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12 Unique Blog Ideas In 2024

Are you tired of wracking your brain for generating unique blog ideas? We as a writer all have been through that phase of meh, especially when you feel the whole box of wax topics under the sun are covered. You may have slots to fill with your blogs or commitments to finish up the content. But, if you are uninspired, the blogs you generate would bore your readers. To address this challenge, you need some unique blog ideas and most importantly which gains instant results.

Unique Blog Ideas

There are umpteen ways to generate unique blog ideas without relying on your creativity. After all, you are having that writer’s block and it is a universal problem. If you are someone with this kind of block this article helps you with some hacks that generate unique ideas. These are super cool ones and make your life easier.

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Why Do You Need Unique Blogging Ideas?

Well before getting into this much, you may wonder why it is emphasized a lot? To be precise, through blogging, you can drive potential buyers to your business. And at the current era of the digital world, you cannot stay online without regular blogging and cannot engage your customers through visuality. Hence with your uniqueness and ideas, you need to express your services. Not only writers but any breed of business that looks to increase their brand authority and overall credibility needs unique blogging ideas to achieve the same.

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Approach for Unique Blog Ideas

At times keyword research would not give the cut you looking for. What can you do at that moment? Here are some approaches for generating authentic content. It is going to be easy and practical.


I am not sure about you, but I usually spend some time in my week to break the brick of brainstorming. Not every time my keyword research or creative thinking helps me. However, collaborative brainstorming does wonder in coming up with unique blog ideas. You can do brainstorming in the following ways:

  • Mind mapping – A traditional method of connecting ideas on a topic and coming up with a solution
  • Right braining- Use the clustering technique where you are intertwining the random words that came over your mind while picking up the random ones
  • Proactive actions- Goggle at things in different aspects and start generating your unique ideas.
  • Break and build- Break down your believed abstraction into fragments of a broad topic and other side build it up with a widespread solution. In the end, you will reach out with a moot point that is a distinction with a wide range of information.
  • Randomness- Decide on a general topic and a random object. Jot down the words associated with the item. Hence, in the end, gather up the altercation and join them relevantly to get the one.

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Social Media:

Another huge ocean where you can end up with unique blog ideas is social media. On the big platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora you can check the tags and posts from industry leaders. Try to figure out what they have posted, the hashtags which they use are the places you need to look for generating fabulous unique blog ideas.

Discovering a take like this is a head start. Talking about your opinion, reason out if you agree/ disagree. In addition to this also about expert’s viewpoints.

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Analyze Your Audience/ Personas:

Almost over 50% of the market relies on the buyer persona/ audience. This method is effective than usual keyword research. Take a survey among your audience and you can end up with some good take.

You Can Start Your Scrutiny With the Following Questions:

  • What are the obstacles faced by your persona?
  • What could be the solution?
  • How can they handle the issue?
  • Methodology to save their time.

Remember, this is only starting point. You can narrow it down in the later part of your research.

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Talk to Your Other Team Members:

The blog post which is a page-turner is not going to be generated from your marketing team however, your sales team gives you the dollop. The reason is they are the ones who directly deal with the frustrations and talk straightly with your buyers.

Your sales team knows better about your prospects as they spend the whole day figuring out the numbers and having words directly with the potential customers. This strategy is the gold digger for unique blog ideas. Thus, set up a meeting with your team and put down the questions and get ready with some awesome posts.

Gimmicks to Generate Unique Blog Ideas:

Wait! The show is not over yet. I have suggested some physical methodology to generate refreshing ideas. Apart from the above, I found the following tools handy to bring about unique blog ideas. With these, you can stop banging your head on the keyboard and get started immediately.

1. Google Autocomplete:

While searching for leads, most of the folks would google to discover the available resource digitally. But I suggest you look down in the scroll bar that appears as an autocomplete suggestion. You may end up with an exciting topic which you would not have an idea to take up. All these can be converted into blog posts until they are under your relevant niche.

2. Answer the Public:

In my opinion, it is a stupendous tool. It gives a widespread view of the topics that people search frequently. It is a free tool and you can get an idea of what the audience looks for in the targetted keyword.

3. Buzzsomo:

Buzzsomo is something that dazzles me by its amazing results. No wonder it is a rage among content marketers. It creates a punch in your content generation and unique ideas. Buzzsomo is a real-time monitoring tool and contributes to trending affairs.

4. People Also Ask:

You might have noticed this in your google search results place. A built-in feature of google stating people also asks for a section. You can very well convert these areas into your blog posts. The take you get here will be unique. You can also incorporate these questions in the FAQs section of your blog post.

5. Google Trends:

If your goal is to capitalize on the most trending topics, then google trends are the ones to provide you with that topic. The best fact is that you can also get the most searched topic by everyone or related queries in narrowing down yourself.

