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Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in Vizag 

How do you observe a how-to guide? You often question the steps or possibly agree with them. Or may even scratch heads because you do not understand a word. Often the manuals are easy to read and predictable (as they should be uncomplicated). As a technical writer, no matter how aware you are of technology, it is usually best to write like a learner. You will be able to question what you write. Furthermore, connect with the readers and know where to simplify, translate, or write the concept as it is. Since the technical writing courses in Vizag can provide a detailed picture, let’s check them out! 


Top technical writing courses in Vizag


When looking for technical writing courses in Vizag, you need to understand that technical writing is both science and art. In short, it is an artistic way of writing technology. Therefore, it requires more than just a flair for writing and a good understanding of technology.


What are the skills that a technical writer should have?


While searching for technical writing courses in Vizag. This question must have created a dwelling in your mind. Along with technological knowledge and writing prowess, a technical writer should have the following skills-


  • Communication Skills(e.g., to fulfill the requirement of communicating with SMEs – subject matter experts effectively)
  • Organizational skills to manage the project and time to meet rigorous deadlines.
  • People Skills
  • Having an understanding of your product’s industry
  • Having a basic knowledge of graphics and designing skills
  • Learning about communication theories and techniques
  • Understanding user persona to create a personalized feel through writing 


What are the roles of a technical writer?


The roles of a technical writer are as follows- 


  • Preparing accurate technical documents 
  • Analysis of product information to write about them 
  • Carrying out extensive research 
  • Doing audience analysis 
  • Communicating with the Subject matter experts(SMEs)
  • Collecting usability feedbacks 


Is the technical writer a promising career?


Organizations today rely more on content because of the credibility and recognition that they build with content. With the world being technocentric and creating space for artificial intelligence and machine learning, technical writing is a promising career and a profession that companies rely on.


What is a Technical Writing Course?


You by now know that technical writers should have organizational and communicational skills. Should have the knowledge to simplify the complexities in a topic. Furthermore, when skills are concerned, they should be well-versed with research techniques. And, of course, expertise in writing is a must. But who is going to teach you all this? When we say simplifying the complexities, it requires you to know tools that can melt the challenges for you first and naturally for the readers.


A technical writing course helps you journey through the fundamentals to advanced concepts related to technical writing. Being a part of a specialized writing curriculum can help you glimpse the writing industry and prepare you to know what you can expect from your work. 


So let’s find out the top 5 technical writing courses in Vizag.



Vaibhav Kakkar, the founder of IIM SKILLS, believes that technical writing will roar in 2022 because the acceptance of technical writing as a career path will open many channels of opportunities. So when looking for technical writing courses in Vizag, why not witness the technical writing world that IIM SKILLS conceived in mind and birthed. 


Course Name: Technical Writing Master Course

Course Fees: Rs. 14,900+18% GST

Course Duration: 5 weeks


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The course structure is as follows-


  • Create a technical report
  •  Learning to write white papers in journals
  •  How to do the versioning of a document?
  •  Learning about the versioning tool Git
  •  What is conversational writing?
  •  How is conversational writing different from technical writing?
  •  The various stages of reviewing and publishing
  •  The tools used for publishing
  •  What is the API documentation?
  •  API documentation using XML
  •  The fundamentals of grammar and formatting
  •  Understanding the punctuation guidelines
  •  Learning to write a medical blog


Tools covered in the curriculum are as follows-


  • MS Visio
  • MS Project
  • Git
  • Scribus
  • Canva 
  • Powerpoint


The advantages of taking this course are as follows-


  • An internship of one month 
  • Lifetime support related to consultation or technical knowledge
  • Assistance in portfolio development for job or freelancing 
  • Producing a white paper
  • Writing a scholarly article 
  • Authoring a technical blog with Times of India


For more inquiries, you can connect with the team of IIM Skills.

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IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


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2. Symbiosis Centre of Distance Learning 


Industries today are focused on high productivity and optimization. For that, you need to have a course that can present the challenges in technical writing and teach you to be flexible to have a fulfilling experience as a technical writer. One of the characteristics of a specialized writing curriculum is to provide you with new insights into technical writing. Therefore, if you are searching for technical writing courses in Vizag?


