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Top 7 GST Certification Courses in Varanasi With Placements

GST was first introduced in France. It was so convenient and popular that soon more than 140 countries implemented it. India implemented GST in 2017. And with the change in the tax system, the requirement for new people with GST skills increased. Moving along that line, in this article, we will discuss the top GST Certification Courses in Varanasi. 

GST certification courses in Varanasi


Varanasi is the land of Lord Shiva. As per sayings, you take birth anywhere in India but if you leave this earth in Varanasi, your life cycle will be considered complete.


But, today we will complete your resume with power-boosting GST certification Courses in Varanasi. These courses are short-duration courses mainly targeting practical aspects in comparison to theory. These courses are available online and offline also.


Before knowing about GST certification courses in Varanasi, one should know what is GST?


Let’s begin with some basic questions about GST.


What is GST?


GST or Goods and Services Tax is an indirect tax that was used to replace many other indirect taxes like excise duty, services tax, and value-added tax or VAT in India. GST is implemented on the supply and consumption of goods and services.


Important Features of GST are


  • In India, it was passed in the Parliament on 29th of March 2017 and came into effect on 1st of July 2017.
  • It is a single domestic, indirect tax law for the whole nation.
  • It is a multi-stage tax. Be it the purchase of raw material or production, it is applicable at every stage. That’s why it is called multi-stage tax.
  • Under GST, three taxes are applicable viz CGST, SGST and IGST.
  • CGST stands for Central Goods and Services Tax, in which the Central government collects tax on an intrastate or within the state transactions.
  • SGST stands for State Goods and Services Tax, in which the State government collects tax on intrastate or within-state transactions or sales.
  • IGST stands for Integrated Goods and Services Tax, in which the Central government collects tax on inter-state transactions or sales.
  • Developed countries like Australia, Canada also used the GST tax system.


For more information, dive into this article about the Complete Guide to GST and GST Certification Course 


Why we need GST?


The tax system in India prior to GST was inefficient as there were several taxes imposed on goods and services. After the introduction of the GST, there was an improved taxation system. The whole nation came under one tax law.


Due to the complex and confusing structure of the tax system before GST, the chances of corruption were there. In addition to this, there was no tax applicable for importing Goods or services from one state to another.


To overcome all such issues, the Indian government brought GST in 2017.


What is GST Certification Course?


As the name suggests, it is a certification course, where students learn about supply chain optimization, tax compliance, accounting, and pricing and how these are affected by GST. The students will also learn about payment of tax and refunds, credit and debit notes, tax invoices, and the registration process of GST.

Keep in mind that the course duration varies with institutes.


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What is the benefit of the GST Certification course?


After the completion of the course, you will have the following benefits:


  • You will have skills in finance, taxation and become an accounting professional.
  • If you have just graduated in the field of finance, this certification will have added advantage to your CV.
  • You can kick start your own GST consultancy firm.
  • As it is a certification course, this can be done in a very short duration of time. So, the working professionals who are seeking to add GST education to their CV will find this course helpful in their promotions as well as their self-learning and growth.


Who can do GST Certification Course?


GST Certification course can be done by:

  • Working professionals planning to move from finance to taxation.
  • Graduates of arts and commerce, certified management accountants, and law aspirants.
  • Students and graduates looking for work opportunities in taxation.
  • Professionals who want to open their own firm.


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What are GST Certification Course Fees and duration?


The course fee, as well as duration, varies from institutes to institutes. It varies approximately from ₹16000 to ₹25000. The duration is approximately from 20-30 hours.


Online GST Certification Courses in Varanasi


But due to the pandemic, people are preferring online courses as they are cheap and convenient. Such courses are also available based on training and self-help course. Here self-help means, the study material will be sent to you via courier, and you have to prepare by yourself followed by a written exam in the end.


Please note GST certification courses in Varanasi here are mainly online, and some are self-help-based. Students are advised to opt for courses as per their preferences.




When we talk about GST Certification Courses in Varanasi, IIM SKILLS comes among the top GST Certification Course provider in this market. They provide GST Practitioner Course under their name IIM SKILLS. The most important part of IIM SKILLS is that they provide practical assignments which help students to apply whatever they learn during the course.


The course is of 4 weeks of online training with 16 hours of lectures. They have a dedicated placement cell also which assists to get a job. Apart from this, they provide free E-Books, invoicing tools, and software.


They have a registered certification with MSME also. The students will have lifetime access to the recordings, which makes them stand out from other course providers.


