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Scope of Tally Courses in India – Career Prospects, And More

With time, more and more people are pursuing Tally training courses. We all know what the word “Tally” signifies, but what does it mean? You may have heard the term “Tally” frequently when calculating large sums of money or in school when you learned how to utilize the Tally table while solving math problems. However, the term Tally that we are referring to is the name of the software application that is frequently used by small, medium, big, and micro enterprises for the management of accounting and inventories. Because it offers comprehensive business solutions for all or any, this software is frequently the most in-demand today. With the advent of Tally, now you can do as many accounting-oriented tasks as you’d want, from tax filing (GST) to printing cheques, cash and fund flow statements, ratio analysis, and comparison analysis. In this article, we are going to learn about Tally – what does the term “Tally signify, why should one pursue a Tally training course, the duration of the Tally training course, the career opportunities after completing the program, benefits of enrolling in the program, Scope of Tally Courses in India, eligibility, and forms of Tally.

Scope of Tally Courses In India

Here is What the Term “Tally” Stands for:

A popular accounting software application, Tally is the short form of Transactions Allowed in Linear Line Yards. It was developed in the year 1986 by its co-founders Shyam Sunder Goenka and Bharat Goenka. The key goal of this software application is to carry out accounting tasks in a very logical and concise way. If you want to learn more about the program’s characteristics, how it works, and how to understand underlying principles like maintaining stocks, profit and loss analysis, bookkeeping, etc., you should take the Tally training course. Initially, the software application started with a basic 3.0 version, after which the Indian multinational technology organization released the following versions 3.12, 4.5, 5.4, 6.3, 7.2, and 8.1. Now, companies across the world use the latest version (Tally ERP 9).

Students, who are pursuing an accounting course, consider Tally as a vital skill necessary to fulfill the role of an accountant. To become proficient in Tally, they acquire a degree or diploma in it. One to three months are spent on a Tally training course. However, it may take as many as two years if students decide to pursue a Tally diploma. You may easily and speedily record business transactions with Tally’s accounting tools. You can also create and maintain vouchers, reports, and masters to record the transactions important to your business. It helps you control all of the crucial accounting processes for your organization.

All About Tally course

Day by day, Tally has become one of the most popular computer courses after passing the class 12 board examination. The course can be accessed both online and offline and that too at the certification and diploma level. The duration of the certification programs for two or four months, while diploma courses are for one or two years. The course fee ranges between Rs. 3,000 and 10,000 although this majorly depends on the institute. If you are thinking of enrolling in a Tally training course, it is advised that you be a person with a commerce background – that is to say that you must have passed your 10+2 from the commerce stream with a minimum of 50% marks. After completing the course, you can apply for various roles in fields like Account Executive, Executive Assistant, Tally Operator, Accountant Officer, etc. This is one of the biggest scopes of Tally courses in India.

Graduates from the Tally course earn somewhere between Rs. 15000 and 25000 per month, however, it banks upon the form of certification pursued. A person who has chosen beginner-level certification will get lesser remuneration in comparison to a person who is pursuing an intermediate or advanced certification or diploma after graduating from a business, finance, or accounting course. 

During the course, you will gain a comprehensive awareness of the software application and grasp essential concepts like changing business records, inventory administration, GST TDS calculation, etc. Since it is used by organizations all around the world and is currently the most critical software application package on the market, the majority of accounting professionals are well abreast of Tally. It will act as a useful tool for you, provided you are looking forward to working in the accounting industry.

Various Versions of Tally 

The Tally software application is available in three different versions. The versions of the accounting software application come in a variety of forms. Each version has a distinct target group in mind and accomplishes its goal. These are the three different forms of Tally:

Tally ERP 9 – Tally ERP 9 is the latest version and is highly advanced. As it is highly advanced, its core objective is recording business or financial transactions. With the help of this accounting software, you can keep a record of payroll, all purchases made, handle inventories, manage sales, etc. Tally ERP has two separate versions – silver and gold. If you intend to use it for your purpose, you can purchase the silver version but if you want it for your family go for multiple users.

Tally Server 9 – The Tally software application utilizes server-based data handling in this version as well. Large and medium-sized businesses are the principal users of this version. Enterprises can have administrative management thanks to its distinctive monitoring capacities. They usually have a high price because they have limited use.

Shopper 9 – This version is utilized only for retail and is extremely productive in managing retail-oriented issues like billing, business discounts, pricing, etc.

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Eligibility of Tally Course

As it was previously mentioned, you must have completed your high school (class 12 or equivalent) in the commerce line. Students from other streams can also apply for the training course. It is advisable that you have a fundamental awareness of accountancy and business administration and management. Graduates can also enrol in the training course. The course is best suited for persons studying business, business administration and management, accountancy, and, finance. If you are a graduate and want to enrol in the Tally Accounting training course, it is recommended that you must have a rudimentary business knowledge and work experience.

The best Scope of Tally Courses in India is immense as it offers various career opportunities in the field of finance. If you are a person from a commerce background, there are endless job opportunities in the field of accounting and finance.   


