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Top 11 Corporate Training Courses in Kolkata- A Complete Overview

Do you want the productivity of your staff to increase? Are you aiming to get better at something? Discover Kolkata’s top training companies. Kolkata is one of the greatest cities in India if you are looking for industry-oriented training. Training sessions encourage employees to put in extra effort and improve their productivity. It is crucial to periodically provide training to both new and returning personnel.  Companies must train their staff to motivate them and increase their efficiency. Welcome to this article, Top 10 Corporate Training Courses in Kolkata where you can an idea of the best corporate training courses to pursue. But in my view, you should only select the top industrial training facilities.

Corporate Training Courses in Kolkata

It is safe to state that a company’s success depends on having workers with the appropriate knowledge and abilities. Employee development is not only advantageous for the individual, but it also has a direct bearing on the ability of the organization to achieve its objectives.

Businesses with the greatest training programs are more likely to get better results and stay current with information. Additionally, it is advantageous when hiring new staff members because young professionals cherish the chance to learn more while working and advance their careers. They will pick the business that offers a quality training program, such as, for instance, IT training, after carefully weighing their possibilities.

Corporate training is receiving more attention as more firms realize how important behavioural skills are. Corporate training programs are now sought after by businesses to meet the training and development demands of both new and existing personnel. Due to this, corporate training firms and internal training and development departments have expanded across all of India’s major cities. Kolkata, a significant Indian metropolis, has recently jumped on board.

Kolkata boasts numerous corporate training providers, catering to local industries and corporates, catching up with Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, and Chennai in terms of corporate training solutions. Let us explore the top 10 corporate training courses in Kolkata one by one:

1. Corporate Training Courses of Kolkata – IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS, a rapidly growing Ed-Tech company based in New Delhi, India, offers courses in Finance, Marketing, Data, and various educational domains. It is one of the top-notch educational institutes where more than 9000 trainings have been given in the fields of media, e-commerce, FMCG and Banking. They have one of the best collection of trainers. They provide corporate training in addition to various other professional courses at a very reasonable cost. IIM SKILLS is one of the most well-liked and highly suggested trainers on the planet. Their mission is to provide affordable, world-class education.

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]


Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

2. Corporate Training Courses of Kolkata- Karmick Institute:

Karmick Institute provides excellent corporate training in Kolkata. Teachers who are skilled specialists in the field provide individuals with excellent instruction. The Karmic Institute focuses on providing relevant and effective training courses to organizations, ensuring they have access to the right information and skills. Their trainers are seasoned professionals who understand industry demands. The institute’s goal is to enhance the quality and productivity of their team’s work. They offer corporate training to big-shot companies like State Bank of India, Capgemini, CMC Limited etc. including Live Support.

Their Corporate Training programs aim to keep the professional team updated with the latest technology, information, and best practices in website development, ensuring high-quality standards for the products or services in a competitive market. Karmick Solutions offers quality training with state-of-the-art infrastructure, including state-of-the-art servers, wireless network, high-capacity broadband internet service, work terminals, interactive audio-video multimedia sessions, advanced web servers, a library, e-books, case studies, and a centrally air-conditioned environment. With a batch of 15 students, they provide individual attention.

This leading IT training provider Karmick Institute in eastern India(Kolkata) provides all-encompassing solutions to succeed in the cutthroat market.

3. Corporate Training Courses of Kolkata- G.S. Consultancy:

G.S. Consultancy offers corporate training for a variety of important job responsibilities, including instruction in sales, advanced Excel, Outlook, and organizational administration. Considering the needs of the clients, PAN India.

Due to intense market rivalry, businesses now offer corporate training to employees, ensuring that they obtain the same high level of training needed to satisfy business goals and industry standards. This Consultancy is well suited to meet this demand from the sector.

They have a skilled group of corporate trainers who have successfully carried out several training programs for top-tier businesses. In response to their customers’ requests, they provide both generic training courses and company-specific, individually designed corporate training solutions.

You can be confident that your staff will be more skilled, professional, and productive—and prepared to overcome any challenges the business world may present—with the help of G.S. Consultancy’s corporate training programs.

