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Top 10 Data Science Courses In Navi Mumbai With Placements

Do you want to change your career to the data science field? Do you want to be the next data scientist? Are you looking for the best Data Science Courses in Navi Mumbai? If yes, you are on the right track. Data science is in high demand. Nearly every industry is using data to gain a competitive edge. From finance and healthcare to retail and manufacturing, data scientists are crucial for analyzing information, building models, and extracting valuable insights.

List of top 10 data science courses in Navi Mumbai

According to Indeed, the average base salary for a Data Scientist in the US is over $120,000. This competitive compensation reflects the value companies place on data-driven insights. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 data science institutes in Navi Mumbai that not only provide this course but also make you job-ready.

Who Is a Data Scientist?

Data scientists are problem-solvers who use their coding and math skills to make sense of big data and find ways to use it for good. A data scientist can filter through all that data to uncover things we might not see at first glance. They can tell businesses what customers like or predict what might happen in the future.

A data scientist is a detective for the digital world. They use their magnifying glass (fancy computer programs) to examine huge piles of data (information) to find clues and hidden patterns.

This data comes from phones, websites, stores, and basically anything that collects information. They use math, computers, and special tools to uncover patterns and trends hidden in the data.

How To Become a Data Scientist?

Step 1: Data Science Degree

The first step to becoming a Data Scientist is to have an undergraduate degree. You should be good at subjects like mathematics, statistics, business, and engineering. After this, you can join boot camps or short-term programs to specialize in this field.

Step 2: Enhance Your Data Science Skills

As a data scientist, you should know both technical and soft skills. You should know of programming languages, mathematics, data analysis, data visualization, web scraping, data mining, warehousing, machine learning, AI, and big data. You should know of basic communication skills, organization skills attention to detail, problem-solving, collaboration, and creativity.

Step 3: Get a Data Science Certification

Having a data science certification will demonstrate your skills and knowledge to potential employers. Many data science institutes in Navi Mumbai provide certification with a guaranteed internship.

Step 4: Earn a Master’s Degree in Data Science

Candidates who have pursued different subjects in their undergraduate degree program can choose a master’s program in data science. It covers advanced topics like machine learning, data mining, statistical analysis, and data visualization.

Step 5: Excel in Data Science Tools

Data Science uses many tools and techniques to complete its tasks, but there are some important tools that you should know while doing this course. As a data scientist, you should know web scraping, Machine learning, Data visualization, business intelligence, instant metrics, and insights.

Step 6: Start Your Data Science Career

Once you have learned data science, it’s time to apply for jobs in the data science field, but it’s important to approach employers strategically. Find your career objective- in which role you are interested in, the industry you prefer, and the skills you want to leverage or develop further. Make sure to polish your resume, build a strong online presence that will help you get a job easily, research companies, and prepare for interviews.

Must Check these best:

List of Data Science Institutes in Navi Mumbai:

  • Staragile
  • Uncodemy
  • Quickxpert Infotech
  • Imarticus Learning
  • DataMites
  • ExcelR
  • Itvedant Education
  • Edvancer Eduventure

#1  Data Science Courses in Navi Mumbai


IIM SKILLS is an online learning platform that offers professional courses and certifications in various in-demand fields. You can study digital marketing, financial modeling, data analytics, content writing, and many more. This is one of the best data science institutes in Navi Mumbai.

In their data science program, you will study statistics in data science, Machine learning, AI, Power BI, Python, Tableau, R, and Alteryx. You will also learn tools such as Python, SQL, Jupyter, Chat GPT, and Flask.

This course includes not only technical skills but also soft skills to make you job-ready by the end of the course.

With this course, you will be able to understand data structure and data prediction. You will gain expertise in using linear and non-linear models, master data analysis using SQL, get familiar with inferential statistics, regression, and model selection, and many more.

Moreover, you will learn from the experts. You will work on many capstone projects. After completing this course, you will get master’s certification from IIM SKILLS, assistance to build a resume, preparation for interviews, and a 100% assured internship.

