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14 Best Technical Writing Skills Course You Can Pursue

Technical writing is the art of converting complex documents into simpler and understandable ones. A Manual guide of your Tv, programming manuals, promotional brochures is a kind of technical writing.


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Thus, technical writing has a good role in the corporate world. This article will discuss technical writing, its types, the technical writer job, how you can be a technical writer, technical writing skills courses, and other details.


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What Is Technical Writing? 


Technical writing is the process of converting complex languages into a clear and understandable manner by using simpler terms and diagrams. Technical writing has a very long history started since world war II. As our world has inclined towards technologies, technical writing also turned out to be an excellent career path. The most common types of writers are:


  1. Traditional
  2. End-user documentation
  3. Technical marketing content Traditional 


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Traditional technical writings are more informative and more specific. A specialized audience who are experts in a particular field will use it; for instance, programming guidelines are a type of traditional technical writing which will be more apparent to programmers and other technical persons. So, in conventional technical writing, the technical writer will have a better-targeted audience.


End-user documentation:


End-user documentation is mainly for the customer who purchases a particular product. The guides on buying any electronic item that includes using the product and setting up that product are end-user documents. In short, end-user documents are the technical language converted to a more straightforward form. 


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Technical Marketing content:


Like Microsoft developer products, some products are hard to use for people with not much technical knowledge. A technical content marketer who has specialized knowledge can provide all information about that product. 


 Career opportunities after completing technical writing skills courses:


Science and technology are in the front row of our world. As our world develops, communication channels are also increasing. As stated, from a small appliance to the car we drive are coming with a manual, precisely one of the shades of technical writing. 


Now, each one of us can think of the possibility of getting a job after a technical writing skills course and entering a world where it means a lot. Technical documents help to communicate in different sectors in different ways. 


Technical writers are also known as technical communicators, as they do the role of helping in communication with no flaws. The job offers will make you act as a bridge between customers, designers, and manufacturers. The job titles that a technical writer can get today are listed below:


  • Content developer
  • Content writers
  • Information designer 
  • Documentation experts
  • Policy writers 
  • Manual writers
  • Information developers
  • Technical communication experts


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Scope of technical writing 


Technical writing from different angles is getting to a higher graph. People know the importance and are getting serious about this as a career path. In India, this is getting more professional, and the market is also increasing. The demand for technology is growing in innovation, AI, machine learning. Thus, technical writing will also see growing importance. 


And after completing a technical writing skills course, you can step into other fields like advertising, security, publishing, consulting, telecommunication, etc. Technical writing is not an option now; it is becoming a necessity for many organizations. For a reason mentioned before, these organizations will spend effort, time, and money on content that will take them far more. Importance of technical writing will be one of the most demanded and trending careers in a row. 


You can earn a decent revenue through technical writing, starting with a 30,000 per month. The more you contribute as a technical writer, the more you make. As you get more experience, your demand will increase, and your certifications and training will also contribute to your profile and thus a hike in your salary. Some people make INR 1 00,000 per month. 


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How can you be a technical writer?


If you want to be a technical writer, there are certain things you have to do. Taking up a technical writing skill course is very important; mere technical knowledge won’t make you a technical writer. What you need to do is show up your skills to the audience. Keep on writing, be consistent with the writing to flourish in this field of technical writing. And if you want to be a successful technical writer, you need to possess some of those skills, and for that, you have to take up a technical writing skills course.


So, let’s dive into some technical writing courses that will help you. 


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Best Technical writing skills courses:


  1. Technical writing course

Offered by: IIM Skills


Certifications are always suitable to do from expert providers. For a full-packed technical writing course that gives you a perfect curriculum to flow with a precise aim. The course content is as below:


  • Introduction
  • Content conception
  • White papers and journals 
  • DDLC
  • Discourse writing
  • Proofreading and publishing 
  • API documentation
  • Datasheets and user guides
  • Case study
  • You also get a chance to be familiar with technology tools like MS Project, Git, MS Vision, and Scribus. If you are looking for step-by-step and detailed learning of the skills, you can take this from IIM Skills, one of the best providers. Take it from the hands of experts.


  1. STC Technical Writing Course

     Offered by: STC 

Society for technical communication (STC) is providing certification for technical writing at three levels  


  •    Basics of technical in industries 

This course will help you understand the basics that an aspiring technical writer needs to know to have a good idea of technical writing and its applicability in various sectors. It is always good to take certifications courses which is an advantage to your profile. 


  •    Technical editing foundation

      It is an online program that emphasizes providing knowledge for writers and managers who want to become technical writers.


  •    Advanced technical editing 

These programs concentrate on guidance on editing and help people who want to excel in their technical editing skills.


You can avail of the above three courses from STC, which is an association that actively contributes to the growth of the technical communications society for technical communication and contributes for an extended period. It is a group of professional writers, editors, managers, and engineers. This association provides a wide range of opportunities, and it offers online courses. 


