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Top 10 Long-Term Courses in Bangalore in 2024

Let’s look at the top 10 long-term courses in Bangalore in this article. Technological advancement & industrial development has brought many positive changes in the education system. Today, students can pursue any course in any field of their choice. The universities, colleges, and other institutes have incorporated many different & new professional Courses in their curriculum.

Top 10 Long-Term Courses in Bangalore

Students from big cities like Bangalore often face a dilemma. But, not anymore. In this article, you will explore different long-term courses in Bangalore.

There are numerous long-term courses in Bangalore for every individual- no matter whether you are a fresher, an experienced professional working in a corporate setup, an entrepreneur, or a freelancer rendering technical & creative services. You can conveniently choose any vocational program as per your unique field requirements.

Here is the list of  Top 10 Long-term Courses in Bangalore-

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Multimedia & Animation
  3. Web Designing and Development
  4. Goods & Service Tax (GST) Practitioner
  5. fashion Designing
  6. Cabin Crew
  7. Content Writing
  8. Interior Designing
  9. Photography
  10. Event Management

Digital Marketing

As customers are shifting their shopping activities from physical to online stores, businesses & reputed brands are trying to establish their online market space as well! It would help them in reaching their prospective buyers consistently. Indeed, digital marketing is that one tool that plays a crucial role in fostering a company brand name these days.

What Exactly Digital Marketing Is?

Digital marketing is just a new face of marketing methodology. It involves a similar way of advertising and selling products & services, now on various digital platforms.

This job sphere utilizes different online marketing tactics to establish brand awareness in the long run. It involves Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), email marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging, web designing, and business analytics. Precisely, digital marketing helps a business to crete its virtual presence among potential customers, cutting across all the divisional and geographical lines.

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Currently, digital marketing has become one of the sought-after professional choices. Many renowned institutes are even offering this course to aspirants, both in online & offline mode. Both newcomers and digital experts are progressively enrolling for these master courses nowadays.

The digital marketing course pays attention to various digital channels & their marketing modules. And with a regular internship program, the students also get a chance to work on live projects. Indeed, such professional courses help in understanding the latest marketing approaches & trends.

Aspirants from Bangalore can pursue this digital marketing program in the city itself. IIM Skills, Digital Roy Academy, National Institute of Digital Marketing, Inventateq, Digital Kora are a few top institutes that offer digital marketing-related long-term courses in Bangalore.

You can acquaint yourself with relevant insights about the digital marketing world with the Digital Marketing Course Training in Bangalore

Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is a lifework of designing aesthetically pleasing attire & outfits for a specific occasion and personality. The designers work on multiple fashionable stuff like clothes, accessories, jewelry, handbags, and footwear. They use their artistic abilities & innovative skills to design these lifestyle accessories.

However, their job role is not confined to designing fashionable accessories & dresses only. The fashion designers also focus on bestowing comfort and confidence to the person who wears their designer outfits. Indubitably, these professionals put their best efforts while selecting the ideal fabric, silhouette, colors, patterns, trends, and styles.

Professional courses to check at IIM SKILLS

How To Make a Career in Fashion Designing?

The fashion industry has gained so much popularity in the last few decades that it has led to cut-throat competition in the market. It is a field that entirely revolves around the latest market trends. Therefore, one needs to have exceptional talent in recognizing the buyer persona. If you have the requisite skillset and a creative personality, you can make fashion design a good career choice.

Firstly, you have to join a well-structured course in fashion design. It can either be a certificate program, a diploma course, or a Bachelor’s degree followed by a Master’s. These educational courses give an in-depth idea about fabrics, coloring patterns, sketching & drawing of outfits, textiles, culture, fashion history & trends.

LISAA School of Design, Pearl Academy, NITTE School of Fashion Technology & Interior Design, Dreamz Designz, and Indian Institute of Fashion Technology are several institutes that offer long-term courses in Bangalore.