Course Objective:

  • To help you master the tools & techniques used in analysis
  • To develop your expertise in utilizing the data to solve complex problems
  • To learn to analyze and present it to stakeholders in a clear and concise manner
  • To inculcate essential knowledge through practical acquisition

Course Details:

Course Detail:

Course Name – Data Science Course

Fee – Rs 99,900 +18% GST

Duration – 11 months

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 9580740740

#2  Data Science Courses in Navi Mumbai

2. Staragile

Staragile is a training provider. They provide certification in various courses including agile, scrum, and project management. Some of their programs also include an IBM certificate. They offer both online and in classrooms around the world.

In their data science program, you will learn the basics of Python programming, including data analysis, manipulation, visualization, and machine learning fundamentals. They have also covered SQL, Statistics, AI, Deep learning, R, Tableau, and Power BI in-depth.

This 6-month online program covers a broad range of data science topics, including data analytics tools and techniques used in real-world scenarios. They are delivered by industry experts and include practical assignments and internships.

They have covered many skills in this course like Python, R, Scipy, Numpy, Pandas, Matplot, Seaborn, Scikit, Arima, NLTK, Textblob, Pytorch, and Keras. Moreover, you will work on many projects.

After completing this course, they have a 2-month career track in which you will build your profile and resume, learn business communication, take competency tests, and Mock interviews.

Name: Data Science Training Course

Duration: 6 Months

Fee: INR 80,000

Key Highlights:

  • You will get access to quality education
  • You will get weekly mentorship sessions
  • You will get a certificate from IBM
  • You will get a 6-month internship opportunity
  • You will get 300+ hours of practical assignments
  • You will get an assured minimum package of 5-25 LPA

#3  Data Science Courses in Navi Mumbai

3. Uncodemy

Uncodemy is an IT training institute. It offers a variety of IT training institutes such as programming languages, web development, data science, and other tech-related programs. They provide both online and offline training sessions for students.

In their data science program, you will learn Python basics, data structure and file operations, functions & object-oriented programming, working with modules & handling exceptions, introduction to NumPy, Data Manipulation using Pandas, Basics of Data Science, Exploratory Data Analysis, Feature Engineering, Inferential Statistics & Hypothesis Testing, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, KNN classifier, Support Vector classifier, Decision Tree Classifier, Ensemble Learning, Time Series Analysis, Clustering, Dimensionality Reduction and Market Basket Analysis.

Moreover, you will learn introduction to Perceptron, Multilayer Perceptron, Deep Learning black box technique, basics of visualization tools, specialized visualization tools, text mining & natural language processing, getting started and creating, selecting & retrieving data with SQL, Subqueries & Joins in SQL, modifying and analyzing data with SQL, accessing databases using Python, Analyzing and visualizing data using excel, analyzing and visualizing using Excel, Introduction to Power BI & creating Power BI reports.

They provide boot camps. You will work on multiple live projects. You can join their special batches if you are a working professional. After completing this course, you will get a completion certificate and a paid internship.

Name: Data Science Course

Duration: 3 Months

Fee: INR 18,000

 Explore Some More Data Science Courses,

#4  Data Science Courses in Navi Mumbai

4. Quickxpert Infotech

Quickxpert Infotech is an IT training institute. They provide courses like web development, data analysis, programming languages, and many more. In their data science program, you will study programming with Python, SQL, data cleaning and Manipulation, data visualization, and machine learning with projects.

Name: Data Science & Data Analytics

Duration: 6 Months

Fee: INR 69,999

Key Highlights:

  • You’ll get a completion certificate and a free demo session.
  • You will work on a variety of live projects and case studies.
  • You will get access to a network of over 1,000 hiring partners.
  • You will learn industry-standard analytical tools.

#5  Data Science Courses in Navi Mumbai

5. Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning is an online education company. They provide finance, analytics, technology, and marketing education programs, and have won many awards. This is the right path for choosing Data Science Courses in Navi Mumbai.

In their data science program, you will learn basic programming, Excel, SQL, Python, NumPy, Pandas, Data frame Manipulation, Visualisation, EDA, Statistics, Machine learning, Data Visualisation with Tableau & Power BI, Specialisation in Advanced ML Track and Data Analytics & ML track.