Then you can surely enhance your technical writing skills through the Symbiosis center of distance learning’s technical writing program. This course will inject a new sense of energy and great confidence once you complete the training.


Course Name: PG Diploma in Technical Writing in Business Management 

Course Fees: Rs.50,000 

Course Duration: 2-years


The course structure is as follows-


  • The fundamentals of English grammar
  • What are grammatical terms?
  •  The structures of writing?
  •  Importance of proofreading
  •  How to write reports and proposals?
  •   Digging deep into communication theories
  •  What is a frame of reference?
  •  Learning about Communication Technology
  •  The various roles and functions of Technical communicators
  •  What is the history of Technical communication?
  •  The barriers that technical communicators face
  •  Various kinds of Technical documents
  •  What are the skills required for technical writing?
  •  Important junctions in the writing process
  •  What are the methods of development?
  •  The fundamentals of construction 
  •  The impact of a paragraph in writing
  •  What is meant by writing for localization?
  •  The techniques for deep editing
  •  What is a document development life cycle?
  • Learning about the research methodologies
  • How to do audience analysis for technical writing?
  • What is an outline of documentation?
  • Learning about the typography of the design
  • Understanding the designs for print and online documentation
  • How to develop a prototype?
  • What are style guides?
  • What is DITA?
  • The difference between HTML and XML
  •  Training on the technical communication software tools
  •  What does it mean to work with layouts?
  • Learning about the illustration tools
  • XML editors
  • What is usability in technical writing?
  • Human factors engineering
  • Understanding the legal aspects of technical writing (such as copyright laws)
  • An introduction to instructional designing
  • Understanding the theories of instructional designing
  • Following the Addie model and the Kirkpatrick model for instructional designing
  • The process of content development in reviewing
  • How to do scriptwriting and storyboarding
  • An in-depth understanding of Medical and Engineering writing
  • What is the project scope?
  • Risk management in technical communication
  • What is the purpose of management?
  • How to design business organizations?
  •  What are the needs behind managing organizations and businesses?
  •  How to manage resources?
  •  The process of planning decision making, and organizing in business
  •  Following the evolution of the management thought
  • How to pursue management as a career? 
  • About communication in business
  • The communication process
  • The psychology and the cultural aspects affecting business communication
  •  The writing routine that should be followed by a technical writer
  •  How to write indirect messages?
  •  Understanding short and long reports
  • The Strategies for group communication
  •  How to communicate with technology
  •  Learning about the format for business documents
  •  Learning about bloom’s taxonomy and how is it used in instructional designing?
  •  Learning the component display theory
  •  The various schools of thought in instructional designing
  •  How to do learner analysis?
  •  How to decide instructions for business?
  •  What is strategic communication?
  •  Learning about the Rapid authoring tools
  •  Essentials in business writing
  •  Learning to write for sales marketing and communication teams
  •  Studying the factors that affect when writing for social media
  •  The importance of self-expression in technical writing
  •  Learning to conclude with impact
  •  How to write blogs and web content
  •  The advanced documentation types
  •  What is the Agile documentation process
  •  Understanding the topic-based authoring process
  •  What is a scrum model
  •  Understanding research from scratch
  •  The various scientific methods in research
  • What is the Research Design?
  •  The techniques of data collection and Measurement
  •  Understanding sampling techniques
  •  The various methods to research such as (the interview method, questionnaire method, survey method, experimental method)
  •  Learning about the scaling techniques
  •  How can attitude measurement be done?
  •  Data presentation and analysis
  •  How to test the hypothesis?
  •  Interpretation of data


 The tools covered in the course are as follows-


  • RoboHELP Advanced Features
  •  Wiki
  • DITA Open Toolkit
  • Calibre
  • Macro-builder
  •  Cloud-based authoring and editing
  •  Adobe Captivate
  •  Visio
  • Snagit
  •  Google Analytics
  •  Tracking tools
  •  GitHub


Wanting to become a participant in this extensive learning curriculum? Then connect with the team of Symbiosis at-.



Tel: +91-20-6621 1000

Email: newadmissions@scdl


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


3. Coursera(Rice University)


To write concise, clear, engaging, and impactful technical reports, it is imperative to focus on writing strategies. This course offered by Coursera will teach the necessary writing skills that though are highly related to engineering. It will impact every technical writer’s life positively. Suppose your work is to write extensively for jobs. In that case, this is undoubtedly a course you can consider in your search for technical writing courses in Vizag.


