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Top 13 GST Certification Courses in Chandigarh With Placements

The concept of GST law had originated in the momentous budget speech on 28th February 2006 given by the Finance Minister. It was then that the date of 1st April 2010 was ordained for the introduction of GST in India.

GST certification courses in Chandigarh

The GST or the Goods and Services Tax is a single tax levied on the supply of goods and services including everything from manufacturing to delivery. Looking at it from a gross level, we can say that it is a destination-based, all-inclusive, and ordered tax model similar to that implemented in foreign countries.


Before the implementation of GST, there used to be two types of taxes under the taxation system – direct tax and indirect tax. In direct tax, there is direct infliction of liability on the person whereas indirect taxes can be transferred to someone else. The aim of GST is to replace all the indirect taxes.


The introduction of GST has done away with the cascading effect of taxes in the earlier taxation system, thus removing the tax burden.


The GST is levied in three parts:


  1. CGST (Central GST): The central government collects the revenue.
  2. SGST (State GST): The state governments collect the revenue for intra-state trade.
  3. IGST (Integrated/Inter-state GST): The central government collects the revenue for inter-state trade.


The factors that impact the GST on prices of goods are the nature of the particular item, the State governments, and their method of price control of essential items.


Some revolutionary benefits of the Goods and Services Tax are:


  • It has increased competency in trade while reducing costs.
  • Decreased rate of inflation.
  • Elimination of cascading effect in taxes.
  • Convenient online procedure of filing taxes.
  • Improved logistics.
  • Lesser number of compliances.


Importance of GST Course


The following things are subject to change by the GST council:

  • Policiesinvestme
  • Tax Rates
  • Policies pertaining to the E-way bill
  • Returns Formats
  • Refund application forms of GST


The manufacturers, traders, and retailers need clear instructions for returns filing. GST certification courses have been introduced by the government keeping this in mind. Such courses have been initiated with the aim to create awareness about GST.


These courses emphasize the importance of a trained workforce. The participants in this course gain fundamental knowledge about GST.


Eligibility for GST Certification Courses in Chandigarh


General Eligibility


The person willing to pursue a GST certification course must be an Indian citizen with a clean record.


Educational Eligibility


Any graduate or post-graduate degree in commerce, business administration, business management, law, or banking from a university that is approved and recognized by Indian law is eligible for GST certification courses.


Top 12 GST Certification courses in Chandigarh.




IIM SKILLS certified GST practitioner course has one of the most industry-relevant curriculums. The course packs in 4 weeks of GST training in a live classroom setup. During this time you get to work on different live assignments. 


You also get an opportunity to interact and network with people from the GST Practitioners Community. The course is ideal for finance professionals, including people from accounting and taxation, small and medium business owners, freshers, and students. 


The syllabus includes the following topics

  • The Genesis of GST 
  • Structure of GST Registration under GST Act 
  • Invoicing Rules and Regulations 
  • Returns Filing 
  • e-way Bill 
  • Input Tax Credit 
  • Payment Forms in GST 
  • Composition Scheme under GST Act 
  • Overview of GST


The course is compact and well-researched. You understand the practical implementation and enforcement of GST through case studies and practical assignments. The interactive sessions help you to clear your doubts on the spot. You get the opportunity to discuss and get clarity on the different concepts of the process of GST.



Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]


2. City Commerce Academy


Since its establishment in 1999, the City Commerce Academy has been providing quality training in the field of GST certification courses in Chandigarh to thousands of students of accounts and taxation. They provide an extensive course on the Goods and Services Tax that covers everything from the beginner to the expert level. They provide you with study material and also offer you the opportunity to work on practice projects.


City Commerce Academy is one of the cheapest GST certification courses in Chandigarh that provide the best quality education at just Rs. 4000.


