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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Mysore With Placements

Digital marketing is one of the most used forms of marketing by different brands. The world has now transitioned to being digital, and this form of marketing is one of its examples. Every digital marketer must keep brushing their existing skills and acquire new skills whenever possible. If you are starting your career as a digital marketer, here is the list of digital marketing courses in Mysore. You will find everything you need to know about the digital marketing courses in Mysore right here. Read on and get an answer to all your queries!

Digital marketing course in Mysore

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a form of marketing that uses digital technologies and the internet. Digital technologies like desktops, computers, and mobiles, are now used increasingly to reach a larger audience. One of the main objectives of initiating digital marketing campaigns is to raise a brand’s awareness. The marketing channels for it are emails, social media, web-based advertising, and multimedia messaging.

What is a Digital Marketing Course?

A digital marketing course will help you turn into an expert digital marketer while helping you brush your basics of digital marketing. This course is suitable for everyone from a student, a marketing professional, or an entrepreneur.

While there’s a lot of information existing online, taking such courses will help you get in-depth knowledge of digital marketing. They will help you enhance your knowledge and keep you aware of the entire information on digital marketing.

If you are seeking to know the tactics that can help you use digital channels, such courses can help you. Before you think of pursuing any such digital marketing courses, you need to know the necessity of such courses too. Let’s find out about the advantage of pursuing digital marketing courses in Mysore before knowing about these courses in detail.

What are the Advantages of Digital Marketing Courses?

Digital marketing is one of those skills that can change how a brand is perceived and increase its awareness leading to more conversions. Every professional who is marketing a growing brand or owns one needs to know the use of digital technology and its implications.

While every brand these days keeps brand awareness on the front foot of their marketing, here are some benefits of digital marketing courses you need to know:

  • Your market value increases.
  • Certified digital marketers get a higher hike.

While every brand finds people who can help them scale the value of their brand, you should not hold yourself back from taking digital marketing courses. Taking up any digital marketing courses in Mysore will help you understand the nitty-gritty of digital marketing. These courses will help you upskill yourself. You get a chance to interact with experts in this field which eventually results in getting a hike.

An established digital marketer with a significant amount of experience earns from 5 to 9 LPA. Digital marketing courses in Mysore will help you acquaint yourself and develop appropriate knowledge in this field.

There is no better time than today to start learning these courses. Now that you have clarity about the advantages and scope of these digital marketing courses, here’s the list to find the right digital marketing courses in Mysore for you.

1.      Digital Marketing Course by IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS is an eminent online educational platform known for training working professionals and freshers with job-oriented courses. Digital marketing course is one of their widely known courses. This course has 40 modules with 120+ hours of practical assignments that will help you understand everything about digital marketing.


Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation
  • Course Name – Digital Marketing Master Course
  • Course Duration – 3 Months + 2 Months Paid Internship
  • Course Fee – INR 34900 + 18% GST (Includes Exam Fee)

Here are a Few Reasons why We Suggest Every Digital Marketer Take up this Course:

  • You learn digital marketing in just 180 hours.
  • Everyone from an aspiring digital marketer to an entrepreneur is eligible for this course.
  • Get acquainted with various tools worth 79k.
  • Lifetime access to course material.
  • Receive digital marketing certification on course completion.


It’ll open a doorway to various career options for you as a digital marketer. Their portal, LMS (Learning Management System), will be your go-to resource while learning this course. You’ll learn everything about digital marketing under the supervision of experts who have been in this field.

IIM SKILLS Students Are Working At

Hiring Partners 

Want to learn more about the course? Talk to our experts and get all the claruty you need.

Media Coverage

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Contact : +919580740740 , [email protected]

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2.      Digital Marketing Course by Online Marketing Institute and Training

OMiT (Online Marketing Institute and Training) is a digital marketing institute. It is a course that is curated for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and freshers leading to 100% placement. It prepares them for future challenges with their study material.

They Host Two Courses on Digital Marketing:

  • Digital marketing course
  • Digital marketing crash course

It is one of the best digital marketing courses in Mysore. This course is available for the classroom as well as online training with weekend and weekday batches. The crash course is 30 to 45 days long. Candidates get 14+ certifications with assured placement.

Are you a digital marketer and thinking of upskilling yourself? You know the course that’s right for you. The digital marketing courses offered by OMiT will add value to your already existing profile giving it the required boost.

Reach out to OMiT at 81058-24987.

3.      Digital Marketing Course by RIDM

RIDM (Regional Institute of Digital Marketing) is an institute that provides digital marketing courses in Mysore. It educates people in the digital space to reduce the digital skill shortage. The institute also conducts workshops and offers consultancy services. It also provides the following courses apart from digital marketing courses:

It is a good platform for you to strengthen your leaning on digital marketing right from the comfort of your couch. This institute has trained 500+ students, 80+ batches & 5000+ hours of training so far.

This professional course is 60 hours long, and the crash course is 14 hours long. The digital marketing course curriculum covers 45 modules, and the crash course covers 13 modules. Each module is a combination of classroom & online training. The course fee for the digital marketing course is INR 10,999, and the crash course is INR 999. To know more, reach them out here, 94803-84045.

