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Top 4 Digital Marketing Courses in Geelong With Placements

Did you know that Geelong has the second oldest Australian football team and has a work-life balance equally? Yes, it is true. Moreover, the city is near to beaches and anyone can enjoy a relaxed lifestyle. People want to become digitally advanced. Likely people in Geelong take several types of certification courses. Most of them are based on digital marketing. If you are one of them, then this article will be good for you. It will cover the top 4 digital marketing courses in Geelong

Top Digital Marketing Courses In Geelong

Explain the Term Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing is an easy process. You are already connected to digital mediums. Now you just have to showcase your products or service-related business and reach out to the consumers. The process is similar to traditional marketing. It was popular since the 1990s. Most people trusted the traditional ways of marketing. Most of the business was if they go live with the online business if something bad like fraudulent activities happens with them. 

 The Internet is a vast medium and everyone can do anything via using this platform. All business needs to be careful about what they want. Some companies use both digital marketing and traditional marketing strategies. They can gain audiences in that process too. Now searching for digital marketing courses in Geelong can be one way to learn everything. 

One thing you have to understand is that people only will memorise or recognise things when they keep on seeing that everywhere. You just have to be the first one to grab their attention. Video marketing can be a good process to showcase everything related to the business. Several people have the same understanding as you. Several competitors in the market already capture the audience’s attention. You just have to think creatively. 

Six Pillars of Digital Marketing Strategy 

  • Planning and governance can be a good process to understand marketing integrations and the digital transformation process. Under this, you will learn the process of setting a budget and maintaining ROI. Therefore, you can use some strategic initiatives to make a good development of the business. You have to understand the marketing technologies that might be helpful for you. If you already have resources and marketing-related skills. Then everything will be good for you. Now, you just have to transform your business using digital media. 
  • Goals and measuring processes will be good to forecast plans and revenue for your business. You can easily use it after creating a digital dashboard. After that, you will be able to know all your customer profiles and their attributions. If you are not good at all to use digital media. You always can hire digital experts. Another option, you can join digital marketing courses in Geelong.  You have to be aware of everything in the market. There are no age boundaries to learning digital marketing. You can start today.
  • Media is always a popular way in every marketing strategy. If you have money to invest you can choose paid media. You can grow your channel organically. There are some owned and earned media. You can use them as well. The main thing is how well you know online media. A business always will be growing in the market if they know all the market tips and tricks. Learning new techniques always going to give you the opportunity. If you are not aware of them. That is fine, you can take digital marketing courses in Geelong. All will be easy for you.
  • Content is the main thing for a company to grow in the real world. You may find that there are lots of companies. They do not have good content. The result is their audiences feel bored of it. Every audience always wants something new or out of the box. If they are not find anything good. They probably get bored of content. You always have to think about it before developing any content. You also have to understand the sales funnels like the top, bottom, and middle of the funnel.
  • In the experience segment, you just have to focus on the customer’s experiences after vising your website. You have to check the conversion rate and optimization process. All will be good for the company to create multichannel paths. Therefore, you have to build a strong development process to understand all types of purchase media. 
  • The conversational messaging process always will be a good thing to reach out to the audience. You can use automation, CRM techniques, email marketing, human-centric chat process and other methods. Sometimes people have queries related to the products or services. You will be knowing all the methods when you can join digital marketing courses in Geelong.

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Sectors using Digital Marketing 

  • Retail businesses use digital marketing to understand the customer’s real-time shopping patterns. It always will be good for them to increase the shopping experiences and improves the sales and loyalty process. If you are holding a retail business but want to learn new analysis tools then you can go for digital marketing courses in Geelong. Then you will be knowing all your mistakes and you will be able to focus on optimizing everything related to your business.
  • Telecom sectors also adopt digital marketing. That way, this industry uses automated messages about recharge plans and new offers. If their customers offer any customize plans. These companies also provide that using digital media.
  • Small and medium-sized businesses are always one step ahead to use digital media. Most business has a chance to grow in the market. If the targeted audience already like their products or services. All will be good for the company to develop a future expansion using the digital medium. If you are one of them and want to learn new tools in digital marketing. Therefore, you always can join any digital marketing courses in Geelong. To understand the Australian market.
  • Banking sectors have their applications. That way their customers will be knowing everything related to their business. It always can be a good thing for them to provide good services to their customers.
  • Even the sports market also generates revenue from digital marketing. There is some online platform to buy tickets and sport-related merchandise. Therefore, these companies are always ready to target their market audiences and use new types of promotional strategies to know market insight.
  • The public sector always is a good thing to develop digital marketing. That way, every people has a chance to communicate with others. There are several types of public programs available in the market. You can easily take them and understand the whole process of marketing.  All of the processes are so good if you want to learn and adopt new things in your business.

