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Top 12 Reasons to Start Blogging in 2024

The reasons to start blogging are multifarious. It is one of the finest activities for someone who wants to develop their own brand and promulgate their products and services. It is a way of getting recognition from the world at large. Since there is no location dependency in the digital world, blogging can be extremely profitable for your growth no matter where you are. 

Top Reasons To Start Blogging

For individuals, the reasons to start blogging come from the way it helps to hone their prowess as content creators and improve their overall content writing, and marketing skills. In the same way, reasons to start bogging for Businesses stem from providing value to consumers. It facilitates the focused dissemination of information regarding the products and services they offer.

Today we will discuss the Top 12 reasons to start blogging in detail. You have to remember that blogging is not just an endeavor taken for marketing activities. It can immensely help with personal growth and can help garner some of the most cherished experiences through blogging.

Before proceeding to the top reasons to start blogging, let’s look at some of the impressive statistics that further confirm the enormous impact and success of blogging. This will give you a clear picture of how blogging has become one of the most popular means of disseminating important data to people from various walks of life.

According to Optinmonster Blogging Statistics

  • There are approximately 409 million people who go through 20 + billion pages every month.
  • Bloggers who generally write articles consisting of more than 2000 words get stronger results
  • This is very important. Companies who blog regularly get 97% more leads to their website than those who do not blog at all.
  • 34% of bloggers think that updating their existing content produces great results.
  • 72% of online marketers believe content creation is the most effective form of Search Engine Optimisation technique.
  • WordPress is the most popular Content Management System(CMS) for bloggers worldwide and has approximately 60 million blogs.
  • If you are not yet convinced about the importance of blogging, let’s look at some other details. That will surely change your mind. A whopping 95.9 % of bloggers promote blogs on different social media platforms.
  • 66% of marketers use blogs in their social media content according to 2017 statistics.
  • Video and visuals are extremely important aspects of blogging as of 2020. This is reinstated by the fact that articles that have images incorporated get 94% more views than those without visuals of any kind.
  • Blogs are rated as the most trustworthy source for gathering online knowledge and information on various subjects.

The above statistics are glaring proof of how blogging can be a master technique to grow both as a business and as an individual in your specific niche.

Now let’s delve into the Top 12 reasons to start blogging and why it is such a necessary aspect of your writing and marketing journey. 

#1 Reasons to start blogging

  • It is one of the finest writing experiences

Blogging helps you to shed your inhibitions and bring your talent to the fore. A lot of us have an affinity for creativity and writing. Blogs help us to voice our inner thoughts effectively through words.

Blogging can empower you to channelize your innate vision to explore different opportunities for both personal as well as financial growth.

Blogging can also be considered as your first step to a successful writing career. Any employer would like to see your portfolio of work when you apply for writing jobs.

When you have a blog that showcases your talents you have far greater chances of landing a coveted job. On the other hand, your degrees and certificates without any practical proof to show how good you are will not come to much use.

You can choose to write on a variety of topics. Or preferably, choose a niche depending on your proclivity for certain topics. Businesses want to hire professional content creators and writers. For that, you need to narrow down niches and work on the ones that truly inspire you to create quality articles for blogs.

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#2. Reasons to start blogging

  •  The ambit of your professional excellence increases greatly

Blogging can give you tremendous reach and visibility provided you follow the principles of blogging to the core. Blogging requires you to be patient to reap its benefits.

More often than not, people expect blogging to give them overnight success. That is not possible. Blogging has an extremely positive impact on the overall development of your business. But, you have to give it time to work its magic.

When you create valuable articles and distribute pertinent information you can draw in visitors to your posts. They will eventually turn into brand advocates when you provide them with consistent, transparent, high-quality articles.

We talked about the numerous blog posts that are created, posted, and published every month on different digital platforms and social media channels. This emphasizes the importance that blogging commands in the web domain today.

#3. Reasons to start blogging

  • Creates Engagement and better opportunities

Blogging is an activity that fosters relationships, engagement, and camaraderie between fellow bloggers as well as consumers. The blogging community today is huge and supporting one another. You can create a successful network of people with content that evokes a positive response.

It helps to create better opportunities for rapport between you and your focus group. With CMS like WordPress, helping with the entire process of blogging things have become convenient.

They provide various features that facilitate engagement like comments, shares, likes, opinions. With this, you get a better scope to connect with the masses.

Some of the different ways in which you can make greater engagement on your blog are as follows:

  • Use Lead Magnets

You can boost the engagement on your blog hugely by incorporating a few important elements. Lead magnets are one of them. Lead magnets are anything that helps to establish you as a genuine blogger willing to provide optimum value to your blog visitor.

It can be anything from e-books, offers, internal linking to more great content, trial offers, free templates, free tools, case studies among others. These help to establish the belief that you are willing to help them genuinely.

  • Respond to Comments

Your blog will get comments from time to time. You should make sure that you respond to genuine comments and interact with them. Greater interaction yields greater trust among your focus group. Your prospects will know that you are paying attention to your opinions.