After completing your vocational education, you can opt for different job profiles in the industry such as Fashion Designer, Fashion Consultant or Personal Stylist, Accessory Designer, Fashion Show Organiser, Fashion Coordinator, etc. Aspirants can approach top apparel companies, fashion houses, textile mills, fashion consulting firms, etc.


Multimedia and Animation

The evolution of digital technology has not been restricted to high-tech space only. Probably, it has left no stone unturned in refining the user experience in the entertainment industry. The series of the content presented to the audience through animation & special visual effects has left everyone impressed.

Intrinsically, multimedia artists and animators have set a new benchmark with their commendable performance in every digital project in the past few decades. Movies like The Incredibles, The Toy Story Series, Ratatouille, The Lion King, and Moana are a few examples.

So, Does the love for graphics and animation drives you crazily? Are you passionate about working on graphics, layout, VFX & animated visuals? If yes, then the multimedia & animation field is the right option for you

What Is Multimedia & Animation?

Multimedia refers to the medium of communication of different content forms such as text, images, graphics, animations, audio, and videos into cohesive visual content. Animation is about manipulating images or objects at a certain speed so that it appears as a series of moving pictures. In a simple view, multimedia is a broad concept, and animation is one of its modules.

Multimedia animators & artists create animated designs, two- & three-dimensional modules, technical illustrations, and special effects for different forms of entertainment & media (such as movies, electronic games, video podcasts, television, and commercials).

How To Be a Multimedia Artist or Animator in Bangalore?

To build a career in this field, one must pursue a suitable professional course- either a diploma or a graduate degree. Many institutes offer multimedia & animation-related Long-term Courses in Bangalore. Arena Animation, Wiztoonz Academy of Media And Design, Bangalore Animation College, MAAC Marathahalli are some of the top choices of aspirants.

Subsequently, multimedia artists and animators can work with design studios, motion picture & video industries, television production, software publishers, etc

Web Designing and Development

With the intensified competition in the market, every organization uses strategic plans & tricks to outsmart one another. Today, merchandising your products & services through websites, pages, and apps have become a common practice.

A business without a website is unimaginable. It has no considerable value & existence in the customers’ eyes. And, that is a point where web designers & developers come into the scene. Indeed, they are a savior for every company that wants to grow both in size of market and revenue.

This professional job entails designing & developing new websites, web apps, or web pages for a particular set of clients.

What did Exactly Web Designers & Developers do?

Web designers & developers typically use their respective graphical & technical skills to create designs and develop a digital product as per their client needs. Usually, people use web designing and web development synonymously. However, these two are entirely different in terms of work responsibilities. Where web designer looks after the graphics, layout, interactive elements, visual appearance of the website; On the contrary, a web developer focuses on its structure & operational efficiency.

Web designers work with specific software like Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, WordPress, Google Web Designer to create visual designs for a project. Whereas web developers use different programming languages such as  HTML, CSS, C++, Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript, etc., to execute those web designs into a functional web browser.

How To Be A Web Designer Or Developer?

For this, a student needs to pursue a graduate degree or diploma in Graphic & Web designing and Web development. Vogue Institute of Art and Design, Arena Animation, Infocampus, DCT Academy, Inventateq are some of the institutes that offer these long-term courses in Bangalore.

Being a web designer or developer, you can work across several industries like IT firms, educational institutes, health consultancies, finance, and insurance sectors.

Eventually, the two of these job profiles are in significant demand all over the country. And, since Bangalore is a well-known IT hub, both web designers and web developers can look forward to the most lucrative job opportunities in the city.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Goods & Service Tax (GST) Practitioner

For improving the efficiency of the Indian taxation system and overall economic growth of the nation, Goods and Service Tax (GST) came into effect from July 1st, 2017. This new indirect tax law has brought a drastic change in every zone- be it a business, economy, GDP, or the taxpayers’ lives.