  1. Basic, intermediate, and advanced technical writing 

Offered by: University of Wisconsin Eau Claire


This three-stage course will help you in building your technical writer growth in a step-by-step manner. Initially, to make the foundation strong, they provide you with basics, like create technical documents, analyze audiences, designing the layout, etc.


At the intermediate level, it deals with online coursework programs which will improve your technical writing skills, document design skills, etc.


Finally, the advanced level, which you can directly start if you are professional, will help you further enhance your technical writing skills. If you find it interesting, you can check out the details of the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. They provide a lot of online programs, which you will find to be helpful.


  1. At work program

Offered by: TechWriter


This program is for people who already know the basics of technical writing and want to improve their grammar, their existing technical writing skills in a more advanced and more precise way and make a difference in the tone according to the audience. So, this is the best technical writing skills course, which you can go ahead with as a professional. You can get assistance for your improvement in this course from TechWriter. TechWriter is an online learning platform that provides a lot many courses.


  1. Skills for engineering leaders 

Offered by: Rice University


Rice University is offering this course. Engineering is those sectors that always go through technical changes and other updates in their careers. The program is for engineers to ensure that they are updated with the technical skills and fulfill their technical and communication duties without error. If you are an engineer and need to improve your technical skills to stand out from others with more advantages, this is the best choice.  


  1. One-week technical writing certification course

Offered by technical writing HQ


This technical writing skills course is the shortest that you can ever have. This course is for professionals who want to take their technical writing career to the next level. In this course, you learn about formatting documentation, documentation design, API writing, white paper writing, and every aspect of technical writing skills. They also attach a set of activities with this course to make sure you are how far from becoming an expert technical writer. This course will help you to accelerate your technical writing skills.


IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course Demo Invite


  1. Business and technical immersion

Offered by: Udemy 


Business and technical writing is a branch of technical writing skills used in financial and business writing. This course will help you in learning the art of written business communication. Udemy, one of the online course providers for working professionals and students, is having this course with them.


  1. Technical writing course for engineers, scientist, and existing writers

Offered by: Communicaid


Most sectors have specialized technical writers, engineers, scientists, existing writers, and so many more. If you are any of these mentioned professionals, you can take up this technical writing skills course, which is meant primarily for professionals. Upon completing this course, you will improve yourself in a specific area like understanding your customers’ needs, planning out your technical documents, using visuals or graphics, and the tools that you can use to convert technical information to simple and easy understanding content. 


9.Course in structured writing for technical documentation

Offered by: JER online


This course will help you to gain knowledge and information to create documentation. Our world has developed a lot. We are not using paper documents; instead, we are using computers to store and transfer them. Information is passing digitally. This program will provide information to write a documentation set. It is essential to do the documentations with the standard modern approaches, formats, etc. By the end of this course, you will be familiar with interpreting DTD, XMetaL, XML, DITA, and many others more.

A very systematically structured course is provided by an online platform called JER Online.




  1. Technical writing course – Coursera

Offered by: Coursera


This technical writing skills course provided by Coursera will help you improve yourself in the skills needed to communicate information collected by experimental and technical works. This course focuses on language and concept technicality. You will learn to write for various sectors like consulting reports, lab reports, design reports, etc. it is an intermediate-level course, which you can avail yourself of from Coursera. 


  1. API Technical writing 1 and 2

Offred by: Udemy


Are you a person with zero programming experience and who wishes to enter the field of technical writing? API technical writing is that one course that teaches how to convert documents into structured data. The course is divided into two series. In the first series, they will guide you to read and understand structured data, write documentation for different forms, and about tools to generate documentation. The second series discusses how the REST works, authentication and authorization basics, and REST request documentation. It is also an excellent technical writing skills course


  1. Course on how to write DITA XML


Offered by: Udemy


It is a specialized technical writing skill course that will help you succeed in technical writing using DITA XML. You will get a chance to gain detailed knowledge on produce documentation, reuse on maps level, elements of topics, table rows, user guides on DITA, interactive image and map creation, etc. Udemy is offering this course. 


  1. Certificate in technical skills for professional

Offered by: TechWriter


This technical writing skills course allows people who are already professionals to focus on improving their skills in technical writing or communicating techniques in building their careers. You can avail of this certification from TechWriter.


  1. Master technical writing course

Offered by: Henry Harvin


 It is one of the oldest and top-ranked technical writing skills courses. The course is available in both online and offline forms. This course will make you an expert in technical writing by training in digital content and medical-related reports. By completing this course, one will get a profound idea about the tools related to technical writing and the various aspects of technical writing. Henry Harvin is the provider of this master’s course.




These are the best 14 technical writing skills courses that will help you grow as a technical writer. Having a certification is always an add-on to your profile, and a sound certification will always help you reach your goals at your destination. If you are taking up any of the technical writing courses, go ahead, select the program and provider carefully, and start building your career. Technical writing has a broader scope in today’s world as everything is converting to digitalization and technology.


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