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Top 9 Business Analytics Courses In Coimbatore With Live Training

If you want to be a business analyst and are looking for institutes that provide business analytics courses in Coimbatore, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will be informed of the institutes that offer the best business analytics courses in Coimbatore.

Top Business Analytics Courses In Coimbatore

Top 9  institutions offering the best Business Analytics Courses in Coimbatore

The First Institute for business analytics courses in Coimbatore is Simplilearn. 

  1. Simplilearn

Course Name –Advanced Business Analytics Course in Coimbatore, offered in collaboration with IBM

Business analytics techniques and tools are currently in high demand and reward highly in the digital economy, as Simplilearn has become aware. As a result, the institute adopted the decision to transition the careers of ambitious business analysts by launching an advanced special business analytics course in Coimbatore that includes a wonderful mixture of practical skills along with real-life case studies, demanding first-hand practical classes, and exclusive classes provided by IBM industry geniuses.

This master’s program consists of both online live sessions and self-paced online tutorial videos and lecturers. A high-class learning environment and real-world applications are provided to you in Simplilearn’s tutored classes, which will assist you in acquiring essential business analysis skills.

As you get ready for an exciting career in business analytics, you will also obtain extensive command and knowledge in concepts like R, Tableau, Microsoft Excel, SQL databases, Python, data testing, Agile Scrum methods, Python, and statistics.

Here are the learning outcomes of the advanced Business analytics course in Coimbatore:-

  • Command the rudiments of MS Excel Analytics functions and conditional formatting
  • Execution of statistical concepts and tools like Hypothesis testing, ANOVA, transitioning average, and, regressions for data volumes using MS Excel
  • Gain more understanding of the tools and methods used in the organization and handling of business analytics
  • Achieve mastery of concepts of demands life span handling
  • Build essentials knowledge of the agile perspective
  • Learn how to examine data using Tableau and become competent in generating effective and interesting dashboards
  • Gain proficiency in Agile Scrum task project control process
  • Build in-depth understanding and proficiency with Agile Scrum techniques and applications, routine scrum synchronization, sprint, ordering, and reviewing.
  • Know more about key business examination concepts and business analysis key concept model
  • Build in-depth expertise in identifying, describing, assessing, and accomplishing various elements of business investigation tasks
  • Become proficient with SQL concepts
  • Order, implement, monitor, and, track Scrum assignments as well as projects
  • Consume Agile beliefs and build extensive knowledge regarding Scrum
  • Effectively execute Scrum throughout organizations

The primary features of the Brilliant Business Analytics Course in Coimbatore are as follows:-

  • Masterclasses are often conducted by IBM’s industry gurus
  • Getcapstones from more than 11 assignments and projects and capstones from three domains, moreover, the industry data sets are from Amazon, Unilever, etc
  • Combined industry-permitted certifications from Simplilearn along with IBM

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  1. ExcelR

Companies all around the world have to deal with colossal volumes of data every day, and ExcelR is fully aware of this. They benefit a great deal from the insightful information they discover when investigating the data sets, which ultimately helps them reap additional profits. An outstanding business analytics course in Coimbatore was introduced by ExcelR, an outstanding leader in the provision of training in business analysis programs, which fulfills the exigencies of the industry. it is one of the top institutes for business analytics courses in Coimbatore.

During the course, you will learn the following tools:-

  • Microsoft Excel (Essentials including Advanced)
  • Tableau
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • SAS
  • Python
  • Agile
  • R Programming Language

Who should register for the specially designed business examination course?

  • Anyone with an engineering or commerce or science background
  • Professionals from the BPO as well as KPO domain
  • Amateurs from any line but must possess brilliant analytical and logical skills
  • Working employees from any stream must possess brilliant analytical and logical skills
  • Professionals who have earlier pursued management courses
  • Financial along with accounting stream employees

Features of the business analytics program are as follows:-

  • Industry master trainers
  • Tailored coaching program
  • Secure access to e-learning study content as well as materials
  • Gain valuable exposure, expertise, and, skills, by working on live virtual projects
  • Synthesized model training
  • After-training instruction
  • Job placement recommendations and advice
  1. 360DigiTMG

There isn’t a better alternative if you want to work as a business analyst than 360DigiTMG. The institute provides one of the finest business analytics courses in Coimbatore because it specializes in training students in data analytics and data science. You may master data visualization, business analytics, and intelligence with the aid of this course. You become a very valuable asset to organizations once you join this course since you will end up supporting their cause.

