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Top 7 Career Opportunities for Digital Marketing Strategist

The digital marketing sector is a continuously evolving area. In the last three decades, with the launching of e-commerce websites like Amazon and eBay and search engines like Google, the digital marketing sector has undergone an impressive transformation. All business organizations are now adopted digital marketing strategies to promote their products and services. Hence there is a massive demand for digital marketing strategists. This article will discuss various career opportunities for a digital marketing expert.

List of best career opportunities for digital marketing strategist

What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing the product in digital channels with the help of the internet can be defined as digital marketing. To sell a product digitally, companies will seek the help of a digital marketing expert. When we search for a product in the search engines like Google, we will get numerous websites related to the product in the search engine result pages.

It is the role of the digital marketing strategist to optimize the website so that it tops the search engine result page. A digital marketing strategist plans and executes an effective digital marketing strategy to optimize the digital presence to increase sales and profit of the company.

Search engine optimization, Search engine marketing, Social media marketing, Content marketing, Email marketing, Affiliate marketing, and online PR are the types of digital marketing most commonly used by business organizations. Before framing an effective digital marketing strategy,  a digital marketing strategist has to research the market prospects, customers’ behavior, preferences, and the latest trends in the industry.

He also has to create and upload SEO-optimized content, create social media strategies and campaigns, create email campaigns, analyze the result and data of these campaigns, and revise the digital marketing strategies for overall business growth.

The role and responsibilities of a digital marketing strategist will vary depending upon the size of the company he is working for and the project he is handling. For large companies, a digital marketing strategist has to perform only specialized tasks, while in small companies, he has to execute all tasks.

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Top 7  Career Opportunities  For Digital Marketing Strategists

1. Digital Marketing Manager

The role of the digital marketing manager is to develop and implement marketing campaigns to promote the products of the company. Digital marketing manager plays an essential role in creating brand awareness of the product in digital spaces like websites and social media platforms to attract more customers and more leads.

A digital marketing manager’s main job is to create and implement cost-effective digital marketing strategies for a company’s products and services by the latest customer trends. Working closely with the sales and digital marketing team members like content writers, graphic designers, copywriters, and social media managers, a digital marketing manager must ensure that the marketing objectives are met and optimize the brand’s digital presence.

A digital marketing manager in large companies has to create a digital marketing strategy that helps them stand out from other competitors. On the other hand, small companies or start-ups have to implement a digital marketing strategy to create brand awareness among the targeted customers.

Duties and responsibilities of Digital Marketing Manager

  • Develop an effective SEO strategy to increase the web traffic and the sales of the company
  • To create advertisements and ad campaigns for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to build brand awareness.
  • Create customer-friendly web pages with the help of web developers.
  • Plan and manage companies’ social media platforms and websites
  • Plan and execute all digital marketing components like email marketing, social media marketing, display advertising, SEM, SEO.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the performance of the online media campaigns
  • Coordinating with the finance staff while preparing and managing the digital marketing budget
  • Research and forecast sales
  • To keep updated on digital marketing tools and trends.
  • To maintain an effective digital marketing team by recruiting and selecting qualified staff and providing adequate training for their professional growth.

As per various job portals, the average salary of a Digital marketing manager in India is around six lakhs. It will vary depending on the job location and the companies. To become a digital marketing manager, one should have more than five years’ experience in the marketing sector with the necessary qualifications. The digital marketing manager will be reporting to the head or vice president of the company.

Some other career opportunities for Digital Marketing strategists like – Digital Marketing directors, Digital Marketing Coordinators, Digital Marketing Specialists, and Digital Marketing Consultants are careers similar to Digital Marketing Managers. The responsibilities and qualifications for these careers are almost identical to Digital Marketing Managers.

2. Search Engine Optimizer / Search Engine Specialist

SEO or Search engine optimization is the back born of the digital marketing industry. SEO refers to optimizing the website to appear at the top of the search engine result page, in other words, increasing the website traffic from search engines. Many factors affect search engine optimization.

A Search engine Optimizer or Specialist is a person who specializes in SEO techniques to boost the website’s visibility. His primary job function is to make the website show up on the top of the SERP.

He will be testing and adopting various search engine marketing techniques to increase traffic. Search engine specialists bring more revenue through search engine optimization like other digital marketing professionals.

