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List of The Top Corporate Training Companies In Delhi

It is not hard to find the list of Corporate Training Companies In Delhi. Yeah, you read that sentence correctly. Though many companies see finding reliable corporate training entities as a challenge, it is not. With the right amount of knowledge and tips, you can locate a good service provider for training your employees. Today, let me help you with the basics of corporate training, its types, hacks to find a reliable training entity, and the list of Corporate Training Companies In Delhi. 

List of Corporate Training Companies In Delhi

Corporate Training

Corporate training also known as workplace training is a form of training given to employees of an organization to help them develop role-specific competencies or soft skills. Your employer is usually the provider of training that offers access to educational activities free of cost to you. However, times have changed and now there are separate companies that have come up with the idea to independently provide training to individuals who are interested in acquiring knowledge and skills for their career success. 

Unlike the employers of the working group, these entities charge a fee to render their services to their clients. The mode of training differs from company to company and topic to topic. You can be asked to be a part of a batch to hone your skills or given one-to-one training. The training is provided by a highly qualified and skilled instructor. 

Compliance training, technical skills training, soft skill training, and onboarding & orientation are some of the examples of corporate training programs. 

Types of Corporate Training

As mentioned previously, there are different kinds of corporate training and they are


As the name suggests, it is learning promoted through electronic means. An online platform is used to transfer the instructor’s knowledge and information-related skills to the employees. The majority of companies choose this mode as it reduces training costs and gives them a competitive edge. When teaching is done through a digital medium, the students can access the source at any time and learn whenever they can. It means the worry and anxiety of completing the module for busy individuals vanishes. The employees can complete their work as well as training without having to sacrifice their priorities. Another major reason for employers to provide eLearning is its feature to allow learners to grasp concepts at their own pace. 

Conventional instructor-led training:

This kind of training involves the employees gathering at a specific place and gathering knowledge collectively from the instructor. Though it is considered to be potentially extinct, there is news running around the corner that traditional corporate training will continue for a few more years. Businesses that prefer traditional corporate training believe that it is the easiest way to deliver information to their staff members. They also opine that it is a popular teaching among all age groups. The human aspect makes it one of the most chosen methods as it promotes employee engagement and collaboration. 

Blended learning:

The combination of the above two methods is blended training. Arranging classroom sessions for workers for a chosen topic and then giving them access to go through learning content from an online source for a better understanding of the concepts is blended corporate training. So the employees of the organization with this method in practice must attend online as well as offline classes to receive efficient training.

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Components  of Effective Corporate Training

It is important to know what makes a successful corporate training program to choose the best one from Corporate Training Companies In Delhi. So let us look at the elements of effective corporate training.

Content Relevance:

Creating a program must be driven by the requirements of the attendees. It means the content should be made as per the type of group. For example, if the students of a batch have joined a course to acquire HR-related skills, the curriculum must include relevant information and exercises that help the employees upskill themselves but not random material like steps to apply for internal job postings. 

Goal Alignment:

Corporate training is introduced to help the employees achieve a set of goals. Not only that, it is designed to help an organization reach its goals as well. This means the instructor must know why they are picking certain topics and why they aren’t training the employees on others. This also sheds light on what should be delivered and what should not be delivered to align with the goals of the organization and its employees. 

Learning Styles:

There are different kinds of learning styles available at the reach of the employees. The designer of the corporate training program must identify the needs of the learners and accordingly select a teaching style. A company that is dedicated to training corporate individuals must include kinaesthetic, visual, auditory, and written content to keep all the members engaged in the program. 

Engaging Delivery:

Any course that does not require participation from the learners is ineffective. A student will learn concepts when there are sections in the program that push them to test their knowledge. Effective content keeps the audience engaged with relatable tasks. For example, a group discussion to share their knowledge and get exposed to new perspectives allows them to grow. 

Advocacy and Leadership:

Employees are known to absorb more information when there is leadership that motivates them to do so. A lack of leadership attracts no results and advocacy. 

Time Commitments:

A good training program is easier to complete and does not require the employees to spend a lot of time absorbing information. In simple words, a course that does not interfere with the work schedule of the staff members and allows them to acquire skills with comfort is an effective training program. 


This is a brainer; a company that provides training to employees without considering their feedback is doomed to fail. It is essential to include surveys and interviews as part of the program to accept feedback from the learners about the course and raise its standard accordingly for better results. Finding out the industry standards and keeping up with them is important for companies to stay in the corporate rat race. 


Employees who seek training are like students who need time and care to improve their skill set. A good trainer will ensure to check with the learners about the course and update the curriculum to help them achieve their professional goals. 