The training begins with a primer to statistics, and as it goes on, you learn crucial principles like data mining, EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis), and text mining (both directed and non-directed).  The program also talks about the evolution of machine learning algorithms over time. Additionally, how organizations use Deep Learning and Neural Connections to address problems with business decision-making.  Last but not the least, as a student, you will also know how to use Tableau and fundamental graphs to execute foundational data visualization.

Since the course’s founders are graduates of IIM, IIT, and ISB, it aligns with current industry trends. You will get a solid understanding of the subjects and concepts with the help of this extensive curriculum. The creators of this program used a variety of cutting-edge strategies to reach the learning objectives. All of these make it one of the top business analytics courses in Coimbatore.

Here are the training outcomes of the program:-

This program aims to assist you in establishing a thorough understanding of the subjects, topics, and concepts so that, when you are working, you can manage a variety of maps, data arising sources, and dashboards, as well as create business reports, tales, etc. to produce useful business information and effective business strategies and tactics. You will master crucial ideas like predictive, diagnostic, prescriptive, and, descriptive analytics to help you build prediction models that you can use in the real world and have a thorough understanding of how to deal with business difficulties.

Additionally, this course will teach you how to apply the foundations of data visualization to analyze and present data while working on tasks and projects that are inspired by real-life case studies. Only when you comprehend and critically evaluate chaotic business situations will the course succeed in its goal of giving you competent education in the field of business analytics. Additionally, you will be able to implement theories, languages, and analytics models while making suggestions for solutions.

You will also perform the following:-

  • Engaged with different data arising sources
  • Perform text mining to create customer sentiment inspection
  • Implement various analytics techniques including tools
  • Gain a detailed knowledge of descriptive and predictive analytics
  • Apply data-backed, machine-learning methods for taking business decisions
  • Construct advanced forecast models for typical applications
  • Make predictions for taking proactive business decisions
  • Put Data Visualization concepts into use for presenting data for seamless understanding
  • Generate business reports, maps, dashboards, tales, etc. to extricate valuable business insights

Course Modules

This fantastic business analyst course was designed to provide you with the immensely challenging skills, procedures, and tools that are required to thrive in this field. Your knowledge and skills in ordering, designing, and data processing will be enhanced by the course syllabus. The training session covers a wide range of principles, including black box procedures, proposition assessment, linear regressions, data mining, and many more, to exhibit skill, knowledge, and experience with the use of analytics tools. You will master how to employ a plethora of thesis exams for resolving business-related issues. Through mathematical formulas, also known as line equations, you will be able to make predictions. Learn how to construct prediction model findings. Master the processes for devising forecasting model results. Learn about the many regression techniques, including Poisson and Logistic regressions that are utilized for special data

Course Features:-

  • Receive more assignment
  • Live virtual free seminars and workshops
  • Resume/CV/Bio-data and LinkedIn assessing sessions
  • 360DigiTMG’s LMS can be accessed throughout someone’s entire life
  • 24×7 Assisting feature
  • Acquirejob placements opportunities in the domain of Business Analytics
  • Unlimited interview preparation sessions
  • Acquire valuable practical exposure, experience, and, expertise, by working on a live online project
  • Offline employing programs and functions

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

  1. Blackboard Learning

Despite being a new institute, Blackboard Learning provides one of the most exciting business analytics courses in Coimbatore. The newly-opened institution launched a 16-week Bootcamp for those aiming to be a data scientist or business analyst or data analyst. This course utilizes all essential tools and technologies like R, Python, MS Excel, and, Tableau, using hands-on approach classes. Through this program, you can master all the statistical foundations with a simple and easy-to-understand application in Microsoft Excel.

Here is the program module:-

  1. Data Visualization using Tableau – All chart forms, filtering, categorizing, computed field generation, dashboard through action, and, storyboard
  2. Statistics through Microsoft Excel – Z exam, T exam, Regressions, implementing Statistical models within Microsoft excel using case studies
  3. Data Engineering – Summary of Flume, Apache scoop, Rudimentary Big Data through MapR and Hadoop, and, SQL essentials
  4. Data Analytics through programming of Python as well as R –  Fundamental and packages of R, R  dplyr, Python, SciPy, Pandas, NumPy, Caret, Matplotlib, Lattice
  5. Machine Learning through Programming of R & Python – Neural Networks, Random forest, Logistics as well as linear regressions, Hierarchical, support vendor machines, K-closest neighbors, Naïve Bayes, Decision trees, support vendor machines, gradient boosting, sentiment analytics, K-means clumping
  6. Characteristic Engineering – Integrating characteristics, Building new variables, outlier values treatment through various processes, dummy variables & one hot encoding, Treating lost values with Amelia or MICE, New bias production,

