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Should You Pursue An Online Digital Marketing Course?

Every individual today is aware of how potent the Digital industry is. There is going to be a rich profusion of job openings in the Digital sector in the coming years. So we often pose the question. Should I enroll in a Digital Marketing Course? If I do, what should I opt for? An Online Virtual Classroom setting? Or, an on-campus program?

Should You Pursue An Online Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing is the process of promulgating your products through digital channels. It helps in maximizing your visibility and your brand’s exposure. It is today one of the most sought-after careers owing to the immense success it promises.

Right after students complete their 12th Board exams or graduate, they are on the lookout for courses that will help them to better their prospects in the intense competition that is present in the corporate world.

Today we will discuss why you can opt for an Online Digital Marketing Course. We will delineate the points that might give you clarity on whether an Online Digital Course is more suited to you.

The economy has changed and so have the buying patterns of consumers. India’s “Go Digital” initiative has been hailed. People have become aware of the several advantages of the online domain.

The benefits of Online Shopping, cashless arrangements, and ease in transactions have established the perks of carrying out online activities quite firmly.

Since there has been a shift in the perception of the online arena in consumers, several internet-based startups have emerged successful. his has resulted in more companies going the Digital route.

The business world is rife with competition. The immanent competitive trait can be a deterrent to traditional businesses.

Hence, online startups are a great alternative to setting up a business physically and carrying out huge expenses. The barrier to an internet business is comparatively much lower. Since the qualities of the online world have come to the notice of business houses, they have all taken steps to create a digital presence.

Name a world-class brand, a business organization that does not have a website today. Can’t think of one? That is the miracle of the Online World.

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With the increase in web-based enterprises, it becomes a duty, a compulsion to produce competent digital marketers globally.

The digital expansion is not going to halt now and is only going to proliferate further. Remember, there is still ample opportunity for growth in Digital Marketing. The saturation point is nowhere near.

Marketing professionals, S&M business entrepreneurs, students, job aspirants, homemakers, freelancers, bloggers, IT professionals can acquire high-grade skill sets by continuing with digital education along with their current jobs.

It is not only going to open up new avenues, give them a boost in their careers, but will also give them leadership qualities, confidence, and maturity in handling complex projects.

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Consider the following example to further understand our general behavioral patterns that contribute to the belief that the world is going digital. 

Not only the young generation but even the older generation is resorting to the web for various inquiries, grievances, and information.

For example, you want to have food from a restaurant far away. You have heard about it from your friends and relatives. Now you made up your mind to research everything about the restaurant.

Generally, the steps we follow after this is as follows

We go on the web and find out the reviews and opinions on the restaurant in the search engines and different applications. If you are satisfied with the comments and opinions of people, then the next step is to order food from that restaurant.

Two ways of doing it- 

  •  You go physically to the restaurant and get the food you want. This is an option most people don’t choose today
  • The second option has become more popular today. You open up a food delivery application on your cell phone or computer, type in your address if not previously stored, and order food.

The advantage of going online is that you can sit at your home and order whatever you want whenever you want. This particular character of the online world helps you even when you want to study a subject of your choice. Today you are not confined by your geographical location. You are not limited to your city, town, or even country for higher education in different countries.

The best part you can enroll for a course in the UK sitting in India and get a degree that will give you jobs in some of the biggest brands, and global organizations.

The Digital Marketing Course generally involves incisive education and practical training on the core modules and sub-modules like SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Google Analytics, Website Development, and Customization, Brand Management, Online Reputation Management, Mobile Marketing, E-Mail Marketing, Media Buying, Affiliate Marketing, Influencer Marketing, and many others.

The best Digital Marketing Course providers offer courses online today. The most eminent institutes in Online Training like IIMSKILLS offer some of the best online curricula in Digital Marketing and related fields. They provide courses in online virtual classrooms.

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Why you should pursue An Online Digital Marketing Course in 2020? 

#1. Location Flexibility

The digital marketing course online offers the flexibility that an offline course can never offer. You are not dependent on a particular location for online classes.

There can be many challenges when we are attending offline on-campus training. Traffic, difficult class timings, important events, and occasions can result in you not being able to attend the on-campus study Centre.

This feature of location independence is probably one of the most important reasons why you should consider enrolling in an online digital marketing course.

When we decide to pursue a course online the very first consideration for us is the advantage of being able to study from wherever we want.

