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10 Best Options for Career After B.Com in Bhopal

Do you want to know about the best options to boost your career after B.Com in Bhopal? Let us discuss the best career options and courses that offer high-paying and stable job opportunities. B.Com is the most commonly pursued degree after completing high school which makes it the most popular course. B.Com is a highly pursued degree because it opens up whole new opportunities and offers varied career options.

Best Options for Career After B.Com in Bhopal

But it is not easy to find a high-paying job by just doing B.Com. The students need to have an extra Certificate Course or a Postgrad degree after B.Com otherwise finding a job would be very difficult.

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5 Best Career Options After B.Com in Bhopal:

Let us discuss the best career after B.Com in Bhopal

1. Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing professionals are needed by every company or organization from even small to big business owners. This option makes it the best career after B.Com in Bhopal. The digital marketer helps the business owner to gain visibility of their product and services to people.

The role of a digital marketer is vast from lead generation to giving the right content, attracting traffic, and engaging people through social media marketing. Various innovative digital marketing strategies are being used with SEO, SEM, and PPC techniques to attract more traffic to a company’s website and increase the sales and conversion rates.


The key role of a digital marketer is to understand the audience’s needs and problems. They help in increasing the conversion rate of a business by using various tools. They increase the sales of a product and service provided by the client. They understand the competitor’s strategy, their strength and weakness and lay a foundation accordingly. The digital marketer should be aware of the latest tools and technologies to increase the revenue of a business.

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Job Role:

Skills Required:

  • Market research skill.
  • SEO and SEM skills.
  • Social media marketing techniques.
  • Data analytical skills are important to give marketers information about the needs of a customer.
  • Creativity is an important skill.
  • Digital skills play a key role.
  • Content marketing skills.

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The candidate can be a graduate or postgraduate or an MBA student with marketing skills. Based on the qualification you can achieve various roles like Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Agent, Digital Marketer, SEO Executive, Social Media Marketing Expert, Digital Marketing Copywriter, Conversion Rate Optimiser, Search Engine Specialist, Inbound Marketing Manager, Content Marketing Manager, Analytical Manager and Digital Marketing Manager.


Fresher- 50,000-60,000 pm.

Intern- 10,000- 15,000 pm.

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2. Investment Banker

If you are intrigued by the words banker, finance expert and chief financial officer. And you are interested in getting a job role that involves a company’s finance, transaction, economics and banking then an Investment banker can be a very good career after B.Com in Bhopal.

Investment banking means helping the clients raise capital money for organisations, governments and other firms.

Job Role:

You might have heard of a company take over another company or two companies merge into one company. E.g.: Reliance acquired firms like Big Bazaar. These decisions are taken with the help of investment bankers. The major role of an investment banker includes raising capital for the company and issuing securities. It involves roles like assisting in business acquisitions and mergers, development in financial models, analysis of financial data to help in generating capital for the company.

Skill Required:

An investment banker should have strong interpersonal skills, quantitative skills. They should have the ability to perform complex financial modelling. The nature of this job is such that the investment banker should be constantly updated with the latest event. Analytical skills, research skill and quantitative skills also play a key role.


I-banker should hold a relevant degree in finance and accounting. But holding a degree is simply not enough to guarantee a job. Strong persuasive, communication and networking skills are important to get a job. You can also take a short term investment banking course


A fresher can get up to 50,000 pm

Experienced candidate get: 13-14 lakhs pa

Top Recruiters:

Top companies that recruit I-bankers are

  • Barclays
  • J.P. Morgan
  • Citi
  • Goldman Sachs
  • HSBC
  • Accenture
  • Nomura

3.  Economist:

An economist evaluates the economic issues of a country or organisation. They are professionals and experts who analyse data using statistical techniques, models and software. Some of the popular economists are the CEO of Niti Ayog, Chief economist advisor, governor of RBI.

The economist not only involves in the financial field but also involved in the department of health, environment and various other government policies. They also study and analyse data related to the production and distribution of resource goods and services.

If you are interested in joining civil services, IES (Indian Engineering Service Exam) is conducted by the Government of India for which Post graduation in Economics is necessary. Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the IES exam or also known as Engineering Services Exam (ESE).