The course features:-

  • Real-time hands-on sessions – Are you tired of receiving training through classroom-based PPT lessons and lectures? If you are, Blackboard is here to make you fall in love with its easy-to-understand manner of instruction using complete practical classes and real-time data volumes
  • Mentorship support – If you are nervous to learn logical errors, coding, programming, or syntax errors, this institute is here to provide you with training with personal guidance assistance
  • Internship program support – If you are exhausted of hearing the old phrases, its strategic agreement with 22 business analysis organizations and more than 100 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning start-up firms will help you to cope with the same
  • Gain meaningful experience, knowledge, and, expertise – Get useful experience, knowledge, and, expertise, by working on 22 case studies along with seven mini-projects and one capstone project

Note – To pursue this program you must possess 12th-standard mathematical knowledge

  1. GRG Centre for Advanced Studies (GRGCAS)

GRGCAS or the GRG Centre for Advanced Studies firmly believes that it is a pioneer in offering top-quality classroom training, learning, and development courses in management for working professionals. Based on that belief, it offers an exceptional business analytics course in Coimbatore that includes the perfectly brewed skills, knowledge, and, expertise, in the domain of business analysis.

Business assessment basically being the mixture of techniques, applications, skills, and, technologies, employed by companies to infer data-forced insights. Subsequently, these insights are then utilized to assist them in their decision-making methods within functions, comprising operations, finance, and, marketing. Realizing that fact, the expert faculty members of GRGCAS, who are also professional practitioners from the industry, have designed and launched a program that will help learners to transition themselves into knowledgeable, expert, and, qualified business analysts, who later on will help their organization to make well-informed business decisions. This why its program seeks to impart practical learning by applying the most updated concepts with the most practical concepts associated with practical training, wherein you will work with artificial data sets and real-life data sets.

Program Modules:-

  • Module 1 – Introducing Big Data
  • Module 2 – Introducing Analytics and Programming R
  • Module 3 – Data Analytics through R Programming
  • Module 4 – Applying different Big Data Analytics procedures
  • Module 5 – Advanced Analytics through SAS

Further Programme Modules:-

  • Data Visualization through Tableau
  • Machine Learning Principles
  • Analytics for Social Media and Mobile
  1. Intellipaat

Intellipaat and CCE, IIT Madras, offer one of the most extensive business analytics courses in Coimbatore. The seven-month-long program will help you to build a concrete skill set, that features business analysis, descriptive statistics, probability distribution, data architecture, time series forecasting, and, a comprehensive field knowledge that is essential to thriving in this domain.


  • First Module – Everythingregarding SQL
  • Second Module – Everything regarding Microsoft Excel
  • Third Module –Everything regarding python
  • Fourth Module – Everything regarding Statistics including Probability
  • Fifth Module –Everything regarding Machine Learning
  • Sixth Module – Narration of stories, Business Problem Solving, and, everything regarding Insights
  • Seventh Module –Everything regarding KNIME
  • Eighth Module – Everything regarding working with Data Models and how to do modeling
  • Ninth Module – Everything regarding Data Warehouse
  • Tenth Module – Visualizing through Microsoft Power BI
  • Eleventh Module – Analytics with the help of Spark (Self-paced)
  • Twelfth Module –Everything regardingPresto
  • Thirteenth Module – You will be a Data Analytics Capstone Project to work on
  • Fourteenth Module – Applying Business Case Studies

Primary Course Highlights:-

  • The program duration amounts to 400 hours and is fully application-based learning
  • You will learn the program on your own for 218 hours
  • Above 50 Industry relevant Projects and Case Studies
  • One-to-one personal classes with industry experts
  • 24*7 guidance and assistance
  • Rudimentary Soft Skills Training
  • Live online sessions that amount to above 50
  • Receive instructions from qualified, knowledgeable, and, expert IIT Madras Faculty & Industry professionals
  • Career Help Services offered by Intellipaat
  • 3 Ascertained Interviewsoffered by Intellipaat
  • A course specially created for working professionals as well as freshers
  1. Tutorsbot

Established in 2018, Tutorsbot is also a new institution that provides one of the most comprehensible business analytics courses in Coimbatore. The aim of this detailed program is to make you come across a wide range of business analytic methods. This course is designed to introduce you to a range of business analytic methods and is organized around the wide shapes of the many business analyst categories, including predictive, descriptive, prescriptive, and, inferential analysis. The program is in accordance with industry standards. Since it offers one of the best hands-on training courses, its students have been able to go and fetch top positions at various MNCs. Its training courses are one of the most recommended training programs that provide practical knowledge, implementation on live virtual projects, and confirming job placements.

