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Top 4 Financial Modeling Course In Lucknow With Live Training

We can find some of the best financial modeling courses in Lucknow. While the profession existed, financial modeling was not that popular as a course. Only in the last few years has the demand for professional courses seen a sharp rise. Today we can find numerous professional courses where students are getting themselves enrolled. If you are someone who wants to make a career in finance, then stop thinking and read this article to learn about financial modeling and the financial modeling courses available in Lucknow.

Financial modeling course in Lucknow

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow is the capital city of the state of Uttar Pradesh. As a city, it has always been known to represent a rich cultural and artistic ethos. The grandeur of the forts and mahals found in the city and the famous labyrinth or popularly called the Bhool Bhulaiya, add to the beauty of this place.

It was once a center of music and dance in Northern India which has contributed to the dance form of Kathak and music like Ghazals. Called the ‘City of Nawabs’ one can find a strange yet beautiful blend of an old rich past with the new present. Just like the structures, the city also boasts delicious food and obvious embroidery. But one cannot limit the praise of this city to just the cultural and artistic beauty. 

Lucknow boasts of some of the best educational institutions in the country. Some of the best schools and colleges are present here which make it one of the educational hub of the State. Over the years, there has been a tremendous rise in the number of institutions that provide various skill-based courses. We can numerous financial modeling course in Lucknow that makes you efficient enough to get a good job.

Did You Say Financial Modeling Course in Lucknow!

Yes. You heard it right! But before we come to that we need to know about the term financial modeling. Financial modeling is a critical process of compiling and recording data. This process is an extremely important part of any company or firm or organization.

The person who is working as a financial modeler has to record data related to the profits made by the firm, losses incurred, investments the firm has already done or can do in the future, total revenue collected, loans undertaken by the company, etc. This data helps one to forecast and analyze the future steps of the firm.

An error in recording these data can lead to a complete downfall of the company. This kind of recording or modeling needs to be done on a regular basis so that no transaction is missed while modeling. Thus the role of a financial analyst, financial modeler, and forecaster are all inter-connected. Each depends upon the other and vice-versa. 

In today’s professional and competitive world being aware of the skills needed in a place of work is highly rewarded. For example, if you go for a job where your work is that of an electrician. While you have a good degree that proves your electrical knowledge what an employer would look at in you is your application skills.

In spite of the degree from a good institute, you might have never touched a wire or any electrical good with your own hand. But a second candidate with the degree has a skill-based course done where he had to consistently use his practical knowledge. Whom would a recruiter hire? Obviously the second candidate, right.

Thus a financial modeling course in Lucknow is a professional course that prepares you for the responsibilities and the tasks that you would be required to do at your workplace. This is a highly beneficial course which is usually done by those who want to join the finance field.

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What Is The Importance of Doing a Financial Modeling Course in Lucknow

By now you do know that a professional course is valued in today’s job market. With the high competition around, no company wants to use their precious time in teaching and training their newly appointed employee. A candidate who has some primary knowledge about his/her responsibilities, and the skills they would require, are always more desirable.

Being a job-oriented course, the curriculum of this course is application-oriented. More than theoretical knowledge, practical training is provided in this course. You will be trained to use tools like excel in your assignments and projects during the course. Daily usage of these tools will let you get a hang of it. Thus when you appear for an interview, you will not feel out of the box. The skills and applications would already be known to you.

Certificates provided at the end of the course are like a feather in your cap. It will add glamour to your recruiter. Doing such a course is also beneficial for you to achieve greater lengths of success. Companies always prefer candidates who have some kind of professional knowledge. Anyone doing a financial modeling course in Lucknow is bound to land a good job.

What Job Can I Do After Doing a Financial Modeling Course in Lucknow

  • Book-Keeper
  • Tax Analyst
  • Forecasting Analyst
  • Revenue Collector
  • Equity Research Analyst
  • Auditor
  • Investment Advisor
  • Financial Analyst

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Skills Needed To Be a Good Financial Modeler

– Time Management: As a financial modeler or a person working in a finance department, there would always be pressure to attend to multiple critical situations at the same time. Time management becomes very important in such situations. You have to give time to each crisis, solve it, and then attend to the other problem. This kind of time management would be possible only when you don’t keep backlogs. If the pending work keeps on piling up then managing your time would become impossible. 

– Excel Proficiency: MS Excel is the most important tool used in the finance industry. By excel proficiency, we mean the ability to use and understand excel tremendously well. All the data that would be entered by you on the computer, would be on the excel spreadsheets. These spreadsheets are highly efficient for the use of recording your transactional data. The data relating to profits, losses, revenue, investments, etc can all be entered on the spreadsheet with separate columns and rows. You can also make calculations on the spreadsheet itself. Thus, if you don’t have enough proficiency in using excel, this job could become very difficult for you.