Top 4 Digital Marketing Courses in Geelong


IIM SKILLS has a well-crafted course in digital marketing. It is a master’s certification and is a well-designed digital marketing course. They offer 40 module courses and it takes a total of 5 months to finish. You may be wondering what is so special about the course. If you think about taking this particular course then you will be getting lots of benefits. Well, you will be knowing just wait for a few seconds. 

 Modules Covered

Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation
  • Course Name – Digital Marketing Master Course
  • Course Duration – 3 Months + 2 Months Paid Internship
  • Course Fee – AUD 730.78

You will Earn 

  • After 3 months of competition, paid internship for 2 months you will get. It is guaranteed if you not working for any other company. Then this opportunity is probably the best for you. 
  • This internship opportunity is going to be remote. You can complete tasks at a flexible time. 
  • After the internship ends, you will get one certificate and one letter of recommendation. Therefore, you can share it anywhere. 
  • If you have a plan for the future to build an agency. IIM skills will help you to open your agency. 
  • More you will get a chance to write a blog for the Times of India. 
  • Even they will help you to launch your youtube channel. 
  • You can build your affiliate marketing blogs or review sites. 
  • They also allow you to own your podcast on Google, Spotify and Apple. 
  • Suppose you just want to learn the course and get a job. Still, they will help you with placement. 
  • They will give you good mentorship both for your business as well as your career. 


Isn’t it a good thing to have knowledge of all nitty-gritty in digital marketing? IIM SKILLS will help you unlock the above opportunity only for you. 

Hiring Partners

IIM SKILLS  courses’ specialty is they offer you a live course and you can have full-time access to the LMS. When you start covering the course and giving all the exams you will know that you have gathered a total of 14 certificates. More you have created everything they offer. Now you can just share all of them via your social media accounts. 

 With all of these 40 modules course + launching YouTube channels and podcasts within 5 months. Sounds a bit crazy right? Well, you can reach out to the administration department to know more about their programs. 

Media Coverage


 More Professional Courses

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

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2. Arthur St. 

This institute offers hands-on experiences in digital marketing training. If you are a business person who just wants to evolve their business. After taking this institution’s courses you can use all digital marketing techniques for your business and use them towards the next step to advance excellency. If you are looking for any workshop-related digital marketing courses in Geelong. Arthur St. can be good for you.  

The institution’s main motive is to provide several types of digital marketing workshops to its clients. If you just want to take a digital marketing workshop to skill up a few digital media. Then their workshops will be good for you. 

Upcoming Workshops

DateTimeTopic Ticket Price 
8th Sept.9:30 am -12 pm Digital marketing for small to medium business $200
15th Sept 9:30 am -12 pm UX design Bootcamp$200
6th Oct.9:30 am -12 pmGoogle Search Ads $200
13th Oct9:30 am -12 pmEcommerce digital marketing tactics $200
20th Oct.9:30 am -12 pmUnderstanding your marketing data – Google Analytics $200
27th Oct9:30 am -12 pm Email marketing and automation $200
3rd Nov9:30 am -12 pmOptimising websites for conversions $200
10th Nov9:30 am -12 pmLearn Google shopping ads$200

The Institutions Commitment to Provide these Workshops 

  • The institution always tries to make a positive change. 
  • If you want their help to grow your business then they will love to listen to you. 
  • They always try to give your business the power to create its image in the digital world.
  • It sets personal values to understand your actual criteria. 

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 0448 831922


 [email protected]

3. The Toms 

This institute mostly has workshops. They believe that conducting workshops will help their clients to solve problems. This way, the institute offers lots of marketing and leadership solutions that their client required.  

This institute offers lots of training workshops that only will be good for your team to complete a goal. They already want to deliver their training process to both virtually and in-person mode. All will be suitable for your hybrid workforce to build new patterns.

The Sample Workshops 

Workshop Name Level Duration Delivery Mode
Digital creative best practices Intermediate 2 hours to 1 day onlineOnline/in-person email 
Email marketing strategy Foundation and intermediate2 hours   onlineOnline/in-person google 
Google analytics foundations Foundation and intermediate2 hours to 1-day onlineOnline/in-person content 
Content marketing strategy Foundation and intermediate2 hours to 1 day onlineOnline/in-person smarter 
Smarter social media strategy Foundation and intermediate2 hours to 1 day onlineOnline/in-person digital
Digital trends – changing marketingMarketers, executives and leadership2 hours to 1 day onlineOnline/in-person optimizing 
Optimising landing pages that convert foundation Foundation and intermediate 2 hours to ½ day onlineOnline/in-person


When you will be visiting their workshop page. You will find their lots of workshop samples are given. You can know more about them after clicking on your choice of workshop. It always will be a good thing to know what’s your actual requirement. 