The modules covered by the GST certification course by City Commerce Academy are as follows:


  • A summary of Indirect Taxes before the implementation of GST
  • GST concept
  • SGST, CGST, IGST concepts
  • The relevance of GST and rate structure
  • Types, place, and time of supply
  • Input Credit System under GST
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • HSN code and SAC code concepts
  • Invoicing Guidelines and E-way billing
  • Basics of GST Portal
  • Process of applying for GST Number
  • GSTR-3B: Preparation and filing
  • GSTR-1: Preparation and filing
  • GSTR-9 introduction
  • GST Payment
  • Basics of New Return System
  • New Return System under RET-1, RET-2, and RET-3
  • New Return System under PMT 08
  • Latest Updates



Special features of this course include:


  • Practical training provided by experts
  • Both online and offline modes are available
  • Practical projects simulating real business transactions
  • The course covers everything from basics to online returns filing
  • Regular updating of classes for every student
  • Study material available in PDF format
  • Hindi classes for easy understanding
  • Doubt clearing by experts for difficult topics
  • Affordable fees


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3. ICA, Chandigarh


ICA Chandigarh is one of the most premier institutions for GST certification courses in Chandigarh. Apart from a top-notch GST course, they also provide hands-on training to prepare you for job interviews.


They believe that a GST certification can add significant value to the resume of a person who is willing to work for the accounting, finance, or banking sector. It can increase their average salary by 15-20%. Almost any graduate who is looking for a better career, high salary, and expert-level skills can opt for this course.


Why choose ICA for GST Certification Courses in Chandigarh?


  • Industry-oriented Curriculum
  • Complete Job Assistance
  • Hands-on Practical Training
  • Professional Certificate after Course Completion


Key Highlights of the Course


  • Core concepts under the GST Act
  • GST payment to the Government
  • Evaluation of the taxable value of services
  • Evaluation of payable GST


GST Training Curriculum


The course consists of 27 hours of training that covers the following modules:


  • Fundamentals of GST
  • Tax Implementation and Collection
  • Valuation
  • Tax Payment
  • Returns
  • GST with Tally
  • GSTN Practice
  • Project on GST


After pursuing this GST Certification Course from ICA Chandigarh, you will be well-versed in the following aspects of GST:


  • Tax Implementation and Collection
  • Time of Supply
  • Place of Supply
  • Tax Valuation
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Tax Payment
  • Returns Filing
  • GST with Tally
  • GSTN Practice


4. GST Centre


GST Centre is another wise choice if you are looking for GST certification courses in Chandigarh. It is an institute promoted by Chartered Accountants and approved by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship under the Government of India.


The GST training provided by GST Centre, Chandigarh is a thorough guide to all things Goods and Services Tax and its regulations. They teach you the basics of GST through videos, case studies, quizzes, and webinars that are formulated by experts in the GST industry. Practical assignments enable you to gain hands-on industry experience.


5. Mohali Career Point


The GST training center in Mohali Career Point claims to be one of the best GST certification courses in Chandigarh. They aim to not only educate people about GST but also help them in securing jobs or become independent GST professionals.


The course covers the following modules:


  • GST Introduction
  • Transactions under GST
  • Types of Supply
  • GST Registration
  • Time of Supply
  • Place of Supply
  • Tax Invoicing
  • Input Tax Credit
  • GST Returns
  • Basics of E-way Bill
  • Accounts under GST
  • GST job work
  • Imports and Exports
  • Process of Refunds under GST
  • GST Audit
  • Penalties and offenses concerned with GST
  • Particulars about the inspection, arrest, and seizure under the GST Act
  • Other GST provisions


Why choose Mohali Career Point for GST Training?


  • Course formulated by a team of GST experts.
  • Combination of both theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • Opportunity to work on real data.
  • Certification with lifetime validity after course completion.
  • Lifetime access to downloadable notes.
  • Placement Assistance.


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6. TaxGuru


TaxGuru is a knowledge portal for tax professionals, chartered accountants, company secretaries, and other professionals in the field of accounting and taxation. This website provides free updates on taxes, GST, and the laws governing them.


