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Top 8 Data Analytics Short-Term Courses With Certifications

If you are a busy man who cannot afford to spend too much time learning data analytics, then read this article as here we will mention the best institutes that provide data analytics short-term courses.

Top Data Analytics Short Term Courses

Top Eight Data Analytics Short-Term Courses

1. Coursera 

Crash Course Name – Comprehensive Data Analytics Short-Term Courses

You have encountered data science and big data by now. They will give you a crash course in these words and how they apply to effective companies throughout this one-week course. Anyone interested in learning more about data science action, especially those who may someday need to supervise data scientists, should enroll in the advanced Data Analytics Short-Term Courses objective is to introduce you to data science as rapidly as possible without using unnecessary words.

This course has been created to be as simple as feasible without compromising any of the basics. This is a specialized short-term data analytics course meant to quickly bring you up to accelerate in the data analytics field. The institute strives to make this as comfortable for you as possible without compromising any crucial content. For you to concentrate on controlling and leading your team, it has set aside the technical information.

As You Complete the One-week Course You Will Learn the Following: – 

  • How to explain the function of big data and data science in multiple contexts
  • How machine learning, statistics, and, software engineering are used in big data and data science
  • How to outline a data science and data analytics project’s structure
  • Recognize the terminology and essential tools used by data scientists and  data analysts
  • How to tell the difference between an effective and ineffective data science and data analytics project
  • The responsibilities of a manager of data science and analytics

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2. Udemy

Crash course Name – Comprehensive Data Analytics Short-Term Course with Python and Pandas

You’ll learn how to use the Python and Pandas library for data analysis. More organizations require the services than ever of data engineers. There has never been a better moment to upgrade your skills, master Python, and particularly data engineering. The thorough data analytics short-term course from Udemy will walk you through the fundamental concepts of data frames, a crucial data structure in the Pandas programming language.

As soon as you complete the crash course, you’ll be able to employ Pandas and Python on your data to extricate useful insights because you’ll have learned how to clean, analyze, and, ingest the data. Not becoming a specialist is not the goal of this training. The goal is to gain confidence in Python and Pandas’ fundamental concepts so that you can solve problems in the real world right away and continue to learn by doing.

Since nobody (regardless of how long a course is) ever genuinely becomes an expert, the only way to do so is to get out there and solve problems. You’ll need a basic understanding of Python for this course, which you may learn from the free Python course from Udemy. You must install both Python and the Pandas library, which you can do by typing “pip installing pandas.”

What You Will Be Able to Do: –

  • Performing data analysis with the help of Pandas library
  • Gain knowledge about data frames and how to perform data analysis with the help of Python
  • Know how to deal with missing values in your data
  • Learn how to manage and cleanse data

This One-hour Course Consists of the Following: –

  • One-hour on-demand video lectures and lessons
  • One article
  • Two downloadable resources
  • complete access to the course for a lifetime
  • Access the course on mobile and TV
  • Certificate for completing the course

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3. Simplilearn

Crash Course Name – Introducing Comprehensive Data Analytics Short-Term Courses for Dummies 

These in-depth data analytics short-term courses are intended to provide a strong basis for dealing with various forms of data, visualization of data for decision-making, and data analytics in many sectors. Anyone who wants to work as an analytics manager or data analyst should enroll in this three-hour program. Through this program, you can gain knowledge about data science and data analytics approaches and improve business decisions. 

Data Analytics Skills you will master

  • Forms of data analytics
  • Frequency distributing plots
  • Swarm plots
  • Data visualizing
  • Data science techniques
  • Analytics adopting frameworks
  • Trends in big data analytics

What You Will Learn in the Data Analytics Short-Term Courses for Beginners

Data Analytics Establishment

Lesson 1 – Course Establishment

  • Course Establishment

Lesson 2 – Data Analytics Summary

  • 2.01 Establishment
  • 2.02 Data Analytics – Significance
  • 2.03 Digital Analytics – Influence on Accountancy
  • 2.04 Data Analytics Summary
  • 2.05 Forms of Data Analytics
  • 2.06 Descriptive Analytics
  • 2.07 Diagnostic Analytics
  • 2.08 Predictive Analytics
  • 2.09 Prescriptive Analytics
  • 2.10 Data Analytics – Amazon Instance
  • 2.11 Data Analytics Advantages for Decision-Making
  • 2.12 Data Analytics Advantages – Cost Minimization
  • 2.13 Data Analytics Advantages – Amazon Instance
  • 2.14 Data Analytics – More Advantages
  • 2.15 Primary results

Lesson 3 – Handling Various Forms of Data

  • Establishment
  • Phraseologies in Data Analytics – First part
  • Phraseologies in Data Analytics – Second part
  • Forms of Data
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Data
  • Data degrees of calculation
  • Normal circulation of Data
  • Statistical criterion
  • 3.09 Primary results