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4.     Digital Marketing Professional Course by Arena Animation

Arena Animation is a well-known name in the entertainment industry. They offer various courses on animation, graphic designing & web designing too. This course will transform you into a successful digital marketer. This course is ten months long & two hours a day.

This course curriculum is divided into two terms. They have an e-learning platform named, online varsity & Creosouls to show the portfolios. This institute has a specialized cell for placements that ensures jobs to course participants once they are job-ready.

To know more, call here 0821-4000664 or 96206-10376.

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5.      Digital Marketing Courses by Digital Academy 360

Digital Academy 360 is one of the most popular digital marketing courses in Mysore. It has 10+ centers, trained 20,000+ students. It also offers courses in content writing, animation, and graphic designing. Here are two courses on digital marketing offered by Digital Academy 360 that can help you in the long run:

  • Digital Marketing Certification Program
  • Digital Marketing Specialist Program

Candidates can choose offline and online modes for training. The specialist program is three months long, and the certification program is 120 hours long. This certification program has more than 20 modules and teaches about 30+ marketing tools with 10+ industry case studies.

You get free access to webinars and workshops. The candidates who join the specialization program get 19 internationally recognized certifications. The candidates who apply for the certification program get ten digital marketing certifications. The course fee is INR 29,000 plus GST. Call them here, 73535-15515.

6.      Digital Marketing Course by Toon2

Toon2 is an animation and multimedia school that offers services since October 2010. They recently started offering a digital marketing course. This academy also provides diplomas & short-term courses. This short-term course is one month long. The course curriculum consists of in-depth knowledge on social media marketing, pay per click and basics of graphic designing and web designing.

This course will give you hands-on training experience on various tools. You will get the guidance of experts and master skills in demand. It is one of the finest digital marketing courses in Mysore. To know more, reach them out on 0821-4276640 and 74066-01888.

7.      Digital Marketing Course by Digital Skill Port

Digital Skill Port is one of the leading digital marketing institutes in Mysore. It offers online digital marketing courses within India and abroad too. The curriculum covers everything about PPC, SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, and Google Analytics.

You can validate your knowledge with 10+ certifications, Google certifications, Bing Adwords, email marketing & inbound marketing certification. It is one of the most talked-about digital marketing courses in Mysore. This institute offers a free demo, so you are sure before you take this course.

They offer a quality course. To know more, reach out to them here, 91-956-098-2716.

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8.      Digital Marketing Course by Simplilearn

Simplilearn is a well-known platform providing various certification training programs. This platform offers 400+ courses and has 2000+ qualified trainers with 40+ accreditations. Simplilearn also provides courses on cybersecurity, cloud computing, project management, and even digital marketing.

This course offers training globally. You’ll get access to monthly sessions, one-year free access to the SE ranking platform with paid versions of differences like Crazy Egg as an add-on. This digital marketing specialist course is an online course. It is a self-paced learning course that lasts for 365 days.

This master’s program will transform you into a digital marketer. With 40+ digital marketing tools and extensive project experience that’ll make you job-ready. You can access 75+ live classes to revisit courses at your convenience.

Simplilearn will assist you with placements with an OCMP exam voucher of USD 395 on course completion. The course fee is INR 59,999. To know more about this course, you can contact them here, 1800-212-7688.

9.      Digital Marketing Courses by Sprintzeal

Sprintzeal provides global training for in-demand courses. They offer live and self-paced courses in India and globally. It has trained over 126,000+ professionals and has 800+ qualified trainers with an array of 300+ courses. They offer corporate training courses in-house that will benefit you.

You can take this course on weekdays as well as weekends. You’ll get access to high-quality video lectures and on-year e-learning access. This digital marketing course is practical, goal-oriented, and internationally recognized. The course fee is INR 29,999. Call here, 90361-08289, and find out more about this course.

10.  Digital Marketing Course by iClass

iClass provides training across India. It is one of the best digital marketing courses in Mysore. This training center gives the best placement support, live training with an excellent experience. This academy has more than 20 years of training experience. It offers several job orientation courses with a centralized placement service in many cities.

This digital training course has regular classes with flexible timings. There’s a fast-track option to complete the course in 49 days for 5 hours a day. It covers topics like website designing, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, email marketing & Google Analytics. They take only six students per batch. To reach them, give a call here, 96722-34513.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Is digital marketing a good career?

Yes, a digital marketing career is a profitable career.

2. What are the fees for a digital marketing course?

The course fee for the digital marketing course lies anywhere between INR 25,000 to INR 60,000.

3. What is the salary of a digital marketer in India?

The average salary of a digital marketer is 7 to 10  lakhs in India.

4. What is the use of a digital marketing course?

The digital marketing course helps digital marketers get a raise in their salary. It gives them new job opportunities and encourages them to gain skills that’ll help them be better than everyone offering similar services.

5. Who can pursue a digital marketing course?

Digital marketing courses can be pursued by marketers, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and even students.