Job Role:

The job role of an economist differs based on specialisation. For example, there are Research Economist, International Economist, Industrial Economist, Financial Economist and Business economist. The key role of an economist is to study, compile and analyse the data to bring profitable results for the organisation.

They constantly research the current changes that take place in a field or environment and predict future financial activity. They also develop monetary policies and define their guidelines and strategies so that they can be executed properly. They help business owners to make important decisions about company policies. They help to plan future business activities based on national and international trade policies.

Skills Required:

The following skills are important to become a successful economist:

  • Research skill
  • Numerical and analytical skills
  • Mathematical skills
  • Interpersonal and good communication skills


Economics student or even science student can pursue a degree in economics. A Post-graduation degree in economics is preferred to get government jobs. But a degree that has economics as the subject will also do. Multinational Companies ask for an internship or a few years of professional experience in a relevant field.


The salary varies according to the experience and graduation level.

  • Fresher: 3-4 lakhs pa.
  • Average salary of a candidate at MNC: 10-15 lakhs pa.
  • Experienced candidate: 25 lakhs pa.

Top recruiters:

Some of the top recruiters for economists are:

  • Reserve Bank Of India
  • Ministry Of Corporate Affairs
  • LIC
  • Boston consulting group
  • Oracle
  • The Economist Intelligence Unit
  • Google
  • Infosys
  • Facebook


4. Management Consultant:

If you are looking for a career that can pave way for both job and entrepreneurship then this career can be quite interesting. This gives you a scope for entrepreneurship and stability for the job.

Job Role:

Let’s discuss the job role of a management consultant. The role of a management consultant is to know the challenges and opportunities of a business and to understand their needs. The business can be a government entity, private organisation or a non-profit organisation.

They review and analyse the company data like payroll or financial data. They outline the total scope of the project and improve the business performance. They maintain coordination between the client’s employees, management team and stakeholders.

You cannot literary become a management consultant just by completing a course. Keep keen on gaining knowledge through relevant works and internships or if you are planning to start a consulting firm be aware of the experience that is needed to start your business.

Specialization in Management Consultant:

There are various specializations available at management consultants such as

  • Human Resource
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Operations

Skills Required :

  • Improve your subject knowledge by gaining some practical experience.
  • Improve your soft skills like interpersonal skills, communication skills, and time management skills.
  • Organizational skills
  • Analytical skill

Qualification :

B.Com, BBA, and MBA students are qualified for this role. Try to specialize in relevant fields such as Marketing, finance, organizational behavior and business psychology.

You can take up diploma courses that give you knowledge about management consultants. Strive to make a career path by identifying your strength, and weakness and how to reach your goal.


A beginner’s salary is about – 6-7 lakhs pa

After 3-4 years of experience – 9-10 lakhs pa

An experienced consultant after 10 years- 25- 30 lakhs pa

Top Recruiters:

The scope is vast. Top companies that hire management consultant are:

  • Boston consulting group
  • Deloitte
  • KPMG
  • Bain and company
  • Accenture
  • Mckinsey and company

5.           Actuaries:

Have you ever wondered how insurance companies can get people insured? And how do they guarantee that they would cover the loss for you? The people who are behind all these research and calculations are called actuaries. They are also called Financial Risk Managers. It is the best option for a career after B.Com in Bhopal

Job role:

The important job role of an actuary is to analyse the statistical information. They calculate the value of insurance risk, design the pricing of policies, insurance rates and pension rates are determined. They have a legal duty to take care of the benefits promised by the insurance companies. They analyse data, calculate and manage the risk factor.

They constantly keep a check on insurance risks and try to minimise losses. They also help to plan new business lines and help insurance companies determine the rate of interest to customers for insurance policies. They analyse the risk for the financial planning of an organisation.

Skills Required:

  • Quantitative skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Mathematical skills
  • Statistical skills
  • Research skill


You have to get a certification in Actuarial Science from actuaries institute. They conduct 13 exams that need to be cleared to get the certificate. After graduation, it is not necessary to wait and clear all the 13 exams. The First 4-5 exams can be cleared and start gaining experience through entry-level jobs and simultaneously clear the exams while working.

You need to take commerce with mathematics or PCM subjects in 12th. Graduation in maths, statistics or economics is preferred. Few institutes offer direct graduation in actuarial science which can also be preferred.