Lesson 4 – Data Visualizing for Enhanced Decision Making

  • 4.1 Establishment
  • 4.2 Data Visualizing
  • 4.3 Comprehending Data Visualizing
  • 4.4 Majorly Employed Visualizations
  • 4.5 Frequency Circulating Plot
  • 4.6 Swarm Plot
  • 4.7 Significance of Data Visualizing
  • 4.8 Data Visualizing Tools – First Part
  • 4.9 Data Visualizing Tools – Second Part
  • 4.10 Libraries and Languages in Data Visualizing
  • 4.11 Dashboard-Oriented Visualizing
  • 4.12 Visualizing and BI Trends
  • 4.13 BI Software Issues
  • 4.14 Primary Results

Lesson 5 – Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and, Data Science

  • 5.01 Establishment
  • 5.02 The Data Analytics and Data Science Domain
  • 5.03 Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Data Science – Overlaps
  • 5.04 Data Science Delineated
  • 5.05 Business and Data Science Strategy
  • 5.06 Successful Organizations Employing Data Science
  • 5.7 Travel Industry
  • 5.8 Retail
  • 5.09 Crime and e-commerce agencies 
  • 5.10 Analytical Platforms across Industries
  • 5.11 Key Outcomes

Lesson 6 – Data Science Process

  • 6.01 Establishment
  • 6.02 Data Science Process
  • 6.03 From Business Comprehending to Analytic Procedure
  • 6.04 From Demands to Acquiring
  • 6.05 From Comprehending to Preparing
  • 6.06 From Modeling to Assessment
  • 6.07 From Placement to Reviews
  • 6.08 Primary results

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Lesson 7 – Data Analytics in Various Sectors

  • 7.01 Establishment
  • 7.02 Analytics for Services and Products
  • 7.03 How Analytics is used by Google
  • 7.4 How Analytics is used by LinkedIn
  • 7.05 How Analytics is utilized by Amazon
  • 7.6 Netflix – Utilizing Analytics to Propel Engagement
  • 7.7 Netflix – Utilizing Analytics to Propel Success
  • 7.08 Entertainment and Media Industry
  • 7.09 Education Industry
  • 7.10 Healthcare Industry
  • 7.11 Government
  • 7.12 Weather Prediction
  • 7.13 Primary Results

Lesson 8 – Analytics Latest Trends and Frameworks

  • 8.1 Establishment
  • 8.2 Case Study – EY
  • 8.3 Framework of Customer Analytics
  • 8.4 Data Comprehension
  • 8.5 Data Preparing
  • 8.6 Modeling
  • 8.7 Model Handling
  • 8.8 Data Analytics Latest Trends
  • 8.9 Graph of Analytics
  • 8.10 Automated Machine Learning
  • 8.11 Open Source AI
  • 8.12 Primary Results

This Three-hour Course Consists of

  • Three hours of self-paced video lectures and lessons
  • Certificate for completing the course awarded on completion
  • Access your Free Course for 90 days

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4. Great Learning

Crash Course Name – Comprehensive Data Analytics Short-Term Course


What You Will Learn in the Crash Course About Data Analytics: –

  • Establishment of a program
  • List
  • Tuple
  • Dictionary
  • Set
  • Exception Managing

The seven-hour live, comprehensive data analytics short-term courses will teach all the concepts of Statistics and Python before moving on to Machine Learning. You can get the assistance you need in comprehending the fundamental concepts of machine learning with the help of this course. This course will assist you in answering the Python, Machine Learning, and Statistics interview questions you’ll face while applying for a position as a data analyst.

Online Classes Advantage

  • Live Online Engaging Classes
  • Organized classes and schedule
  • Access video recordings of missed lessons and lectures

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction 
  • Python Foundations – Data Organization and Exception Management
  • Data Analytics Utilizing Python – Pandas along with NumPy
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Exploratory Data Analytics (EDA)
  • Introduction of Machine Learning and its Algorithms
  • Success Metrics

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5. Datalab 

Crash Course Name – Intensive Data Analytics Short-Term Courses

Data is a big problem. Although we have a ton of data, are we making the most of it? No, but where should we begin? Everything begins with having the proper abilities and mindset. We will train and motivate you in the mysterious world of data during the three-day crash course.

Throughout the advanced data analytics short-term courses, we will concentrate on your employees and work with data from your business. We’ll be working on analytical tooling and ensuring you have the groundwork to move quickly. Ambitious? Hold off until you view the actual deal.