For smeone sitting in Bangalore, they might find that the best premium-quality digital marketing education is available in Delhi or Mumbai. For various reasons, you might not be able to travel to take that course.

With Online Courses you are not missing out on anything. You can study the digital marketing course with the help of simply a computer, a tablet, a mobile phone, and an internet connection.

#2. Easy to attend

Since you can attend classes from your home, cafeteria, or your workplace if you are a working professional, you find it is much easier to attend the classes. You can also keep up with the percentage they require for you to be able to give the examinations.

In Offline settings, you might not be able to keep up with the attendance percentage if you don’t attend the classes there and then. Online Courses can be attended even after the class is over through recorded lectures.

#3. Affordable

Online digital marketing courses are more affordable than offline courses. Many premium educational institutions provide high-quality digital marketing courses at very affordable prices.

Moreover, you don’t have recurring expenses like accommodation expenses, commuting expenses, expenses for physical textbooks. That cuts your expenditure to a very great extent.

The online digital marketing courses come with a variety of features with quality courses. They are presentations, case studies, reference materials, and course curriculum without any additional cost.

When you enroll for an online digital marketing course the fee generally includes an examination fee and any other expenses concerning the course.

#4. More accessible

The topics you cover in an online digital marketing course are always accessible to you through their portals. You do not miss the conversations, discussions, and interactions in the class. Even if your fellow virtual classmate has asked a question you get details of it. That might be of immense use when you are learning.

Online Courses have an e-portal that is referred to as a learning management system commonly. You not only get certification for the programs enrolled but can go through the entire class again through this e portal that they provide for their students. They are generally available for lifetime access.

Most of these premium-quality online digital marketing courses also come with the feature of a 24/7 support system. This basically means that if you have a query at any time of the day, you can always access their virtual support desk for doubt resolution.

#5.Recorded lectures

Digital marketing is a course that is highly focused on practical training, implementation execution, and the application of digital tools on the internet.

When you miss the class in a physical setup you lose out on the interactions, the conversations, and the value that is imparted in that particular class while you are absent.

In the case of online courses, they record their classes. The entire session is available for you to go back to and learn again. You do not miss out on any aspect of that session no matter how small that is.

A student can go back to learn and relearn again, pause the video, rewind a particular part innumerable times, or fast forward video according to your preference. You can repeat a session as many times as you want when you are not being able to comprehend a particular element.

Not just recorded lectures, but you have the class presentations, tutorials, case studies, reference topics, and updated curriculum on the institute’s e-portal. The curriculum is regularly curated to keep you apprised of the latest developments and best practices in the digital marketing world.

#6.Self-reliance and dependence on oneself

The digital marketing industry as a whole requires a lot of research and analysis. One, that you have to do on your own when you work in the digital sector.

Even while you are studying there are parts of the curriculum that you have to understand comprehensively to carry out a successful digital marketing campaign later. That requires your competence and intellect.

An online digital marketing course requires you to be disciplined, diligent, sincere, and self-reliant. The teachers and the faculty are there for your assistance in every part of the digital marketing learning process.

However practical exercises are something that you have to do on your own. The online digital marketing courses prepare you for this aspect from the very first session.

You upgrade your computer skills to understand different elements of the web applications, carry out activities like logging in, participating in discussions and forums all on your own.

It makes you independent, and you develop stronger adaptive skills. Keyword research, Content Research, are important elements of the digital marketing learning process. The course gives you details of the tools but you have to handle the applications effectively.

An online course helps you to better understand the techniques, strategies required to create a successful digital strategy. They help you to improve work ethics and give you more focused learning.

#7. Comfortable ambiance

One of the main considerations for taking online classes is to develop your skills and acquire new knowledge that you can incorporate into your professional life for your career growth.

Your priority is the certificate and your education and you want to have both unhindered. You can take an online class without thinking of your appearance. Quite often the advantage of online professional life is attributed to the fact that you can work in your PJs without having to trouble yourself with the dress code.

Since the whole appearance and getting ready is eliminated in an online course you can focus more, be comfortable in your ambiance and take the class however you want.

Digital marketing constituents require a lot of brainstorming and analytical skills. Without other external factors niggling at the back of your mind, you can learn the curriculum better.

#8. Distraction-free

An upshot of the 7th point, digital marketing course requires your absolute concentration and focus on the practical implementation of the different models. You can work in an intrusion-free environment in the comfort of your room.