Course Name: Writing Skills for Engineering Leaders

Course Fees: Rs. 3,657/month+tax

Course Duration: 4-weeks


The course structure is as follows-


  • The components of good writing
  • The writing skills required in the engineering workplace
  •  How do you plan a writing process?
  •  Why do we need to follow the writing process?
  •  How does formatting impact readability?
  •   The kind of writing engineers are involved in?
  •  The role that a paragraph plays in writing
  •  How to write a powerful paragraph?
  •  The process of developing a paragraph?
  •  How can you write good engineering reports?
  •  Clarity and conciseness in writing
  •  How do clarity and writing influence the engagement of the readers?
  •  How to make good sentences?
  •  Making the choice of strong verbs in writing
  •  The importance of maintaining an active voice in writing
  •  What are writing proposals, and what does it take to write a good proposal?
  •  How to give the finishing touches to the report?
  •  Aligning the content with purpose and audience
  •  The impact of advertising on conciseness and clarity of the writing 
  • Writing executive summary
  • How do you write as a team? 
  • What goes into writing for electronic media

If you find this course exciting and intriguing, check out the course on writing skills for engineering leaders on Coursera.


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4. Udemy


Are you looking for technical writing courses in Vizag because you are switching careers or want to upskill yourself? Or maybe trying to get entry-level positions in a company. Whatever your aim, possibly, this course will fulfill all the purposes? There is plenty of practice involved in the course that will help you understand the language of technical writing and, therefore, prepares you to face the world of Technical communication. 


Course Name: Professional Technical Writing: Advance Your Writing Skills

Course Fees: Rs. 8500

Course Duration: 17 hours


The course structure is as follows-


  • Who should pursue technical writing?
  • The idea of technical writing
  • How is technical writing different from business writing?
  • The various components of a technical document
  • What is the documentation plan?
  • The techniques used for technical writing?
  • How to write a procedural task in technical writing?
  • Process of writing a chapter
  • The writing formulas
  • Going through the style guidelines
  • Techniques for technical editing
  • How to find the core idea of a topic
  • Use of plain language in writing
  • How to edit by eliminating
  • How to identify the agent of action 
  • What is multilevel numbering?
  • What is multi-thread numbering?
  • Understanding the language of copyright
  •  What are the index indentation levels?
  • Variables used in technical writing
  • When to use and not use a graph in technical writing?
  • The main principles behind tables
  • Which are the main types of tables?
  • The uses of creating a decision tree
  •  The principles of flowchart that are used in technical writing
  •  The future trends in technical writing
  •  How to do audience analysis?
  • The theory and practice in audience analysis
  • The various types of readers or audiences targeted for audience analysis
  • How to find a technical writing job?


 If you like the course structure and wish to pursue the course, then explore the professional technical writing training on Udemy.

5. Henry Harvin 


When learning under the guidance of skilled and experienced trainers, no matter how complex a skill set is, that seems like a cakewalk. The same happens when you take the technical writing course offered by Henry Harvin. You not only improve your knowledge of technical writing but also your confidence. The course structure is so detailed that you will learn the art of recasting data into documents with ease and practical training.


Suppose you are looking for technical writing courses in Vizag with the intention of spending time in theory and the practical. In that case, the course by Henry Harvin can be a suitable resort.