Duties and responsibilities of Search Engine Optimizer or Specialist

  • Develop and implement cost-effective SEO marketing strategies
  • Research and identify high search volume and low, competitive keywords to drive more traffic
  • Optimizing the user experience (UX) of the webpage to turn the visitors into the consumer of the product
  • Creating engaging and high-quality content for increasing the website ranking with the help of the editorial team
  • Making compelling call-of-action titles to attract visitors to the website.
  • Develop external and internal links to the website to create more authority and trustworthiness.
  • Monitor the websites of the competitors and implement the changes when needed for improvement
  • Study and observe the algorithms set by the search engines to stay within the search engine guidelines.
  • Create and run pay-per-click campaigns to increase sales.
  • Coordinate with web developers to improve the technical SEO
  • Monitor daily performance of the website with the help of SEO tools like Google Analytics
  • Coordinate with the finance team concerning the budget and expenses of SEO.

SEO specialists should be research-oriented, creative, and analytical people with excellent communication, public relations, and leadership skills like other digital marketing professionals. Technical skills like HTML, JavaScript, and knowledge of all the SEO tools are needed.

SEO Specialists are in massive demand in India. Since SEO is an essential part of the digital marketing field, job opportunities for SEO specialists are increasing. In the future, over 1 lakh job opportunities are forecasted as per job portals like Naukri. An SEO specialist’s average compensation ranges from 30,000 to 60,000 rupees, based on location, expertise, and the organization that hires them.

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3. Search Engine Marketing Specialist

A search engine marketing (SEM) specialist is responsible for creating paid advertising campaigns in the search engines like Google and Yahoo. SEO focuses on optimizing the web page to get organic traffic, while SEM refers to getting traffic through paid search results. Search engines like Google allow companies to advertise their product on the first page of SERP by paying them.

The primary job function of a Search engine marketing specialist is to create a cost-effective and engaging advertisement targeting the specified audience. An effective SEM strategy will help bring more traffic to the website within a short period. The duties and search engine marketing specialists are similar to the job functions of search engine optimizers.

In addition to that, they have to perform the following roles.

  • Track and analyze pay per clicks data
  • Conducting research and identifying the trends of the customers before creating ads
  • Managing pay-per-click campaigns
  • Generating SEM reports.
  • Handle bid management with the help of tools like Click equations & Search Ignite.

Career opportunities for digital marketing strategists as search engine marketing specialists are in demand in India. SEM specialists are getting an average annual salary of 13 lakhs as per various job portals

4. Social Media Marketer

Social Media Marketer creates and executes social media marketing strategies for optimizing the company’s presence in the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. A social media marketer will announce a new product or give updates about a product to existing customers and new users through social media platforms. He will be responsible for creating the content, posting the content on these platforms, and analyzing the followers’ responses.

Jobs and responsibilities of Social media marketer

  • Create intriguing and engaging product content — text, videos, or graphics – based on the target audience and the social media platforms they use. Content should be modified accordingly since the audiences’ preferences will be different on these social media platforms.
  • Well-informed and up-to-date about the new features, algorithms, metrics, and rules of the social media platforms
  • Create an effective social media marketing plan to create trust and relationships with social media users to turn them into a consumer of the product.
  • Interact with the customers on social media platforms, including responding to their queries and reviewing their comments about the product so that modifications can be incorporated to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Create cost-effective successful advertisement campaigns.
  • Analyze the social media presence with the help of social media analytical tools like Facebook insight, Hootsuite,

A Social Media Marketing Manager should need strong communication and presentation skills, analytical skills, and problem-solving skills. Technical skills like knowledge in marketing and analytical tools, ad campaign tools, and HTML and Javascript are also needed to become a successful Social media Marketing professional.

In India, the scope of Social Media Marketing professionals has risen tremendously in the last few years. As per various surveys, top business organizations spend 15 to 20% of their marketing budget on social media advertising. Many small and medium-scale organizations depend on social media marketing to promote the product since it provides a high return on investment. As per various job portals in India, Social Media Marketing managers earn an average salary of 5 to 6 lakh per year.

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5. Email Marketer –

The role of an email marketer is to create personal and customized emails to the targeted customers about the product. Email marketing is a cost-effective and powerful digital marketing strategy used by companies. Statistics show that the ROI of email marketing is higher compared to other forms of digital marketing.

The prominent role of the email marker is to create a personalized email to the targeted customers to promote the product. Emails can be newsletters or updates about new products or information about the offers given to customers.

Job and responsibilities of the Email marketer

  • Conducting market research to understand customer behavior and trends
  • Creating a capturing content for the email
  • Proofread the email to avoid spelling and grammar errors.
  • Coordinate with the graphic designers to improve the appearance of the email.
  • Creating digital advertisements
  • Review former campaigns to understand the shortcomings and conduct new email marketing ad campaigns to build brand awareness.
  • Maintain an email database of the customers for lead generation.
  • Send emails to customers through online email marketing service providers like Mailchimp.