The GST Course contains 9 modules:


  • Module 1: Basic Concepts and Impact on Businesses due to GST
  • Module 2: Details about the Framework and structure of GST
  • Module 3: What are the different criteria and processes under GST registration
  • Module 4: What are the different invoicing rules and regulations of GST
  • Module 5: How to file GST Returns?
  • Module 6: Composition Scheme under GST
  • Module 7: RCM or Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • Module 8: How to do E-way Billing under GST
  • Module 9: Details about Input Tax Credit and Payments in GST


The batch runs on weekdays and Sundays also. The course fee is ₹2900.


Download IIM SKILLS GST Course Brochure


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Other Courses offered by IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

For more insights, read IIM SKILLS GST Course Review


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


  1. ICSI and AJNIFM


The Institute of Company Secretaries of India or ICSI is a statutory body under an Act of Parliament, Government of India. ICSI in collaboration with Arun Jaitley National Institute of Financial Management (or NIFS, An Autonomous Institution of Ministry of Finance, GOI), provides “Certificate Course in Goods and Services Tax” GST certification course of 25 hours. The teaching model is web-based training on Sundays. The students will have to give an exam after the completion of the course.


The students have to be the member of the ICSI with a one-time subscription of ₹7500. The course fee is ₹12500 plus taxes. The duration of the course is one month divided into 4 Sundays.

The registrations can be done at the ICSI website


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  1. VSkills


In-depth knowledge of GST Concepts and Basics, taxation, registration, returns, and much more will be provided under this course of Certified GST Professional. It is a self-learning course. The students will learn about:


  • GST Basics and Taxation
  • Administration of GST
  • Registration of GST
  • Payments related to GST
  • Accounting and Record-Keeping
  • Laws and IGST
  • And GST in other countries.


The students have to register on Vskills. Then, they will receive access to LMS and a hard copy of the study material. To get the certification, students have to pass the exam of 60 minutes having 50 questions. There will be no negative marking.


The course fee is ₹3499. Learning hours is 28 hours, and you get tagged as “Vskills Certified” on Monsterindia.com and Shine.com, which is an added advantage.


  1. Taxguru 


The name of the course which Taxguru provides is “Self Learning Certification Course on GST.” Students will earn about legal aspects, amendments, GST Health Check-up, and various case studies regarding GST.


The best part of the course is that the session is taken by a Charted Accountant and author of the book “Complete Analysis on GST”, Mr. Raman Singla. Mr. Singla has trained and turned more than 30000 students into professionals across India.


The sessions will be recorded one, and there is a separate forum for asking queries. The course will be valid for three months from the date of purchase. The duration of validity will be more if you purchase combo courses. The delivery of the will be in both English and Hindi.


The course covers:


  • Constitutional Aspects, various concepts of GST
  • Compensation Cess, valuation and marginal schemes
  • GST Set off Rules
  • Registration, Input Tax Credit, Fake Invoice Menace, and much more.


The course fee is ₹8000 plus taxes. They providing a discount till 15th May 2021.


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  1. Cleartax


ClearTax provides a GST certification course that is mainly based on New GST returns. The course is of 8 hours plus training. Students will learn detailed transition plans to the new GST.


The course mainly covers the following things:

  • Introduction to New GST returns- rules and practices.
  • You will the complete filing process of RET-1/2/3
  • You will get a transition plan from current to new returns related to GST.
  • The best part is that you will get case studies by industry expert CAs.
  • Students will learn about the Basics of GST returns
  • New GST return system
  • What is the impact of new GST returns on businesses and industries and changes in ERP?

Students, CA or tax practitioners, and Company executives can take these courses. The course fee is ₹3600.


  1. GSTIndiaexpert.com


An initiative by Dr. Narendra Shyamsukh-FCA and CA Rohit Surana, GSTIndiaexpert provides three-course depending upon students and expert levels.


The three courses are:


1. GST Executive


This course is recommended for students who want to become GST experts. It has two modules covered in 60 hours of in-depth knowledge of GST, Business accounting, and Tally. Students will also learn about simulation software on GSTN.

You can choose a course duration of 1 month with 3 hrs/class or 2 months with 1.5hrs/class. The fee for this course is ₹12000 plus taxes.


2. GST Executive Plus


You will get all benefits of the GST executive course along with additional benefits to learn about Business communication and soft skills. The course contains three modules under 80 hours of duration.

Students can choose a course duration of 1.5 months with 3 hrs/class or 2.5 months with 1.5hrs/class. The fee for this course is ₹15000 plus taxes.