They also offer an Online Certification Course in GST recognized by the ministry of M.S.M.E (Govt. of India). The course covers a critical investigation of the GST law with an emphasis on GST Audits, filing of returns, analysis of amendments explained by case studies.


Benefits of the TaxGuru certification course on GST can be summarized as follows:


  • Live streaming online classes.
  • Over 30 hours of intensive study to enable you in becoming a GST expert.
  • Certification recognized by the Government of India.
  • Live doubt-clearing sessions with free access to query resolution board.
  • Bestselling book on GST provided free of cost.
  • Recordings of previous sessions.


Who can pursue this course?


  • Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, CMAs, lawyers, and other professionals in the field of finance and taxation.
  • Business owners, CEOs, tax officers, finance officers, etc.
  • People who want to switch from the finance domain to the tax domain.
  • Commerce graduates.


This online GST certification course by TaxGuru is available in both English and Hindi for the convenience of students across the country.


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


7. The Institute of Cost Accountants of India


It comes under the Tax Research Department and provides one of the most reputable GST certification courses in Chandigarh. This course is suitable for Cost and Management Accountants, Tax Practitioners, Industry Executives, professionals like Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, and students pursuing CMA.


The course is delivered online mode and the duration is 72 hours. It is priced at Rs. 10,000 along with 18% GST, excluding an exam fee of over Rs.1000. The price is discounted for CMA members and students. The faculty includes experienced experts from the industry.


The course curriculum includes the following topics:


  • Overview of GST
  • Definitions under GST
  • GST refunds
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Returns and Records
  • Payments
  • Demands, penalties, and prosecution
  • Supplies, imports, and exports
  • Returns Filing
  • TDS and TCS applicability for GST
  • Time and Place of Supply
  • GST Valuation
  • Registration and Invoicing
  • E-way Bill
  • Other Provisions
  • Case studies about real-life scenarios.


8. ClearTax


ClearTax is an industry-recognized online platform for providing GST certification courses in Chandigarh. It is primarily a company that focuses on providing financial solutions to individuals and businesses.


However, it has also enabled tax practitioners and CAs to be proficient in GST with its in-depth Certification course.


ClearTax GST Certification Course Features:


  • Thorough training of over 8 hours.
  • Extensive Transition Plan to new GST.
  • Lectures provided by experts of the industry.
  • Evaluation and ClearTax certification.


Course Outline:


  • New GST Returns Overview
  • Returns Filing for RET – 1/2/3
  • Thorough Analysis of ANX-1/2
  • The transition process from current returns to new returns
  • Case studies formulated by expert CAs


The ClearTax GST Certification Course includes the following topics:


  • Fundamentals of GST
  • Registration and Composition Scheme under GST
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Time and Place of Supply
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • Payments and Refunds under GST
  • Evaluation Procedures
  • Offenses and Penalties
  • New GST Returns
  • Invoicing


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9. CAclubindia


CAclubindia is a website developed by expert Chartered Accountants. Their Online Advanced GST Training & Certification Course is a beginner to advanced level course.


Main features of CAclubindia’s GST certification course:


  • Video Tutorials spanning 61 Hours
  • An in-depth E-book about GST
  • Certificate after course completion
  • Content updated by the latest Union Budget 2021


The course aims at the following objectives:


  • A thorough analysis of GST provisions enabled by practical case studies.
  • Understanding of different problems under GST.
  • Table-wise filing of GSTR-9 and GSTR-9C.
  • Judgments and Case Studies delivered by Authorities like the High Court.
  • Clear Understanding of the latest amendments and implications.


The course claims to make its students “GST ready” for a bright future in a finance or taxation career.