6. Pinterest:

Pinterest is an amazing tool that benefits you in creating unique blog post ideas. Either refer to the trending ideas section or start your search with the single keyword to land up into happening ones associated with that keyword.

7. Research Your Competitor:

I may sound odd. You can venture into your competitor blogs to scrape out what they write. You have to admit the fact even if you hate it that your competitors at times come up with pretty new ideas. Try using tools like uber suggest to unearth the keywords they rank for.

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8. Quora:

Quora is an online forum where people post about a large variety of questions and answers for various topics. While responding to answer attracts links for your business, you can also analyze the most discussed topic. Hence you can convert these to your blog posts based on your niche.

9. Instagram Stories:

Social media nowadays can be utilized to different levels. Instagram is such a platform that has wide options to explore. Instagram stories are one among those that come with an option where your viewers can ping you their queries regarding the story. At last, you can address these with your blog posts.

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10. Case Studies:

How about a walk to walk by putting all the awe-inspiring case studies for your business blogs? Readers would love to read your journey. Include details from scratch. Like how hard you worked and achieved the desired results. Case studies provide scope for a set of targetted keywords.

11. Hubspot Blog Generator:

At times you may feel rut and cannot dig deeper for comments or social media pages. It does not mean you lost track. Hubspot blog idea generator comes as a savior at that moment. The structure of the generated ones is the same, and it’s not a foolproof topic generator, but it helps in switching things in your mind.

12. Talk About Lessons and Goals Achieved:

You may be around the end of the year. It is a great idea to talk about the lessons taught during the year and the goals achieved during that year. Your readers would love to know about it and some powerful content may even inspire them.

Additional Tips for Unique Blog Ideas:

  • Consider publishing an open letter of your favorite industry and a topic most important to you. This takes off your chest.
  • Try to pick up a complicated topic and cover it up with a multiple blogging series.
  • A checklist blog before starting something like a business, travel, or anything attracts many audiences
  • A roundup of funnies that surrounds the industry.
  • A book review on the favorite industrial books on your favorite topic with some key takeaways.
  • A glimpse of your daily life and work culture in your life.
  • Product reviews of the common tools used in the industry.
  • Expand the content of the event you attended recently related to your field.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. What is a good blog niche?

Not sure on what to write? Here is some niche that helps you to start with.

  • Self-improvement/ personal development
  • Health and fitness for working professionals
  • Tips on writing and copywriting
  • Journey of learning a new language
  • DIY projects and techniques to do at home
  • Financial management beyond basics
  • Video games tactics
  • Sports photography
  • Car maintenance
  • Personal finance
  • Graphic designing
  • coding/development
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Real estate
  • Relationships
  • Video games
  • esports

Q2. What can I blog about today?

Getting a unique blog idea today is ahead breaking task. Start your blog today with the succeeding suggestions:

  • What is your favorite fitness routine?
  • List of your favorite movie
  • A guide about your favorite restaurant
  • A glimpse of your favorite makeup routine
  • Craft a myth Vs reality post
  • Trends in the industry you work in
  • A challenge with your audience participating
  • Some current affairs that frustrated you recently
  • A debate between two people in your industry
  • Helpful books you read
  • New tools that helped in your workflow
  • Problems faced by your target customers with your solution
  • Compile specific topics on quotes
  • List of top influencers in the industry and their journey

Q3. How do I find blog ideas?

  • Research a lot in your niche
  • Analyze your competitor’s work
  • Jot down strengths and weakness
  • Find out where you lag
  • Craft a better one after analysis

Q4. How can I make my blog unique?

  • Be an expert in your niche. Make it narrower
  • Engage your readers with contests and materials
  • Create visual effects by adding images and videos
  • Conduct interviews with the industrial experts and professionals
  • Feature some guest bloggers on your website

Q5. What are the high demanding blog topics?

The following niches are creating vibes around the internet. You can make pretty good with these:

  • How to make money online?
  • Health and fitness
  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Technology and gaming
  • Sports
  • Politics
  • Music and musicians
  • Business
  • Parenting
  • Pet lovers
  • Movie buffs
  • Hobby related

It is Time to Kick Off with Unique Blog Ideas:

There you go, whether you are struggling to fill up with content or aspiring to make your posts unique here are some approaches and gimmicks to make it unique instantly. Nevertheless, if you put in your efforts, I am sure you can address the audience’s hunger. This is just a beginning once you start practicing you may end up with multiple niches in your topics in a unique. The wait is over and gets started today.

Happy blogging!!!!

Hi all, this is Sumangala from India. A proud self-published Author of a novel. Many still underway. A passionate wife and young mom of 2 kids. I usually spend time with my family when I am not working. I love challenges and it never stopped me from learning new things. Join me in this journey in order to explore more

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