4. Corporate Training Courses of Kolkata- SevenMentor:

It’s essential to maintain your team’s knowledge and abilities current in the cutthroat economy of today. To keep staff members up to date on the newest knowledge and technology, SevenMentor offers Corporate Classes in Kolkata. Their trainers are accomplished experts who are more familiar than anybody with the pressures of the industry, guaranteeing high standards for your goods or services.

The organization offers time-constrained professionals online professional coaching training that is both pertinent and useful with the goal of increasing team productivity. Large firms in Kolkata have benefited from the corporate courses they have offered to meet their demands.

SevenMentor is a well-known corporate training centre in Kolkata. A business can raise the level of competence among its working employees by offering corporate training. Corporate training in Kolkata is mostly focused on fostering professional development. It imparts new knowledge about comparable work to present personnel.

This institute offers quality corporate training with state-of-the-art infrastructure, including servers, a wireless network, high-capacity broadband, labour terminals, interactive multimedia sessions, web servers, a library, e-books, and a centrally air-conditioned environment.

To guarantee individualized attention and in-depth knowledge delivery, SevenMentor Institute offers Corporate Training in Kolkata with a one-on-one coaching structure for a maximum of 10 students. Top institutions and organizations will benefit from a thorough learning experience thanks to the course’s use of tried-and-true modules.

5. Corporate Training Courses of Kolkata- The Yellow Spot:

With an emphasis on skill acquisition, change initiation, and leadership empowerment, The Yellow Spot was founded in 2008 to offer a more efficient technique for enhancing organizational and individual capacities.

Before creating corporate training programs, The Yellow Spot places a high priority on comprehending the demands of its audience by concentrating on its present organizational context, program objectives, and the specific issues faced by participants.

Based on the goals and demands of the target audience, it creates and delivers tailored programs. They interact with local employees by using local trainers in Kolkata, and they offer corporate training solutions in simple terms. Leading corporations including Aditya-Birla, Eureka Forbes, and Shalimar Paints are impressed with the training offered at the institution.

6. Corporate Training Courses of Kolkata- Apponix Academy:

Apponix Technologies Pvt Ltd is one of Kolkata’s leading providers of technical and soft skills training.

They have areas of expertise in both technical training using cutting-edge technologies and soft skills training, which helps people become fully-rounded professionals.

Both instructor-led training in a classroom setting and online training are offered by the company in Kolkata. For any organization to flourish, each firm has a unique need for skill development in both technology and behaviour. In terms of technical skills and behavioural abilities, we have the best trainers in the business on staff. The instructors are amiable, fully knowledgeable about the subjects, and have received international certification.

7. Corporate Training Courses of Kolkata- iclass Training:

iClass Kolkata is a renowned corporate training company in Kolkata, India, with over 82 experienced trainers offering on-site and offshore programs. With over 327 successful programs, they have been rated as the best in the industry due to their ability to meet urgent client requirements quickly.

iClass Kolkata Network offers corporate training in over 45 courses, including IT software, hardware, networking, project management, and soft skills in Kolkata. They have been preferred for years due to quality, commitment, low prices, time management, and fast response.

8. Corporate Training Courses of Kolkata- NIIT:

NIIT has been working with businesses globally for over 40 years on talent development and training programs, offering part-time courses for college students, full-time courses for graduates, and working professionals, and banking and financial services training.

The main highlights of this institute are that it has completed over 40 years in the industry covering 3.8 Cr+ learners globally, is present in 30+ countries, it has 800+ hiring partners. Its clients include Sentient, IT Solutions Services, Hexaware, HDB Financial Services, HAYS, Neptune Software, 63 Moons, 3i Infotech, and Inoculus.

Contact Details:

Phone no: 180030006448
Email id: [email protected]
Website: https://www.niit.com/india/enterprise-solution

9. Corporate Training Courses of Kolkata-Digital Vidya:

Digital Vidya, the best professional training organization in Asia, focuses on imparting cutting-edge knowledge to individuals and organizations. More than 3,800 training sessions led by Digital Vidya attracted more than 61,000 professionals, including CXOs.