  • Ask your visitors to Comment

By asking to comment or respond to your blog you are inviting people to come and interact with you. This will validate the transparency aspect.

Your consumers will know that you want to honestly engage. Hence, you will not disseminate wrongful information. When you are accountable on your blog you automatically get a larger audience.

  • Interactive Content

This works like lead magnets but they are a little more personalized. They incorporate elements like quizzes, polls, surveys, question-answer sessions, ask me sessions, etc. They help to establish a great bond.

  • Optimize your page for an aesthetic appearance

To make an impact on your target consumer, make sure that the readability, page load speed, the font is clear and optimized. Also, see to it that the blog has short paragraphs, plenty of white space. Provide a clear interface to your blog visitor.

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#4. Reasons to start blogging

  • A great avenue for income

Blogging was once considered a hobby or, at the most, an avocation. It could never really turn into you are real profession even ten years back. But today, we have numerous full-time bloggers who earn great income solely through their blogging efforts.

Blogging just like any other profession needs you to be circumspect and consider a lot of important aspects to earning solely from blogging.

You have to be enterprising, and master the different relevant modules of digital marketing. This will help to propel your blogging career to success within a short period.

The most important consideration when you are starting a blog is to choose a profitable niche. You can have a fair idea about profitable niches through research. To consider blogging as a serious profession, you have to first chart out a plan to define your objectives and how to go about it.

Implement and execute digital marketing strategies for successful blogging. Some of the ways bloggers make money are through affiliate marketing, direct advertisement, sponsored posts, reviews, influencer marketing, online coaching, and consulting. There is also Google AdSense that is widely popular as one of the great methods for monetizing a blog.

#5. Reasons to start blogging

  • Authority Building and Branding

Authority building requires you to be consistent in your efforts in providing high-quality information to your target consumers. You have to lay the foundation of trust and nurture it with superior content that provides inspiration and value to your website visitors.

Building authority does not mean that you exercise a formal tone and voice in your writing. It is not necessary at all. Conveying important information in a conversational tone can help with the personal connection with your readers.

What this achieves is that interaction helps to strengthen ties and improves relations. These website visitors are bound to come back to your website when the writing appeals to them.

Blogging is one of the surest ways of making a connection and getting recurrent visitors. Your blog should convey that you are approachable. It should instill faith that the blogs will try their utmost to solve the challenges and problems faced by your target consumers.

After all, any content we consume is to solve a specific purpose – to provide solutions to our challenges no matter how small or big they are.

A great blogging strategy also helps to enhance your personal reputation as a content creator. By disseminating your content on different social platforms you can leverage the power of the massive reach of these platforms.

There is an important feature that you need to keep in mind when you are developing your brand. Your webpage logo or image should remind your target consumers of you.

Therefore, you need to put a lot of effort into creating a distinctive attribute. This will help your consumers to identify immediately with your brand as soon as they see your content on search engine result pages.

There are certain elements like colors, text, fonts, usage of words, the layout of your website, that are reminiscent of your brand. You should create your website aesthetically incorporating distinctive elements that will help to remind your consumers when thinking of related products.

#6. Reasons to start blogging

  • Connect with industry leaders from your niche

When you start a career as a blogger you have an incredible opportunity to connect with authority figures and thought leaders from your domain.

Since blogging does not have the geographic barriers you can connect with an authority figure in your niche sitting in India while they are in any part of the world like Australia, USA, UK.

You get to discuss, hold meetings, brainstorm, and understand their perspective on a particular matter. It helps to get clarity on a lot of diverse topics and subjects in your specific market and complementary niches.

Blogging enables you to have meaningful discussions and create more focused information on topics related to your niche.

#7. Reasons to start blogging

  • You will cultivate discipline 

Blogging requires exploring the different topics incisively. You need a certain level of seriousness and discipline to blog regularly. When you are passionate about writing and informing people about topics that interest them, you develop a sense of responsibility towards your target consumers.

As blogging is essentially you at the helm of things, you get to be your own boss. The motivation to succeed depends entirely on you. It is your prerogative as to how to utilize your time to succeed at blogging.

As you blog, you start gaining confidence and the drive to do more for your blogging business. It helps to pursue excellence and enrich the life of your target consumers as well as yourself.

Important Point

When you start blogging you, should dedicate a minimum of 2 to 3 hours to explore every aspect and learn how to leverage the benefits of blogging for growth. Learn about Google Adsense, read blogs of authority leaders in blogging.

It is believed that you take approximately three weeks to develop a habit. Once you start blogging consistently, you will notice that it comes to you naturally and effortlessly. It is connected to your passion, hence it is all the more stimulating to invest time in it. It gives you purpose and direction.

#8. Reasons to start blogging

  • Become technologically savvy

When you start blogging you get familiar with concepts like content management systems, like WordPress Drupal Joomla, etc. You also get to explore different applications, software, and plugins with WordPress.

You get knowledge of several tools that help you to connect various digital and social media platforms. Additionally, you can create optimized blog pages for maximum effect.