Here are some of the benefits that you will get from the course:-

  • You will have a much greater understanding of the concepts and methods used in business analysis after completing this course
  • As your skills and competency increase, so will your job opportunities

Course Syllabus:-

  • Introducing Business Investigation
  • Demands Planning
  • Demands Elicitation
  • DemandsExamination
  • Demands Documentation
  • Demands Management along with Communication
  • Solution Validation and Admittance
  • Enterprise Assessment
  • Abilities and Best Practices
  • Life span models

Course benefits:-

  • Special job placement team for job confirmation to course registrar
  • Qualified, expert, and, knowledgeable trainers from the IT Industry
  • Dedicated assistance and team for coaching and development
  • The practical training course includes a hands-on project class

Requirements of the course are as follows:-

  • Business AssessmentFoundations
  • Communicating skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Business Acumen and Knowledge
  • IT Knowledge
  1. Skilllogic

One of the best business analytics courses in Coimbatore is offered by Skilllogic, a leader in providing IT consultancy and accredited training programs. You will learn about a variety of concepts during the four-month case study-based coursework, including banking, agricultural, business analytics masters, healthcare, logistics,  retail, business analytics foundations, business analytics expert, insurance, etc. This course will assist you in becoming familiar with a variety of business inspection elements, including forecasting, data unification, association and structure recognition, data visualization, data mining, text mining, data optimization, and, predictive analytics. The institution lets you select the mode of instruction – online-based classes or classroom-based training or self-paced. The trainers who provide instructions are well-experienced, certified, qualified, and, knowledgeable. They will provide guidance on how to use different business inspection tools like Google Analytics,QlikView, Splunk, SAS, MixPanel, Splunk, etc.

Features of the program are as follows:-

  • Accreditations from IABAC
  • The training is provided using practical methodologies
  • Case study-based training is provided by visualizing tools like Tableau and Python
  1. ACTE

ACTE is a premier institute that offers one of the best business analytics courses in Coimbatore. The training program offered by ACTE strives to provide high-quality instruction that will impart essential expertise on key ideas while adopting a hands-on approach. You can evaluate industrial firm analyst concepts and perceive industrial firm SDLC, ordering, technique assessment, STLC, and application software utilization by using forms in ACTE’s advanced certified business analysis course. The institute’s instructors will instruct you on needs gathering, requirements validation, outlining requirements architecture, and designing and constructing UML diagrams during the online training course.

In order to get practical knowledge and experience in industrial firm inspection methodologies toolkit 1 and toolkit 2, you can work on real-world tasks as you receive training. Enroll in this business analysis course that includes training on Microsoft Power BI to enhance your career in business analytics while building stronger Microsoft Excel skills. With the help of these frequently used tools and a reputable industrial organizational analytics accreditation, you can build a successful career.

Highlights of the business analysis course are as follows:-

  • Practical training amounting to 40 hours
  • Above three live online projects for imparting practical learning experience
  • Above 25 practical projects
  • Access ACTE’s program study material 24×7 and for a Lifetime

Also check,

Frequently Asked Questions on business analytics courses in Coimbatore

  1. As a business analyst, what will be my roles and responsibilities?

As a business analyst, you will be performing the following:-

  • Explore business needs and construct data models in line with that
  • You will be accountable for style method and project documentation
  • Boost KPI scorecards, dashboards, and, visual reports, by making use of Microsoft Power BI Desktop
  • Efficiently perform analytical research for the transformation of data into educative and informative visuals and stories
  • Effortlessly build DAX queries on the Business Analyst desktop
  1. What tools will I use in business and data analytics?

Here are some tools that you will use:-

  • Data Unification
  • Data Inspection
  • Data Exhibition
  1. Which Business analytics course will be best for me In Coimbatore?

There are many criteria for an individual to choose a particular course. For some, it is the class timing, for some the duration, and for some the fee structure. Make a list of your preferences and compare it with the course features and then decide on a business analytics course in Coimbatore.

Conclusion on top business analytics courses in Coimbatore

You must already be aware of the Coimbatore-based institutions that provide the top business analytics courses in Coimbatore and in-depth training programs. After reading this post, you must also be aware of the many facilities, benefits, and features the programs have to offer. Post your inquiries in the comment box if you have any.

Arka Roy Chowdhury has done his post-graduate diploma course from Asian College of Journalism. Previously, he has worked at a few publications. Currently, he is an intern at IIM skills. Arka is an avid reader of sports and entertainment news.

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