Name: PG in Data Science & Analytics

Course Duration: 24 weeks

Course Fees: INR 2,25,000

#6  Data Science Courses in Navi Mumbai

6. DataMites

Datamites is one of the most popular learning platforms that offers many tech-related courses. They provide one of the best affordable data science courses in Navi Mumbai.

In their data science program, you will learn the basics of data science, Python, Statistics essentials, Machine learning, advanced data science, SQL & Mongodb, version control with GIT, big data foundation, and certified BI Analyst.

Name: Certified Data Scientist Course

Duration: 8 Months

Fee: INR 72,345

#7  Data Science Courses in Navi Mumbai

7. ExcelR

 They offer many courses across the world. They offer courses like data science, digital marketing, business courses and many tech courses. They provide both online & offline classes.

In this program, you will learn Statistical Analysis, Hypothesis Testing, Linear & Logistic Regression, EDA, Unsupervised ML Algorithms, Machine Learning Models, Neural Networks, Bagging & Boosting, Text Mining, Forecasting, Core Python, Tableau, MySQL, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Tools, Basics of R and ChatGPT.

You will also learn some tools and techniques like Excel, Advanced Excel, Tableau, SQL, Power BI, and the basics of R & Python.

Name: Data Science Course

Duration: 6 Months

Fee: INR 75,999

#8  Data Science Courses in Navi Mumbai

8. Itvedant Education

Itvedant Education is India’s fastest-growing institute. This is a great institute to start your career in the IT industry. They provide a variety of courses. This is one of the best data science institutes in Navi Mumbai if you want to learn in a short span.

In their data science course, you will learn the fundamentals of data science & analytics, python programming, SQL, Machine learning, deep learning, big data engineering, advanced Excel, and Power BI.

Name: Data Science & Analytics with AI Course

Duration: 6 Months

Key Highlights:

Key Highlights:

  • You will have unlimited Interview Calls
  • You will get 80% practical training
  • You will get 2 Global Certifications
  • You will get weekday and Weekend Batches
  • You will get a Personalized Career Coach
  • You will get Instant Doubt Solving
  • You will get a no-cost EMI option
  • You will have a Study app
  • You will get 30+ Case studies & projects

#9  Data Science Courses in Navi Mumbai

9. Gamaka AI Solution

Gamaka AI Solutions is an advanced training center that provides technical courses for professionals. They have been running this institution since 1999. They offer courses like data science, Artificial Intelligence, Python, Java, Dot Net, Software Testing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and many more.

In their data science program, you will learn the basics of Python programming, SQL, NoSQL Databases, Machine learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Data Visualization with Tableau, and Big Data with Hadoop and Spark.

You will also work on many projects related to deep learning, building machine learning models, and web scraping for data collection. After completing this course, you will get assistance for resume building and mock interviews.

You will also get a guaranteed internship opportunity to give you real-world experience.

Name: Diploma in Full Stack Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Duration: 4 Months

Key Highlights:

  • You will learn from 15+ experienced faculties working for top MNCs
  • You will get instructor-led online classroom interactive sessions
  • You will get one-to-one online problem-solving sessions
  • You will get industry-recognized “Full Stack Data Science & AI”
  • You will get an opportunity for an internship
  • You will get career counseling, 100% placement, and unlimited interview calls

You will work on real-time case studies on AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Tableau, and Big Data

#10  Data Science Courses in Navi Mumbai

10. Edvancer Eduventure

Edvancer Eduventure is an online career-oriented education platform. They offer certification courses and programs in collaboration with institutions like IIT Kanpur. They provide one of the best data science courses in Navi Mumbai.

Their course has ranked among India’s top 5 Data Science programs by Analytics India Magazine.

