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10 Most Effective Email Marketing Strategy in 2024

Haven’t we all been fascinated with the personalized emails that some companies send us? Well, personalizing emails just come under one of the many effective strategies of email marketing. With an increase in e-commerce, email marketing is the most preferred form of communicating with your customers and marketing your products and services in the correct way


10 Most Effective Email Marketing Strategy



So what exactly is email marketing? Email marketing is the simple process of sending a commercial message to a large group of people. In the broader sense, every email sent to a possible or current customer could be considered email marketing.


Marketing has become largely digital but what role does email play in the world of marketing? In 2020, the number of worldwide email users was estimated to be 4 billion and is about to grow to 4.6 billion users in 2025. As is evident email continues to grow as the most reliable source of communication and so with these simple and effective email strategies, email marketing can also be made into the most effective way of marketing.


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Let us discuss the 10 most effective email marketing strategy.


1. Create your mailing list


Let’s get to the basics first, the essence of an email marketing strategy is to create a mailing list. You don’t want to be in the inbox of a customer who is not interested in your brand, only to end up in the spam section. Email is the most effective form of communication between you and your subscribers and for this relationship to develop, your audience needs to feel connected. It is important to identify your customers from potential customers.


Keep updating your email list frequently so that there are not a majority of inactive subscribers there. This way you are reducing the time that you could utilize in personalizing and segmenting your existing customers.


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2. Mobile-friendly emails


The most effective email marketing strategy has to be mobile-friendly emails. Mobile email accounts for 46 percent of all email opens. A whole lot of people check their emails on the phone. We check most of the marketing emails on our mobiles when we have some free time.


We are so accustomed to reading those emails that it takes us seconds to identify if a particular email caters to our needs or interest and no one likes to scroll through the entire screen to see an image that is not optimized for mobile phones or a mail that asks us to open the mail in a desktop browser. There are very few chances that anyone will read that mail again.


The best way to ensure that the emails you send are mobile-friendly is to consider the following-


  • The subject line of the email should be interesting, concise, and to the point. Ideally, for a mobile-friendly, you should keep the subject line of your email under 30-40 characters.
  • CTA- the CTA of the mail should be obvious, concise, and in large font.
  • Make sure that there is enough space when optimizing mails for mobile as the mobile screens are smaller and the reader should be able to click the links in the email.
  • If your email contains images, make sure that these are optimized for small screens, and that there are not large files in your emails
  • Use a responsive email template
  • Test your email- undoubtedly the most important thing to ensure that an email marketing strategy is effective is to test your emails on various devices.


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3. Personalize your emails 


The key to effective email marketing is to personalize emails. No one likes to read an email that categorizes you into a general category of customers.A way to avoid this is to send emails with subscribers’ names. Personalizing the emails you send does not stop there.


Your readers should be sent products according to their purchase history, their geographical location, and their interests. They should be sent emails to remind them if there are products in the cart or if they have no used your services for a while. The subscribers should be kept in the loop and intimated about the new products.


However, what also needs consideration is that you are not marketing your product constantly. Your readers should occasionally be sent additional information about the products that they have bought, ways in which the product could be best utilized, other products that could be used alternatively


Personalizing the emails is more than an effective email marketing strategy. It engages your reader and gives you a loyal base of subscribers.


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4. Segment your subscribers


Market segmentation can be defined as the process of dividing a heterogeneous market into homogeneous segments based on parameters like geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral.


Broadly the best and most effective email marketing strategy is to segment your subscriber is according to their interest. In a world where time is of the utmost essence, it is important to send your subscribers relevant emails.


Segmenting your subscribers will increase your email open rates, increase your click-through rates and lead to more conversion. Not only this, when you send your customers, targeted emails, but the email also adds a level of personalization that could also result in the re-engagement of your inactive subscribers.


So how should you segment your subscribers amidst the huge list of people who visit your site?


You can segment your subscribers based on their location, personal interest, and their purchase history. You can also segment your subscribers by tracking their behavioral pattern, sending them promotional emails after cart abandonment, what are their most frequently bought products and services, and do not forget to notify them every time there is an offer on their favorite products.


