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How to Promote a Blog in 2024 – A Detailed Guide

A blog is a digital form of written paragraphs. Formerly, we used to read newspapers, literature, books, etc. Now we read on the internet, People read these blogs on the mobile computer. There are many types of articles & writings available on the internet. Here we are going to look at the various ways to promote a blog to garner readership. 

How To Promote A Blog

This writing of the web is called Weblog and in short, it is a Blog. A blog can be of different subjects; different types, depend on the person or a group of people who writes it and posts it on the web. People write the blog and the reader reads it, this is simple communication from writer to reader and it ensures satisfaction from both ends.

Blogs are the easiest ones to read on the go2. A blog is not a website it is a part of it, a website can have multiple blogs regarding various topics. People create a website where they write and post, these posts might include their personal feelings, a niche they like, a Commercial one, etc. Niche is a specific subject on which the writer writes the blog.

The posts are written for viewers of the same interest to which niche belongs. People who write blogs are called bloggers. The bloggers write the post and wait for the audience, but the problem is the audience you are assuming to target will not come as you expect. If you as a blogger want to gather an audience, you need to promote the blog.

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Before heading towards how to promote a blog and blog promotion let’s quick summary of how to write a blog.

Following are the points you can follow:

  1. Choose a topic you want to write on
  2. Research about the topic.
  3. Make a frame in which you will write
  4. Pick your headings and subheadings clearly
  5. Stack up the media you want and modify accordingly(Images/Videos)
  6. Start the writing along with your subject.
  7. Think and solve your visitor questions.
  8. Format and customize your blog concerning the website
  9. Pay attention to the grammar and tone of your writing.
  10. Considering SEO parameters optimize the blog.

For a detailed explanation of each of the above points, you can walk through our article on how to write a blog-step-by-step-guide

Write down the bullet points of the blog you are writing and put that in the above structure for maximum impact on your blog. As of now you have completed your blog and will now discuss how to promote the blog. You might have used some of your tactics but the effects of those will be seen in detail further.

Blog promotion is one of the easy and the hard steps at the same time after you write the blog. If you have a lot of followers already it is easy to congregate the audience but if you are a beginner and just entered the blog genre then it is difficult. Bloggers need to understand that until you are a celebrity, or you are well-known in this segment people will not be keen on your blog and not listen to you until you stand out. Bloggers might lose interest in writing if this happens frequently, it affects their confidence I suggest to you that you take prior steps to promote your blog.

I Will cover the common section first and later, I will focus on promoting the blog with social media, particularly on popular social sites.

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How to promote a blog?

If this is your question and you are finding it laborious to do the same. I advise the following 10 ways to promote your blog free and reach the people you want to.

  1. Keywords are key promoters:

The subject you choose is the keyword you use in your blog, so you need to research the niche or subject you have chosen and differentiate between long and short-tail keywords. Both you can use in your blog to get the search rank on Google. Keyword optimization is one of the important factors in writing a blog.

You choose a subject or niche you want to write about, and later you work on the same but how do you work? What are the points you work on? Keywords on which you are planning to write and are you working on the effective keywords? These all questions must be answered.

You can search the keyword of your blog on Google keyword planner then in the results, you will get the monthly searches of the keywords relevant to your blog keyword. From that, you can pick a low or high keyword competition and start to write on the same. From these steps, you can promote your blog organically through Google searches.

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2. Treat to the visitors: 

Why do you write content? To read. Who are the readers? Visitors & Viewers. So your content should incline towards them. They should find your blog relevant to their requirements. People look for benefits nowadays and select very specific to read. To be on that list, write effectively.

To do this start with your contact, know their area of interest, what they want to read, and on which subject they will focus more. This is very helpful if you are writing a user-specific blog. Create a list of the people who have the same area of interest and create a list of their mail IDs.

So, once you finish writing for that particular topic. Format it, have a self-review, and then put it on your website. The link you will get after posting a blog that you can send to your list with a message related to that blog and its area of interest.

Like this you can try out your contact first then you can explore other contacts. Make sure you write the mail to the point showing a correlation between their requirement and your blog.

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  1. Feedback on your writing:

You write your blog to communicate and this communication should be two ways. The blog delivers your thoughts to the viewers, they read those thoughts and think about the same. Usually, readers agree or disagree with your blog so this needs to be heard from you.