Course Name:  The Technical Writing Course with Gold Membership 

Class Fees: Rs. 15,000

Course Duration: Self-paced


The course structure is as follows-


  • Learning the meaning of technical writing
  • How can technical writing get distinguished from business writing?
  •  What is the goal of technical writing?
  •  The role played by a technical writer
  •  The analysis that is done to understand the audience or readers
  •  How is information collected in organized technical writing?
  •  How to draft any information both verbally and visually?
  • The factors taken care of while producing information
  •  The meaning of the document development process
  •  How to estimate a technical document?
  •  How to plan a document?
  •  Selection of tools for writing
  •  How to choose a template to design a page?
  •  What is information architecture?
  •  How is audience profiling done?
  •  The meaning of task analysis and how is it performed?
  •  The various elements of Style
  •  The development of content
  •  What are formatting and pagination?
  •  What are the factors that need to get checked before content publishing?
  •  The basics of grammar and punctuation styles
  •  Learning about Ms style guides
  •  Understanding the fundamentals of proofreading 
  •  What are the components of Technical documents?
  •  What is the documentation plan?
  •  The various techniques used for technical writing
  •  How do you eliminate variants from writing?
  •  The importance of removing anthropomorphism
  •  Removing dangling participles from the document
  •  Sticking to an active voice when writing a document
  •  How to eliminate noun trains?
  • Templates for creating technical documents 
  • The various formats of Technical documents
  •  Writing manuals such as user guides
  •  Release note writing
  •  What is the API documentation
  •  Learning about software development kit (SDK documentation)
  •  What is the market requirements document(MRD)
  •  The importance of the user requirements document(URD)
  •  Working on the soft skills
  •  Assistance in Interview preparation
  •  Working on presentation skills
  •  Enhancing business communication skills
  •  Learning the resume writing techniques


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The tools covered in the cost are as follows-


Authoring Tools

  • Google Docs
  • MS word
  • Notepad++

Screen Capture Tools

  • Snipping tool
  • Techsmith Snagit
  • FireShot
  • Greenshot
  • Lightshot

Image Editing Tools

  • Paint
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Snagit

Spell Checker Tools

  • Grammarly
  • Languagetool.org

Technical Writing Software Tools:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Macromedia RoboHelp
  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • Snag IT
  • Ms Visio
  • PowerPoint
  • Photoshop
  • Overview of DITA Tool
  • Overview of API Documentation
  • Overview of XML

Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How much time does it take to become a technical writer?

‘It takes a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 2 years. 


2. What are the possible career options after availing of the technical writing course?

They are-

  • UX Writer
  • Traditional Technical Writer
  • Content Developer 
  • Policy Writer
  • Technical Illustrators 
  • Web Writers


3. What is the average salary of a technical writer?

The average salary of a technical writer is Rs. 6,00,000 per annum. 




Keeping yourself in the place of the reader is not a cakewalk. As a technical writer, you need to constantly puzzle yourself with logic to make it easy for the readers to read. The word “easy” means effective writing, explanation, and translation. Technical writing can be gratifying and less monotonous if you know how to inject colors into the document. So just select a course from the above list for technical writing courses in Vizag and begin learning to create a learning experience. 

  • I teach yoga, and I want to make some extra money with my skill . My acquaintance informed me that content writing programmes have a wide range of applications and offer excellent work-from-home prospects. In order to be able to write on the side, I intended to enrol in a Technical writing courses in Vizag . Other writing specialties, including food and travel, appear to have a lot of competition, but the technical field is yet untapped, I’m thinking about enrolling in a part-time course. What can I expect to make as a beginning technical writer in terms of pay?

  • I am an influencer with a sizable following who is doing well . However, with every second person turning to become an influencer, there is a lot of escalating competition. I want to go ahead of the competition, build my brand, and broaden my chances. My friend suggested that I look into some Technical writing courses in Vizag to help me better utilise the internet for my brand’s growth. I looked at a lot of courses and even went to a sample class for a marketing school , but I didn’t enjoy it because it wasn’t very useful to me. As a result, I’m still looking for assistance . Thanks

  • hey, I am Vizag based engineering student looking for a new skill to learn. technical writing is one of the courses I am considering, but most of the courses I have come across, demand too much of the time. which of the course you suggest, would be flexible enough to manage along with my studies.

  • I work for a fishery company and I am looking to enrol in a course which will prove beneficial for me by making me an asset in my company . Your article states that Technical writing courses in Vizag can benefit even small business owners. I am curious to know more about that and I want to attend a demo class so that I can ask a few more questions that I have . I also want to know if all the topics mentioned are covered in detail as I am fairly new to this concept of tech writing and most of what I know is researched from the internet . So kindly so reply as it will be helpful to me . Thanks

  • hey, I was researching for new skills one can learn online and upskill oneself when I came across this article. this article introduces me not only to technical writing and its scope to me but also to the top technical writing course available on Vizag. this article surprised me about the scope of technical writing in India. as of now, I have no idea that technical writing even exists and is so well paid.

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