#9. Time

Time is a very important factor in online classes, you get more time in the sessions than you get in campus classrooms. The online learning environment provides the opportunity to gain more intense skills and knowledge uninterrupted.

#10. Accreditation

Today online digital marketing courses have the same standard of education as offline digital marketing courses. The accreditation by reputed educational agencies and the reviews of students, professionals in successful digital marketing designations are proof of just how effective an online digital marketing course is.

Any skepticism surrounding the standard of the curriculum followed in online digital marketing courses has been completely removed through the various success stories.

Some of the best digital marketing training providers are found online today. The Certification programs are recognized widely. They provide insight into the day-to-day activities in the digital world.

The advancements in online education in the education sector have reached new heights with digital marketing training providers having the zeal to provide the best education possible for budding Internet and digital marketers.

#11. Provides a whole whole lot of opportunities

Digital marketing online courses offered a lot of flexibility in terms of acquiring education. For example, you can do a diploma course in digital marketing as well as two specialized courses on other modules of digital marketing like Search Engine Optimization, Paid Marketing, Content Marketing, and so on.

Digital Marketing is a vast subject. There are ample opportunities to learn the various constituents that make up the digital marketing system as well as take up related courses that further bolster your educational qualifications. They are great for your resume and enable you to get your dream job in the Digital Industry.

#12. Can pursue a career along with studying

Since an online digital marketing course is much more time-efficient than offline digital marketing courses you can pursue your career while gaining education on digital marketing online. Digital Marketing is a highly coveted subject from people of diverse educational backgrounds and professional fields.

Business entities, entrepreneurs, bloggers, freelancers who want to have a successful online presence and earn money from the web space can leverage the advantages of the course.

However, enrolling in an offline course can act as a deterrent to the active professional life of an individual. But with online courses, you no longer have the barriers to learning key aspects of digital marketing. Learn the course at noon or 6 in the morning.

#13. Updated Learning Management System (LMS)

The learning management systems (LMS) in online digital marketing courses make sure that the course is completely updated when new tools and developments are made in the online domain. Since the e portal is accessible to you for a lifetime you can always go back to these archives and learn the most recent practices and tools that can contribute to better efficiency in Digital campaigns.

Now that we have the advantages of online digital marketing courses out of the way, let’s look at some of the tips that can help you maximize the value of online digital marketing courses.

Most of the courses in digital marketing require you to be accountable to yourself. It cultivates a sense of responsibility because you have to complete assignments on your own and within a specified period. You have to remind yourself to complete your work. Keep a schedule of your assignments.

Dedication, discipline, responsibility are the three keys for maximized value from an online course. Just because it is a virtual classroom doesn’t mean a sluggish approach will work in your favor.

The techniques to have an efficient study schedule are to keep a timer and set time for yourself for a particular assignment. Take periodic breaks in between to refresh your mind.

Some Important Tips

Make sure that you actively participate in any discussion engage with your classmates over ideas and projects. Brainstorming and exchange of ideas can enable innovation in a project you are actively working on. Collaborate with them and build camaraderie with your virtual classmates. Ask for regular feedback from your professors.

The number of students taking up online classes is increasing every year. Since digital marketing is one of the most popular courses online a large percentage of people take up digital marketing courses online.

It is not just students but professionals, graduates, freelancers, bloggers, homemakers, and people from other sectors pursuing digital marketing the quality of the courses is top-notch.

Since there is no disparity in the quality of education provided by these two modes of training, there is no reason why one should prefer taking up an offline course if an online course is fitted to their schedule.

The institutes provide soft skills training like creating impressive resumes tracking interviews and an overall improvement in your convincing skills. They provide tips for enhanced communication and creativity skills.

Since the digital marketing industry is a fairly competitive field you need to think a step ahead of your peers if you want to carve a niche for yourself in the sector.

The courses should have plenty of real-time project training and an inclusive approach to the different components of digital marketing for you to comprehend those elements well.

You should be confident about its attributes before enrolling in The Institute. Take the advantage of demo sessions that most of these online Digital Marketing institutes provide. Talk to an expert, call the institute, look where the ex-students of the institute have been placed, and consider the reviews.

There is ample opportunity for networking even if you take an online course. They have an entire network system in the different digital platforms and social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. Build contacts and expand your network for greater insight into the Industry.