Goals of the Course: –

  • Get inspiration from what you can do
  • With the help of data recognize chance and formulate a plan
  • Learn how to work with data in data analytics toolings
  • Visualize your narrative to make a lasting impact
  • The general structure of the three-day course

What you will Gain

Tools – MS Excel

Edit and Format Data

  • Increase your productivity by learning new Excel operatives
  • Build simple dashboards or visualizations

SQL (database language)

Store Data Within Databases

  • Format and edit data
  • Link various data sources


Data exploring

  • Visualizing
  • Create and share dashboards

Other Skills

Approach data analytics in a critical manner • Classify model and plan project model for capturing, classifying, and implementing business cases

  • Data analytics framework to assist a data analytics perspective
  • A detailed summary of the processes that are presently utilized and those that are on the rise

Course Program – Day 1

Morning – Defining data analytics and its processes, data analytics abilities, and self-dataset

Afternoon – Data standard, Excel practice exercises, motivation by Datalab, and effect changes

Course Program – Day 2

Morning – Data analytics arrangement, databases and SQL, SQL practice exercises, and motivation by Datalab

Afternoon – Data-propelled manner of working, Tableau demonstration, and Tableau practice exercises

Course Program – Day 3

Morning – Scraping of the web, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, motivation by Datalab, and generating ideas for business cases

Afternoon – Utilizing Tableau, deal with your business case and data set

Here is What You Can Expect After the Training

  • Your employees will be more knowledgeable about data analytics and the opportunities it might create for your business
    • Participants build  comprehensive analytics skills, which makes them more prepared to begin projects involving data analytics
    • The foundation for data-propelled business revamping will be taught to participants, who will also be capable of identifying rapid wins
    • The skill to visualize their stories and assess their business impact will be had by participants
    • even though the training is focused on a technical subject, Datalab always prompts the participants to consider the business impact and value
    • On day three, the individuals discuss potential business ideas for their own business and examine their data to determine where they can already contribute worth in just three days

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6. AEM 

Crash Course Name – Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification for Advanced Data Analytics Short-Term Courses

The AWS-accredited Data Analytics course at AEM is targeted at people who work in roles that focus on data analytics or who want to enroll in a course to advance their knowledge and skills in the field of data analytics. This course will provide you with a thorough understanding of the method for designing, building, securing, and, maintaining analytics solutions that give you data insight utilizing AWS services. Currently, there is a shortage of experienced data analytics specialists, which means that employers are prepared to pay more to fill open job roles.

Certification for Learning Field

This Course Will Teach You the Professional Abilities and Skills to: –

  • Stream big data with the help of AWS Kinesis and store enormous data lakes with the help of simple and basic storage Service (S3B)
  • Move from small to big data with the help of a Database Migration Service (DMS)
  • Lake formation, AWS Glue, Glue DataBrew, Glue Studio, and Glue ETL,  and analyze data at limitless scale with the help of Elastic MapReduce, including HBase, Zeppelin, Apache Spark, Flume, Hive, Splunk, and Presto
  • Search and analyze petabyte-scale data along with Amazon Elasticsearch Service, with the help of STS, Athena, Cognito, HSM, KMS, and, IAM

Training Details of the Three-month AWS Accredited Data Analytics Short-Term Courses

  • Section 1: Gathering
  • Section 2: Storing
  • Section 3: Processing Data
  • Section 4: Analysis of Data
  • Section 5: Data Visualizing
  • Section 6: Data Protection
  • Section 7: Extra project and labs

AEM Provides the Following: –

  • 100 % practical Lab
  • 30 hours of live online trainer-led coaching and Project assistance
  • 38 plus popular skills of 2022
  • Capstone Assignment with current abilities and skills
  • CV/Resume designing, and, preparing under the supervision of your mentor
  • Job searching and interview preparation through AEM’s portal

7. Imarticus Learning –

Crash Course Name – Advanced Data Analytics Short-Term Courses for Beginners

You can begin your journey toward data science and machine learning by enrolling in the certificate program in machine learning, data analytics, and data science. This thorough data science and data analytics course will teach you the concepts and aspects of data analytics, data science, and machine learning while preparing you with the necessary skills to put these concepts into practice and apply them to real-world issues. This five-month curriculum was created by renowned IIT faculty members. It teaches Python-based machine learning and data mining tools as well as how to apply data-driven insights to positively influence company growth.

With the help of this six and nine-month curriculum, students will be able to develop a solid base in data analytics, data science, and machine learning with the help of Python for data-powered decision-making. Imarticus intends to train specialists through this curriculum who can assist organizations make wise decisions for growth and give useful insights from data.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Programming of Python
  • Presenting Python
  • Objects of Python and list understanding
  • Functions of lambda and end-users
  • Numpy
  • Pandas
  • Manipulation of Data Frames
  • Data Visualization with the help of Python
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Using statistics for Data Analytics and Data Science 
  • Establishing statistics
  • Probability Thesis
  • Probability Circulations
  • Thesis Testing
  • Statistical Testing
  • Using Python to learn about Machine Learning
  • Establishing Machine Learning
  • Linear Regressions
  • Optimizing
  • Logistic Regressions
  • Decision Trees
  • Random Forests
  • PCA
  • K-Means Clustering
  • Time Series
  • Text Analytics
  • Neural Networks
  • SQL
  • Presenting SQL
  • Cluster Functions
  • Date Roles
  • Joins
  • Sub-queries
  • Data Visualisation with the help of Tableau
  • Presenting Tableau
  • Data Relation
  • Tableau Interface and Fundamental Chart Forms
  • Dealing with Metadata
  • Visual Analytics
  • The process of Mapping
  • Dashboarding and narratives
  • Data Science and Data Analytics Case Study
  • Career Services
  • Resume/CV and profile designing with building
  • Interview Preparation
  • Capstone Assignment