Course Content of the Online Advanced GST Training & Certification Course:


  • GST Levy and Supply
  • Threshold limits for registration
  • Time, place, and value of supply
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Supply for goods and services
  • Tax Invoicing
  • Job Work Process
  • New GST Returns System and E-way Billing
  • GST Audit Report Filing
  • Inspection and arrest under GST
  • Offense and penalty under GST


People who can benefit from this course are working CAs, practicing CAs, CS professionals and students, accountants, commerce graduates, MBAs, etc.


10. ICT Academy


ICT Academy is a joint undertaking by the Government of India and the State Governments as well as industries. The academy has provided mass training across the country under notable Government initiatives like Skill India, Make In India, and Digital India.


ICT Academy offers an online certificate course in the Goods and Services Act. The course consists of 30 hours of video lessons formulated by expert CAs and tax professionals.


This course can be pursued by finance and tax professionals, owners of businesses, CA practitioners, finance officers, commerce graduates, students of management, economics, finance, etc.


Through the study of this course, learners will gain an understanding of the following things:


  • Important areas of impact of GST on businesses.
  • Application of GST.
  • Identification of unfavorable impact areas and preparation of contingency plans.
  • Evaluation of legal documents for tax recovery on existing transactions.


11. V Skills


V Skills is another website that provides an affordable online certification course on the Goods and Services Tax.


As a learner, you get the following benefits from their course:


  • A certificate recognized by the Government
  • Lifetime validity of the certificate
  • Lifelong access to course material
  • Free Practice Tests


The online course is priced at a mere Rs. 3499 and gives you an in-depth understanding of the practical insights into GST.


The main concepts covered in this online course are as follows:


  • Fundamentals of GST and Taxation
  • Administration under GST
  • GST Payment and Registration
  • Accounting and Recordkeeping under GST
  • IGST
  • GST in foreign countries


People looking forward to advancing their careers in finance and taxation through a GST certification course will benefit from this course. It is suitable for tax consultants, accounting professionals, and commerce graduates.


12. LawSikho


LawSikho is a notable company that provides online education and specializes in legal courses. It aims to serve growing businesses, lawyers, and organizations.


LawSikho offers a Certificate Course in Goods and Services Tax to clarify the underlying concepts of the new taxation system introduced by the GST Act. A comprehensive understanding of the calculation, deduction, and payment of the tax can be obtained in simple language throughout the training. Lawyers, business owners, and government officers can reap the benefits of this program.


Learning objectives of this online certification course are as follows:


  • Understanding the taxability of an event and the type of taxes that are implemented.
  • Understanding reverse charge mechanism, composition scheme, input tax credit, etc.
  • Learning to file and claim returns, going for composition scheme, registering, and asserting input tax credit.
  • Understanding the basics of tax levy and deduction.
  • Understanding the laws governing import and export transactions.


Why choose LawSikho for GST Certification Courses in Chandigarh?


  • Practical work is assigned so that one gets hands-on knowledge. It is not limited to the study of theoretical case laws.
  • Personal doubt clearing sessions by expert trainers.
  • The opportunity of working on writing assignments with the chance of getting published in prominent industry publications.
  • The certificate is provided only after the completion of assignments.


Course Content of LawSikho Certification Course on GST:


  • Fundamental concepts of GST including supply and annual turnover; place, time, and value of supply; taxable supply, etc.
  • Types of GST (IGST, CGST, SGST, UTGST) and its legal framework.
  • Prerequisites of Registration
  • Basics of Input Tax Credit
  • Eligibility criteria for availing Composition Scheme
  • Tax Levy and deduction
  • Evaluation and payment of tax as well as refunds
  • Filing of Returns under GST
  • Imports and exports under GST


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13. Henry Harvin Education


Henry Harvin is one of the most reputable names in the field of online education. They are known to provide quality courses at the best prices.


Henry Harvin’s Live Online GST Course has been featured by leading media firms like Aaj Tak and Hindustan Times. The course consists of 32 hours of live online training provided by eminent GST speakers and has been ranked as one of the top GST courses by Training360.


