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Learn How Digital Marketing Can Save Low Budget Business?

Can Digital Marketing Save Your Business? The answer is a guaranteed YES. Digital marketing can save your business and transform it to the next phase if you adhere to the right marketing strategy suitable for your industry. If your business is going through turbulent times, gives an inconsiderable return of investment, and is unable to catch up with the competitors, evaluating the marketing strategy is the foremost fact that provides insights into where and what went wrong in marketing.

Learn How Digital Marketing Can Save Low Budget Business

On the other hand, if you are a new or existing business owner moving to the digital world and not clear about how digital marketing works, then you are at the right place to get valuable information.

Digital Marketing has created diverse opportunities for all business owners from small to big scale and helps promote your product or services with much ease in a digital platform.

Due to the emerging internet and technology, the online business model came to light to provide convenient shopping with reliable delivery service and cost-effective products from anywhere across the world with a few clicks on a mobile, tablet, or desktop/laptop.

But the question is how far it reached your customers? Here, digital marketing plays a vital role in helping your business influence the intended audience at the appropriate phase.

This article will guide you to digital marketing and increase your company’s visibility and growth.

The history and essence of digital marketing

In the year 2008, when Google emerged, people understood the concept and importance of digital marketing and started transforming their business. Digital services agencies became popular. By the year 2010, many companies from small to big scale already migrated to digital advertising.

In simple terms, digital marketing is making your products or services known to the world by connecting to consumers through various internet technologies.

Before digital marketing, most companies used traditional marketing for their product promotion.

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What makes it different from traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing is all about advertising in newspapers, brochures, television ads. Pamphlets are printed and tagged along with the daily newspaper. But how does it serve the intended audience is the most vital question?

Door-to-door sales are involved, and capital money is needed. Also, you cannot predict the target audience, and the return on investment is inconstant.

In contrast, digital marketing is our salesperson, and the cost is lesser when compared to the traditional ones. It is easy to track the age group interested in your products.

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Types of digital marketing

Finding the right marketing strategy for your business is a crucial task. Else there are no boundaries and no restrictions for doing online business. Researching and understanding end-user interests help us to get to know the buyer’s persona and their needs.

Surveys (Survey Monkey) are a convenient tool to know buyer interests in products and their preference for various age groups. Once you understand the buyer persona, you have to appeal and occupy them with your products or services offered.

The following techniques can help you with digital marketing,

  1. Blogging

Every business needs an eye-catching website as a primary aid for online marketing. Once you establish your website, the next step would be to tell the world about you and your products.

How do we do that? With the help of a blog.

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What is a blog, and how does it help your business?

A blog post is a single web page on your website created by a content writer that tells the information about your business to the targeted audience those who require a product and hunts with the help of search engines like Google by keying in the needed keyword or query.

The search engine results page (SERP) displays your blog if it finds a keyword match related to your blog that can bring visitors to your website. The visitors can explore your products on your website, and if they like it, they can be your leads.

A blog with the right content and information that serves the visitor needs can rank no 1 in any search engine provided you follow the SEO standards (which I will cover later) firmly.

To retain a position in search engines, consistently add new blogs and update the older ones when needed. It is a best practice to keep tracking the customer comments and keep them engaged, which helps to build customer relationships.

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Are you new to online business?

Start promoting your products by writing an article with relevant and appropriate information. Always mention exact product details with good quality photos and through impressive Do It Yourselves videos.

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  1. Company Website

After introducing your products by blog, the next trivial step is to create Brand Visibility/Awareness.

The basic idea of brand visibility is, what distinguishes you from your competitors?

Promote your brand with a short video based on a unique meaningful history bundled with emotional values relating to your products.

Every company needs a mission and vision to attract the end-users and gain their trust by demonstrating your value of work.

Launching a company website and setting up a business account allows reaching a broader audience. The website should have an eye-catching user interface with easy usability and accessibility options that specifies what your visitors should do next.