Since GST laws are a bit complicated, the taxpayers mostly stay in utter confusion. As a result, the government has introduced the GST Practitioner job-role to tackle their problems and duly comply with the statutory rules & regulations. Today, businesses eagerly look for expert professionals who can assist them in GST management. Henceforth, there is a recurrent demand for highly-skilled GST Practitioners in most sectors.

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What Are The Responsibilities of a GST Practitioner?

The GST Practitioner is a tax professional approved by the Central & State Governments to perform certain functions on behalf of any taxable person. It may include-

  • Applying for Fresh registration, amendment, or cancellation of registration.
  • Furnishing details of inward and outward supplies
  • Filing GST returns (on monthly, quarterly, or annual basis)
  • Making official payments for tax, interest, penalty, fees, etc.
  • Claiming for a refund of tax
  • Acting as an authorized representative before any legitimate authority

GST Practitioners often work in specialized areas like- finance, accounting, and taxation.

How To Become an Authentic GST Practitioner in Bangalore?

First of all, the interested candidates should satisfy the prescribed eligibility criteria for this professional job. Afterward, the eligible ones need to register themselves as GST practitioners on the GST portal and then obtain their enrollment certificates. After the enrollment, they must appear for the GST Practitioner’s (GSTP) exam, conducted by the National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes & Narcotics (NACIN), and qualify for the same, with a minimum score of 50% within two years of enrollment.

To get in-depth conceptual clarity & vocational training on GST applications, you can go for a GST Practitioner program. Doing a certified course from a well-reputed institute also increases your chances of selection by some well-known organizations. You can even start your consultancy firm.

GST Practitioner course is a study of Goods and Service Tax regime. It emphasizes the new indirect tax laws under GST, including registration, rate structure, exemptions, filing of returns, tax computation & payments, refund claims, and other legal obligations under the act.

Although, experienced players working in the tax department choose to be GST practitioners. But, Accounting & Finance professionals and freshers may also opt for this course. Several top institutes like- IIM Skills, ISEL Global, GST Training Bangalore, Inventateq offer GST Practitioner certified long-term Courses in Bangalore.

Do check out the Top 10 GST Certification Courses in Bangalore

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Cabin Crew

Does traveling and exploring different cultures fascinate you the most? Does serving, caring & interacting with other people gives you immense pleasure? If yes, then air cabin crew will be the perfect career choice for you.

A cabin crew consisting of air hostesses and flight stewards, share the responsibility of ensuring the comfort & safety of the passengers on board. During the flight, these professionals have to fulfill assorted duties like greeting passengers on board, showing them to their seats, helping them with luggage, serving them with refreshments & meals, checking pre-requisite arrangements, providing necessary information to the passengers, etc.

Since Bangalore is the major-tech hub of the country, this metropolitan city cordially invites thousands of domestic & foreign guests every day. Henceforth, students can take up a cabin crew as a full-fledged career prospect.

How To Be a Part of Air Cabin Crew?

Aspirants can either pursue a certificate program, a diploma course, or a degree program at undergraduate & postgraduate levels.

These courses provide classroom teachings with scrupulous practical training of various procedures related to the aviation industry. The basic idea behind this course is to impart specialized knowledge to the students in areas like catering, hospitality, safety measures, aircraft safety equipment & emergency arrangements, etc. It provides hands-on experience to the aspirants through trainee flights before assigning final duties.

One fact that needs attention is- Being a cabin crew member has specific eligibility criteria concerning height, physical fitness, water competency, interpersonal skills, marital status, etc. It may vary from airline to airline. Therefore, all the aspirants should meet the standardized norms before entering this job role.

Several leading institutes offering different cabin crew long-term courses in Bangalore are GMS Aviation Academy, Cirrus Aviation Academy, Aptech Castle Street, PTC Aviation Academy, Bradford Aviation Academy.

