, it can open up opportunities for you to work and prove yourself to be a competent digital marketer.

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