Feedback is the way to do it and this does not require special efforts. You can drop a comment box after your blog and don’t forget to put the reaction for lazy readers who just read and don’t want to comment. They can simply click on any of the reactions available. By doing this you can collect the data and analyze it to produce high-quality content, Relative stuff, and fill the loopholes by hearing out the comments from viewers.

Will suggest a way to receive lots of feedback, plan a reward system, or plan a point system. Most of the popular websites do this to increase engagement on their website. Create a point system on comments and reactions later these points viewers can redeem these for various reasons like buying award icons and later giving the best blog they read, which can redeem over coupons or small merchandise. Like this people will communicate to your blog and you can keep up the engagements don’t forget to add the share button.

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  1. Respond to others: 

As a writer it is important to read, while doing this you get new thoughts, ideas, and perspectives. This helps you in creating the content you want in many ways. So, if you are reading other blogs don’t forget to put a comment.

If you put a comment make sure you write it honestly and keep in mind that if you interact with people who are already in limelight and well-known might the next promotion will come from their end. As they are already socially active with lots of followers your content can be in their eyes too.

  1. Patience is important: 

The blog you will write and promote will not easily be promoted during all these steps you must have the patience to let your blog come into searches and people will click on it. At least 3 months is necessary to get your bog into Google searches according to the keyword you have taken into consideration.

  1. Write often and Publish regularly:

Your website is a marketplace where you sell your blog so keep the market fulfilled with content that is required by customers that write often and publish your blogs regularly from which you can ensure your viewers that plenty of the writing are available to digest.

If you write continuously on your website people will easily find you on Google searches but make sure your write according to the SEO requirements.

  1. Collaboration with others:

Your friends who have the same interest will be very helpful in this, You must comment, interact and share each other’s blog if it is not happening naturally by mutual understanding you both can have a word and you can work out this one. How to promote your blog is not a discussion now it is time for action for both friends.

So, don’t forget to mention the link of a friend in your blog and vice versa. By this, you both can ensure a handful of reach to each other and grow reach.

Also, one idea I will give you that make a blog that is interesting and lengthy as well. Make 2 parts of it and collaboration that is post 1st part of a blog on your website and 2nd on your friends’ website. This trick will ensure both blogs have views.

  1. Participate in a competition: 

If a website calls the blogs for a competition or gives the subject and invites the participants then make sure you are one of them.

Write and post your blog there and you will find many of the views you will get that mention your name and website so people can visit and enjoy the reads.

  1. Set a time to post:

I believe this is the underrated point in most cases, don’t just publish your blog randomly set a time for that. Also, check to surround the news you are hearing out.

Study the surroundings and timings for the post which are getting maximum exposure and try to publish your blog at that time. I suggest that if your niche is more likely towards the news or informative morning is the best time. If your niche is fun and relaxing evening is the best time and don’t forget weekends also where you will get maximum numbers of people.

  1. Try to integrate the influencer: 

If you are writing on the niche, then confirm that you are getting a celebrity or influencer on board. In between take the interview of the influencer and post it.

These types of articles and blogs will get a plenty number of viewers as the influencer will share them on her/his social media platforms.

Earlier I introduced you 10 ways to how to promote a blog. Apart from that the trending platforms where you can promote the blogs where you will get the maximum reach.

These platforms are social media platforms you use regularly to meet and chat the people.

The importance of creating promotional Plans

Promoting a blog incorrectly way may take some time. That is the reason why we should try for perfect planning and creating our promotional plans. These plans will help us to save time and they will help us to promote our blogs on different platforms and websites.

Going on social media browsing different social media platforms and just posting your blog links there is detrimental. You are spamming by doing this and high chance of getting blocked by the community, page, or group. so, don’t just spam your links systematically post them with proper captions.

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How to promote a blog on social media?

  • How to promote a blog on social media? 

This is the best source for bloggers to promote their blogs. Bloggers can use this platform for creating their online profile, they can make good friends and fans using different social media platforms where they can get loyal readers.

Whenever we publish a blog, we must make sure that we should promote it on our social media accounts. This is the first step for promoting a blog post which is easy and quick. We can use the below social media platforms for promotion like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Where to promote a blog on social platforms?

Below are the measured social media platforms where you can promote your blog.

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. Instagram
  4. Twitter
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Many other trending apps

  • How to promote a blog on Facebook? 

Facebook is an app we all use to chat, post pictures, read, and consume our favorite media. Most f people spent a large portion of their day on Facebook so this states we have a great opportunity to publish the blog and get traffic on your website.

