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10 Ways to Build A Brand With Digital Marketing

There are several ways to Build a Brand with Digital Marketing techniques. But, first, let us consider what a brand is. The brand is the distinguishing feature of your business that separates you from your competition. Branding is the practice of giving your business a unique identity.

10 Ways To Build A Brand With Digital Marketing

It is the method of creating a particular attribute, a feature for your business that your consumers can relate your business to.

Branding often involves creating a name, an insignia, a design to distinguish your business from your competition. Now, how do you explain digital branding? The whole concept of digital branding seems a little ambiguous at times in digital parlance. 

Therefore, let us say that digital branding is a method of creating value around your business in the online domain. It is that feature that your consumers can relate your business instantly with.

With so many business organizations vying for the consumers’ attention it becomes imperative for you to create that niche, the distinctive place for yourself in the minds of your customers, potential and existing. 

Apart from the recognition it also increases your equity generating trust among leads as well as people from complementary businesses. It gives you the required goodwill in the marketplace.

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Branding, when done correctly, will reduce your acquisition costs and increase return on investments to a considerable extent. 

Branding facilitates the recognition of the business as soon as you look at that particular feature. Whether it is the name, the color combination, the font, the logo, effective branding gives you that edge over your competitors. A successful brand has the trust and loyalty of its customers.

Digital branding strategy is a long-term process that results in communicating what your brand represents as an organization in your industry. 

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Why Should We Build our Brand With Digital Marketing?

The technological expansion and the mushrooming of digital marketing channels have provided a golden opportunity to business organizations to create means of becoming relevant to customers all around the globe.

The different social media channels have further helped in exercising creative freedom to disseminate the core message of a business to its leads and consumers in a fun engaging way. 

Today business houses are more approachable and have a more personal connection with their consumers. Digital branding facilitates that process. Digital branding helps in optimized reach in a very short period of time. That can be of immense benefit to business houses of all sizes.

Digital branding through digital marketing channels helps you to better connect with your consumers, leads conversations and interactions. It piques consumer interest in the product because they know you are going to be available for them whenever they have a query or a grievance. 

The opportunities in digital marketing also mean heavy competition for that number one spot. Successful digital branding ensures that you stand out from your peers as a more credible organization.

Take the example of a  brand like Nike. It is the leading conglomerate in the sports industry with several eminent players speaking about how delightful it is as a brand.

Nike has consolidated its position by leveraging all channels of marketing, especially online marketing in this digital era.

Branding is important because consumers believe a good “brand” delivers on its promises. Which means they provide value to their consumers through high-grade content. 

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Some Observations

According to Forbes, consistent branding across all channels increases revenue by 23%. 89% of marketers say that brand awareness is their main goal.

Another study reveals around 77% of marketing leaders say a strong brand is critical to their growth plans. Coming to social media which is one of the major channels of developing and growing up business, the statistics are very favorable.

Social media is a very useful place to build your brand equity. The nature of social media is such that you can interact and engage with your consumers consistently.

That helps in strengthening your bond with consumers and getting the required awareness to attract leads. You should make an honest effort to create a strong brand persona on the different social media channels along with the digital strategy that you already have planned.

The statistics on the impact of branding on social media are very encouraging. 72% of consumers are inclined to purchase a brand they follow on Twitter (buzzstream). 45% of people unfollow a brand if the company advertises mindlessly without a strategy. According to entrepreneur brand messages are shared 24×7 more on personal accounts compared to branded accounts. 

Most importantly 91% of users want brands to be authentic with their social media content. This goes on to show how much a user relies on the content that is disseminated on the different social media channels of a brand. 

Branding Building and Maintenance

Consistency in the process of maintaining the core value of your business. It is the key to successful customer conversion as well as retention. It is at times the most crucial element. A lot of times, businesses in the bid to fulfill their goals make hasty campaigns that do not align with what they had promised.

That is where the aspect of branding goes awry. Your brand should reflect the values, and leadership abilities of your organization. Your business should also stick to core values. They should inspire people, and strive to uphold the mission that your business has promised to deliver on. 

Your branding strategy is on point when people say “where and when can I purchase this?” When they do not care about the extra bucks they have to shell out for your product, which implies that your Digital Branding has been successful. 

Steps To Build A Brand With Digital Marketing

  • Build A Brand With Digital Marketing Step 1 – Know Your Customers

Knowing your customers is as important as identifying new customers and building rapport with them. Customer retention is the main way in which you can increase your returns on investment in the long run. 

Getting an idea of consumers’ tastes and preferences is important and a difficult task as well. Analysis of the purchasing history and search history of your consumer on your website can give you an understanding of what the consumer actually wants. 

It is better to engage with customers to build camaraderie even better to be able to understand what exactly it is that they prefer in the present day. Customer preferences are flexible. What they wanted a few months back might be significantly different than what they want or expect now.