Now, you have attracted traffic to your website and got leads, but what about sales?

You need to specify steps that will attract them to perform a favorable action like signing up for an account, like a product, adding to a wish list, call or buy. Keep them engaged in your website by showing a variety of related products and their uses.

Consistently track your website bounce rate with the help of the Google Analytics tool to appear on the first page of any search engine. Of course, you need to follow the SEO standards and keep optimizing your website.

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What is a bounce rate?

The bounce rate is the percent of clients leaving your website without taking any action like Sign Up or Buy a product. To avoid this, you need Calls-To-Action (CTA) on your website where ever applicable that converts leads into customers and then to sales.

To ensure survival for your business, you need highly targeted traffic that delivers results that can convert leads into customers and then yield Return on Investment (ROI).

Once your product has reached the intended audience, track the new customers and returning customers by employing decent customer service. Track feedback from the customers about your products and services gives insights about good and bad practices that help to improve the overall productivity and brand visibility.

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  1. Mobile marketing

According to Statista, the estimated number of smartphone users by 2023 is around 4.3 billion. In 2021, there are 3.8 billion smartphone users and 14.91 billion mobile devices worldwide.

As technology advances, so are the mobile devices with new features and configurations emerge. People always prefer the best smartphone from one of these brands Samsung, Apple, One Plus, Xiaomi, Vivo.

As a business owner, you can leverage mobile phones used in daily life to market your brand to target a broader audience.

How to do that?

Now you got leads for your brand, but the return of investment is low. Shift your focus to mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing is connecting to the targeted audience with the help of mobile phones or tablets via different channels and applications. The application/market store varies from phone to phone.

Following practices will guide you to do mobile marketing and enhance your leads,

  • Find the mobile user persona and what mobile device they use.
  • Send business updates to your customer’s phone numbers by sending SMS/MMS.
  • Design your brand app for mobile phones which has less width and height compared to the desktop.
  • Apps with attractive design, easy usability, and good response/speed attract more customers.
  • Engage the customers with crisp product details and a clear image of the product.
  • Provide in-app notifications about a newly launched product and track customers’ shopping history to keep them updated.
  • Monitor your mobile app behavior with Google Analytics to avoid bounce rate.
  1. Email Marketing

The strategic entity is signing into any email account like Gmail to use a phone or tablet. One can access the market store and other features of a mobile phone with an authentic email account that keeps the inbox updated with appropriate internet connectivity.

Active marketing emails can turn erstwhile buyers into loyal customers and increase your ROI.

Let us consider the factors that can be used via emails to target new leads or engage your loyal customers.

  • Create an email list from people who are interested and opted for your product updates.
  • To avoid being sent to spam and achieve Click-Through Rate (CTR), send email to the customers with a rich subject line, crisp product information with a clear photograph, and a captivating CTA.
  • Build a good bond with the customers through emails by sharing the frequent company updates on a scheduled day to make them feel distinct.
  • Retarget your current customers with email updates on missed or upcoming sales.

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Using email marketing tools:

  • You can opt for Mail chimp, a popular email marketing software to automate marketing promotions.
  • You can set up welcome email automation for your customers by giving them a discount on their first purchase.
  • Send them transactional details that the order is placed and on track.
  • Send reminder emails about the products in Cart or Wish List.
  • Send requests for review emails about your product.
  • Provide an option for your emails in case subscribers wish to opt out.

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  1. Social Media marketing

As the world advances, so is social media. There are around 4.33 billion users found till April 2021 as per the status report for social media users, and new users joining the media also keep on rising. With this study, we have steady social media users.

Social Media Marketing is an effective platform to share information about your brand and how your product benefits the customer on various media platforms Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Linked In.

Social media marketing is esteemed and convenient for your business growth. Your strategy should depend on which social networks your audience spends most of their time.

Why should you use social media marketing?

