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Top 10 Types of Corporate Training Services in India

According to the ‘Monthly Information Bulletin’ by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (published in August 2022), more than 1.45 million private companies are in India. In contrast, more than 1.40 million companies are registered as private companies. Tata Consultancy Services, Larsen & Toubro, Reliance Industries, Quess Corp, and Infosys are the names of a few large corporate giants in India where crores of people work every day. Techgig has claimed that in 2020, TCS is expected to hire more than 35000 freshers; therefore, approaching new corporate training services in India is a fruitful decision for new recruitments and promotions.

Top 10 Types of Corporate Training Services in India

Content Writing- Corporate Training Services in India

An AI language model can use a more flowery vocabulary that is nice to hear inside our ears -right? Yes, it is right, but content writing is not a vocabulary of words. It is about the personal experiences in the content. For instance, if you want to know about a food review of a restaurant, with the help of AI, you can do it quickly, but when a human writes it, he will start with how he found the restaurant in the corner of the road, what was his first day experiences? These are the customized recipes of a content writer. Suppose you want to shoot a video ad for a mobile app. The backstory of the app will appeal in a video script that appeals to the audience to watch the ad. No AI can deliver it. A lucid video script with instructions causes less amount of time in production.

Technical Writing- Corporate Training Services in India

Technical writers are not for the tech-savvy people; on the contrary, they are for the common masses. For instance, Xyx company has made a blood pressure machine ( sphygmomanometer), but how will the company tell people how to use it to get accurate blood pressure levels? Technical writers write the instruction manuals with diagram drawings. The manuals are read for layman in English or a regional language to properly use the instrument. Every organization publishes whitepapers for company research for any patent filed recently. You can find many Microsoft whitepapers with tutorials in them. These tough are written by tech writers who may not be subject experts but can write a critical scientific project in simple language. All the companies’ yearly reports are prepared by experienced content writers so that those are published as marketing collateral to show a company’s assets.

Digital Marketing- Corporate Training Services in India

Nowadays delivering leaflets about a new product is a work of a bygone era. But why? The simple reason is limited market reach for manual tasks. Nobody has the time to read long pamphlets until they give a coupon in it. But We are all connected to the internet in some way or another- consuming a lot of information as infotainments. We have a decreasing attention span for a lot of consumption; therefore, marketers want to give their intended message not in one or two sentences but in one or two words. Sometimes, they take the help of exquisite graphics. Social networking sites are the new world’s supermarket. Every organization now has a website to showcase their products, but the websites should be ranked on Google to drive organic traffic. Paid media marketing through influencers is like a cushion to the company. Therefore, digital marketing comes into play. 

Search Engine Optimization- Corporate Training Services in India

Every small, medium, and large organization has its website, which is a virtual showroom for displaying stocks. However, these websites are not visible to Google always because of trust and authenticity. For example, Plum is a new bakery in Delhi that started its journey on 15th August 2023 with their official website. It doesn’t mean Google will list the website in their listing unless it is SEO optimized, like the same bakery shares one pastry recipe on Friday morning. Neither the SEO is overnight work, nor it is one-time work. The efforts should be made continuously for months and years to stay on page one of Google’s results. It is a daily job of on-page SEO and off-page SEO efforts. Google will trust the bakery’s website if the SEO professional makes subsequent backlinks for the website. The whole task is of recurring investments.