It is essential to have a constant connection with your customers regarding their choices so that you can convey a piece of relevant information to them regarding your products and services.

Also, the updated data about their search preferences can act as great support for understanding what it is that they expect from you as a brand. 

  • Build A Brand With Digital Marketing Step 2 – Identify Your Leads

Identify your leads through the varied digital marketing channels available at your disposal. Create a buyer persona keeping in mind the features of your product or service.

Website traffic, people who have signed up for newsletters, online users were talking about your brand on discussion forums platforms and other social media channels are your leads.

You have to make an effort to spot them and build a relationship based on trust and transparency to turn them into conversions. Age, location, income, educational qualification, responses to social media posts are important parameters that help you to gain an understanding of your consumers’ existing and potential. 

  • Build A Brand With Digital Marketing Step 3 – SEO+SEM Strategy

A combination of a winning Search Engine Optimisation strategy and search engine marketing strategy can help you rank on the web search results. According to reports, more than 50% of website traffic comes through organic search results on the SERP pages. 

It has been revealed through various analyses that online users trust and refer to organic results more than advertised links. if you have the same website on the first page of a search engine and there are two links to it(Organic & Paid) most online users likely click on the organic search result. 

The reason is that they believe the content disseminated in an organic link is authentic and provide more value. The higher you rank on search engines as a result of organic content, the more visibility and exposure you get along with credibility. Additionally, it builds trust in your leads. 

That is not to say that pay-per-click advertising doesn’t work. A combination of the two can be a great strategy to give you the required reach and visibility to your online users. 

You might have amazing content but if it doesn’t rank on the first page of the search engine then all of your efforts are futile. This makes keywords any one important part of your Search Engine Optimisation strategy.

Identify the correct keywords, insert them in your copy in the relevant places making your content scannable. Highlight the important points for the Google algorithm to pick up on the relevant aspects of the copy. This is how you can leverage digital marketing to build a brand out of your business.

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  • Build A Brand With Digital Marketing Step 4 – Consistent Pattern

The uniformity in the key feature of your brand helps users to identify your brand at a glance. Make sure that you have a consistent pattern in the case of your phone sizes styles language the different terms you use the call to action button and the headings. People should be able to relate to your brand the moment this your heading, logo, color scheme, etc. 

  • Build A Brand With Digital Marketing Step 5 – Social Listening

Social listening is a very important factor in digital marketing planning and strategy. It assists you to create awareness about your brand. You become aware of what your consumers discuss regarding your products or related products and what is important to them. It is a comprehensive insight into your audience. Social listening explains what their expectations are from your brand. 

Social listening also entails sentiment analysis. This is basically comprehending your consumers’ perception of your brand is positive or negative. Also, how impassioned your consumer is regarding your brand. 

An ardent fan of your brand is socially a lot more powerful than a customer who is indifferent in their approach towards your brand. Conversely, someone who has a very strong negative opinion about your brand can also impact the overall Goodwill of your brand in the digital market. 

Therefore it becomes crucial to carry out sentiment analysis to exactly understand what your brand means to your consumers. 

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  • Build A Brand With Digital Marketing Step 6 – Customer Support

With the steady advancement of technology, it has become even easier to provide impeccable customer support to your consumers 24/7. The emergence of chat-bots the different artificial intelligence software enables you to be present as and when a consumer needs to inquire about something. 

Good customer support is the differentiating element that helps you to stand out from your competition in the fiercely competitive online market.

In fact, customer support is one of the most critical elements for the sales and marketing and overall branding of your product. You enjoy loyalty and positive word of mouth when you have undeniably good customer service. 

  1. Content Creation

Again, a very vital step is to create content to nurture, increase engagement and conversation with your customers to build faith in them. Content can take the form of E-books, blogs, informational newsletters. Headlines, landing pages, webinars, videos Info-graphics anything that disseminates the core value of your business to give it the status of a brand. 

Make sure you have a uniform slogan that you can send out on the different marketing channels. That helps to build recognition of your brand among your consumers.

Your relevant content provides value to your consumers. That, in turn, pushes to create your brand reputation. Also good content earns natural backlinks as more and more people get to know about your business. This leads to greater traffic generation and more leads. 

Content is the resource that consumers go to when they need to solve some problem of theirs. For example, a digital marketing institute might regularly update content in their resources section.

These resources in the form of blogs, white papers, e-books help to keep the online users updated. Your only prerequisite is to maintain the design and format in the styling of the web page for better recognition for online users. 

  1. Build A Brand With Digital Marketing Step 8 – Brand Tone and Voice

It is imperative that you decide upon your brand voice and tone for your business. It should reflect the values of the mission of your business. Brand Voice should also clearly describe how your brand is different from the competitors in the market and what you stand for. 