Content Writing

Have you ever got mesmerized while reading any textual content online? A few magical words and you felt relocated to some other world. That is the influence of writing. But, when those words match up to your expectations & preferences at the right time and manner! It is called the power of content writing.

Content writing involves planning, research analysis, writing, and editing content for specific online media & other digital platforms. Often, people have this perception that one needs to be exceptionally well in writing. However, this job is not limited to writing skills only. You have to excel in other areas as well!

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Content writing job covers a wide spectrum of writing aspects such as keyword research, SEO, marketing strategies, proofreading, plagiarism detection, etc. It concentrates on the target audience, understanding their psychology & behavioral patterns, and finally presenting the content as per their interest & needs.

A content writer prepares content for different formats such as blog posts, articles for newspapers & magazines, e-books, press releases, Ad copy, mailers, business listing, product descriptions, video scripts, social media posts, commercials, etc.

Content writing is not merely a professional job but is a big responsibility that lies on a writer’s shoulders. As a content creator, you have to be very prudent while preparing web content. You must ensure that your content serves a meaningful purpose & perception.

How To Become A Proficient Content Writer in Bangalore?

To build a career in content writing, you need to get to the bottom of various tools & techniques. It includes Uber Suggest, Answers The Public, Google Keyword Planner, Google My Business, Canvas, Content Management Systems (WordPress), SEO tools, Grammarly, WordCount.net, Plagiarism Detection, etc. Besides, you should polish up your writing skills as well! A content writing course can help you in this process.

The vocational program tells you how to create engaging content and deliver your piece of work to your reader’s desk. Pursuing internship training after the course can give you work experience through working on real-time projects.

All those freshers, freelancers, or other experienced professionals residing in Bangalore- can freely pursue this content writing course at their end. Top institutes like IIM Skills, Content Knockout, Digital Academy 360, Inventateq provide these long-term courses in Bangalore.

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Interior Designing

Have you ever eye-witnessed some peculiar & opulent interiors once in your life? If not, then still the news of luxurious mansions & affluent villas of a few celebrities must have attracted your kind attention at one point. Sometimes, you might even be in awe of them. Well, all those stylish indoors are the painstaking efforts of an interior designer.

Generally, people work hard and invest their valuable time & money in creating a healthy & pleasing environment for their family (be it personal or professional). Thanks to all those interior designers who assist you in this process.

What Is Interior Designing?

Interior designing is a creative work of designing elegant & aesthetic interiors and exteriors for commercial buildings, educational institutes, workstations, healthcare centers, and individual homes. It involves different elements like space, form, color, line, texture, pattern, and lighting.

Interior designing focuses on multiple aspects like- room architecture, flooring, ceiling, plumbing, cabinets & fixtures, furniture designs, kitchen systems, appliances, electrical solutions, etc.

An interior designer tends to plan, research, organize, and execute initial designs into final projects. These professionals usually work in liaison with architects, engineers, and contractors. Interior designing is a multi-tasking job. It consists of various activities like site surveying, structural planning, layout designing, material purchasing, client interaction, and project management.

How To Become a Good Interior Designer in Bangalore?

This field is all about your creative artistry & the latest trends. But, proper vocational training will do more good to you. You can either opt for a one-year diploma or a decent graduate degree in interior designing. If you are a resident of Bangalore city, you can opt for any of the Interior designing courses from top institutes. LISAA School of Design, NITTE School of Fashion Technology & Interior Design, National Institute of Design, Dreamz Designz, Dream Zone (Koramangala) are a few institutes that offer long-term courses in Bangalore.

Once you complete these long-term courses in Bangalore, you can start your consultancy firm as an Interior designer. Apart from this, you can also opt for other career prospects such as Interior & Spatial Designer, Landscape Designer, Layout Analyst, Exhibition Designer, and many more. The top recruiters are Architecture & Design Firms, Furniture Manufacturing Firms, Infrastructure and Property Developers, etc.