Some key highlights of Henry Harvin GST course:


  • Hands-on practical training with industry experience.
  • Covers all the latest popular concepts like GSTR-3B, GSTR 1, GSTR 2A, Input Tax Credit, etc.
  • One-year membership of Finance Academy provided free of cost.
  • Trusted by reputed corporate firms like Abbott Pharma, NTPC, Avon Cosmetics, and institutes like IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIT Mumbai, etc.


Learners of the Henry Harvin GST Course will get the following benefits:


  • Identifying practical problems under GST with the intensive FAQ session.
  • Awareness of the latest amendments and their challenges.
  • Doubt clearing sessions during and after the course.
  • Free study material worth Rs. 500.
  • Actual case studies are explained by GST experts.


Why choose Henry Harvin GST Course?


  • Practical training.
  • A detailed study of the GST law.
  • Real-time implementation of complex provisions under GST.
  • Classes on weekends.
  • 100% placement assistance.
  • Year-long access to the E-learning portal.
  • Opportunity to learn from instructors with over 20 years of experience.
  • Recordings of previous classes.


Henry Harvin Education also has the privilege of being the first institute to provide a GST course in December 2016.


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite



1. What is the salary of a GST practitioner?

The average salary of a GST Practitioner falls in the bracket of INR3-6 lacs in India.


2. Who can become a GST practitioner?

Finance professionals, commerce graduates, lawyers, business owners, freshers, and students can all become GST Practitioners.


3. How to find a client as a GST practitioner in Chandigarh?

You can increase your customer reach by using direct and Indirect Advertisements. You can put out advertisements on different digital media platforms as well as print media. You can start your blog, and create content that will prove that you are an expert on topics related to GST.



We hope you now have a clear idea of GST certification courses in Chandigarh. Online courses have been included in the list keeping in mind the ease and convenience of such a mode of training.


It is advisable to choose a course while considering important factors like the overall reputation of the course in the industry, the experience of the instructors, price, timings, mode of payment, etc.


Gargi is an Arts graduate and an intern at IIM Skills. She is a voracious reader and is passionate about writing, cooking and gardening. Gargi lives in Raipur with her mother.
  • hi, Can you tell me what is the average earnings of gst practitioner in Chandigarh? I am yet to complete my undergrad and now I am looking for prospects for career options, gst practitioner is one of the jobs I am curious about. the awesome article though, you did an fantastic job

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  • I am a fresher and don’t have any work experience. I think it’s a new field and people must have some have sufficient work experience to get a job in this sector. could you provide more data on this site, so it is clear that freshers and undergraduates too can pick this job?

  • Hi, This is Rahul. I have started a eatery business, and I don’t have adequate knowledge about GST. I am looking for a simple, introductory course that can give me sufficient knowledge about taxes and how to manage them. Let me know if any discount can be availed while purchasing the course

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  • Hi, I am Prakash. I am a CA student and looking for a good GST certification course. I really liked the article. Let me know whether the course offered by them is government recognized or not. Looking forward to enroll myself soon.

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  • Hi, can a complete fresher get a job in this domain? I am a fresher and don’t have any work experience. I think it’s a new field and people must have some have sufficient work experience to get a job in this sector. could you provide more data on this site, so it is clear that freshers and undergraduates too can pick this job?

  • Hi, How long does it take to become a GST freelancer? Is a time period of 2-3 months is enough to start your career in GST or more? I am a student, fortunately studying finance. Can you tell me if I can do it is as a part-time job after receiving proper training or not?

  • IIM Skills is most trusted and relied platform in terms of online courses. Having access to the world’s finest trainers is what makes the platform even more appealing.

  • Hi. I am a retired lawyer and looking to start a consultancy in this niche. I have read free courses from your blogs, which have been very knowledgeable. Please suggest which of these courses can help you with setting up your consultancy. I do have some knowledge about this profession. However, a roadmap course will be wonderful. Thanks

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