We have pointed out that the greatest benefit of an online digital marketing course is that you don’t have to give up your career to pursue a course online. Let’s look at how professionals and students from diverse fields can benefit from an online digital marketing course


When graduation is just around the corner, a rewarding career ahead and a stable job are your considerations. Digital marketing does not only provide varied positions to fill, but also provides a very intriguing and creative job profile that will keep your interest.

A comprehensive course on digital marketing offers more interviews and job opportunities for students whether they come from a technical or non-technical field. The reputed online digital marketing training providers help with job placements and resume building for the first positive impression.

Marketing Professionals

Today traditional marketers are significantly moving on to the digital platforms wishing to build a career in the ever-evolving dynamic digital marketing field.

An online digital marketing course provides you the option of carrying on with your traditional marketing jobs like marketing consultants, marketing managers, brand managers, marketing coordinators, promotions managers, etc while pursuing the course.

You are equipped with more focused premium digital marketing skills. This enables you to take up senior digital marketing roles. Your experience in traditional marketing, as well as digital marketing, can be a boon for your career growth.

Digital marketing strategies are comprised of an integrated Marketing system that takes into account digital marketing and elements of traditional marketing. You have a higher prospect of getting recruited for your advanced skills. And you achieve all of it without having to take a break in your career.


Several web-based startups are coming up with changes in the economical and marketing fabric. If you strengthen your digital marketing skills while carrying on your business activities through online digital marketing courses you can increase your return on investment to a great extent.

Sales professionals

Sales and marketing are intricately connected. It is easy for sales professionals to switch into the marketing field, more precisely the digital marketing arena.

Since sales and marketing go hand in hand, a sales professional can continue with their job role in the sales department while acquiring knowledge on digital marketing and later leverage his work experience along with his skill sets to get better career opportunities. Sales managers understand the pulse of the consumer, they can also help in online customer engagement, brand managing, and convincing leads to turn into consumers.

IT Professionals

Knowledge of Technology is not a prerequisite to you learning digital marketing premium courses. However, IT professionals can very well learn digital marketing through online courses to strengthen their career prospects.

A whole new set of career avenues open up where IT professionals with digital marketing skills can acquire important roles in business strategizing and implementing digital marketing campaigns with their knowledge of technology as well as online marketing.

The crux of any business is lead generation and finally conversion of leads to consumers. IT professionals can help in online digital marketing. They can leverage the enormous advantages of digital marketing tools and techniques to become more efficient managers able to handle the IT industry better through in-depth learning of modules.


A lot of times homemakers do not have the time to go out and pursue higher studies. Digital Marketing as an industry or profession offers the advantage of working from home and creating digital Strategies and being just successful as a person attending the office.

Homemakers can especially benefit from these online digital marketing courses. These courses provide not just a premium quality curriculum but also certifications that are highly recognized by industries globally. Working from home has become a very important part of any industry today. Homemakers can have a very rewarding career by studying online digital marketing courses.


Freelancers can learn the entire digital marketing process or a specialized section of the different digital marketing models to gain enhanced knowledge of online marketing.

It helps them to widen the spectrum of their job potential. Since digital marketing services can be offered remotely, specialized knowledge equips you with even better career prospects.

Whether an affiliate marketer or an influencer, business head of a brand, or a big corporate organization an online digital marketing courses can always be beneficial to you because in this mode of training you don’t lose out on any aspect of your life.

You can carry on with your career just as before and learn digital marketing. Moreover, since digital marketing itself is a subject that involves practical exercises majorly, it helps people to become more attuned to their senses and build a full-time career in web marketing.


In the current turn of events, we can see how we can proceed with education as well as work unhindered through the online system. In the environmental crisis that we are in today, we can’t go out and mingle. It only highlights the fact that online courses help people in a variety of ways other than the expense and the time factor.

The only traits you need to create a highly successful career from an online digital marketing course are your inclination to learn, attentiveness, and assiduity in imbibing digital marketing education from the expert faculty of the Institute.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. I am a homemaker, have an experience of working as customer executive with a retail company. But after having a baby I cant travel for work. Can I take this course?

Yes, OfCourse you are eligible for the course. This course is online and provides you flexibility in learning. You can start as a freelancer or work from anywhere after you finish the course.

Q2. Which is the top recommended certified online digital marketing course?

IIM SKILLS has the best online digital marketing course. They rank the top list in providing the best skill development courses globally.

Q3. What is the duration to finish the course?

1 to 3 months.

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