The programs offered by them are Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, Data Visualization and reporting, Behavioral Training and Financial Management.

Its most prominent highlights are that it has over 10 years of corporate training experience, 50+ veteran trainers, leading brand partnerships, experiential training commitment, local and global case studies, customized training, and brainstorming sessions.

Customers of the business include Viacom18, HCL, Tata, Parle, Philips, Citibank, CNBC, SAP, Dabur, FICCI, Discovery Channel, Cognitive, Acceleration, Motorola, Mahindra, eBay, NASSCOM, Sony, Radio City, Reliance, GE Capital, SBI Card, and Make My Trip.

Contact details:

Email: [email protected]

Phone no: +91-80100-33033
Website: https://www.digitalvidya.com/corporate-trainings/

10. Corporate Training Courses of Kolkata- Talent Hub Training Institute 

Talent Hub Training Institute (A unit of Readers Hub Jobs Pvt. Ltd.) was established by a group of professionals with 12 years or more of extensive corporate training, consulting experience, and IT training experience. They did so because they believed that their training and consulting methodologies for various technical and analytical skills could make a difference in people’s careers.

The training course includes advanced Excel, MIS, Power BI Tools, and advanced accounting in Tally ERP 9 as well as thorough analytics and soft skills training. Offering regular and weekend classes in particular, they give corporate and working folks practical information, thanks to their expert educators.

11. Corporate Training Courses of Kolkata- Best Training Kolkata:

Best Training Kolkata, India, is a training facility with more than 60 knowledgeable instructors providing top-notch corporate training sessions. They run corporate classes to suit the urgent needs of diverse businesses and have more than 15 years of expertise.

At Best Training Kolkata, the importance of both commitment and quality is emphasized. They provide both on-site and off-shore corporate training programs in Kolkata and other locations in India. They are recognized for maintaining the most recent versions of all of our corporate applications to meet the urgent requirements of the numerous corporate enterprises in and around Kolkata.

For small and large businesses in Kolkata, Best Training Kolkata provides corporate training in IT software, hardware, networking, project management, and soft skills. Both small businesses and large international corporations are clients of theirs. The top corporate training in Kolkata offers 45+ courses, 82+ trainers, dedicated account managers, a strong network, on-site and off-site training models, the lowest costs, and high-quality delivery, with 70% of educators holding vendor certifications.

Does Corporate Training Impart Any Information to Employees?

Corporate training that is well-structured and pertinent to the tasks and obligations of the employees, in my opinion, may help supply employees with new skills and information. Through effective corporate training programs, it is possible to boost employee productivity and work performance by keeping staff members up to date with the newest technologies, market trends, and best practices.

A few elements that could affect how effective corporate training is program quality, participant engagement levels, and the training’s relevance to the activities that the employees would be performing at work. Employee disengagement and a lack of interest in learning may be the result of their perception that the training is not helpful for their jobs or valuable in any other way.

Corporate training can, in general, be a valuable tool for employee development, but how effective they are depends on several aspects, including how the training is created and delivered, how involved the participants are, and how fit the training is to the participants’ work.

Corporate Training’s Significance: 

Corporate training is effective when the right trainer is chosen. Some businesses have their training department, while others employ one.

The facilitators and instructors of a competent corporate training organization will create the training to guarantee that their clients perform to the best of their abilities.

Workshop-based skill-based training is used in corporate education to build interpersonal, leadership, supervisory, and self-management skills.

What Benefits Can Be Derived From the Training Program:

  • Making work more effective 
  • Increases employee retention, 
  • Fosters ingenuity, 
  • Keeps staff members around, and boosts skill levels.
  • Team with the newest technologies & abilities
  • Employee Empowerment
  • Enhances Engagement and Productivity at Work
  • Increases Employee Engagement
  • Fostering relationships at work

Justifications for Investing in Employee Training:

Your greatest asset is your workforce since they complete the necessary tasks for your company to achieve its goals. Strong training that is created especially for your company can give your staff the necessary next-generation abilities they need while also having a wide range of positive effects on your business.

Here are several key justifications for investing in employee training:

Increases value of employee: Effective training can enhance employee value by up-skilling or multi-skilling employees, enhancing their knowledge of existing skills and providing more experts in related areas, allowing them to perform diverse tasks and transition into different roles.