After determining your target audience you should always look for the tone that will appeal to them the most. For example, the company Johnson’s and Johnson’s brand voice is appealing to mothers across the globe. Your voice positions your business in the market. 

You should always choose the style and design of your website keeping in mind your target consumer. It calls for brainstorming, careful planning, and testing what works to best position your brand in the digital market. 

After you decide on how you want to market your product use the different social media channels and write relevant content that conforms to the intrinsic nature of that particular social media. 

  • Build A Brand With Digital Marketing Step 9 – Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media channel all around the world. It is also one of the most important means of selling products to consumers by targeting them in a more precise manner. 

Your Facebook business page be professional and should have your brand’s core message distinctly. Your business will have a lot of related content on Facebook. Post them on your page and relate them to your brand. 

Show your consumers how you can help them by providing value for their needs. Channelize creativity and create some high-quality content in the form of text and images that will inspire as well as inform your leads and customers. The more shares and likes you garner, the more exposure your brand gets. 

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Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn

As mentioned earlier every social media channel has its own characteristics and traits. You are trying to build your brand awareness in the social media channels. At that point, you have to make sure that you understand and comprehend these channels and their intrinsic features well.

 For example, Facebook, Instagram are good B2C means of creating brand recognition. Twitter and LinkedIn, on the other hand, are inclined towards B2B more. Therefore businesses that collaborate with other businesses have a greater chance of building brand awareness through Twitter and most importantly LinkedIn. 

For branding your product on Twitter you should aim for retweets and being a part of the community of like-minded people. Your brand gold can be conveyed in 140 characters so make sure that you use every word with purpose while trying to promote your brand on Twitter. 

Pinterest and Instagram are mainly visual social media channels. They are potent channels for B2C business. You can always create great content in the form of images, videos, a combination of videos and images, infographics, etc to help distinguish your brand from the others. 

For both Pinterest and Instagram, color schemes and consistency in using the same colors are beneficial to create brand Identity. To create your brand with the means of digital marketing, you have to make sure the aesthetics of your design are optimum.

  1. Build A Brand With Digital Marketing Step 10 –Website Optimization

This is again a very critical feature for your brand to be at the top of the minds of consumers. Website speed testing is important because anything more than 5 seconds and your online user is going to go out of your site. 

Brand building is a continuous process and so is looking after the different aspects of a website. You can’t create a website for your brand and sit on it without doing anything. You should try to optimize your website for Google algorithms. 

Answer Box and Featured Snippet

Google has two special features Google Answer Box and Featured Snippet. You should make efforts to appear in the Google Answer Box and Featured Snippet whenever a user searching for something on the search engines related to your products and services. You appear on them when you post the most relevant content that answers the question of online users unequivocally.  

That helps create brand equity like nothing else. Your Featured Snippet is the first answer get Google displays to you when a user types in a search query. The featured snippet gives a link to the source of the answer for a detailed description.

Google answer box provides the perfect answer for a query from a site. It doesn’t provide the link to the source. Google Answer Boxes and Featured Snippets help in building brand recognition for your business’s true ranking in Search Engines. They give your site the reputation of thought leaders. 

  1. Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is indispensable today for creating recognition and a favorable reputation for your brand. The definition of Omnichannel Marketing is as follows: 

“Omnichannel Marketing is a strategic approach in the digital marketing plan whereby businesses provide customers a seamless experience with a unified integrated technique for best consumer experience. Each channel of promotion provides the customer with an all-inclusive experience of a brand through targeted messages. This includes traditional and digital mediums.”

For example, your customer has interacted with your website on the desktop. They have made a few changes and have put three products in the shopping cart. Next, consider that the same customer interacts with your brand on the app. They will be able to see it exactly from where they had left off on the desktop application. 

Omnichannel Marketing aims to sync and update all the channels together so that the customer has no problems while going from one marketing channel to the other. For example, when you visit an online apparel store you might get messages regarding coupons, and discounts on your phone for the Apparel Store.

You can access the coupon code and make purchases using the coupon at the counter. This is how you build a brand with Digital Marketing.

Omnichannel Marketing provides the user with the best experience across several platforms and channels. It helps to interact and engage with their customers to convey consistent and relevant experiences every time a consumer interacts with them. The key to successful Omnichannel Marketing is testing consumers’ experience and segmenting your consumers.

Optimizing your site for the different channels is the solution. For example, optimizing the app for desktop, mobile, and tablets to enable customers to go to your site from any link is necessary.

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These are the different ways in which you can build a brand with digital marketing and grow your business. Remember it is a long-term process that requires attention and your earnest effort to provide the best solution possible to your consumers.

The key to successful branding is your happy customers. Adopt the digital methods you have at your disposal to create the best experience for your leads and consumers. Create a strong brand out of your business and become an authority in your field.

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