Advantages of Corporate Training

Companies provide employee training for a reason. There are many reasons to train the corporate workers of an organization and they are

Increased Productivity:

Believe it or not, it is believed that training offered by employers to their employees is a part of R&D; it allows the staff members to clearly understand and perform their roles and responsibilities at work. Though most people feel that corporate training only benefits the companies, the fact is it motivates the entire team to do better in their careers. It means increased productivity can be observed due to training and motivation that comes out of it. 

Enhanced Employee Performance:

Regular training programs will bridge the gaps in knowledge and skills employees may have. When an employee knows what and why he is doing, his performance will automatically improve. This means that almost all the employees have the same set of skills and have the confidence to explore growth opportunities. In short, when the skills of the corporate workers increase, the efficiency of their work gets enhanced. 

Employee Retention:

When an employee is trained and allowed to enhance his skills, they will also be made eligible to apply for growth opportunities. When a corporate worker experiences growth in their career in an organization, their chances of quitting their jobs are less. This means employees become loyal to their organization because it cares for its people. 

Good Impression on the Organization:

It is a fact that corporate training is an investment made by an organization in its employees. It is a kind of investment that attracts brand awareness and employee retention. Any individual who gets to hear about an employer through word of mouth is bound to associate themselves with it. 

Increased Income or Employees:

As discussed earlier, the efficiency of work will increase through corporate training. The increase in efficiency of productivity, not only helps employees upskill themselves but also attracts more revenue for a company. This means corporate training will increase a company’s revenue as well. 

Points to Consider for Choosing a Corporate Training Provider

If you are searching for the list of Corporate Training Companies In Delhi, make sure to follow these tips to allow a reliable service provider to train your employees. 

Awarding Body Credentials:

If a service provider has awarding body credentials and correct affiliations, then it can be included in your list of potentially reliable corporate trainers. d

Experience in the Industry:

Taking time to learn about the organization’s and its employees’ experience in the industry will give you a glimpse of their services. One sure way to know about their reputation, experience, and history is to gather feedback from their ex-clients and online reviews. Speaking of website reviews, the majority of the service providers share feedback from their clients on their website in the form of testimonies. So ensure to access it and gain as much as information as possible about the credibility and quality of the service offered at your potential corporate training centre. 

The next step would be to inquire about the trainer or instructor who will take the responsibility to train your employees. Most corporate entities share a bit of information about their trainers to help the companies make a decision. Check if they have relevant experience and skills to deliver your requirements. You can learn more about the trainers using LinkedIn profiles. 

Provider’s Products

 What kind of programs does a corporate training entity offer? If they are dedicated to providing specialized courses, then it must be a good pick for you. Because training bodies that promote themselves to be an expert in every field usually turn out to be “jack of all trades and master of none”. Reach out to the training body and inquire about the services they offer. You can also read out the testimonies to learn about the range of products in place. Specialization alone is not enough for a reliable centre; having a global presence confirms that it has designed programs that adhere to international standards and are acceptable everywhere. 

Working Relationship:

You as an organization must always find Corporate Training Companies In Delhi that are ready to build a good relationship with you and your employees. The chosen entity must be in a position to reduce the stress of engagement and not the opposite. It is not just about your service provider but also the instructor who must interact with your team and educate them on chosen topics. Learn about the teaching mechanism and their behaviours before availing of their products. You wouldn’t want a hostile individual scraping the whiteboard and leaving the classroom as soon as they finish teaching. You need someone friendly and interactive with your staff to help them grasp concepts without any kind of confusion.

Customer Service:

You must ask yourself if they can be reachable in the future as mentioned in the contract to resolve any course-related concerns. Ensure to learn about their mode of communication and their professionalism in dealing with clients. It is important for you to feel confident to continue the relationship with the corporate training entity in the future. I mean there is no point in having a short-term connection with an entity with no value for their services in the future.

Corporate Training Companies in Delhi

Here is the list of Corporate Training Companies In Delhi for you. Ensure to follow the above-mentioned tips and pick the one that suits your organization’s requirements. 


IIM SKILLS is the leading ed-tech company that offers an inclusively wide range of professional and skill development courses. They are one of the highly recommended companies that has the best corporate training. They have a team of efficient and talented mentors who provide the best corporate training. They provide interactive live online training with practical assignments. They offer lifetime access to their learning materials.

They offer a wide range of training programs at corporate levels in different sectors.

Other Professional Courses With IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

+919580740740, [email protected]

2. Zenoxx Knowledge:

It is one of the best workforce development service providers in the world. Companies in need of certifications and corporate training reach out to Zenoxx Knowledge for its services. The main focus of the entity is quality training that leads to superior outcomes and positive feedback from its clients. It is also known to offer ready-to-deploy resources. The services available at Zenoxx Knowledge are: 

  • Corporate training
  • Open house workshop
  • Campus to Corporate training
  • Training for school kids

As we are talking about corporate training, let me share the list of different kinds of services offered in that area.