3.GST Professional


With lots of practical examples related to GST, this course is specially designed for professionals like CA, Tax Consultants. Professionals. The course duration is 40 hours.

The course fee is ₹10000 plus taxes. Professionals can join fast-track courses in 20 hrs at ₹7500 plus taxes. The certification is provided by ICA.


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  1. Henry Harvin


GST Course is one of many courses provided by Henry Harvin. It is ranked top GST course in India by Trainings360 in Delhi. Apart from the basic topics, students will learn about trending topics like GSTR 3B, GSTR 1, GSTR 2A, and much more. You will get a free 1-year membership to Finance Academy.


The course duration is 32 hours with Instructor-led core sessions. The course curriculum is divided into 4 modules of GST plus two complementary modules of soft skills development and resume writing.


Henry harvin offers two courses, one is a self-paced Course which costs ₹11250 and the other is Live Online Classroom which costs ₹ 12500. The Live Online course has more features than a self-paced course.


These were the Top 7 GST certification courses in Varanasi. Now some of you might be wondering which one to choose. Keeping reading to know the answer to your question.


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


How do choose the best certification courses?


Whether choosing GST Certification Courses in Varanasi or simply choosing the best certification course in India- it can be a little bit difficult as there are so many options available.

To ease out this process, we have provided some points which you can check before enrollment in any certification course.


Always check:


  1. Faculty or Trainer

Students must ensure that the trainer is from the same field. For instance, in the case of GST certification courses in Varanasi, check whether the trainer is from a tax or finance background. If he or she is a Chartered Accountant or holds a position in a reputed financial body, then you should go ahead.

Students must also check for the experience of the trainer.


  1. Online or Offline


As per the current scenario and pandemic, one should opt for online courses. Students can access the classes around the globe.


  1. Updated Syllabus


As there is a new addition and changes in the GST laws and implementation, ensure that the course provider covers the new pattern and syllabus.


  1. Learning Management System or LMS


Students must ensure that the course they have joined has an LMS. These LMS helps students to revise and clarify some forgotten points after the course completion also.


  1. Proper Teaching Methodology


Knowing something is different and delivering something is totally different. If a person has knowledge but unable to deliver, then it is of no use for students. Ask for a demo class to check whether they have the ability to deliver content properly. Sometimes it happens that the trainer is experienced but unable to deliver properly.


  1. More Practical less Theory 


Check if the internship is available or the course includes more practical knowledge than theory. There must be a proper proportion of both.



  • What are the advantages of the GST Certification courses in Varanasi?

A GST Certification course will enable you to prepare fr the GSTP exam in a meticulous and organized manner. Moreover, a GST Certification will considerably bolster your resume and you will get better opportunities.


  • Is GST relevant for all businesses?

GST is relevant for all businesses whether they are big corporate organizations, or startups, and small and medium businesses. Also, it helps to do away with the ambiguity of the tax structure and gives clarity to individuals and businesses alike.


  • What are some prominent characteristics of Online GST courses in online?

All of the online courses come up with a well thought- out curriculum to help you to understand the advanced and fundamental elements of GST. Moreover, there is practical learning, information on tools, and software, and LMS that help with updated information on GST.




Alright friends! These were the top 7 GST certification courses in Varanasi. Hope you got some information on the topic. If you know some other courses, please comment below.

Thanks for reading.

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  • Hi, above you have mentioned that GST and coding skills can excel your career. What kind of coding skills are we talking about here? Is it pure programming like C++ and Java? That seems a little intimidating to me. Could you please provide a clear picture of this? Thank you.

  • Do government institutes provide certifications in GST? But certifications are important in this domain or not? I am a student, even if I do the certification or course, will I be able to get clients? I am not even graduated. Can you please tell me more about the freelancing part. Can students do it part-time?

  • Hi, above you have mentioned that GST and coding skills can excel your career. What kind of coding skills are we talking about here? Is it pure programming like C++ and Java? That seems a little intimidating to me. Could you please provide a clear picture of this? Thank you.

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  • Are there any government institutes that provide GST diplomas in Varanasi? I am a finance student, so this GST certification could add some value. But in case there aren’t, can you personally suggest which is the best course in terms of price and the quality of knowledge being delivered?

  • Do government institutes provide certifications in GST? But certifications are important in this domain or not? I am a student, even if I do the certification or course, will I be able to get clients? I am not even graduated. Can you please tell me more about the freelancing part. Can students do it part-time?

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