Data Analytics- Corporate Training Services in India

Data analytics is a deep and complex area, but I will talk here from a basic point of view. Suppose you have visited a supermarket store at your location for weekly shopping. You buy groceries and vegetables from that store. Your mobile was also broken last week by an accident. Therefore, you have also purchased a mobile phone worth 10000 INR. Your shopping is done for this day. When you stand in a queue for billing, your details like amount, items, and phone number are entered into software like POS or an insurance device. In a structured format, your data is stored at the back end as a relational database like MySQL, Oracle, etc.. However, some unstructured data in the shopping mall, like customer feedback forms and customer satisfaction surveys, are stored in a cloud base as PDFs or image format. As a business owner, you want to know which store employee is performing the best or how much extra manpower is required to manage the upcoming festival weeks from these structured and unstructured data. Now, you have cloned the structure and unstructured data for faster processing than the original databases. This process is called OLAP (Online analytical processing) in the data data warehouse. This cloning of data is directly possible after unit normalization or aggregation through the extract transform load (ETL) procedure. The data is gathered. Data analyst imports these raw data into the Powerbi dashboard or Tableau dashboard and makes a visual graph in Excel, SQL, or Python for descriptive analytics. These skills are highly important for knowing the answers to the questions of a business.

Business Accounting & Taxation (BAT)-corporate Training Services in India

BAT is a course in the commerce field which is regarded as a post-graduation certificate course. The course is designed in such a way that it gives an in-depth knowledge of the practical knowledge of commerce bachelor degree. Every company hires lots of staff to handle their taxation-related issues. The course duration is three to six months. The subjects are related to advanced accounting like tally, GST, TDS, Income, payroll, and Excel reporting. Business accounting refers to recording all commercial functions of a company for analyzing, summarizing, and interpreting the outcome. The government makes tax rules that are followed by individuals and companies where a certain percentage of income after a ceiling is charged for the development of infrastructure from the government’s side. 

Investment Banking- Corporate Training Services in India

We will understand investment banking services with examples. Suppose corporate A wants to buy a company that deals with data analytics so that they approach corporate B. This is a part of horizontal integration because corporate A is expanding its business into a new direction, like data analytics, instead of starting fresh. Now, corporate B will do target scouting; they ask A what type of data analytical company they want, regional, national, or international, like profiling basic from A, which is a potential acquirer corporate. Then B comes with options according to the want of A. These options are further analyzed because of whether these options are liable for consideration in the primary due diligence process. For instance, one option has a market cap of 2000 crores and a contingent liability of 6000 crores. In that case, the company may go corrupt in a single day. Therefore, this option is filtered from the list. Now, valuation is done for the remaining options. If the valuations are justified with A’s budget, those options are considered for acquisition, and the remaining options are filtered. Now, financial due diligence is considered of the options after checking all the presented reports to A. if financial due diligence is okay. Legal due diligence or legal sides of the options are considered the law of the operational bases. Then, the deal will be negotiated among the companies. The last stage of investment baking is tax compliance of the acquired company after the negotiation. The duration of the course is six to twelve months.

Financial Modeling- Corporate Training Services in India

Financial modelling is a part of predictive analysis. Suppose a company earned 1 million USD as a profit in 2021. it earned 1.2 million USD in 2022. It earned .8 million in the first quarter of 2023.  If I ask you, “What will be the earnings of the same company in 2025?” You can’t say because 2025 has not come yet. It is the job of financial modelling to predict the company’s future after studying past performances. It is the game of doing a valuation of startups, companies, stocks, and financial securities with discounted cash flow, dividend models, or a few other models. Having in-depth knowledge of Excel is a must in financial modelling. Then comes the basics of financial reporting: profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, and cash flows. The combined knowledge of Excel and financial reporting is applied to financial modelling preparation on a spreadsheet so that it will move to valuation broadly. The duration of the training will be two to three months.


Graphic Design- Corporate Training Services in India

If we think of any brand, then what comes first in our mind is its logo. For example, if we think of Apple as a company. Are you not thinking about its profound apple symbol? A graphic designer creates a brand identity through the designs. Graphics includes designing logos, advertisement, and blog images using brand-specific fonts and colours. Graphic designers are essential for document designing, like making online templates and creating whitepapers. Every company showcases its products and services to its clients through brochures. And manuals. Suppose you are a  garments company specializing in women’s dresses; therefore, you must showcase your most successful or latest designs on Instagram feeds. There comes a graphic design for attention to detail with specific colour theories and the brand’s colour choices because our brain stores pictures longer than text. The longer a brand has its imprint on the customer’s mind. It is building the brand reputation of an individual.  The duration of the course is three to six months.