Benefits of Enrolling in a Tally Training Course

Enroll in a comprehensive Tally course – Tally ERP 9 is thorough and relevant because it provides a variety of transferable conditions.

Reliability and accuracy of Information – Once entered into Tally ERP 9, it is unlikely that your data would be lost for any infinite reasons. The computer code seldom fails, even if the machine has to shut down abruptly due to a malfunction because the data can be mechanically stored.

Assurance of Information – Once the data is stored inside the software package, there is not even the faintest possibility of data tampering. Data integrity checks ensure that Tally ERP 9 won’t be affected by any external modifications to the data. This kind of inconsistency, which can change any kind of knowledge, is avoided by the complex binary cryptography. When you first begin the Tally training course, the quality might quickly diminish, and you’ll realize that this software package has a significant number of useful set codes. Tally ERP 9 could seem hard to you, but once you start using it, you’ll see how practical it is.

Tally Audit – The purpose of audits is to verify the accuracy of the entries made by an authorized shopper. To those shoppers who conduct audits, principal rights are granted. If someone changed the information without having anyone’s permission, it would usually be disastrous. The shopper’s name is shown on the screen if any errors are found or if someone needs to change an entry. This aids in maintaining the privacy and trustworthiness that are necessary throughout the accounting sector.

Tally Vault – As the name implies, Tally Vault offers a linked support encrypted vault for protecting information. By using the coding standard method, the security code that is for the vault cannot be breached.

Smart Data Movement – One of the best advantages of using Tally ERP 9 is simple and easy movement of knowledge and information. Once you enter data it gets updated across the system and is accessible from any place, making it difficult for others to move physical files from all places from the geographic originating point.

Eliminates errors made by humans – On a hectic day, the software is built to give you shortcuts that help you avoid errors when creating associate degree entries. Additionally, the software package has a brain of its own because it forecasts surplus methods and offers ways for enhancing businesses. Numerous Tally courses in India are designed in such a manner that forces you to pay attention to all the tips and tactics to develop specific flowing processes.

Continual Processing – New computer hardware and software should be introduced by a top-notch business for smooth operations. Additionally, since organizations should always be operating, a break will hamper their growth. Tally ERP 9 is easy and simple to install, and you can start generating transactions as soon as you get the hang of it. The terrific computer code gives you the flexibility to create various forms of vouchers on a continuous basis.

With Tally operating business becomes easier – Small businesses must regularly evaluate their financial situation. Tally ERP 9 empowers you to evaluate your everyday transactions to assist you in moving in the direction of profit rather than loss. The same is true for large and medium-sized businesses where the requirement to monitor flow is crucial. Tally offers such assistance from time to time.

Assistance with filing of taxes – Due to the implementation of the GST, every organization is now required to file tax returns on a monthly basis. That suggests the requirement for information to be stored in (GST) tax-compliant forms to make GST filing simple and easy. Tally ERP 9 gives business organizations the benefit of staying one step ahead of their rivals because it is GST-prepared.

Remote Access – During the promotion of invoice delivery, Tally ERP 9 offers you remote access to deliver them without accessing it physically – that is to say that you can do it with Tally without moving the invoices back and forth from the headquarters to the branches. 

Now We Are Going to Discuss the Best Possible Scope of Tally Courses in India.

Five Best Possible Scopes of Tally Courses in India

As per a news article, there is a huge scope of Tally Courses in India. The article, which was published on 24/7/2021, states that according to Udemy’s list of the top emerging skills in June, Tally, an ERP accounting software application that is well-known throughout India, has taken the top spot in the world’s learning market. It is currently the number one ranked skill and is even ahead of popular skills like the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, GST, and cryptocurrency.

What, therefore, keeps Tally continuing strong despite being on the market for close to three decades at a time when technology is rapidly becoming archaic? According to experts, Tally is a powerful yet simple accounting tool that has transformed how businesses, especially the smaller ones, are operated.

Irwin Anand, Managing Director (MD) of Udemy India, says, “One of the most reputable and reliable financial software organizations in India is Tally. It is currently one of the most popular courses in the country due to how easy to understand and simple it is.”

Tejas Goenka, MD, Tally Solutions (A Private Limited Company) expresses, “The statistics for Tally reveal much about the software application. The number of Tally users who use the licensed versions of the company’s products is reportedly between six and seven million. It serves industries in more than 100 countries and has gained the faith of almost two million businesses worldwide. Boasting over 25,000 partners directly linked to the company, the brand possesses one of the biggest associate ecosystems in the nation, enabling it to offer seamless and wonderful consumer experiences.” 

In order to make certified Tally education and learning freely accessible throughout the country, our education arm, Tally Education Pvt Ltd, has been striving toward this goal for a number of years,” Goenka concludes.

Best Possible Career Opportunities & Scope of Tally Courses in India 

Analysing, recording, reporting, and tracking daily operations and financial sides of a business is necessary for successful expenditure, investment, and profit making. Tally, being a technologically oriented advanced accountancy software application or tool, will help organizations to handle various operations, maintain accounting data records, avert repetition or omission, or loss of data, and transfer or showcase the data systematically when it is necessary. 