Suppose you are just a novice, with little or no experience of technical jargon. Exploring the different aspects of blogging will help you to become conversant with different tools, applications, often used in the digital domain.

You work with various applications and social media tools that help you to get a clear idea of how and where to promote your products using different forms like email marketing, SMS marketing, social media, and other podiums.

You can always develop knowledge by simultaneously working on your blog and gathering information on the different elements that make up the blogging space and ultimately the web arena.

#9. Reasons to start blogging

  • Build a large audience

Today you find the majority of your target customers in the digital domain. Whether it is testimonials, or reviews of a product, service, customers move to the internet to find answers to their queries.

This trait today has opened up a plethora of opportunities for you to leverage the online medium. You can create awareness and promote your brand. Moreover, you can build a very large audience with blogging all across the globe. Something that was a distant dream even a few years back.

Your audiences not only turn into customers but brand advocates as you continue providing them with relevant information.

Your audience will be drawn to your blog only and infuse important information with compelling storytelling. This will include examples, anecdotes, slice-of-life human stories that elicit a positive response in your reader.

You can also provide an insight into what you think will help your target consumers and what you plan to achieve with the blog.

#10. Reasons to start blogging

  • Change People’s lives for the better

Blogging allows you to matter to people in your journey of establishing a successful writing business. It helps you to make positive changes in a person’s life by providing them with apt solutions to their issues.

Now, this is a unique aspect of blogging where your passion can help to influence and sometimes change a person’s life for the better. Every blog created is made with an intent to provide some value to a certain set of people.

Even in the early stages when blogging was merely a hobby, it did influence people to take positive views of life from the write-ups. This intrinsic property of blogging that improves the quality of life is one of the primary reasons why blogging has now moved from a hobby to a full-fledged career for some.

People realize the immense importance of reading and investing time in engaging with different bloggers for solutions.

Blogging has given rise to a community of writers and bloggers who uplift and encourage fellow writers to take the initiative of starting blogs and gaining from them while providing immense value to target groups.

#11. Reasons to start blogging

  • Blogging is essential to your SEO initiatives

SEO plays and will continue playing a vital role in the visibility of your business. Blogging accelerates the process of ranking on SERP for your website. Hence, it is one of the most important elements for your SEO efforts.

When you optimize your blog for search engines, they appear on the first pages of Google Yahoo, etc in a very short period of time. This gives your online readers a reason to click through to your content for information.

They are introduced to your website, your brand, and you as a blogger. Now if your content is impeccable and really solves the queries by the online searcher, they will turn into recurrent visitors on your blogs.

Therefore, you must optimize your blog for search engines. The results can increase your goodwill considerably in little time. Google will realize you are an authority in your field based on the activity. Some of the metrics are your mentions, click-through rate, and time spent on your blogs.

#12. Reasons to start blogging

  • Blogging is a fruitful long term strategy

Blogs have an excellent shelf life that helps to maintain brand reputation over several years. If you search for a particular topic. might find blog posts from four to five years back even today. The reason is these blogs are still relevant and useful. They have updated the information to suit the needs of the online audience now.


You have to take several measures to make sure that your content does not become outdated in your blogs. Incorporate any new information that comes on the related topic.


With Google coming up with new algorithms that focus on consumer-driven content, one should understand the terms, rules, and algorithms well. Abide by the conditions given by Google, update new information to get high search engine rankings consistently.

Transparency and honesty should be maintained for reputation building. It helps to get rankings years after being published.

You should always maintain the ethos of a blog which is providing authentic, truthful, information to the audience. Every business has triumphs as well as challenging times.

Do not hide or provide wrong information to your prospects. Apart from it being completely unethical, your reputation is going to greatly suffer when your prospective customers find out the truth.

An observation

Above are some of the main reasons to start blogging. Their unprecedented popularity in the digital domain has today given rise to numerous blogs on every topic.

Apart from all the advantages it provides, blogging can be a fun-filled activity. It can stimulate your brain for great creativity and richness in your life. So, why are so many people turning to blog?

The reason is simple; you create blog articles on topics that you love. Therefore there is less to nil chances of work getting monotonous and sloppy. When you are impassioned about what you do, you automatically produce great work.


1. What are some popular blogging platforms?

WordPress, Blogger, Medium, Quora, Wix are user-friendly platforms that are very popular and help with a nice user interface for professionals and businesses.

2. Can I monetize my blog?

Yes, you can monetize your blog through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, selling products, reviews and by collaborations with other bloggers, vloggers, and influencers.

3. How to attract more traffic to my website and blog?

High-quality content, genuine information dissemination, blogs optimized for search engines are some of the ways to ensure that you attract more readers to your website and blog.


You now have a clear idea of why digital marketers, content writers, and marketers consider blogging as a very important facet of the overall marketing advertising and branding process.

Not only does it help with the promotion of a brand, but it also helps you to glean loads of information on different topics. You can use them to fulfill the objectives of your business and/or your personal goals.

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