Fresher: 3-4 lakhs pa.

Experienced- 8-9 lakhs pa.

More experience – 10-15 lakhs pa.

If you have cleared all the 13 exams- 20- 25 lakhs pa

Top recruiters:

  • Insurance companies like SBI, LIC, HDFC, ICIC, IDBI
  • AVON
  • AXA
  • WTW

5 Best Courses to Boost Your Career After B.Com in Bhopal:

We are going to discuss the best courses that can be opted for a  secure and stable career after B.Com in Bhopal that can land you in high paying jobs in future.

1.           Master in Business Administration (MBA):

If you are looking for courses that offer a stable career after B.Com in Bhopal then MBA is the most popular course that can be taken by commerce graduates. It paves the way to an excellent career path. To be successful in your caree path it would be a good idea to pursue MBA after gaining 1-2 years of experience in the relevant field.


After graduation, the path to get into MBA is by clearing the CAT exam. The CAT score determines the type of college you could join. Better CAT scores lead you to better colleges, better job opportunities and a better pay scale.

Many MNCs are ready to hire fresh MBA graduates.

The salary of an average MBA student is 5-7 lakh pa.


Once you complete your MBA the job opportunities vary according to the specialisation you take. Few opportunities for MBA aspirants are:

  • Management Consultant
  • Investment banker
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Data analytics

2.  Chartered Accountancy:

The next career option that is in high demand is Chartered accountancy (CA). Most commerce students opt for CA as their career options. Which makes it the most popular and demanding course.


Students can join CA  after completing high school. CA is done in three stages and it is necessary to complete all the three stages and exams along with 2.5 years of internship. Once completing all the stages you become a certified CA.


On becoming a certified chartered accountant you have three opportunities:

  • This can land you a job in multinational companies.
  • Open your own CA firm and practice CA.
  • Entrepreneurship
  • You can become an actuary professional.
  • Company secretary professional

The average salary of a chartered accountant is 7-8 lakhs pa.

3.           Company Secretary:

Another exciting career option for B.Com students is a Company secretary. The company secretary has a very important role in efficiently commanding the functions and administration process in an organisation or company. A company secretary studies the corporate laws. The corporate company requires managers and developers and requires a person who knows laws and that role is fulfilled by the Company secretary.

This is a 3 years degree that comprises three stages

  • Foundation programme
  • Executive programme
  • Professional programme

The roles and responsibilities of a company secretary are:

  • Work as an advisor for the board of directors and chairman of the company for corporate governance and directors duties.
  • They keep a record of information of investors, shares, the board of directors, and members of the company.
  • They know the laws and guidelines of the company and work as legal advisors for the company executives.

The average salary of a company secretary is 5-6 lakhs pa. The scope for CS is huge as there are a plethora of jobs waiting in top MNCs and various other organizations.

4.           Business Accounting and Taxation:

This is also an excellent course that can be opted by graduates as a career after B.Com in Bhopal. This is a highly demanding career. The Tax accountant’s primary job is to remit tax payment and return. A tax accountant manages all tax affairs of a company.

This course has certain specializations that can be opted for. One such specialization is the GST course that offers huge scope. This course can be separately taken as a certificate course from reputed institutes.

The job role after doing business accounting and taxation involves:

  • Tax Consultant
  • Corporate Law Assistant
  • Company Law Assistant

This is a less explored field so if you opt for this career the chances of succeeding in this career is high. The average salary for business accounting and taxation is 4-8 lakhs pa.

5.   Financial Risk Manager:

The financial Risk manager is a recognized degree and a good option for graduates looking for the best career after B.Com in Bhopal. It is an excellent option for people who would like to pursue their banking and finance careers. They identify and analyse the threats to assets. This is an excellent course. The course for FRM is 9 months long. Exams are conducted twice once in May and once in November.

The average salary is 10 – 18 lakhs pa.


After your graduation, you can determine your career path based on your interest. Before deciding which course to opt it is important to consider the price of the course. Any of the above courses will surely land you in a secured and high-paying job. You must now have gained insight about the best career after B.Com in Bhopal. So choose your career wisely and happily start your journey to success.

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