In their data science program, they have covered an introduction to analytics, fundamentals of R, basics Statistics in R, Data Cleaning & Visualization in R, Linear Regression in R, Logistic Regression in R, Segmentation for marketing analytics in R, Time series forecasting in R, decision trees in R, Random trees in R, Random forest & XGBoost in R, Solving an actual business problem through analytics, introduction to Data Science, Fundamentals of Python, Data Summary & Visualization in Python, Data Handling in Python using NumPy & Pandas.

Moreover, you will learn the basics of Machine Learning, Generalised Linear Models in Python, Tree Models using Python, Boosting Algorithms in Python, SVM & KNN in Python, Unsupervised learning in Python, Neural Networks in Python, Text Mining in Python, Ensemble Methods in Python & Bokeh, introduction to SQL, useful operations in SQL, aggregating data in SQL, Functions & sub-queries in SQL, DML & DDL statements in SQL and joins & views in SQL.

Name: PG Program in Data Science – UPES

Duration: 150 hours of learning + 150 hours of assignments & projects


→ Live Online: INR 119,900 + GST

→ Self-Paced: INR 79,000 + GST

Why you should choose this course:

  • You will get certified by one of India’s largest universities & get UPES alumni status
  • You will create a Data Science project portfolio to establish your skills and credibility
  • You will showcase your projects on your CV at the end of the course to industry stalwarts
  • You will gain hands-on knowledge through the problem-solving-based approach
  • You will get a 40-100% jump in your salary by becoming a data scientist
  • You will learn from top-class faculty from UPES & Premier companies like EY, fractal, Accenture, etc.
  • You will get 24×7 lifetime access to online videos and content
  • You will work on multiple real-world projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Do I Need Certifications to Become a Data Scientist?

No, you don’t need certifications to become a data scientist. This field demands the right skills. You will stand out from the crowd by showcasing your unique skills and strong portfolio to HR. This way you will have a high chance to get selected.

However, having a master’s degree in data science, statistics, computer science, or a related field can be beneficial. This will help you understand data easily. You can even take any courses. Many data science institutes in Navi Mumbai provide certification for free like Coursera.

Q.2 What Are the Educational Qualifications for Data Science?

A bachelor’s in statistics, computer science, mathematics, or a similar quantitative field is typically the minimum requirement for entry-level data science roles. These programs will help you with the core analytical and problem-solving skills needed to work in any company.

Many employers favor candidates with a Master’s degree in data science, statistics, computer science, or a related field. This advanced degree provides deeper knowledge into specific areas like machine learning, big data, and data visualization.

However, you can enroll in data science institutes in Navi Mumbai if you don’t have a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Many institutes provide boot camps and online certifications for professionals. While they might not replace a degree for some employers, they can be a valuable way to gain practical skills and enter the field faster.

Q.3 Is Data Science a Good Career Choice?

Companies across all industries are realizing the value of data and are seeking professionals who can extract insights from it. You can apply your data science skills in various industries like healthcare, finance, retail, and technology.

Data science is a well-paying field. According to Indeed, the average base salary for a data scientist in the US is $127,659. With experience and specialization, you can expect to earn even more. Many data science institutes in Navi Mumbai provide this course for all types of candidates.

Q.4 What is the Salary Range for Data Scientists?

Data scientists are in high demand, and their salaries reflect that. In India, the salary range can vary widely depending on several factors like experience, location, industry, company size, and skillset. As a fresher or junior data scientist, you can expect a starting salary of around ₹3.6 lakh per annum, while highly experienced professionals can command upwards of ₹20 lakh per annum.

Many data science institutes in Navi Mumbai have tie-ups with top companies that can help you get good packages at starting.


Data Science is a rapidly growing field with high demand and promising career prospects. Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, there are multiple paths to enter this field. By honing your analytical skills, building a strong portfolio, and continuously learning, you can position yourself for success in this exciting career path. You can choose data science courses in Navi Mumbai to become the next data scientist. This article has covered everything from choosing the right institutes to getting job assistance.

Nikita Bhowmick is a content writer for IIM SKILLS. She writes SEO blog posts that help websites rank higher in search results. Also, she helps companies and individuals build their online presence on LinkedIn. But when she clocks out, you will find her enjoying a good web series or engrossed in a romance novel.

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