  • IT Training
  • Soft skills and behavioural training
  • Azure administrative live training
  • Advanced Excel with Office 365. 

This institute is categorized under Corporate Training Companies In Delhi as it can deliver effective training to Delhites and allow the trainees to accomplish their professional goals with ease.

3. SLA Consultants India Pvt. Ltd:

It is one of the best Corporate Training Companies In Delhi. It is known for professional non-IT, IT, and developmental courses. The founders of the company believe that skill upgradation is important for a fresher as it allows them to grow in their career life. It has a team of expert trainers who are highly qualified and skilled to promote project-based and practical training for their students. The highlight of this organization is the presence of a placement cell that enables candidates to get placed in well-reputed companies. It has a history of training over 6500 students to date. Over 95 courses are made available for trainees’s professional welfare. Some of the popular training offered by SLA consultants are “Python with R-programming training, Business Analytics, and GSTR 9 practical training course”. 

4. Globibo India:

This is an entity that is established to offer event technology, world-class language, and training services to its clients. It employs proven approaches and innovations to train the employees of its clients. It strictly follows sustainability principles and provides the best customer support. The real reason behind including it under Corporate Training Companies In Delhi is its coverage in major cities of India. Translation & interpretation, language learning, corporate training, conference tech, and corporate platforms are the key areas where Globibo delivers its services. The corporate training section of Globibo covers 

  • Training development
  • Training coordination
  • eLearning
  • Change management training
  • Communication training
  • Covid readiness training
  • Customer service training
  • Project management training
  • Sales training
  • Speaking training
  • Stress management training

6. Kaizen Training Solutions:

If you are in search of a progressive training and development company in India, then you must pick Kaizen Training Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The headquarters of the institute are in New Delhi which makes it obvious that it is on the list of the best Corporate Training Companies In Delhi. A company that aims to improve the skills, practices, and knowledge of its employees prefers Kaizen solutions to others as it has the training delivered through experiential learning techniques. It not only offers training but also provides business consulting solutions to meet the requirements of its clients. The vision of this corporate training company is to set high-quality training standards in the world. The courses offered at Kaizen Solutions cover interactive lectures, online sessions, audiovisuals games, on-the-job training, case studies, pre-post assessments, brainstorming sessions, concept checks, role plays, and PowerPoint presentations. The popular corporate trainings available on its website are

  • Soft & behavioral skills training
  • sales training
  • motivational training programs
  • functional training
  • HR training
  • Personality development
  • Outbound training
  • Communication training
  • competency development
  • individual development
  • Grooming

7. Bada Business:

This is a leading corporate training entity in India. It was founded by Dr.Vivek Bindra, a renowned business coach and motivational speaker. This company is set up to deliver extensive knowledge of various kinds of business frameworks and strategies to its clients. An individual who associates themselves with Bada Business will learn about entrepreneurship. Many companies consider it the one-stop solution for their business problems regarding sales, marketing, technology, and HR. Billionaire trainers like Mr.Manu and Mr. Mohandas Pai offer their services at Bada business. 


Every organization is known to arrange training sessions for its employees to improve their productivity, efficiency, and thereby its revenue. However, employers in the current world are availing of corporate training from third parties that have industry experts to deliver knowledge to their trainees. The type of corporate training chosen by a company will differ from entity to entity as not all organizations have the same size, structure, and other elements. A successful corporate training program has relevant content, and engaging exercises, aligns with organizational goals, follows industry standards, and is flexible to meet the latest trends. This is why companies that are in the northern part of India are keen on reaching out to Corporate Training Companies In Delhi for the best outcomes. 

Zenoxx knowledgeSLA Consultants India Pvt. Ltd, Globibo India, Kaizen Training Solutions, and Bada Business are some of the leading Corporate Training Companies In Delhi offering the best quality courses and certifications. That being said, make sure to select a corporate training institute post consideration of the above-mentioned criteria to avail the best services and save resources. 

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Q. What are the benefits of corporate training for an organization?

An organization that arranges corporate training for its employees will witness increased productivity, enhanced employee performance, employee retention, increased revenue, and gain a good reputation for itself. 

Q. What are the common types of corporate training?

An employer has the option to choose any of the training methods available for it; eLearning, traditional instructor-led training, and blended learning. 

Q. Which tips can help a company find the best corporate training entity?

Considering the affiliations, associations, and awarding body credentials of a corporate training institute along with its experience in the industry, range of its products, relationship with its clients, and customer service will help any company in identifying the most suitable service provider.

Anuja Maniyala is a intern at IIM SKILLS. She worked as a creative content writer for AADOX and Quoteslyfe in the past. She has identified her passion for writing after working as a banker in some well-known companies like Wipro and HSBC. Her current target is to become an author of a unique and creative self-help book. Her enthusiasm and curiosity to learn about the human mind and behavior makes her different from the rest of the world.

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