Website Designer- Corporate Training Services in India

What is the purpose of a website for a company? This answer is not determined by the company but by the audiences or visitors. The website is the first place where people visit to know about the product or services of the company, but if its page has tacky text drop shadows where text is not visible clearly. A designer needs to blur the shadow and use black text on a light background while lowering the opacity of the colour. Another common mistake is not adding cast shadows for a transparent background. The website is an online home that is operational 24/7, and if it is slow and clunky to load, then consumers drop the webpage and can move to your competitor; therefore, the error of abrupt gradients is another error. The user wants a smooth, seamless transition of the gradients. Fast and simple web pages convert leads into sales for a user. The right balance of text and image ratio needs to be maintained on the webpage so that it never overloads the information to the visitor. The UI-UX designer updates the website content over a certain period; therefore, it is not a work of one time. This work includes daily blog page designing for social media. A typical web design course lasts for four to six months.

Top Institutes Providing Corporate Training Services in India


IIM SKILLS is an online training institute situated in Delhi. It offers virtual classes to its students. Most courses offer weekend classes for working professionals. Therefore, they offer classes online and in recording format, so do not worry if you miss a session. They offer the courses with EMI payment options and group discounts on three or more enrollments. 

Offered Services:

  • Content writing course
  • Technical writing course
  • Digital marketing course
  • SEO Course
  • Data analytics course
  • BAT course
  • Investment banking course
  • Financial modelling course

Cost: visit the homepage: https://iimskills.com/

2. My Captain

Mycaptain is a Bangalore-based institute that provides online training and internships to students. The courses they offer are mentioned below. All the courses are project-based learning.

  • Website design (UI/UX)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content writing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Python-data analytics

3. Intellipaat 

Intellipaat features online corporate training services in India. It offers a video-formatted learning management system for lifetime upgraded lectures. It has a 4.7 rating on Trustpilot based on more than a thousand reviews. There are a few courses mentioned below.

  • Data Analytics: It is an online course of more than 250 hours. It cost 45000 INR, exclusive of taxes.
  • The UI/UX design course costs 40000 INR, exclusive of taxes
  • The digital marketing course costs 75000 INR for online classes

4. Imarticus Learning

Imarticus, an online learning platform, also provides online training services for enterprises. They offer collaborative training infrastructure for corporate houses, providing electronic learning methods with valid affiliation from an organization like an IIT. There are several programs they provide to the clients.

  • Investment Banking Course: The course costs 140000 INR. The duration of the course is three months for weekend classes.
  • The financial modelling course costs 180000 INR for three months.
  • The data analytics course costs 225000 INR for six months.
  • The web design course costs 119000 INR. The duration of the course is six months.

5. Henry Harvins

Henry Harvins offers various courses for the upliftment of a career. They provide corporate training also. The classes are mentioned below.

  • Data analytics course
  • Content writing course
  • Technical writing course
  • Digital marketing course
  • SEO Course
  • Website design course
  • BAT course
  • Financial modelling course
  • Graphic designing course
  • Investment banking course

6. Wscube Tech

Wscube Tech offers various courses for online training—their subject areas are mentioned below. 

  • SEO Course
  • Content writing course
  • Digital marketing course
  • Graphic designing course
  • Website designing course
  • Data analytics course

7. Red Pixel

Red Pixel is a Delhi-based institute offering on-campus and online individual and corporate training courses. The government of India recognizes the institute. The classes are mentioned below.

  • Graphic designing course
  • Website designing course
  • Digital marketing courses

Call them to know the cost of the courses: 9711274868, 9711091969

8. Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya is an online platform that provides virtual training to individuals and corporates. Their courses are mentioned below.

  • Digital marketing course
  • SEO Course
  • Data analytics course


NIIT is a reputed organization that provides various training online. Their courses are mentioned below.