Pursuing a Tally course will help to get equipped with the necessary and relevant skills needed to perform certain job roles like sales and purchase handling, taxation, inventory controlling, billing, bookkeeping, etc. Staying abreast of Tally will help you change your arena of department or work, bag rewarding job opportunities as a fresher, govern your own business professionally, or even change your career route. 

Here are the best possible job roles and Scope of Tally Courses in India

This section discusses the five most Scope of Tally Courses in India

1. Inventory Manager

The role of an inventory manager is to manufacture inventories, use, stock, handle the movement of goods, process orders, track, and control. Usually, the inventories have raw materials, work-in-progress goods, and final products that vary as per the industry. With Tally, inventory managers can assure an adequate supply of the appropriate and right materials at the right time, prevent understocking or overstocking, and bring down handling expenses. Tally simplifies stock administration, assists in managing location or warehouse, arranging the inventories in batches and lots, manufacturing, generating accurate reports, governing the expenses from third parties, generating, and delivering virtual business reports timely and accurately. This is one of the most lucrative job profiles for the Scope of Tally Courses in India. 

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2. Bookkeeper

The act of keeping a book entails maintaining a record of all business transactions involving the money transfer or money’s value. Vital data requested for accounting is provided through the recording and classifications, which are done chronologically. Tally aids bookkeepers in accurately recording financial transactions, maintaining balanced ledgers, accounts, and subsidiaries, and posting credits and debits.

Tally permits customizing invoices, payment reminders, remote access, and banking automation of the data based on the objectivity concept, revenue, matching, cost, and expense. It offers thorough, customized reports, assists bookkeepers in keeping track of employees’ working hours, fills out payroll automatically, and calculates taxes. Through Tally, tasks like tracking the spending habits of businesses, streamlining purchase orders, receiving and collecting bills, and making bill payments are automatically completed. This is the second most Scope of Tally Courses in India.

3. Accountant

Accounting refers to the method of reporting, recording, and controlling a business organization’s financial activities. Accounting begins immediately after bookkeeping and aids business organizations in understanding their financial position, profit and loss for a particular time period, and financial results. The utilization of Tally for accounting purposes helps in increasing accuracy and efficacy, avoiding mistakes, and fosters the usage of time for execution-based functions, user management, and strategy formulation. 

Accounting processes are simplified by the software’s multi-user data security, accessibility, online assistance, automation, affordability, and scalability. This makes the big Scope of Tally Courses in India highly demanding. A tally is a tool used by accountants to prepare income statements and tax returns, analyze and verify data, and modify entries. Additionally, the software is beneficial for generating financial reports like the trial balance, balance sheet, cash flow, for ratio analysis, cashbook, passbook, and bankbook, as well as outstanding receivables and payables and profit and loss account. This is the third most Scope of Tally Courses in India.

4. Billing Executive

A billing executive creates, manages, and issues receipts and invoices to external or internal stakeholders of a business organization. They usually cope with different current and new clients at tight deadlines and need proof and evidence of all the payments made or received to boost their formal relationships and assist in calculating profit and loss.

Tally helps billing executive to ascertain accurate numbers and figures, remove errors during the preparation of invoices and receipts, and block human data entry. In this way, you can add or create new invoices, search, and sum up customer-related data, records, or information, convert various currencies, and process credit cards. The tool also provides services like hours tracking, record and database handling, financial calendars, and reporting options that lead to smoother, easier, and simpler billing. This is the fourth most Scope of Tally Course in India.

5. Tally Freelancers

For experts who prefer to collaborate with multiple businesses rather than provide their services to just one, freelancing in Tally is a modern, dynamic career opportunity. Each service or installation that a freelancer performs earns them money separately from other clients. Tally professionals spend two to five hours per day creating and providing GST reports, paying TDS, performing fundamental accounting and bookkeeping functions, providing everyday work reports, and creating payable, receivable, and bank reconciliation statements. Medium or big organisations can also hire Tally professionals on a contract basis or for consultations. They may also serve as trainers at the insistence of corporate clients. This is the fifth and last Scope of Tally Courses in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the scope of Tally training programs in India?

As we read earlier, the demand for Tally training courses in India is growing by the day. It is not going to stop anytime soon. 

Q2. What is the average salary of a graduate from a Tally course in India?

As we mentioned before, once you graduate from the Tally course, you will earn between Rs. 15000 and 25000 per month. 

3. What is the duration of Tally Courses in general?

In general, a Tally course can take up to 3 months. However, if one wants to gain incisive training on Tally, one might take up courses and programs that last up to 1.5-2 years.


Now that you know that the scope of Tally training courses in India is extremely high you must stop thinking and start enrolling yourself in a Tally training institute. Once you complete the program, you will find yourself extremely confident in landing your dream finance job.  

Arka Roy Chowdhury has done his post-graduate diploma course from Asian College of Journalism. Previously, he has worked at a few publications. Currently, he is an intern at IIM skills. Arka is an avid reader of sports and entertainment news.

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