Reduced attrition rates: Spending on employee development can help your company’s attrition rates decline. Fully prepared training can provide career paths for workers, encouraging them to stay with the organization rather than looking for higher-level chances elsewhere. The decrease in hiring costs is a different benefit.

Support for succession planning: Implementing continuing employee training and development increases the pool of qualified staff members who can step into senior positions as they become available. This helps to support succession planning. The inherent danger of losing people who are viewed as “irreplaceable” is decreased by expanding your talent pool. Training programs that promote succession planning include leadership, strategic decision-making, efficient people management, and role-specific competencies.

Exceed industry norms: Giving your competitors a run for their money by educating your employees in the greatest workouts in the market could help you establish your reputation. In markets where there are many competitors, it is frequently the small details that will distinguish your company from the competition.

Surpassing industry benchmarks: Training your employees in the best exercises for the business could help you establish your reputation and give your rivals a run for their money. Since there are many firms in crowded markets, it’s frequently the simple things that will make your company stand out from the competition.

10 Statistics About Corporate Training:

    • We ought to invest more funds in training.
    • The workforce wants more training.
    • Put Beliefs into Action.
    • Disengaged employees need to be engaged at work.
    • Start early with onboarding.
    • Prioritize Employee Retention as a Business Goal.
    • Boost learning transfer.
    • Consider the learner’s needs when making decisions.
    • Make in-house training more enjoyable.
  • Ineffective training is costly.

Corporate training is essentially a strategy for giving both internal and external learners of your firm the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. If done correctly, this training will play a role in an organization’s success.

The Following Are Some Advantages of Corporate Training:

  • By improving abilities like leadership and communication, training fosters cooperation. Employee cooperation develops as a result of the interpersonal trust that is built up between them as they work and engage in these training sessions.
  • Training provides organizational competence, enabling employees to use their knowledge and resources to respond to situations in an effective manner. Corporate training instils in employees the values of learning, judgment, creativity, openness, and a proactive attitude.
  • The main goal of training is to transform the labour force into a skilled labour force. Finally, it is professional labour that transforms challenging situations into chances in straightforward, user-centred ways.
  • Effective training will ensure that properly trained employees require less supervision, which will result in fewer man-hours being lost.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Top 10 Corporate Training Courses in Kolkata:

Q1. How can corporate training be made effective?

7 Steps to Creating an Effective Training Program

  • Decide on the employee training method. 
  • Develop training materials.
  • Implement your employee training program.
  • Assess your training needs. 
  • Set training goals and objectives. 
  • Invest in training technology.
  • Analyze and oversee your employee training initiatives.

Q2. How does training impact the organization’s success?

Training has a direct impact on the effectiveness and output of your business. As was already mentioned, training aids in giving employees the knowledge and skills required to carry out their jobs as well as a better comprehension of their responsibilities. Consequently, they will experience a boost in confidence, which will enable them to work more effectively.

Q3. How does corporate training serve a purpose?

The management of staff growth is made possible via corporate training. Numerous overarching aims are consistently present in corporate training, even though precise goals vary per firm (and even across individual employees within the same organization).


That comes to an end in this article Top 10 corporate training courses in Kolkata Complete Overview. Because the framework is specifically designed to meet the needs of the firm, corporate training courses in Kolkata, India, are among the best and top courses offered globally. The peace and productivity of the workplace are two areas where corporate training programs are immediately beneficial.

Corporate training is a great investment for both employers and employees.

A company can be the best choice if it has successfully educated many clients in the past and has a working understanding of the market and everyday operations. Corporate training organizations must offer customized materials. In addition, regardless of whether learners are working individually or in groups, the company must be able to evaluate the learners’ development and performance. And there must be a ton of testimonials for the company. While acquiring this information, one can also get advice and comments from other people who have previously taken corporate training. Last but not least, before deciding on a corporate training company, you can look up more information on the website about message boards or social media platforms where you can post a query and get answers.

I sincerely hope that this information assists you in making the right choice regarding corporate courses.

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