  • Data Analytics courses
  • Digital marketing courses
  • Financial modelling courses
  • SEO courses

FAQs on Corporate Training Services in India

Q. What are the corporate training services in India?

Corporate training is a skill upliftment process for the existing staff of any corporate office. It is of countless types. It usually refers to any hard skill set, like content writing skills. These skills can be of various kinds and it is innumerable. 

Q. How do you approach companies for corporate training?

Corporate training is given to a group of people when it is required. You can approach your team leader and let him know that you need training for a particular office job. You can encourage your colleagues about the same so that you can form a group. The team leader will approach the other superior staff at the organization about the requirements.

Q. Why do we need corporate training services in India?

Corporate training services are highly needful and profitable to employees and employers. It is two sides of a coin. Let’s understand it better.

For employees

  • Job satisfaction: Suppose you are a trained employee, then you do the work those are given to you smoothly. Your productivity will increase, yet your boss will be happy. Therefore, you have calmness in your duty.
  • No Faults: Trained employees have a very little propensity to make mistakes; therefore, there is no waste of resources. It will lower the number of accidents; for instance, sending the right emails to the right client is crucial for anyone who sends thousands of emails daily.
  • Increased Market value: A skilful employee is an asset to the organization compared to an amateur learner. Skills come from training and practising learned skills. For instance, product value from skilled labour is higher in the market because he can work for any company he wants.
  • Promotional chances: Greater and more efficient tasks from an employee are the prime desire of the employer. High productivity attracts more responsibility, which translates into a promotional hike. 
  • Efficient capacity: The right corporate training delivers efficiency to perform a task without any friction in a given time. A company knows how a worker works on a given task so that the superiors appraise the employee’s performance correctly.
  • High standard of living: A trained employee earns more than an untrained worker; therefore, they can maintain a high standard of living.

For employer

  • Quality product or service: If a company gives necessary training to the workers, their product or service quality will improve as the worker knows how to do the task correctly.
  • No wastage of resources: A company is limited with time, budget, and resources for delivering results. Untrained labour causes a waste of all the resources within the company. Training ensures the utilization of resources.
  • High Utilization: Training is given for the utilization of productive hours. So, a company’s productivity becomes high with the same raw material.
  • No accidents: A trained worker performs their job efficiently. Therefore, no accidents happen. For instance, a  graph made from Excel sheets is essential for a business plan, and worn interpretation of data is an accident. If an employee knows how to calculate efficiently, no accidental expenses happen.
  • No supervision cost: A skilled employee does the tasks efficiently and in the right way. In such cases, hiring a supervisor to monitor the worker is unnecessary, saving much money.
  • Low labour turnover: Training provides job satisfaction to the employee in the long run. Job satisfaction is reflected in the regular attendance of an employee. The worker takes more leave when they are unsatisfied with the job. Workers never leave the organization.
  • Increase adaptability: Every organization changes with time because business changes with time. Demand in the market changes as our desire changes with time. For instance, AI language models like Chatgpt and Bard simplified menial tasks like drafting a cold email, but AI training is unavailable to every organization. The employees do not know how to execute a letter template with AI and its limitations. Therefore, if an organization adapts to changes, workers modify themselves through training to adapt to their environmental needs, ensuring the company’s future.


There are various corporate training services in India, but I have named only a few. The list does not end here. Data analytics, investment banking, and digital marketing are the few highly demanded skills in the country. You may find other institutes on the internet for enterprise training services. Whatever you are learning, I wish you happy learning to you from my side. See you in the next blog!

I crave to know various things from different fields through my job. That’s why I have chosen content writing as my profession. Knowledge breaks my boredom. I have completed the Content Writing Master Course for IIM Skills (Govt. recognized) and also did the Advanced Content Writing course from ECT( Govt. recognized). I completed my pre-degree level at Visva-Bharati University with science as my major. I completed my graduation (Honours) in English literature from The University of Burdwan. I also earned a Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management from MAKAUT, Kolkata.

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