Final Thoughts

Any of these digital marketing courses in Mysore you choose from the list will upskill your knowledge. It will help align with your client’s requirements. As a fresher,  it is important to know the basic terminology and get hands-on training on all the tools. Such courses will benefit you with the same. They will transform your career into a well-established digital marketer by holding your hand at every step of your career.

We suggest you find out every benefit and disadvantage of all the courses before you decide to pick one of them. Any training center or institute that’ll provide you with theoretical knowledge and practical training during the course will prepare you for the future.

You can choose to provide your services to different brands by using your knowledge of digital marketing. To prove your ability and acquire clients in the market, having such skills will work in your favor in getting you recognition for your work.

Understanding how digital marketing works is crucial. So, having trainers from the same background who’ll guide you at every step is important. Gain the advantage of this chance and acquire new skills right from the comfort of your couch.

Give yourself a shot and upskill yourself. Try to make the most of this opportunity to find out everything about digital marketing. Once you have thought thoroughly about the pros and cons of all the courses, you’ll be able to choose the right course for yourself and pursue it.

While digital marketing is an elaborate subject to read, bridging this gap will take you a step closer to the future you see for yourself. These courses will help you acquire new tips not everyone will know. The knowledge you get along with the hands-on training will impact the way you drive your career as a digital marketer in the future. As a digital marketing, keeping this minute advice in mind will ramp your career.

Digital marketers should understand how to handle different problems whilst addressing all the queries. This will help you understand everything about the digital marketing needs of your clients beforehand. Not only will you adapt to deal with every situation better, but you’ll also understand what is your part of the work.

Learn everything about digital marketing, tools that’ll help you, its need, advantages, and lend your knowledge to brands while seeing them grow through their journey of ordinary to extraordinary. Get the raise you deserve in your salary and upskill yourself to be different from the crowd.

Be the digital marketer companies are looking out for to grow their brands with and keep pushing yourself to acquire new skills. Every skill you add to your bag of talent will only push you to build a better tomorrow for yourself.

Happy learning!

  • Hello I am Sunandan. I am a HRM. I want to acquire digital marketing skills to learn how to promote
    target audience growth; new leads; higher customer engagement; more loyal customers; and re-engaging the passive clients through right content marketing strategies. The article provides list of digital marketing courses in Mysore which is helpful ,but I need to have personal interaction with the faculty to know more. Hope the demo class will prove beneficial in this regard. Thanks

  • I am Swathi. I am a content manager looking to hone my skills in digital marketing by obtaining specialization from a top digital marketing institute in Mysore. I am motivated to master digital marketing after observing how effectively the leading firms utilize these methods to reach their target consumers and how much money they spend on them. I decide to attend IIM skills from the list of institutions offering digital marketing training in Mysore since I don’t want to miss out on any opportunities.

  • Hi, I am Ravish.I am a for and travel Blogger. I want to employ Digital marketing skills to increase the traffic ,and learn the tricks and tips to find and reach the target audience. Learning digital marketing from a reputed institute that offers free live demo session for Orientation to the institute, course, teaching methodology, course features, details, curriculum and interaction with the faculty ,is best. Hence, I choose to learn from IIM skills , the digital marketing institute in Mysore that suits my need and serves my purpose.

  • Hello, I am Nalini. I am interested in pursuing digital marketing course from IIM skills.Will registering for a free demo class help me know the institute better and seek information I need? Can I register for a free demo session and expect live interaction with the mentor?

  • hello, I am a college student who recently completed an internship with a Mysore-based digital marketing agency and now intend to pursue a career in the field after graduation. please recommend a digital marketing course that I could take in addition to my studies?

  • Hi, Mishika, i m looking for digital marketing course, but looking for online one with flexible timing, and is this course globally certified?

    • Hello Mishika,
      IIM SKILLS provides internships. Choosing a job after that could be a simpler task. To know more about the course details you can visit our website and enrol for a demo class.

  • My dad runs a family business and It is no online yet because of our remote location. But as we know, there are so many benefits of taking a business online. I have decided to take it online slowly. Therefore, I want a complete course that could teach me everything about marketing, including tips and other strategies.

  • One of my friend suggested to learn Digital Marketing as a side-skill, as t can help me market my services in future. I doubt how it can be helpful in my career. If someone can help me with this.

  • Hi, I m Muskaan. I have done my graduation in English. But I am not getting proper job opportunities as a result I am thinking to pursue a content writing course. It would be of great help if I get to know the placement service that is being provided and what is the course structure like.

    • Hello Muskaan,
      IIIM SKILLS provides internships. Choosing a job after that could be a simpler task. To know more about the course details you can visit our website and enroll for a demo class.

  • Hi. i m ishita, I work in a small firm in Mysore. The growth has been very slow. And I am not very passionate about my current profession anymore. Marketing is one stream that screams at me to do it. I am looking for introductory courses for now. However, I will enroll into more advanced courses later on. Could you please share both with me?

    • Hello Ishita,
      Yes DM courses could be the right choice for you provided you have an interest in this field. If you are confused attend a demo class so that all your doubts are cleared. We guarantee an internship at IIM SKILLS. Acquiring a job after an internship is a simplified task. Thank you.

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