Event Management

Have you ever thought about how these concerts, ceremonies, rallies, and exhibitions frequently took place on such a large scale? How do people easily throw formal parties, and celebrate their festive occasions & big fat weddings with great pomp and splendor? Furthermore, official seminars, conferences & conventions are on the list too! Eventually, all these events taste success due to a group of personnel known as the event management team.

The majority of the corporate setups, political parties, designers, creative artists usually hire an event manager to launch & promote their events.

The event managers use their creative imagination & communication skills to organize and manage these events. They need to work very diligently & enthusiastically in utilizing all the resources- both men & material. Indubitably, event management is like an uphill battle. One needs to put in an enormous amount of energy and effort. If you have those capabilities, you can opt for the event management career prospects.

How To Pursue Event Management Long-term Courses in Bangalore?

There are many career opportunities available in this field as Bangalore is one of the big cities in the country. It is one of the major attractions for industrial & global events. Therefore, the event managers usually stay in significant demand. The aspirants can either go for a diploma course or a degree program at both undergraduate & postgraduate levels. Several institutes that offer event management long-term courses in Bangalore are Gems B School, JD Institute of Fashion Technology, PES University, etc.

After completing your learning and training process, you can consider any lucrative job profiles such as Event Manager, Show Organiser, Wedding Planner, Public Relations Manager, etc.


Photographers are simple artists with a comprehensive vision. What they capture in their digital cameras is a broader perspective that is invisible to the bare eye. One needs to have a different pair of lenses- to look beyond those scenic backgrounds.

Because taking simple pictures could be easy. But, getting a good snapshot while dealing with lightning, camera, stillness & background is a tough job. For this, you need to understand one thing. Photography is not about just clicking pictures but is also about capturing those precious moments in a digital camera. And, a prominent photography course helps you in learning that art.

How To Become a Professional Photographer in Bangalore?

To be efficient & competent enough in photography, one should pursue a well-equipped photography course. In this elective course of study, students get technical know-how about various elements of photography such as line, shape, texture, pattern, lighting, composition, color, and space. This theoretical knowledge helps them in optimally working out camera utilities, lightning, the subject, and perspectives during their photography practice.

Many prestigious institutes offer long-term courses in Bangalore in the photography field. CREO Valley, Wiztoonz Academy of Media And Design, Arena Animation Bangalore, Drishti School of Photography, etc., are a few of them.

After completing the course, you must opt for an internship at a digital photo studio or an apprenticeship with an established photographer. It gives you real-world experience & helps you out in designing your portfolio. Afterward, you can set up your freelancing work or take up a well-paying job at a professional studio, publishing house, or advertising agency.

For better exposure, aspirants can even specialize in a particular realm like portrait photography, event photography, fashion photography, architectural photography, sports photography, wildlife photography, photojournalism, etc.

With the ability to carve out a bigger picture in your mind along with a keen interest in photography, this field can turn out to be a rewarding career opportunity for you.


So, these were a few long-term courses in Bangalore for different aspirants. The above professional Courses enhance your level of knowledge with a thorough learning & training procedure. If you want to survive & compete in the long run, you must keep learning new skills and strategies. That is the only solution. And, these vocational programs help you brush up on your technical, creative, and management skills for future career possibilities. Therefore, choose any of these Top 10 long-term courses in Bangalore and upskill yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. Which is better long term courses or short term courses?

Long term courses are degree courses that take long duration like 3 years to complete the course. And short-term courses are below 6 months of duration and are mostly preferred by the working-class adults to upgrade their skills.

Q2. Which is the best institute for short-term courses online?

IIM SKILLS has wide range of short-term courses online. They rank no. 1 on the list and are globally recognized for best courses. All the courses are certified and covers all the topic.

Q3. Which is better long term courses or short term courses after 12 grade?

Long term courses are always better after 12 th grade for a better career prospect. As it covers in depth topic.

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