– Team Work: Just like any other department, the finance sector works efficiently due to the contribution made by each team member. It is not isolated work or remote work. Several members, each contributing to different aspects, lead to the proper functioning of the financial sector. There are analysts, researchers, modelers, forecasters, and auditors all of who work together to come to a solution that would benefit the company. Hence teamwork is the key in this sector. For the teamwork to be efficient, you would need to trust each other. Being a critical sector to any company, coordination among the members involved in this department is one of the foremost requirements.

– Tough Situation Handler: A finance sector is one of the most volatile sectors of a firm where there arises a problem or a crisis every second day. The changes in the market economy, government policies, company losses, investments have gone wrong, etc. The pandemic situation was one of the dullest periods in the history of the business sector where for months the business ground remain sterile. As a member of the finance department, it becomes necessary on your part to remain calm so that you can arrive at workable solutions.

– Passion: To date, this remains the most important part of any profession. Though we tend to forget this part, it is the key quality for anyone willing to excel in their field. Your efficiency in work would come only when you have passion for that work. Merely doing a certain job because you don’t know what else to do, will make you remain in the position of a mediocre person. To excel and achieve success as a financial modeler or in any other profession you ought to have an in-built passion for the job. You must always have this sense of curiosity and love for the job you do. Because only when you have passion, will you have curiosity.

How To Enroll In a Financial Modeling Course in Lucknow

It is a very simple process. In today’s times due to the introduction of technology and the digitization of everything, the process of enrolling for courses has also become simpler. Almost all good institutes have a website of their own. If you are looking for a course like financial modeling, visit the website of this particular institute.

You can read about the details of the course along with the syllabus and duration. If you have more doubts, you can also have a chat with their customer care agent. Once you finalize the institute and the course, you can join the course online. There would be carefully instructed directions that you would need to follow. These instructions would appear after you complete each step.

Most institutes would require your email address and phone number, so make sure to have a proper and active email address. If you are willing to do an offline course, you can also visit the institute office in your city for the details. While not all, some institutes offer installment facilities to their students. So before getting yourself enrolled for a course, make sure to acquire all the required pieces of information.

Being a professional course, the enrollment process of such courses is kept simple so that more students can benefit from this course. 

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Which Institute Is Providing a Financial Modeling Course in Lucknow

There are a number of good institutes offering financial modeling courses in the city. In the following article, you will learn about the top 4 institutes offering FMC in Lucknow.


You must have heard about this institute. It was founded in 2015 with the aim to impart quality industry-oriented education to the new generation. With every passing year, the institute gained more and more acknowledgment from the students and today ranks as one of the best online educational institutes in India. Their courses are prepared by experts who know what the companies and firms require. The courses offered by them are strictly professional courses aimed at making you highly eligible for a job.

IIM SKILLS Financial Modelling Course Content & Modules:

Module 1 – Basic and Advanced Excel (8-10 hours)

Module 2 – Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements (5-7 hours)

Module 3 – Ratio/KPI Analysis (4-6 hours)

Module 4 – Basics of Financial Modeling (4 hours)

Module 5 – Different Types of Financial Models (12-15 hours)• LBO Model

• M&A Model

• Private Equity Return Model

• 13 Week Cash Flow Model

Module 6 – Business Valuation (7-9 hours)• Relative Valuation – Trading and Transaction Comps

• DCF Valuation

• NAV Approach for Valuation

  • Course: Financial Modeling Course
  • Course Duration- 3 Months + 2 Months Guaranteed Internship
  • Course Fee: INR 39,900 + 18% GST



  1. Basic and Advanced Excel
  • Introduction and understanding of the Ribbon
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Regular use functions- Vlookup, Index, etc
  • Rules of Conditional Formatting
  • Data Validation
  • Table functions
  • Pivot tables, Pivot Charts, and Slicers
  • Different types of charts and graphs
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Delimit and Flash Fill
  • Return functions
  • What-If analysis
  1. Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements
  • Key Accounting Fundamental concepts
  • Understanding the Income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow
  • Concepts of keyline items
  • Concept of comprehensive Income
  • Relevance of Notes 
  • Preparing common size financial statements
  • Reading of Annual Report
  1. Ratio/KPI Analysis
  • Types of Ratios
  • Activity Ratios
  • Liquidity Ratios
  • Solvency Ratios
  • Profitability Ratios
  • DuPont formula
  • Valuation Ratios
  • Basic and diluted EPS
  • Financial Summary
  1. Basics of Financial Modeling
  • Structure for a financial model
  • Creating Scenarios
  • Building Revenue
  • Preparing different schedules
  • Projecting financial statements
  • Error tracking skills
  • Formatting tips
  • Addition of cover page
  1. Types of Financial Models
  • LBO Model
  • Three-Statement Projection Model
  • M&A Model
  • Private Equity Return Model
  • 13 Week Cash Flow Model
  1. Business Valuation
  • Relative Valuation
  • DCF Valuation
  • NAV Approach
  • Football field analysis
  • Valuation Output
  • Valuation Report
  • Pre-money and Post-money valuation

Mode of Education: Online Mode

Perks of doing this course:

– Students are introduced and trained to use the latest tools and techniques used in financial modeling like excel and PowerPoint.