Course Fee 

If you are interested to take any of their workshops. Just enquire them after reaching their website workshop page. 

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+61 (0) 479 123 364


[email protected]

4. Arcane Agency

This agency offers three types of courses short marketing courses, digital marketing courses and 1:1 mentoring sessions. All of them are good when you know your exact requirements. They simply offer selective training programs that can help you develop a good change for your company. All of those factors can work as your secret weapon. You can just need to know the ways to use it. If you are ready to take any short-term digital marketing courses in Geelong. You might enjoy Arcane agency’s course. 

The Three Courses  

Kryptonite Short Course 

  • This course will be good for you if you are looking to skill up your strengths. 
  • You already have a Facebook business page but you don’t know the use of Facebook pixel. They will help you with it. 
  • You want to know more about Facebook ads before running them. 
  • You just need to tell them what is your requirements. They always will be helpful. 
  • Their short courses will take 45 minutes to 2 hours. After taking their courses, you might know all your answers. 

Secret Weapon Digital Program

  • You will be knowing all the trendy and demanding things in digital marketing. More like the secret formula that you can use to grow your business. 
  • After completing their course you will be able to optimise your digital campaigns which can be a good thing to develop your marketing strategies. 


Superhero Mentoring Sessions

  • This session is for fresh ideas to improve your business. 
  • It always will be a good thing for when you will be able shares all your plans that you wants to add to your business.
  • They also help you by suggesting a few tools that can be helpful for your business. 

Course Fee

They did not share course fee-related information on their site. You can join their Facebook group for free training or advice as per requirement. 

To Knock Them


+61 438 234449


[email protected]

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q 1. This article shows the business-related workshops on digital marketing courses in Geelong. I am just a student and want to develop my career in digital marketing. Which one shall I choose?

Well, you can take any of the above-mentioned digital marketing courses. The courses offer everything to launch your career. You can check their websites and contact with administration department to understand everything about the course. Another important thing is these institutes always help you if you have any questions related to the course. 

Q 2. I already know digital marketing. I am confused about the Google analytics part. I was searching for small digital marketing courses in Geelong. Most of them are lengthy it seems. Any suggestions?

In your case, you can go for those agencies or institutions that provide workshops to grow a person’s business. It will take 2 hours to 1 day to complete. To know more about the workshops you can visit their website. 

Q 3. Just out of curiosity. Did all of the mentioned institutions provide any certificates after completing the course?

These institutes offer certifications in digital marketing along with internships and placement assurance. Some also have workshops and special classes, you can talk to their advisors for more details about the workshops. They will guide you and tell you which one will be the best for you. 

Conclusion on top digital marketing courses in Geelong

Digital marketing courses in Geelong are slowly getting famous. Nowadays, most business wants to grow their business because they already have access to the internet. They might hire people from different backgrounds. Still, sometimes it can be difficult for the experts to understand the market trends. If you don’t have time you can always go for the small workshops. If you wanted to see real-time growth in business.

You can take the five-month course and avail all the benefits. After all behind growing a business a person’s hard work always will be shared. You have to need to think and understand all the growing processes of the business like whether is it growing slowly or becoming stagnant. People do not feel engaged with your content. Just remember that everything you will be learning that always going to help you to improve your future. If you take one day course or 5 months course or more than that. Every course has different types of outcomes if you are willing to learn it as per your choice. You always can choose demo options to get a better insight into the course and institutions. 

The suggestions will be one just take a long term like 5 months course. You will understand the difference in your business. after joining the program you will have a Youtube channel, podcast and lifetime support from the institutions. Forget about the past and focus on learning all the new trends in the market. Therefore, you will be able to relate with your business. 

  • Hello I am Robert. I managed to create a website and concluded that website can’t promote itself.It needs continuous care for it to grow, which in turn, let’s the business grow. I am here during my search for best digital marketing courses in Geelong. Apart from learning website management by enrolling to the course I also intend to learn techniques for generating leads, making sales, and building awareness about own business. Since prefer online learning I would like to initially get well acquainted with the course before I decide to enroll. So, registering for a demo invite is good idea.

  • I am Imka. I am a Sales Manager in a company. What I have been using so far is a traditional method of advertising. I have been witnessing from quite a few months, that we are loosing major percentage of our prospective customers with the use of conventional marketing strategies. We tried and tested to run a few ads on our website, to attract customers. But, with no proper understanding, inappropriate planning, and ineffective use of channels we failed. I want to learn and gain thorough understanding of its process, procedures, techniques,and tricks for accomplishment. Depending on my needs and objectives of learning and acquiring digital marketing training in Geelong, IIM skills is best. It’s Free demo session is worth registering for, to get a chance to witness the reliability of the course, institution, and the offers made

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