Facebook is one of the most popular and largest social media platforms, Here you can post the link in your status, and stories also try to create a page on your website where you can post blog links, and whoever liked and followed the page will get easy access to the blog.

Facebook provides the option of ads also where you can see the budget and engagement you are getting for the budget you are spending.

  • How to promote a blog post on YouTube? 

YouTube is the greatest platform where all of the world come to see for their Entertainment, education interest, etc.

YouTube shorts and YouTube videos are your tools to promote your blog. Make a short video with a link to your blog and description and post in the more views on the video the more your visitors to the website

  • How to promote a blog post on Instagram?

There are many options on Instagram by which you can promote your blog. Through feed posts by using hashtags, Stories, and now Instagram reels.

Have a short explanation about your blog and create a video for Insta reels which can be used in YouTube shorts also. And for feed post create a poster with all the information and post in feed with relevant and trending hashtags.

  1. How to promote a blog on Social media groups 

This is another best way to promote our blog posts. We should try to be active in social media groups and communicate with other users. We can use LinkedIn and Facebook for creating groups and interacting with multiple users. We can get connected to the groups which allow promotions that are created for promoting blog posts which is like a blogging community.

Another way is to create our own Facebook group which can be used specifically for blogs only. Once we have created our group, we can start to invite our friends and fans and share our content and try to get more members. We can use the below platforms for creating groups like Quora, and SlideShare.

  1. How to promote a blog through Influencer marketing: 

This is another best way to promote our blog and create awareness about our blog and website. To start with this way of promotion, first, we need to focus on which influencers to target. We must investigate how they are engaged, what type of content they usually share and who is the audience, and how they are correlated with our blog posts.

Make sure you have researched the influencer very detailed so that your ads will be not wasted and you will get the required viewers on your blog.

  1. How to promote a blog by Guest blogging: 

This is another way that we can use to drive attention to our blog. This is a great strategy for boosting awareness of our website/blog and for creating our influence. It will not work instantly but it’s the best long-term strategy that will help for awareness of our blog.

Guest blogging is also called guest posting where we can write an article for others’ blogs to grow our blog and gain disclosure to our targeted audience. A guest post usually will be a unique piece of content that we have to write and that we haven’t published anywhere already. Usually, we don’t have to pay for guest blogging.

  1. How to promote a blog by Email marketing: 

Email marketing is a platform that helps us to design an email that enables you to design the email drive of our choice which we can send out in bulk to our mail list subscribers. This strategy is better to communicate with our existing audience and it’s possible to reach a new audience by creating email newsletters. We can create a round-up email of our best content which we can send to our listed audience to attract them and to develop their trust towards us.

  1. How to promote a blog by Blogging communities:

Blogging communities are one of the great tools for bloggers which doesn’t require too much time and help to attract a lot of audience to our blog. These communities are social networks that are created only for bloggers which will help to connect with other bloggers and engage them so they can get the audience to blogs. This platform can also use for sharing our thoughts and ideas with other bloggers.

By joining these communities, we can get few advantages like below: we can meet and create a relationship with other bloggers, we can share our blog posts and we can get different new trends with help of each other.

  1. How to promote a blog by Quora:

Quora is a huge platform where we discuss Q & A, Questions can be asked by people around the globe and can be answered by people who are reading it and willing to answer. There you can discuss the topic and put a link with the right caption so viewers can visit. From this, you can get plenty of traffic on your website

Benefits of blog promotion:

  1. Build up and develop a relationship with existing and new users:

Blogging allows us to connect with new and existing users. It is the best way to develop trust with the audience with our high-quality content.

  1. Helps to maintain marketing policy and design our content:

Blogs can help us with an animated multimedia presentation of our content which keeps our audiences interested and in touch with our content. We can use videos, images, and interviews on our blog for promotion.

  1. The blog can attract new clients:

Blogging and posting related content is a useful tool to increase the audience to our websites. Every blog we post adds a new page to our website. Blogging allows us to connect with new and existing users.

  1. A blog can build up the creation of a community around our website:

This is the best way to manage and circulate a word about our content. We can share our blogs on social media which will give us multiple audiences and helps us to build a community around our posts

  1. A blog can help us to build a reputation in the field of our interest:

Blogging allows us to share our views related to our content with our audience in a unique way which helps to build a good reputation. For freelancers, this is a must.

Hope you enjoyed it writers, Keep writing!

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