Segmenting your subscribers sends a clear message that you value your customer’s time and wins loyal customers whose interests you are aware of. Do this and you have an effective email marketing strategy.


5. Automate your emails


One of the effective email marketing strategies is to send triggered emails to your subscribers. Triggered emails are the emails that we receive immediately after completing a certain action on the website. It can be browsing the products, adding the products to the cart, making an order. Some specific examples of triggered emails are-


  • Welcome emails- Welcome emails are important to make the customers feel special, a Welcome mail introduces you to the customer and instills a sense of confidence about your brand.
  • Birthday, annual customer emails – these emails allow you to engage with your customers on a more personal level.
  • Cart abandonment- we have all done this, added items to our cart, and immediately second-guessed if we need the products, however, an automated email regarding our cart abandonment can increase the chances of us buying the product
  • Order confirmation emails


Also, remember to include a concise call to action in each of these automated emails.




AB testing is comparing two versions of a marketing strategy to see which one gives the better outcome. AB tests allow you to experiment with the mail that you are sending. AB testing is an important aspect not just for email marketing but the broad concept of the digital market as well.


So what all can you do with AB test?


The question is what not? You can AB test call to action, subject line, personalization’s, body text, headings, the layout of the message. The important thing to remember is to AB test one thing at a time so that the impact can be identified. AB test benefits-improved content engagement, reduced bounce rates, increased conversion rates, high values, reduced risk, and ease of analysis.


7. Schedule your emails


It is essential to schedule your emails at the right time. What is ideally the time when your readers are most likely to read the emails? Conduct your research and analyze the click rates and email open rates at different timings. The timing of your emails is the essence in email marketing as there are fewer chances that your readers are going to come back to the mail again at another time.


The best way to schedule your emails for the right time is to consider your audience, what is the time when they are most likely to open their emails. Different people check their emails at different times, it depends on their location, interest, and time. But it is not just important to send emails to your readers when they are most likely to read their emails but also to send the emails at the time when they are likely to read marketing emails.


A marketing email sent at a time they are busy working will end up in the trash and you will reduce your chances of being an email that your customer willingly reads. For your email marketing strategy to be effective, Thus it becomes important to send your emails at the proper time.


Again, the AB test will reveal all the inconsistencies that are not allowing your email marketing to be effective.


8. Subject line


The first thing that your readers are going to read before they click on the email is the subject line, subject lines to a large extent determines whether the email will be opened or deleted even before it is read.


Your subject line should be concise, and immediately grab your reader’s attention. You do not want to look too pushy with your emails so your subject line should show that you have a definite purpose for sending the particular email.


Your subject line is more important than you think. Subject lines are often more important than your content as readers will decide by reading the subject line whether your mail is worth their time or not. So make sure to be clear about the objective of your email in the subject line to develop this effective email marketing strategy.


9. Re-engage inactive subscribers


there is a high chance that a significant part of your customers are no longer interested in your brands and have been inactive for a long time, but don’t remove them from the mailing list just yet. Try to win back your inactive subscribers. Use a poll to find out why your subscribers are no longer using your brand, give them a list of options to choose from before clicking the unsubscribe link.


Another effective way to reengage your inactive subscribers is to provide them a special offer for a limited amount of time. It is important to create a sense of urgency while trying to reengage your inactive subscribers so that they can make up their minds about your product/services.


If they remain inactive, give them the option for a hassle-free way of unsubscribing because if those subscribers are not interested in your services anymore, there are chances that they may not open your emails again and possibly mark them as spam.


10. Call to action


CTA is a very important aspect of your emails. Your customer needs to know what to do with your email, they can either click through, delete the mail or worst-case scenario unsubscribe from your mailing list but emails demand some action.


It thus becomes very important to highlight a call to action in every mail. Your mails should have a defined call to action, what you are expecting the customer to act on should be very precise. The most common and effective CTAs are shop now, get 50% off, apply now but the Call to action can range depending on what your objectives are for a particular email. If a reader is new to your site then a call to action like explore our site or make your first order would be the ideal Call to action.


Make sure your call to action stands out in the email. Do not end up with too many calls to action as this might get your reader confused.

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