– Theory and Practicals go side by side, where each theory is explained to students and a relevant assignment is given to them to test their application understanding.

– The institute offers job interview opportunities to its students.

– Friendly trainers are there to help you and guide you. Students can approach them whenever needed.

– The study materials given to students along with the lecture recordings in the LMS, are accessible to you for a lifetime. Whenever you want to recapitulate a topic, you can log in to the LMS and revisit the lectures.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

Know About Our Students From Across The World

2. MentorMe Careers

The course offered by them is a comprehensive program that provides guidance and training to students to gain a practical understanding of the concepts taught to them. This institute is known for the placement assistance that it provides to its students. Some of the best industry experts have taken the responsibility of mentoring and training students.

Course: NSE Financial Modeling Course

Duration: 200 hours of live training


  • Income Statement
  • Balance sheet and Cash Flow Statement
  • Financial Modeling and Excel- basic and advanced
  • Charts and Data Table
  • Capital budgeting
  • Banking Sector Valuation Models
  • Discounted Cash Flows
  • Metal and Mining
  • Pharma and Real Estate
  • Capital goods and manufacturing
  • FMCG
  • Project Finance Modeling
  • Leverage Buyout Models
  • Mergers and Acquisition Models
  • Relative Valuation Models
  • Report Writing

Mode of Education: Online Mode

Perks of doing this course:

– You will get lifetime access to the classes in the live variant

– If you are a self-paced student, then you would get access to financial modeling specialization classes

– In total, you would receive 6 certificates- 1-course completion certificate and 5 modules certificates

– At an additional cost that you would need to pay to appear for the test, you would receive NSE certified Certificate

– Within 1 month of your admission to the course, you would start getting placement assistance and offers

Email: [email protected]

Contact: 8459738033

The top  GST Courses in Lucknow provide intensive training in GST and its modules for job aspirants. 

3. EduPristine

The financial modeling training provided by EduPristine is regarded as one of the best courses offered in a classroom mode in Lucknow. The syllabus is extensive with a lot of topics being taught simultaneously for a better accumulation of knowledge. The course is student-friendly and designed so that you don’t find it very difficult to get yourself employed in the professional market.

Course: Financial Modeling Course

Duration: 14 days (70 hours)


  • Day 1: Excel Tips
  • Day 2,3,4,5: Case Study FMCG
  • Day 6 and 7: M&A I, II
  • Day 8,9,10,11,12: Macros, Charting, and Project Finance
  • Day 13 and 14: Accenture Case Study

Mode of Education: Classroom Session

Perks of doing this course: 

– Students are eligible for 24/7 doubt-solving and clarifications from the help center

– Along with pre-recorded lectures, you will receive study guides and notes

– Practical training is provided to you in excel handbooks

– Along with experiential training you will be provided with soft-skill training and career training in relation to interviews and jobs

Email: [email protected]

Contact: 1800 200 5835

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4. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is a reputed online institute providing students with courses that will make them self-reliant and full of confidence. The courses are industry-oriented with the latest topics and tools introduced in their syllabus.

Course: Financial Modeling Course in Lucknow

Duration: 40 hours of live training


  • MS Excel tips
  • Financial statement and ratio analysis
  • Corporate finance
  • Financial management
  • Project finance modeling
  • Equity research
  • Financial report writing
  • Case study 1
  • Case study 2
  • Soft skills
  • Resume writing

Mode of Education: Online Mode

Perks of doing this course:

– Internship assistance is provided to each student to gain practical knowledge and training

– The financial modeling training course is a certified course where you would receive the course completion certificate along with the hallmark of CFMP next to your name

– You will have access to tools, techniques, assignments, videos, case studies, etc virtually

– Over the next 12 months, you would be exposed to a number of boot camps

– You are free to access multiple sessions with multiple trainers

Email: [email protected]

Contact: +91 9891953953

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are there installment options available for doing a financial modeling course in Lucknow?

Yes. Many institutes offer installment facilities to their students. This step was introduced to help more and more students to get themselves enrolled and benefit from this course. Though not all institutes offer installments, you can contact the specific institute for this purpose. Most of the institutes offer installments facility at zero interest rates. 

Q2. How will doing a financial modeling course in Lucknow help me?