An email marketer should have technical skills like a thorough understanding of the SEO/SEM and Google analytics tools. He should be familiar with HTML and other analytical and database tools. Soft skills like excellent writing, communication, copywriting, and proofreading are also needed.

Email marketing is one of India’s most commonly used digital marketing methods. Most businesses use email marketing to keep their clients informed about discounts and special festival offers. According to research, email marketing budget allocation has surged in recent years; as a result, the job opportunities for email marketers have also increased.

According to the job sites, an email marketing manager’s average compensation is between 4 and 5 lakhs per annum. Other careers in email marketing include Email Marketing Specialist, Email Marketing Campaign Analyst, and Email Marketing Consultant.

6. Content marketer –

Content marketing is an essential factor of SEO digital marketing strategy; as the saying goes, “content is the king of digital marketing.”It relates to creating content to attract, engage and retain customers for the product and create brand awareness. The content marketer’s key responsibility is to create content for websites, blogs, videos, podcasts, and other media to attract more customers and increase web traffic.

Jobs and responsibilities of Content Marketer

  • Create original and exciting content for a targeted audience about a product or service of the company—proofreading, editing, and updating the content if needed.
  • Content Marketers should have thorough knowledge about the company, product, and audience preferences.
  • Enhance the web traffic by using the SEO metrics and analytics tools
  • Creating an editorial calendar and making sure the deadlines are met.
  • Review customer feedback and concerns.
  • Coordinate with the graphics team to design the content visually appealing.

A Content marketer should know about WordPress and other content management software, and he should be familiar with SEO tools and analytical tools. Strong written and communication skill is a must for a content marketer.

There are plenty of job opportunities for Content marketers in India. They are getting an average salary of 15,000 to 30,000 monthly. Content Writer, Business Writer, Technical Writer, and Copywriter are other careers similar to Content Marketer.

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7. Digital Marketing Analyst –

Customers, marketing, and digital media data will all be monitored and analyzed by a digital marketing analyst. His job includes data collection and analysis to improve the product’s visualization. After analyzing data and other crucial variables, a digital marketing analyst will develop marketing plans and new ad campaigns.

As a digital marketing team member, the digital marketing analyst monitors and analyzes KPIs (key performance indicators).

A data analyst should create data visualizations, dashboards, and website performance reports. He should have strong technical skills, working experience in marketing tech stack platforms, and expertise in Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Tableau, and MS Excel. Strong analytical and numerical skills are also needed for this job.

Best online courses for Digital Marketing Strategist

Many digital marketing online courses are available these days to help learners to master the art of a digital marketing strategist. The important topics covered in these courses are Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, and Web analytics. The duration, mode, and fees of these courses are different.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the skills required for a Digital Marketing strategist?

Technical Skills

  • In-depth understanding of various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  • Knowledge in marketing and web analytical tools like Google Analytics, Google Ad words, and other online advertising platforms
  • Knowledge in email marketing tools like Mail chimp, Hub spot, and other similar tools
  • Knowledge in other SEO digital marketing tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, Google search console
  • Understanding of HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Knowledge in PowerPoint, graphic designing, and creating videos.

Soft Skills

  • Strategic thinking skills with an ability to understand the choices of the customers
  • Leadership skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills and interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with the team members and the customers.
  • Project management skills
  • Creative skills in developing engaging and visually appealing content for the customers.
  • Adaptability to work in the ever-changing digital marketing field
  • Ability to work independently
  • Time management
  • Attention to detail

2. Can a digital marketing strategist work from home?

A person familiar with digital marketing strategies can work from home. Content writer, Social media manager, Digital marketing strategist have some of the popular work-from-home career opportunities for a digital marketing expert. Creating a personal blog and showing your talents in digital marketing can create job opportunities as freelancers for beginners.

3. What are the two common technical questions asked during the interview of a digital marketing strategist?

  • How to avoid a rank penalty?

By creating content that is not plagiarized and avoiding linking websites with a low ranking.

  • How to calculate ROI?

ROI or the rate of investment is calculated by deducting the advertisement cost from the total sales.


Since digital marketing will remain the main form of marketing in the future, the scope for digital marketing will show an upward trend in the coming years. Any graduate with a degree or diploma in digital marketing and hands-on experience with digital marketing tools through internships can excel in the careers mentioned in the above article of “career opportunities for digital marketing strategist.”

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