Tools and Languages Taught:-

Python, Tableau, NumPy, and SQL 

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8. ExcelR

Crash Course Name – Advanced Data Science and Data Analytics Short-Term Courses Training

The most thorough data science and data analytics short-term courses available in the market is provided by ExcelR, and it encompasses every completed and full concept of the data science lifecycle, including data gathering, data extracting, data cleaning, data exploring, the transformation of data, characteristics engineering, data integrating, mining of data, constructing predictive models, data visualization, and deployment of solutions to the customers. This six-month training program includes a broad range of tools and skills, including predictive analytics, statistical analysis, neural networks, regression modeling, predictive modeling, text mining, machine learning, hypothesis testing, deep learning, natural language processing, Hadoop, R Studio, Spark, Tableau, and programming languages such as R and Python.

Course Curriculum

  • Module 1 – Data Science Assignment Lifecycle
  • Module 2 – Presenting Fundamental Statistics with the help of R and Python
  • Module 3 – Hypothesis and Probability Testing
  • Module 4 – Exploratory Data Analysis – First part
  • Module 5 – Linear Regressions
  • Module 6 – Logistic Regressions
  • Module – 7 Deploying
  • Module 8 – Mining of Data Autonomous Clustering
  • Module 9 – Dimension Minimization Processes
  • Module 10 – Connection Rules
  • Module 11 – Advisor System
  • Module 12 – Introduction to Directed Machine Learning
  • Module 13 – Decision Trees
  • Module 14 – Exploratory Data Analysis – Second part
  • Module 15 – Characteristics Engineering
  • Module 16 – Model Authentication Processes
  • Module 17 – Collection Techniques
  • Module 18 – KNN and Assistance Vector Machines
  • Module 19 – Normalization Procedures
  • Module 20 – Neural Networks
  • Module 21 – Mining of Texts
  • Module 22 – Processing of Natural Language 
  • Module 23 – Naive Bayes
  • Module 24 – Predicting
  • Module 25 – Survival Examination
  • Module 26 – End-to-end assignment Explanation with Arrangement
  • Module 27 – You will be provided with assignments
  • Module 28 – You will be provided with projects
  • Module 29 – CV/Resume designing, preparation, and interview assistance
  • Module 30 – Fundamentals of Spark and Hadoop
  • Module 31 – Fundamentals of R
  • Module 32 – Fundamentals of Python
  • Module 33 – Fundamentals of MYSQL
  • Module 34 – Fundamentals of Tableau
  • Module 35 – Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What qualifications are required to pursue data analytics?

It is not necessary to have any prior programming or the statistical knowledge to enroll in this free Data Analytics course. Before beginning this program, we advise having a solid grasp of mathematics concepts.

Q2. How is data analytics taught to beginners?

Learning the various forms of data and how information is analyzed to derive useful conclusions from it is where amateurs with data analytics begin. You may get a comprehensive understanding and summary of data analytics and its applications through this free data analytics course.

Q3. How much time does it take to understand data analytics?

You might need about six months to understand data analytics, depending on how quickly you learn things.

Q4. What should I start learning about data analytics?

Learning about the various forms of analytics and the many industrial sectors wherein data analytics is utilized is an excellent place to start in the domain of data analytics.

Q5. Is learning data analytics simple?

One needs a strong interest in working with data to learn data analytics. With the help of the online data analytics course, getting started in this field will be remarkably simple.

Q6. What fundamentals are covered in the Short-Term Data Analytics course for beginners?

Professionals starting to study data analytics typically have a foundational comprehension of Microsoft Excel, SQL, mathematics, and the popular phraseologies utilized in data analytics.


As we have previously mentioned that if time is on the shorter side, then you can opt for these institutes that provide Data Analytics Short-Term Courses. And, if you are keen to learn data analytics and become a data analyst in a short span, these courses are the best as they will equip you with the necessary skills to be a data scientist or data analyst within a short period.


Arka Roy Chowdhury has done his post-graduate diploma course from Asian College of Journalism. Previously, he has worked at a few publications. Currently, he is an intern at IIM skills. Arka is an avid reader of sports and entertainment news.

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