  • To reach a broader audience and increase your brand visibility.
  • To understand the competitor’s marketing campaign.
  • To build strong customer relationships and follow their preference in your products.
  • To acquire more end-users and convert them into trades.

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How can you do social media marketing?

  • Start with the target audience and buyer personas analysis.
  • Share your blog posts in various formats depending on the social platform.
  • Your content should be diverse and appealing to the customers.
  • Consistently add new posts in regular intervals to engage your clients.
  • Track your social media performance by the number of likes, shares and comments, and people who have searched your pages.

Popular Social Media Tools

In all social platforms, responding and tracking customer queries promptly creates a good customer relationship. Partner with other related digital companies helps you to be in contact with industry-related support or updates.

1.) Facebook 

Business owners can create a Facebook business page to attain brand visibility and connect with customers and share the posts. It is considered one of the most powerful tools in assisting the business to create an Ad campaign with a catchy headline and crisp content. But the limitation is reaching a larger audience.

2.)  Instagram

Instagram has become a vital tool for sharing products related pictures and videos through the business account hashtags. All you need is a creative hashtag. Create Instagram ads to target a specific audience and share any product with a meaningful story that enables the users to trust your brand. It has the feasibility to reach a larger audience if you are actively promoting your brand and have stern followers.

3.) Twitter

With Twitter, tweets with meaningful hashtags perform well and reach better to a target audience. A picture or video with captivating tweets builds good public relations.

4.) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is intended for professionals and job-seekers to establish their careers. It can also help the business owners to launch a business and build customer relationships. Create a company page with various business types like small or medium and connect with your intended audience.

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  1. Paid (Pay-per-click, PPC) Ads

Business owners use Paid ads to promote their brands in a highly competitive keyword battle. You should need a strategy to influence the exact viewers and receive the maximum conversion rates. The promoter pays when people click their ad interactively.

Paid ads come in the SERP at the top with the text Ad. It is easy to set up ad campaigns in social media and you can aim these ads to your targeted audience.

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Where can you create a paid Ads?

Google Ads is one of the tools used for paid Ads. You can bid on your targeted keywords and develop your ad for the right people.

Search ads with a relevant headline or the targeted keyword, a small explanation about the product with a CTA can help increase your ROI when the intended audience clicks the ad.

Key Takeaways

  • In all digital marketing you choose, the vital intent is to select a worthy strategy planning and implementing will help your business for further growth.
  • A well-planned analysis of your target audience gives you better traffic to your website.
  • Keyword analysis for your product helps to reach a steady customer base.
  • Your blogs should incorporate multiple media types (photo, audio, and video) in marketing should be appealing.
  • A stern interaction with targeted audiences through social media channels helps to build your brand awareness and trust.
  • Prone to new approaches to gain or keep online audiences engaged.
  • Always mention exact product details with CTA’s in the relevant areas.
  • Track customer purchase journeys and get reviews from them.

Implementing SEO is very crucial,

SEO is called Search Engine Optimization. It is the method to improve your website to surge its prominence for relevant searches. The healthier the visibility of your pages in SERP, the more you can attract soon-to-be and prevailing customers to your business.

Things to remember,

  • To rank well in search engines, you can add relative keywords to your blogs and products.
  • Remember to use H1 to H6 tags as the search engine bot finds it easier to trace.
  • Add well-analyzed title and Meta description in your blog posts.
  • Use relevant image names in the image alt tags attribute for your website media.
  • Acquire backlinks to build the domain authority of your website.
  • Do guest blogging as much as possible and share content with similar industries.
  • Make your online presence stronger on all social media platforms.
  • Analyze the changing market and take concurrent action accordingly.


To succeed in digital marketing, a constant run on targeted traffic will transform into leads and convert into loyal customers to yield a good ROI. So, digital marketing will save your business to achieve greater heights. Thus, now you know digital marketing can save your business provided that you leverage the digital marketing strategies appropriately.

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