An FMC in Lucknow would help you to find a good job for yourself. The training and practical sessions that you would have during this course would help you to convince your recruiter about your talents. A skill-specific professional course would widen your perspective and help you to look at difficult situations with a different outlook.

Most companies do not like to employ complete freshers as financial modelers. But once you become a certified financial modeler, you rise above the standard category of being a fresher. Thus your employability rate increases when you do a financial modeling course.

Q3. What jobs will I be eligible to do after doing a financial modeling course in Lucknow?

Being a professional course, these courses are done by those who want to fetch themselves a good job. The syllabus of such a course covers a large number of topics. Once you complete this course, you can get a job as a financial analyst, equity research analyst, bookkeeper, financial forecaster, investment analyst, risk manager, etc. In short, there are plenty of options in the financial world where you can find the work or post most suitable for you.


The world has changed, but so have we! When the professional world is throwing competition at you, show them you too have the capability to show what your talents are. In this fast-moving competitive world, a professional skill-based course always comes to your rescue. The practical experience this type of a course would give you is unmatched.

Most important is to enjoy what you are doing. In the end, we all want to get ourselves a good job. But when you are doing a job-oriented course like financial modeling, it is important to forget about the end result or the job and concentrate only on the course and assignments given to you. Do not carry baggage in your mind before or while doing a course. Upstart your career today itself and get yourself enrolled now. 

  • Prashant here. I completed an MBA in finance and work for an MNC. Financial modelling has become a crucial ability to acquire in order to advance professionally. Companies look for employees that are proficient in the abilities needed for data analysis and forecasting. To access financial modelling training and online learning, I’m looking for a financial modelling course in Lucknow. Before choosing to enrol in financial modelling training in Lucknow, I would prefer to reserve a spot for a demo invite.

  • Hi I am Imran. I have a small business setup. Internet is booming with information regarding financial modeling as an important tool utilized by companies for better financial planning. As I am not much familiar with financial modeling, I want to learn how financial modeling on analyzing company’s historical data and past performance, help forecast company’s future financial performance, and how it assists in making tactical business decisions within the company. For this I have been visiting various sites to gather information, and it is during one such visit that I ended up here. I would like to attend demo session to know and understand more about the course and its benefits.

  • I’ve since discovered that in order to succeed in this line of work is to enrol in a financial modeling course in lucknow. I’ve been looking for a course to take for this reason. I performed some online research and found that the best way for me to increase my effectiveness I need to have a solid grasp of practical knowledge. It would be great if you could offer advice on the course details. . I was curious about the employment alternatives available to me after completing this course. This course was suggested to me by some friends who had done this course from IIMskills.

  • I’m currently seeking for an online course that can broaden my knowledge of this industry. I have five years of experience as a consultant. I’m currently looking for a job and want to enrol in a course that will advance my knowledge and skills. DO you award certificates to students who complete the course? A certification from the training would be a wonderful bonus to demonstrate my competence to the companies. I looked online for an appropriate financial modelling course in Lucknow. I am excited to take up this course as honestly I have a lot of expectations from it . Thank you

  • I used to work for a bank . I’m presently attempting to expand my knowledge in this field. When I talked to a few of my friends about it, they suggested that I take this course, which will help me understand current financial market trends. In addition, new positions have become available. I believe it is vital to keep your knowledge up to speed with current market trends in order to be relevant in the field. This also results in a better compensation. Is there a financial modelling course in Lucknow ? I’d like to see it taught online as well, therefore I’d like to take a few classes to evaluate whether this is the right course for me.

  • I am working as a consultant. I’m currently looking for financial modeling course in lucknow to help me improve my skills. I want to improve my services for the clients and work efficiently. Right now I am having difficulty keeping up with my works. I want a course to help me with proper experience and knowledge of working in this kind of experience. I heard about the financial modeling course in lucknow from a friend . When will this course start and how long will it be. Since it is an online course will it be sufficient for learning and teaching?

  • I’m seeking for financial modelling courses in Lucknow. Could you possibly suggest a few so that I can investigate them and enrol in this course as soon as possible? I am a student at a university. I recently completed my graduation in BMS and am looking for work portfolio ideas. It will aid me in my future employment search because it is a required course for anyone interested in financial markets I think. What skills do I need to be able to take this course? Do you think it’s better to learn online or in a classroom? Thank you for this write up

  • Hi I’m Mihir Jain. I’ve been a working consultant for 2 years. I’m currently looking for a course to help me provide better services to my clients. I have learned about the financial modeling course online and wanted to try it out. Given my background, it might be easy for me to learn this course, what di you guys think? Should I take this course now or after I’m done with my job. I’m looking for a financial modeling course in Lucknow. Since it is an online course when will it be held and for how long?
    thank you very much

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